D&D Why you should play Lizardfolk – Dungeons & Dragons Lizard Folk Character Art Rookzer0

D&D Why you should play Lizardfolk – Dungeons & Dragons Lizard Folk Character Art Rookzer0

we’re gonna get real comfy right here
reptiles, saurian, geckos, scaly ferrets skinks, legs snakes, tiny dinos, Godzilla,
land Birds let’s talk about lizardfolk lizard folk go back in time in one form
or another for thousands of years and these classic monsters spanned from D&D,
Doctor Who, Flash Gordon even to back alley YouTube channels talking about cryptids
lizards are highly adaptable and live all over the world and I love the idea
that regardless of where you are in any fantasy world there might be a lizard
folk of some variety or another hiding just under a nearby rock, possibly
disguised as your friendly neighborhood congressman/womantilean person
Congress person that’s the one I’m in now while they’ve been classically
monsters since before first edition they’ve just recently become an official
race to play in fifth edition Volo’s guide likes to talk a lot about their
lizard brain how their emotionless and instinctual and have this great survival
mentality but rightfully so it is a guide to monsters Volo’s likes to talk about
how cold and cunning they are very utilitarian have very few ideas of art
and beauty and looking down on humans for being squishy and useless and delicious “tasty tasty people meat” probably why they’ve been classic enemies up to
this point either way these little bits of flavor text really bring out some of
the really cool and unique features that I think can also be expanded upon to
make some sweet character build there were a lot of tasting based references
in that paragraph note to self never draw a while Hungry stats wise they get
bonuses to Constitution and wisdom which fits them pretty well for being more of
a bestial race they live about 60 years and while taller and bulkier than
normal humans they still count as medium-sized creatures now nobody
freaked out I’m actually totally fine with them being normal-sized creatures
you could build them as either small or large but I don’t see that being more or
less of a detriment considering that they’re already kind of weird
Eye lid’ed crazy lizard things I think that’s why people don’t like politicians
but you know it’s probably just the eyelids Volo’s guide gives the natural armor and they can hold their breath for up to
15 minutes which goes pretty well with their natural swim speed so that in
itself is pretty cool they also get a really powerful bite which is d6 plus
your strength which isn’t bad especially considering that you get to do as
piercing damage once again they’ve forgotten about the tail why do you
always forget about the tail I think that the swim speed probably comes from
the tail likely I think Oh they’ve got a Tail that
can help them swim there’s a lot of lizards out there that have some pretty
sweet “butt whips” attached to their well their butts so this is another great
class if you have a hankering for like slapping people with your own butt
#punchthemwithyourbutt get on that I really think as long as you’re
thinking about these as lizards instead of just specifically one type of lizard
folk you can really go and on quite a few different directions with the
natural attack if bites claws the tail attack maybe pick one of those and just
have an option to do you know blunt piercing or slashing damage when you
create your character a variety is the spice of life #Lizardspice and
let’s not forget about the tongue some lizards have pretty amazing tongue and
cheek combos well we’ll get back to that in a little bit now here’s where the fun
comes in for fifth edition they get hungering jaws which on a successful
bite you can gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier and
while that is a really cool ability I really do like the flavor but it is missing
a key coolness of lizard’s healing yo a no, we’ll just do the other way healing [Saying regeneration like a knob] nope that’s dumb too regurgitation regeneration actually do lizards regurgitate? [Brain takes a poop] I might be thinking of snakes lizards without feet the
ability to shed their own skin and heal is awesome not just from a game
standpoint for for a scientific standpoint as well I know from a DM
standpoint it can be really really game breaking given someone at level one fast
healing five basically makes them impervious to low-level encounters but
later in the game the benefits in combat really fall off see this again and again
in pop culture from the lizard in spider-man 2 toffee and star versus the
forces of evil lizard regeneration is just cool move and for them to just
gloss over it like part of the bite is really kind of a bummer or the ability
to regenerate limbs and heavy wounds during long rests or even several over
several [duplicate!] days the possibilities of surviving after a fight is really cool
to me maybe you have double hit dice or you can use your hit dice with less than
a long rest or you get double healing from your hid dice but only getting the
temporary hit points from the bite once per day to me feels like any creature
with a bite could probably get something similar to hungering jaws through one
means or another if all else fails I would argue that they should at least be
immune to permanent stat damage anything that would lower their stats will
eventually just be heals naturally it’s a small buff but it’s unique enough and
it is quite powerful in very specific situation why did I say it like that I really think this area could be expanded upon
because if they don’t have their healing the only other thing
they have is the ability to impersonate influential public figures and
politicians I’ve seen the videos everywhere actually that could be a
pretty cool ability to is that stretching too far I’m on a list now
hold on hold on let me get some tin foil [Tinfoil hat preparation noises] [Tinfoil hat construction noises] [wait where did he go? I cant hear his thoughts anymore] [He’s on to us!] okay okay I should be safe now but yeah
there are tons of types of lizards most of the D&D writings say that lizard
folk like marshes and warm climates which is fine but there’s a lot of
lizards out there in our world and probably in the D&D world some live in
cold streams some live in the desert I think there’s a lot of fun things to
work with there I really like the idea that they should be cold blooded or get
negatives to surviving in the cold it could be a lot of fun ideas around that
alone beyond that you could gain defensive spines or thicker skin or even
poison to your bite if I monitor two lizards not your jam you could get
bonuses for stealth being a chameleon I know that’s not necessarily factually
accurate but I think the foil hat gives me some liberties here [fine tuneing foil hat noises] back to talking
about tonguing people well I just came out weird
wait there’s a tongue pun I think I’ve incepted myself with tongue puns here
gone too deep done been swallowed okay that’s off but seriously if you’re
a lizard with a sticky tongue why not have a free grab attack instead of your
natural weapon damage counter does a whip the sticky whip attached to your
mouth no I think about it there’s probably a few things in the Monster
Manual you actually don’t want in your mouth probably don’t look that up #don’tputthatinyourmouth I’d also allow any gecko folk lizard folk
deck override gecko flavored folk blue nope nope that was not not good not the
same thing not the words I wanted words mean things but yeah you could rock out
with the shape change ability if you really want it you could easily run a
changeling scenario just replace everyone with lizard folk and then you
could start up your own movie studio did we talk about Flash Gordon already
apparently lizard folk are weak too lasers maybe that’s another video “stay in your cage lizard man” [Retro lazer noises] the hell was I talking about people Folks Lizard People lizard, lizardfolk there are really so many varieties of
lizards to choose from that you can really build quite a unique character
before you even get to the backstory not to mention I think that lizard folk
would make a really cool Drax for your guardians of the Galax of Plane acts of
fungal acts a plain planar II guardians [Failing at english] how do you say fantasy
galaxy without getting sued by Marvel shoot the probably already on to me [Further Tinfoil adjustments] if you have a cool lizard folk story or character you should come check us out
on the Instagram or Facebook and share that with if you’d like to have access
to our discord or use any of the artwork for your own lizard folk come check us
out on patreon we build custom tokens for people as well as have access to all
of our previous drawings for tokens remember to keep your dice on the table
and your tinfoil hats on the sky wait wait
keep your eyes on the sky and your tinfoil hat on your head let me double check that [Checking the foil hat] [This might be some ASMR stuff] [It might just be annoying] [Definitely annoying…] [Is he building a foil boat?] [what’s even going on?] [#theylive] OBEY!

