Danny Dyer Is NOT HAPPY Playing Real Life *Naked* Hangman | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

Danny Dyer Is NOT HAPPY Playing Real Life *Naked* Hangman | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

this next round is called well hong-man
in this round I need the assistance of me to schoolmates from Leeds Ramon and
Trevor everyone you got the best match Trevor in this game it’s gonna be very
similar to the popular game hangman but instead of hanging a man that limits
will strip off an item of clothing if you cannot guess a correct letter
hopefully your collect enough letters to guess what the popular phrase is
otherwise you’ll have cock or ass in your face put my aim now is to get it very wrong
so wrong you’re gonna taste it just say something
our fella is shorter than yours so it’s going to close that first thought is
Danny’s team you’re guessing a famous character from a film and the film so
guess a letter it’s your mouth fuck no forum or take off an item of clothing in your fucking constant no no and item
of going off no it off G polyphase pretty be did you say so much
of my fucking life l please l said L oh come on trav go sir t-shirt Rick I just
ripped Malcolm okay whatever they need for fucking
Danny not fuckin Malcolm hey little poppy please they pay for
penis I know it you know it ready ready yeah get it wrong please oh
no it just the latter hey hey Toby the stock you even got a fucking finger everybody at home what was the answer r2d2 Empire Strikes Back us correct at
the end of that round ah shit

38 thoughts on “Danny Dyer Is NOT HAPPY Playing Real Life *Naked* Hangman | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

  1. Danny Dyer scared of peckers, such fragile sense of his own sexuality, almost as if he's afraid he'll end up liking cocks. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. if this was filmed in Southern European TV then Holly W should have wrapped her beautiful lips around the strippers erect cock!!! XXX

  3. I don't like Danny Dyer but agree with him in this case. Forcing a man or woman to have a man's cock in their face in the pretext of 'a game' is wrong. Those who feel that is ok if the person is not at all happy with it is a clown. What would be the opinion in this day and age if it was a woman being paid to get her tits and bits out like that? I am not a snowflake, prude or anything like that but this is so wrong IF HE DIDNT KNOW THIS GAME WAS GOING TO BE PLAYED and had it put upon him. If he did know then he is a total wanker like I thought.

  4. i really normally like Danny but this mock up fear of a male body is almost homophobic.

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