Confinement Ep6: The Infinite IKEA (part 1 of 2)

Confinement Ep6: The Infinite IKEA (part 1 of 2)

*Intro song* -We really appreciate your Confinement Series Lord Bung : Viewers *Quiet Eerie Music* *Soft Ambient Music* *Louder Ambient Music* Guy (Offscreen): Day 72; Another sleepless night fades in the static purgatory… Guy: Haunted by the presence of a faceless bloodthirsty army. Guy: Rations are dwindling. Guy: Meanwhile, the unrelenting barbarian tribes from the checkout regions are showing no signs of surrender. Guy: I feel… crushingly smaller each day looking into the ceaseless horizon of cubicles. Guy: Mourning for the souls lost in this endless hellscape. *Orchestra* Guy: My mind is at ease, however, for I have proven myself invaluable to my tribe. Guy: I will fight for the ones I love. Guy: For her. Guy: Because I know that is what makes me a hero. Guy: But above all else, I am burdened with the knowledge that there is nothing in this world more dangerous and destructive… Guy: than the monsters in this endless Swedish nightmare. *Humming of fluorescent lights* Connor: Oof… Connor: That’s a splinter. (quiet rapid footsteps) *More humming* ???: The store is now closed; PLEASE exit the building. (footsteps) (stab) (thumping and zipping) Australian Guy: He’s alive! (stuttering) Australian Guy: Quick! Get the man something to drink! Blue Hood Guy: Is he from the outside? Green-Haired Girl: I hope he’s okay. (footsteps) Swedish Midget: Reckon by, what do they call you? Connor: I… uh… Connor: This question should be really easy. Green-Haired Girl: Might have something to do with that awful spike in your noggin. Connor: Are you guys like… road warriors? Connor: Can you tell me what’s going on? Connor: I can’t remember anything that’s happened and I’m kind of pissed off that I remember Mad Max more than my own– Guy: What are you doing? We’re supposed to be looking for vending machines not more mouths to feed. Guy: We’re hunter-gatherers! Australian Guy: What’s the point of hunting if we can’t even fight off the bigger tribes!? Australian Guy: If we patch this guy up, maybe he’ll help us out. Guy: The point is we can’t keep getting distracted every time we see other lost schmuck trapped in the aisles! Blue-Hooded Guy: It’s better distraction than your stupid journal. Guy: Hey, documenting is crucial, it’s how we remember society! Guy: Have you already forgotten what convicts looked like? Cause’ this guy hasn’t even ditched his prison garbs! Blue Hood Guy: Oh, come on! Green-haired girl: Like we’re ALL saints in the land beyond the parking lot! Swedish Midget: Remember what the elder said! Swedish Midget: “Second hand, second chance!” (clap) Guy: Hah! Guy: Is that a jok– Swedish Midget: You are starting to sound like the greedy tribes from the self-serve area! Australian Guy: Whoa, mate! You still with us? Australian Guy: We’ve got to get them out of here! Green-haired girl: I’ll grab his legs! (metallic screech) (exchanging screams) Connor: Where am I!? Are we in a womb? ???: “Are we in a womb?” Ya absolute basket case! ???: I’m afraid you’re still in The Infinite IKEA, son. Connor: What’s an “Infinite IKEA?” ???: What’s an IKEA? It’s a magic place IKEA is. ???: A benevolent realm of lamps and leather! ???: A wondrous dimension of decor and deck chairs as far as your wallet can take ya! ???: With cushions so soft, it’s like drowning in the tits of an angel! Connor: Wooooooooowww ???: But this one, this one’s quite sh*t ???: Something’s off about this one. Connor: Do all IKEAs have those faceless people? ???: I can’t tell ya, but as I always say… ???: “Never trust a man without facial features.” Elder: My name’s “Elder Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet” by the way, head of this tribe! Elder: And if you’d like to stay here, I’m gonna need you to protect your fellow survivor. Elder: You think you can handle that? (Connor Stuttering) Connor: Sure, yeah. Elder: ..Are you sure? Connor decidedly: Yes! Elder: That was easy. I hereby induct you into the canopy tribe! Elder: Your clan name is “Thorn” on account of that shard of wood stuck in your head. Elder: Talk to you later. Supper’s in an hour! *Music & Chatter* Lady: “Thorn”, huh? Not bad. Lady: At least it’s not “Stethoscope.” “Thorn”: Ew… can’t imagine having it. “Stethoscope”: That’s my name. Connor: Oh. (Yikes…) “Steth”: But please call me “Steth.” Connor: Where you found with a stethoscope stuck in your head? (chuckles) Steth: No, I’m just the closest thing to a doctor in this tribe. Steth: So, like a dentist, a nurse? Steth: Livestock vet. Connor: Right, well, thanks for dealing with my head splinter. No problem. I’m happy to check up on your wood anytime 😉 Connor: … Blue Hood Guy: Hey, he’s awake! Girl: Sorry to hear about your memory loss. Connor: Eh, I’ll forget about it. Australian Guy: (Laughter) Australian Guy: Ya cheeky fuckah! Australian Guy: We haven’t been formally introduced! Tall Boy: I’m “Tall Boy!” Tall Boy: This is “Hutch”… Hutch: Good morning! Tall Boy: This is Hope. Hope: How do you do? Tall Boy: And over there is “Ottoman
Davenport Allen Keys”! Guy: Can you quiet down? I’m trying to scribe over here! Tall Boy: And that’s “Stanley.” Don’t mind him. He’s a bit of a twat. Steth: I don’t even know WHY he’s called “Stanley.” Hutch: “Stanley” isn’t really a furniture name anyway.
Now “High Pedestal,” however… Thorn: Was that joke a chair cuz
you’ve been sitting on that one! Tall Boy: (Laughter) *Lively music* (Everyone’s literally just saying “Mumbling.”) Elder: Fellow IKEAns! Elder: I am proud to announce that I have found some LEGO! Tall Boy: That’s what I’m talking about!
(All cheering) Elder: Not sure how it got in here. Elder: Also, I am proud to draw unneeded attention to the latest addition of our tribe! Elder: “Thorn!” Elder: “The Impaled!” (Generally positive cheering) Crowd :(chants poorly) Tall Boy: So, Thorn, you must be a pretty rowdy fellow to survive getting stabbed in the head right? Connor: I guess so. I’ve still got no feeling in my left nu– Tall Boy: This is gonna sound forward but… Tall Boy: Can we spar? (Gasp!) Connor: But– but you’re so big! Tall Boy: I’ll go easy on ya. Connor: Good… it’s my… first time. *Whoosh* *Thumping* Tall Boy: Try to disarm me! Tall Boy: You were thinking too long! *Grabs spear and moves leg* (Deep ambient tone) *Grunting & smacking noise* Tall Boy: Teamwork! (Generally positive cheering) Connor: Owie… (Intense battle music) *Stabbing sound* Pillow Assassin: You’ve only prolonged this inevitable pillow fight! Pillow Assassin: RETREEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat! PillowAssassin: That’s right we landed on some pillows! That’s our thing! Elder: You’ve done saved me life, Thorn! ( C R E A K ) Connor whispering: Did I do that? Hutch: How did he do it? Hutch: That’s crazy! Stanley: Day… 73. Stanley: Another sleepless night lurks over this hostile territory anguished by the presence of a new face! Stanley: Rations are dwindling. Meanwhile, the power-mad nobody from the Land Beyond the Parking Lot is showing no signs of surrender. Stanley: I feel crushingly small each day looking into the ocean of praise he receives from these victims. Stanley: I mourn for these lost souls in this endless hell-scape. Stanley: My mind is in darkness, for I have proven myself invaluable to my tribe. Stanley: Yet, no matter how many times I fight for the ones I love, they can’t see that I am the hero! Stanley: This cannot be my burden. Stanley: This damn.. F*CKING SH*T MOTHERF*CKER -F*CKING- Monster! Stanley: I was nobody in the Land Beyond the Parking Lot. Stanley: Just please… let me have this… *Music + Credits!* Edits made by: Dylan Zitz, ghostprojection, and many others. 🙂

