Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Chocolate Cake | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

Chocolate Cake When I was a boy I had a favourite treat it was when my mum made chocolate cake oh I loved chocolate cake my mum she says to me listen Michael if there’s any chocolate cake left over at the end of the day you can take some to school tomorrow to have at play time or at lunch time so I used to go to school
with a piece of chocolate cake in my little box and I’d be walking to school,
yeah it’s in there, and I get to school and it will be playtime or lunchtime and I’d open up the box take it out, it’s a chocolate cake open up the paper mmmmmmm I loved my mum’s chocolate cake yes and one time there was some
chocolate cake left over at the end of the day and I went to bed and I was fast
asleep and then in the middle of the night I woke up and I thought chocolate cake Maybe I could go downstairs and have a
little look at it no one would know. So I got out of the bed
shhh I mustn’t wake my brother up along the passage careful not to tread on the creaky floorboard outside mum and dad’s bedroom because if they wake up and find me I’ll be in big trouble so really quiet creeek Are they still asleep? Yes ok along the passage down the stairs
into the kitchen open the cabin yeah, there it is take it out just have a little look at it And then I notice some little crumbs on the plate so I think if I lick the end of my finger
I could pick up some of those crumbs and no one would know anything about it mmmmmmm and then I noticed on the side of the cake there’s some little crumbly bits just falling
off so I think if I take a knife I could just tidy it up a little bit no one would notice scrunch it all together
and there’s the crumbly bits and the sticky bits and it’s all gonna go in
there yeah belly belly mm-hmm and then I noticed that as I’ve
tidied it up a little bit over here then maybe I could just even it up a bit over here so I take the knife again and this time through the crispy icing on the top
through the squashy icing in the middle and I’ve got a whole slice this time yeah and it’s all gonna go in there
belly belly belly mm-hmm mm-hmmm and now I’ve got the taste of it in my mouth
I can’t stop myself so I go and I’ve got all these slices and I can’t stop myself Oh-no! It’s all gone Oh-no they’re bound to notice now A whole chocolate cake doesn’t just dissapear what am I gonna do? I know I’ll wash up
the plate and the knife and they won’t know anything about it good thinking take the plate and the
knife and wash it up pshht really quiet wash up the plate and the knife Shh don’t forget to dry up get the cloth,
and don’t forget the knife don’t forget to put them away plate in the cupboard and the knife in the drawer and back up to bed Shhhhhhh Up the stairs Along the passage now I know where the creaky floorboard
is now so all I’ve got to do is tread over it because if I tread on it and it
makes a noise I am dead careful now Creeeeek Are they still alseep? Yes it’s okay into the bedroom, into bed, under the covers Ahhhhhh nice warm feeling chocolate cake in my belly
goody, goody, goody and I go to sleep in the morning I get up and I go downstairs and I’m having my breakfast and mum is busy over there and she’s busy
over there and then she says oh Michael don’t forget your book folder she hands
me my book folder and I’m busy having my breakfast she’s busy over there she’s
busy over there and she says Oh Michael there’s something else there’s
something nice there’s some chocolate cake left over
from yesterday for you to take to school today and I went huh oh right and she says what’s the matter? you usually jump at the idea of having
chocolate cake And I went, no it’s alright s’okay and she’s looking at me very closely just here and she says what’s that? And I say what’s
what? She said it’s not chocolate cake is it? And I said dunno and she went over to
the cupboard it’s gone the chocolate cake’s gone you haven’t eaten the whole of the rest of the chocolate cake have you? And I said I don’t know you don’t know she said you don’t know I don’t believe a word of it now off you go to school no before you
go to school go upstairs to the bathroom and wash your dirty sticky face I went upstairs to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and I saw it just there chocolate smudge chocolate blob And I looked at it and I thought maybe next time we have
chocolate cake she’ll forget about it do you think she will?

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  2. Today my mom told me that we are going to bake a cake tomorrow.And I laughed so hard on the inside and thought about this video 😂

  3. These are literally my childhood they made me laugh hysterically as a child and they still make laugh to this day, I hope you continue to make people smile

  4. I know people think he sounds like Yoda at 1:13, but doesn’t he also sound like the Chamberlain from The Dark Crystal?

  5. Don’t worry about it micheal, she’s already forgotten!
    Maybe… just maybe.. you could eat just a little bit this time..
    And don’t forget about the creaky-!

    Game over now!

  6. When I was in year 5 we had to recite a poem and the class clown chose this one. Not mentioning names. A few days later I had a sleepover with a couple friends and we watched this video on replay all night. We laughed so hard we didn't get any sleep.

  7. i walked past the year 3 class room and they where watching you.But i walked in the time when you went MMMMMMMMMMMM

  8. The new Yoda is born😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 also are you the Yoda actor?

  9. one day my mom had to go to work and before she left she told me not to eat the cookie jar. when she left I went to the cookie jar cuz I am a fricking gangster. I decided just to take one cookie and she wont be able to know. when I bit into one it was so good then I took another one and 2 seconds later I lost my fricking mind.
    when i was done I saw almost every cookie gone. one time I stole a cookie and my asshole brother had to snitch on me and I got a good scolding. now I was scared of what she would do if she finds out I ate almost a whole jar. so I decided I could put it away and my mom wont know. I was relly scared cuz I knew if she found out i ate a whole jar she will kill me. just then my mom came and I rushed downstairs and told her that I didn't take a single cookie and there was no need for checking. idk why i was so stupid and it probably made her wanna check. lets just say i got grounded for 2 days

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