Comedian Lauren Lapkus’s oddball characters, in 3 minutes

Comedian Lauren Lapkus’s oddball characters, in 3 minutes

I’m Regina Crimp. Traci Reardon. I’m Ho Ho.
I’m a naughty elf. My name is Big Sue I uh firmly believe in everybody’s right to have
a slice of pizza pie. My name is Todd. I don’t really care if I’m grounded. My name is Lauren
Lapkus and I’m an improvisor and actor. So you might know Lauren from her roles in Orange
Is the New Black or Jurassic World. You might even know her from her own podcast. I however
was introduced to her through the podcast Comedy Bang Bang where she often improvises
slightly unhinged oddball characters. On the 377th episode of that podcast, she and Paul
F. Tompkins created one of the most delightful and weird comedic moments of the last year.
And it was all completely improvised. Chazmin: “We used to sleep in a vault.” Scott Aukerman:
“Really?” Sunny: “Yeah that got tight. Once we started making money!” Chazmin: “I think
that’s where we developed a clausterphobia as well.” Sunny: “Maybe a little!” Paul F.
Tompkins and I played characters named Chazmin and Sunny and all we decided before we recorded
the episode was that were going to be radio show hosts together and that we had this morning
talk show. Chazmin: “I don’t know how you feel about it Sunny!” Sunny: “The same you
know that!” Chazmin: “Ahhhh that was a trick question.” Sunny: “Razzle dazzle!” I think
characters really spoke to me because I could be anyone and especially because I started
when I was younger it felt more comfortable to not play myself and to play something else
and something totally different. I find voices in my car all the time and one of the most
recent ones I found was Big Sue who’s a she talks like this. She likes pizza. Her big
thing is pizza. She’s always concerned about getting another slice. Uh she describes pizza
very in depth even though we all know what that is. Uh but finding that voice was really
fun for me cause it’s like a new thing that I discovered I could do. I definitely feel
like I embody characters as I’m doing a podcast. A lot of my characters have really absurd
descriptions. There’s one character, I believe if I recall correctly her eyes were extremely
close together and her butt crack was fused. I have Pamela from Big Bear who’s a meth head.
She’s got crazy teeth. For sure missing some of them. And then there’s Ho Ho the Naughty
Elf who’s the size of a dollar bill uh he’s a naughty elf that works in Santa’s workshop.
He has a candy cane penis? Can I say that? He has a candy cane penis. He’s evil but lovable.
One of the things that gets hard the more episodes of my podcast I do is finding new
voices. It’s basically impossible. I’ve done like 70 episodes now and it’s a different
character every time. So I have Traci Reardon who’s a 17 year old girl she talks like she
has a rhotacism which means she can’t say her “r’s”. Regina Crimp who she’s the singer
of The America’s Funniest Home Videos theme song. Her hair gets bigger it doesn’t grow
longer. She sings “We’ve got lives from coast to coast” and she talks like this she really
is like she’s just happy about life and you know she lives in her car, sure, she lives
in her car. She uh grills hamburgers on the engine some nights just to kinda heat em up.
She doesn’t have a microwave or anything like that. She’s pretty sad. She spent all of her
money from her theme songs uh pretty quickly and now she doesn’t have anything. When I
was in Chicago there was a group called Ragdolls. An all female improv group. They were so amazing
and to watch a group of women just go totally insane together and follow whatever was saying
was completely and totally support each other was really inspiring to me. As I was younger
it was a lot harder for me to start a conversation with a stranger for instance and I think improv
taught me how to just go with it and now judge myself and trust that I have something worth
saying. Thanks so much for watching the video. I’m going to put a couple of links down below
with podcast recommendations for all of Lauren’s characters. They are all super funny they
all had me in tears by the end I was laughing so hard and it’s really some of the best comedy
and improv you’ll ever listen to.

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  2. I just plainly hates females VA as a whole. No offense Laurent, it's not like you're bad, it just male voice is pretty much superior than all females combine.

  3. Yeah, she seems like a really charming person, but all of the characters she did were kinda…bland. Like, none of them were particularly funny, or had a really interesting voice or backstory, etc.

    Idk, just kinda unimpressed here.

  4. if you want to hear a great radio bit, listen to cashing in with TJ Miller's perpetual introduction radio bit

  5. her voice doesn't even change that much. The character, she says her hair doesn't get longer, it gets bigger. Am I wrong is that not a black person?

  6. Vox has been really making some lame ass videos recently. I have been around since they had only 40,000 subs and there content used to be great now its just been stupid!

  7. Wow, you guys aren't being fucking forced to watch. Lauren is a sweet and hilarious person, quit being crybabies

  8. This kind of feels very subjective, and the only reason it happened is because the person in charge of the video just really wanted to meet her, and used this as an excuse to

  9. there are voice actors. wow. so amazing.

    I subbed to this channel because you talk about important world events and trends, using statistics to shut up close minded idiots. Your whole point here, as far as I can tell, is that 'there are voice actors' specifically this one.

    maybe make a different channel for you lame and slanted videos. I hate them.

  10. Hey, people of the internet, meet a portrait. A portrait is a journalistic format in which a journalist depicts, analyzes and/or presents a person or part of their life to an audience, if they deem the person relevant. The audience (that's you, by the way) can decide for themselves, if they are interested in that person or not. Nobody is forcing you to watch and, in this case, you aren't even charged any money! Isn't that great, you guys? So why don't you stop chastising people providing you with free education and information and move the fuck along with you lives.

  11. @ 0:44 , What made that the most delightful comedic moments of the year?
    That wasn't funny at all.

  12. She looks like one of those crazy faces Tim & Eric put on characters in most of their earlyish stuff.

  13. Honestly, if Lauren (or, for that matter, Kate McKinnon) were the central creative force behind a sketch show as opposed to just another cast member, I'd bet that her commitment to her characters would create an amazing trickle-down effect for EVERYONE from the cinematographers to the hair and makeup crew to just up their game in order to fully flesh out her ideas☺️

  14. Thank you for this nice intro to Lauren Lapkus. I am her fan and often search YT for videos where she appears. I'm also an editor and would love to help out on any other future video project featuring Lauren (free of cost of course).

  15. 2:40 it's 2 in the morning and I'm now blasting the America's Funniest Home Videos theme song thx Lauren

  16. I obviously do recognize her from Jurassic World and Orange is the New Black. However, I can't pin down what it is that I associate her with in my mind. I even looked on IMDB, but I can't figure it out… I feel like it's something older, like 2000-2007. But she's only been active since 2010. Maybe I'm confusing somebody else for her.

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