100 thoughts on “Confinement Ep6: The Infinite IKEA (part 1 of 2)

  1. Guy: There is nothing in this world more destructive than the monsters that live in this endless Swedish nightmare.

    Every other SCP: I'm about to ruin this whole man's career.

  2. Yo watching this again, I love some of the details, and what they might mean.
    At around 9:11 when "Thorn" is handed the spiked mace, if you look carefully at his hand you can see he pricks himself on the spikes, possibly triggering the effect, meaning that it requires a small blood sacrifice to activate.
    Also in each subsequent battle, Thorn has scars and other wounds, all of which would've caused bleeding.

  3. I watched a video on scp 3008 and they say that the man who wrote in the IKEA journal dies so … Stanley dies ???????????

  4. I like how conner is little by little is showing the demon inside him
    Plus i really like this side story of conner alone in a… ikea

  5. Its beeeeeen so long
    we were promised in july
    we just want to know
    what happened, my guy?
    did you ghost the show
    or did you fucking die
    radio silence
    I want to die

  6. I remember seeing Episode 1 keep on getting recommended to me, thinking its some random cartoon bullshit, so I clicked on it, and instantly regretted those years of not knowing about this

  7. In the pines in the pines lord bung almost broke his spine (edit) kinda stole this from a person who posted on the post of ep7 srry it was so funny i had to do it XD

  8. You should 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% make the next video and explore Conner's "demon". It would be great. Conner would be great

  9. "Hey you, you're finally awake."
    "You're the one who tried to cross the border."
    Todd back at it again with Skyrim deluxe legendary special switch edition of Skyrim.

  10. Been following you nearly since first epi. I love your work. It needs syndication, no one does SCP stuff and there's so much to go off of! Bless you lord bung for making thus series!

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