Celebrity Obsessions with Rose Boy and Friends

[MUSIC PLAYING] HARVII: When people want to
think of hobbies, you think of singing and acting. You don’t think of celebrity. Or how much you try, or how much
you wait, and then when you meet them you find
it so worth it. And you’re just such in a
good mood after that. It’s like a really
good feeling. [MUSIC PLAYING] HARVII: I think nearly everyone
there is would want to be friends with at least one
celebrity just because of how famous they are and
just knowing them. [MUSIC PLAYING] BILLIE JD PORTER:
This is Harvii. He became an overnight internet
sensation after this image where he’s trying to give
actress Megan Fox a rose went viral. The story blew up so much that
he was even flown to America to appear on various TV shows. In this film, I follow Harvii
and a few other people we meet along the way as they push their
celebrity obsessions to the extreme. [MUSIC PLAYING] BILLIE JD PORTER: So what
was it like, the whole Megan Fox thing? HARVII: I loved it. You had, like, paparazzis at the
airports and everything. It was fun. It was, like, my little
sport [INAUDIBLE] and my little five
minutes of fame. I loved it. Loved it. We got saved for, like, another
few days because that’s when, like, loads of
people were asking for interviews. And we did them. Then we got sent back. And then I did a few
things in England. And then it all died down
because of Michael Jackson. And then, like, now it’s, like,
nothing’s happening. BILLIE JD PORTER: During this
interview, Megan gave a warm and heartfelt apology. MEGAN FOX (OFFSCREEN):
I’m sorry, sweet boy. I would ever do that to you. I would gladly accept your
rose if I see you again. The paparazzi will not let
you to me and I’m sorry. And I’m so embarrassed. BILLIE JD PORTER: Could
you name every celebrity you’ve ever met? HARVII: Oh, god. [INTERPOSING VOICES] HARVII: Oh, god. That would take ages. Selina Gomez, Black Eyed Peas,
Lilly Allen, Bono. Beyonce, Kesha, Taylor Swift,
Justin Beiber, Pussy Cat Dolls, all the Cyrus’, High
School Musical cast, Demi Lovato, Aly & AJ– I honestly can’t think now. I would say I’m happy. BILLIE JD PORTER: What would
make you happier? HARVII: Being famous. [MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE SPEAKER: We just have
fun because we’re the best. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MALE SPEAKER: I’m here today to
audition for Big Brother. The last one, so I thought
I’d give it to go. And this year is
my third year. And I haven’t been onto the rest
of the show, so I thought more chance of getting
through. MALE SPEAKER: I love my job at
the moment, [INAUDIBLE]. But I also do want to
be a DJ as well. FEMALE SPEAKER: I can’t sing. I can dance. I can kick box really well. I don’t really stand out at
anything I do, really. FEMALE SPEAKER: I just want to
be famous, have the fame and fortune and the parties. MALE SPEAKER: But you know, just
would be quite cool, you you’re walking down the
street and you have people recognize you. MALE SPEAKER: For me, I think
I’m really cool and funny. And I just think it would be an
amazing experience to do. FEMALE SPEAKER: I think, yeah,
that we’re a bit rambunctious. FEMALE SPEAKER: No, I’m
actually flamboyant. Antidisestablishmentarianism. MALE SPEAKER: Well,
I’m going to take every possible advantage. I’m going to go to
the premiers. I’m going to try and
go to parties. If I can get myself on TV
shows, I’ll do them. FEMALE SPEAKER: You know,
everybody these days wants to have their 15 minutes of fame,
or even one minute of fame. You know, and I think it’s the
lifestyle that comes with it. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. We want to marry Jedward. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah, Jedward. I’m after John. FEMALE SPEAKER: Edward,
holler. We’re going to have a joint
marriage with John and Edward. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah, John and
Edward, the little blondies from Ireland. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. No, they’re from Rome. FEMALE SPEAKER: They’re from
Ireland, you idiot. FEMALE SPEAKER: No,
they’re from Rome. FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, shit. [MUSIC PLAYING] HARVII: We’re in
Soho, love it. Do you know what I
can’t wait for? Sex and the City premier. Me and mum, trying
