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  1. Hey Everyone, this video is particularly special to me, because it’s the first time I’ve put a real standup performance on my channel. It’s crazy, because I’ve been touring as a standup comedian for almost nine years now. Thanks so much for the continued love and support of my videos— it really helps motivate me to keep working hard to create new content. And to anyone who chooses to hate on me doing comedy— I couldn’t be more grateful that I didn’t let people like you prevent me from venturing out of my comfort zone to evolve in my career, and as a person.
    With love,

  2. I did coke with birdman when he played for the nuggets at a bar after hours we closed that bitch down didnt leave till the morning 😂

  3. The direction in which society is going… Hell on earth. These videos about DRUGS presented as something fun and mischevious at best… So many children watching this and find it amusing… Where the fuck is the world going?

  4. My G got bigger balls than me to do stand up. He should just improv it next time. He'll get it tho. Gotta sharpen his timing & delivery I guess

  5. I bet both Paris and Lindsey give exquisite blowjobs. My gun probably would have gone off before even clearing the holster.

  6. So the drug is illegal, like most drugs in this land of the free. And there are people incarcerated to this day for just having it in their possession.

  7. When I saw the title my fucking heart went faster and was like "bro wtf that's not cool to tell people" then I realized I never did coke with Steve-O and I'm not a celebrity

  8. Steve O you all messed up ! But bet you never been fired as a teacher for affairs with underaged girls. Canada disgusting Liberal can't say that .

  9. When you look at how fucking hot Lindsay was back in the day before she got skinny….its a damn shame how she looks now, she literally looks like somebody's drunken rich mother.

  10. Coke makes me too paranoid. I don't like running my mouth and usually I just want to get away from people who are on it because they won't shut the fuck up

  11. Why Is this so normal in the US???? Makes no sense that people there support to ban immigrants that are running from the drug wars to support their habit…

  12. Seriously do you think your cool cause you did coke with celebrities ??? Your a fucking loser.Your voice is annoying as fuck as well.Like I said NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FUCKING DRUG STORIES.GET A LIFE.

  13. I remember bein in a rehab in Long Beach CA. Steve O qas gonna be a guest speaker at a NA meething. Place was packed! He fuckin No Showed!

  14. I used to sell cocaine way back when, I never sniffed any of it because I seen what the people I was selling to was like, I lasted a year before my conscious wouldn't allow it anymore, the only thing I miss was the money

  15. I came here for names of celebs I didn’t expect do be doing coke with Steve-o but they were the most predictable names.

  16. This was the lamest bunch of crap I've ever heard. Ooh, ooh, a stunt jock gets sober and needs his ego stroked, so he tells war stories. Boring. Your material sucks. I never found jackass even remotely entertaining. Especially you Steve. Uhm, but I shoved stuff up my ass for drugs and attention. Yeah, loser. I don't care how much dry time you have. To me it sounds like you still need to go back and work out your 4th and 5th steps. Hey, I have an idea, try having some talent and skills to bring to the table. Oh, you tell jokes about your sad life as an attention seeking addict. Hmmm. Boring. Well I'm done.

  17. Steve-o when I saw u on jackass I thought this is one fucked dumbass and he uses the distraction of his body inside and out for chump change and more drugs. Back then it was almost impossible to look of celebs and they’re life story or back story so I jus took it as I seen with u on early jackass but not real long ago I finally got to see the real Steve-o and his story, and it was then I saw how awesome he could be and talented as shit. Then I found that you beat addiction n got ur shit straight and that’s fucking awesome. I now admire u and look to u as motivation cuz I to battled addiction and still am cuz I can’t find the way out. Maybe I’m jus not strong or smart enough idk….. I won’t say I was famous or even close, well locally in Illinois all around n a few states for being a up n coming pro- Mx and Sx racer….I’m not bragging or whatever but my addiction took it all away overnite so I kno wat addiction is like all to well…painkillers be my drug of choice which in my home town I moved back to that stuff isn’t big in little ass towns n neither is help for it. I got two kids so I gotta put on a fake smile and personality cuz u don’t want kids to catch on that dads a drug addict n it suxs so I kno how it feels to be addicted. I watch all ur videos now n wanna get ur books to use ur experience to get straight again. Anyways ur and inspiration to me n a sirvivor n hope I can be to eventually. Thanks Steve-o

  18. This reminds me of this perfect song that represents his life and lot of people's lives Watch "Numb" on YouTube

  19. White privilege at its finest! How many Black celebs you know can do a roadshow confessing which other celebs they’ve done cocaine with? Unbelievable.

  20. Steve o a polite drug addict for me if my Deug of choice was snatched out of my hand maybe cuz I was poor lol, I woulda tackled her and got it back lol

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