Celebrity Summit: MORE Tips, Shortcuts, and Secrets

Celebrity Summit: MORE Tips, Shortcuts, and Secrets

We’re back with more tips for the Celebrity
Summit and we hope these eleven additional, quick tips will help you enjoy your next cruise
aboard the Summit even more! Our first four tips will help you make the
most of your meal at the Celebrity Summit’s buffet, the Oceanview Cafe. The first tip is to check out all of the food
stations at the buffet to see all of the dishes being served for each meal. During our cruise, different foods were spread
out around the entire buffet. The digital map near the buffet entrance is
an easy way to find a specific type of food you’re interested in. The map changes with each meal. Our next tip is to check out the seating at
the Bakery or at Scoops in the Oceanview Cafe. Both are located near the midship entrance
to the buffet. These areas are great for seating because
they’re close to the handwashing stations, the dessert stations, the restrooms, and a
couple of drink stations. Additionally, we often found seating in these
areas when other areas were full. Our third tip is to take note of the dessert
triangle in the Oceanview Cafe. During our cruise on the Celebrity Summit,
desserts were served in three locations at the buffet, the dessert station, the Bakery,
and Scoops. All three formed a sort of triangle at the
midship end of the buffet that we called The Dessert Triangle. Our next tip is to check the buffet’s drink
stations if you want to take a coffee to go. Coffee cups, cup sleeves, and lids were available
near the end of the drink station for the complimentary coffee. Speaking of the buffet, our fifth tip is to
consider complimentary alternatives to the Oceanview Cafe buffet if you want a less-crowded
embarkation lunch. At the start of our cruise on the Celebrity
Summit, the Mast Grill — which is located near the pool — offered hot dogs, burgers,
turkey burgers, veggie burgers, french fries, and toppings for embarkation lunch. And the Spa Cafe — which is located in the
Solarium — offered healthier options like salads, wraps, and sandwiches. Our next tip is to check out the Celebrity
Summit’s Cafe al Bacio coffee bar for complimentary desserts and breakfast items. For breakfast, the cafe had donuts, muffins,
pastries, and croissants available. Cakes, pies, cupcakes, eclairs, and more were
available the rest of the day. During our cruise, the cafe was open from
six in the morning until midnight. Although many of the items at the cafe were
also available at the buffet, the cafe had a good amount of seating available nearby,
which made it a nice spot for a quick bite. Our seventh tip is to lay your drink menu
down if you want to signal to the waitstaff that “no drinks are needed.” If you’re seated in a venue with waitstaff
mingling to take drink orders — including the buffet — and you don’t want anything
from the bar, lay your drink menu down to keep from being asked about drinks over and
over again. Our next tip is to make sure you check your
daily schedule before heading out to the pool or whirlpools in the evening. During our cruise, the Celebrity Summit’s
pools and whirlpools closed early one night — at 7 pm — for cleaning. Other nights, the closing times varied between
9 pm and 11 pm. Also be aware that the pools are closed during
inclement weather, so if want to try the Solarium thalassotherapy pool, we recommend doing it
as soon as you have the opportunity. Our ninth tip is to bring magnets for hanging
items on your stateroom walls. We brought magnetic hooks and found them useful
for hanging hats, daily schedules, birthday decorations, and artwork from the Kids Club. Our next tip is to bring your own books and
magazines if you plan to read while you’re cruising on the Celebrity Summit. We found the library area to be lackluster
compared to other ships we’ve sailed on. There was just a couple dozen books on a rolling
cart, a small table, and four chairs located in a small, open room near the heavily trafficked
elevator area. There were also a few dozen books available
in the entryway to the Rendezvous Lounge. Speaking of the Rendezvous Lounge, our eleventh
and final tip is to avoid sitting near the forward entryway to the lounge if you have
issues with cigarette smoke. During our cruise, there was a constant, heavy
smell of smoke in and near the entryway. The smell came from the doors that lead to
the outside deck smoking area, which are located next to the entrance of the lounge.

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  1. We love your videos! They are very informative and interesting. Can you offer any information on Celebrity's bottled water policy? It does not appear that they will let you bring your own on board. All I can see right now are a lot of really expensive drink packages. Are packages of bottled water available to purchase for your stateroom?

  2. With regards to the smoking area outside the Rendezvous Lounge, do you know if the Summit allowed for cigar smoking in that area? Needless to say, I'm a cigar smoker. Thanks for the informative video!

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