to get tickets. We’re like such big
fans of them. I’ve met Kim Cattrall. And I’ve seen Sarah
Jessica Parker. But Sarah Jessica Parker
basically, I saw her outside the hotel. I was waiting for her. And I was like, Sarah,
Sarah, please. And she was like, I’m sorry. I’ve got to go in. And then guess what? My friend, Sommer, doesn’t
even like her. She got a photo in
the restaurant. I was so P’d off. But Sarah was actually
really in a hurry. She had to, like, get
ready and shit. Then she quickly went into a
restaurant for some champagne. I was like so P’d off
because they got a photo and I love her. BILLIE JD PORTER: From the
first day we spent with Harvii, him and his cousin,
Cassie, took us to a hotel in Soho where we waited all day
for various celebrities. Slowly, more of his friends
began to turn up, all of whom he had met through a shared
love of celeb hunting. HARVII: I love Two
and a Half Men! She’s on Carnation Street. Hi! [INTERPOSING VOICES] BILLIE JD PORTER: It didn’t
seem to matter who a person was. As long as they were famous,
Harvii wanted a picture. [INTERPOSING VOICES] HARVII: Cassie. No, I don’t remember his name. I don’t remember his name. I know him. I just don’t remember
his name. CASSIE: He’s from [INAUDIBLE]. [INTERPOSING VOICES] GROUP: Bye. HARVII: Bye. Can I see my photo? FEMALE SPEAKER: Chloe. HARVII: Cassie, come in. MALE SPEAKER: How do you
take the picture? HARVII: You see, because of your
fun I didn’t get one of him looking in the camera. Because you think I’m
getting one of my– [INTERPOSING VOICES] HARVII: Oh, I’ve got to
the ugliest photo. CASSIE: It’s nice. HARVII: I go the horriblest
photo. BILLIE JD PORTER: It turned out
that Cassie was also a big fan of Megan Fox. CASSIE: Well, I’ve got
a lotus flower. And it’s a beautiful flower. And M.F. is meant to
be for Megan Fox. Because I just love
Megan a lot. And I just thought a
tattoo would always remind me of Megan Fox. It’s just a special thing. So I don’t know. It’s a bit over the
top, maybe. BILLIE JD PORTER: But what
do you say when people ask you about it? CASSIE: I could make it up if I
wanted to, but if I didn’t– [INTERPOSING VOICES] BILLIE JD PORTER: Ask what’s
that M.F. for? And you’re like, Megan Fox. Then they’d just laugh. CASSIE: I don’t know. It depends on the
person, I guess. BILLIE JD PORTER: This first
portrait is Andrea Corr. I had that done in ’98. And Iron Maiden, my
favorite band. The [INAUDIBLE] is my second favorite band. Anastasia, she’s very down to
earth, very normal, or seems to be, comes across that way. Ozzy, yeah, again, he sees just
nuts, a logical choice. So I’ve got eight of the
cast members of Buffy. Suzi Quatro, I had the Doris
Day one done on my calf. Dee Snider, Tim Curry as Frank
N Furter from Rocky Horror. Shania Twain, which I’m not sure
I’m going to get that one signed, but maybe one day. BILLIE JD PORTER: Steve Porter
is hoping to break the world record for signed celebrity
tattoos. We visited him at his home
just outside Nottingham. How much money do you think
you’ve spent on tattoos over the years? STEVE PORTER: $3-4,000,
I’d have thought. BILLIE JD PORTER:
Is it worth it? STEVE PORTER: Is anything worth
it in the long run? I might needs to filet
a bit more. BILLIE JD PORTER: No,
it’s perfect. Thanks. STEVE PORTER: Big
spoon for you. BILLIE JD PORTER: What things
has this kitchen seen, aye? STEVE PORTER: Cooking. STEVE PORTER: Cooking. Nah. I’ve got their maids. BILLIE JD PORTER: Really? STEVE PORTER: I’ve got maids,
but I haven’t– I don’t mix up much. Except for the Rocky Horror
and Maiden concerts. Basically, Billy Conway,
I’ve always liked. Finally we’ve decided
it needs to be done. He’s another one of the gods. And he’s probably one of
the best comics ever. BILLIE JD PORTER: Yeah. STEVE PORTER: And he’s very
natural and down to earth. MARC FAIRBURN: Famous people? No chance. BILLIE JD PORTER: Why’s that? MARC FAIRBURN: Why would
I want that? STEVE PORTER: I can put my
ass a bit further back. MARC FAIRBURN: No farting
while I work. [MUSIC PLAYING] STEVE PORTER: That photo there
looks like Rob Zombie. MARC FAIRBURN: Yeah. That’s all right then? STEVE PORTER: I always
have faith in Marc. BILLIE JD PORTER: We met Danilo
outside a theater in Soho as he waited for hours in
this snow, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of his favorite
celebrities. [CROSS TALK] BILLIE JD PORTER: We joined
Danilo at to his London home as he prepared a gift for his
favorite Spice Girl, Melanie C. [MUSIC PLAYING] BILLIE JD PORTER: What do you
think about people who dress like the celebrities
they admire? HARVII: I love it. I think it’s great. I love people who do it. Because it kind of shows
that they’re a big fan. SAM ROBINSON: I got my name
changed from Sam Robinson to Sam La Roux Robinson. I’m 18 and I work for Tony
& Guy in Hall Hempstead. I got that on, I think it was
my 18th birthday or a couple of days after. And then I got the other one. Well, I got that one, which is
the cameo that she wears. And a couple of months
after, then I got that one of La Roux. She’s a really big
inspiration. Like, to me, she kind of
made me come out of myself a bit more. It’s like, I’m more confident
now that I’ve met her. Well, not met her,
but her music. I brought back five them. La Roux mug still in the– Just got that for Christmas. It’s like, awesome. If I was going out and like,
really want to kind of look like La Roux, I’d kind of wear
a pair of these with that and maybe a t-shirt that I’ve
got of David Bowie. And I’d wear that. I’ve got this shirt,
like, tucked in. If I wear my hair, because
my hair’s really curly. If I just wear it curl,
I’ll still get a lot of La Roux comments. And it’s just like, I don’t
even look like her today. Yeah, that was on or around
the first July. That’s a t-shirt
I made as well. I just made it off Vistaprint. I just got a picture. I just made it. SAM ROBINSON: No. It’s the end of the month. I can’t afford to. SAM ROBINSON: Marlboro
Ultra Lights. MALE SPEAKER: Oh, OK. SAM ROBINSON: They’re
expensive. NIKOLA ROBINSON: Well, I
definitely encourage Sam. Him and his brother, I’ve just
brought them up to just to be themselves. If he wants to wear something
really outrageous and go out in full makeup with a 10-foot
quiff then that’s up to him. If he wants to get La
Roux tattooed on him, then so be it. I wouldn’t ever not
encourage him. Yeah. No, Sam’s my best friend. We do everything together. And I’m a lot closer than,
not closer, but he’s very different to my older son who
just doesn’t need me and moved out of home when he was 16. And it’s a very different
relationship. But yeah, he’s my best friend. SAM ROBINSON: My dad lives in
Hatfield, which is quite far away from where,
like, we live. Don’t talk to him at all. He totally cut me out
of his life when I told him I was gay. And just said some horrible
stuff to me. So I was just like, no. I think I’ve always been like
that, just fuck you. I’m going to look like this. And I’m going to look
the way I like. And it just kind of, you
know, it did kind of spiral out of control. But it’s still under control
if you know what I mean. DANILO FIORIN: I’m back here
tonight to deliver of my painting for Melanie C. Let’s
see if we are lucky. [CROSS TALK] MELANIE C.: Oh, my goodness. Look at that. That’s for me? DANILO FIORIN: That’s for you. MELANIE C.: Wow. Thank you so much. DANILO FIORIN: Just
like my tattoo. Remember me? MELANIE C.: Yeah. Wow DANILO FIORIN: And I wrote
a letter for you as well. MELANIE C.: Thank
you very much. DANILO FIORIN: Thank you. MELANIE C.: Well, I’ll put
this safe into the car. [CROSS TALK] MELANIE C.: There you go. Really, no problem. [CROSS TALK] MELANIE C.: There you go. BILLIE JD PORTER: Melanie,
what do you think of Danilo’s painting? MELANIE C.: It’s brilliant. It’s so nice. You know, we get given
lots of gifts. But when something’s being
made by my somebody it’s always extra special. MELANIE C.: I think
it’s a bit crazy. But I think all tattoos are
crazy when people get them. DANILO FIORIN: But I have the
cross the same as you. MELANIE C.: Do you? Wow. Wow. [CROSS TALK] MELANIE C.: All right,guys. So good to see you all. Take care. DANILO FIORIN: Thank
you, ma’am. [CROSS TALK] MALE SPEAKER: Take
care, Melanie. DANILO FIORIN: She’s so
lovely every time. BILLIE JD PORTER:
How do you feel? DANILO FIORIN: I’m shaking. I’m really, really,
really happy. I think she did like
my painting. Let’s see if she answers
my letter. I don’t know. I don’t know how to start
actually but I’ll try to skip the silly words, OK. Well, you have been the
inspiration of my life. Well, you with the other
girls, Emma, Victoria, Mel B., and Geri. As I have been lucky of meeting
you a few times already, I put all my
trust on you as you are my Northern star. You know me because of my
Viva Forever tattoos. Remember, you signed it? And I have tattooed it on me. You saw it. So I have the others Spice
Girls tattoo it as well. And I have been trying
hardly to meet them. So I can get my autographs
tattooed then so I can finish this tattoo thing and finally be
able to say I have done the dream of my life, meet
the Spice Girls. I know you have a busy life, but
it would mean the world to me if I can get this
help from you. I leave here my email address,
mobile, just in case. You know when my dream
should come true. Love you, kisses. STEVE PORTER: Well, basically
I’ve just come down from Knox again to get a tattoo which was
done on Saturday of Billy Conway signed. With a bit of luck, it’s seems
he’s just been playing at [INAUDIBLE]. And it’s been a long day trying
to get it sorted. BILLIE JD PORTER: Although we
weren’t able to film the encounter, Steve was successful
in getting the tattoo signed. STEVE PORTER: He loved it. He loved it showing all the
management and everything. So it seemed to go really,
really well. Well worth the trip. STEVE PORTER: Yeah. It’s them authenticating it. Saying that, yeah, I
like the tattoo. So I like it. So I’ll sign it. And that’s what it’s
all about. If they don’t like it,
they don’t sign it. Simple as that. [MUSIC PLAYING] STEVE PORTER: So originally I
was going to try and do Remi, and Billy Conway took over. So yeah. I believe Remi will be the
next one if he finds somewhere for him. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CROSS TALK] [BEEPING] HARVII: Wait. I know what Sarah Jessica
Parker’s car is, actually. It’s BBM. I chased her down Paul
Street two years ago. [CROSS TALK] HARVII: Sarah Jessica
Parker’s on. How do we get in? Are you serious? [CHEERING AND SCREAMS] HARVII: [INAUDIBLE] [CHEERING AND SCREAMS] HARVII: Hello, Maria. Have you met them? MARIA (OFFSCREEN):
A while ago. HARVII: Did you get photos? We’re at the premier. I’ve got the Empire. I can’t meet then. Because I’m at the Empire,
not the Odeon. I can’t go down the
red carpet. I just saw Kim Cattrall. I can’t get in. BILLIE JD PORTER: Harvii seemed
very distressed at being unable to meet the cast. So we tried to cheer him
up with some ice cream. HARVII: Well, at this
moment in time, yes. Because I know I’ll get upset. Because they’ll be done, she’ll
run off and just say [INAUDIBLE]. Melanie and Tamara, I’m
not going to meet you. Of course, I’ll try. But I won’t get anywhere
near them. I think I’ve just ruined
everything. BILLIE JD PORTER: Later that
evening, we found out where the cast was staying. But when we invited Harvii to
come with us, he declined. [CROSS TALK] MALE SPEAKER: Everyone,
just relax. [CROSS TALK] MALE SPEAKER: All right. You’ve got it now. Guys, you got it! You got it! BILLIE JD PORTER: What makes
you so happy about getting photos of somebody
you don’t know? HARVII: I honestly
do not know. It’s just, like a feeling. BILLIE JD PORTER: Could you
describe the feeling? HARVII: It’s a good one. It’s like a tingly
kind of thing. It just, like, makes you, how
could you say it, like, more alive or something like that. And it’s fun doing at
the end of the day. And I don’t want to be doing it
until my 30s and 40s like still people do now as a fan. I don’t think it will go away. I just think I will want
to give it up. BILLIE JD PORTER: So what
do you do then? MALE SPEAKER: I’m a
painter/decorator. MALE SPEAKER: And when
did this hobby start? MALE SPEAKER: When did it
first start with you? I think it was– MALE SPEAKER: A few years ago. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: Started
up with me imagining a theatre in Epsom. And it sort of escalated
from there. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. And once you meet one– MALE SPEAKER: It just
goes on and on. BILLIE JD PORTER: Who
have you met? MALE SPEAKER: Lee Evans. MALE SPEAKER: Mickey Mantle. MALE SPEAKER: Patrick Swayze,
Colleen Fowler, the Fonz from Happy Days. There’s loads of them. MALE SPEAKER: Corey Feldman
from Lost Boys. Anthony Stewart Head
from Buffy. MALE SPEAKER: Freddy Krueger,
Little Britain, Simon Cowell, Tony Blair, Andrew Lloyd
Webber, Gordon Ramsey.

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