17 thoughts on “D&D Why you should play Lizardfolk – Dungeons & Dragons Lizard Folk Character Art Rookzer0

  1. Love this Races … my Favorite PC … Leruk the Chard Lizard (folk hero), Horned Brown Lizard Desert Strom Barbarian …. master trapper and hunter .. Kill, Eat , Craft & Repeat ,,,ps love BBQ meat 🤪

  2. For a fantasy Guardians of the Galaxy it'd probably be something like Monitors of the Multiverse (extra points if the whole party is lizardfolk for the monitor lizard pun).

    As for Lizardfolk characters, because I always have to come up with some character anecdote or another, I had my Lizardfolk Ranger/Rogue turned Paladin/Rogue Siske. Siske was a good boy, interpreted the "survival of the tribe" part of the lizardfolk ethos as "protect the kiddies/eggs", and after being exiled from his tribe that extended to all kiddies, including the soft pink fleshy ones. Unfortunately he was a character in a Curse of Strahd game, so after most people he tried to protect ended up dying, he got angy and took an Oath of Vengeance, swapping his Ranger levels for Paladin levels. He was a little dense, not the best people person (people lizard?), would definitely have been bad at disguising himself as a politician.

  3. I am so happy you made this video. I’ve looked at your channel multiple times in the past few weeks, convinced there already was one about them. I was so convinced EVERY time. And now it’s finally here! 😀 yeah!

  4. I LOVE THIS!! I have a lizardfolk character and I’ve gotta admit, he is a blast! Partially because he collects parts of everything the party kills…. at one point he had 18 or 19 humanoid heads, but the party made him throw them away. It’s a hard knock life for Scaly Bois!

  5. I had a Lizardman war cleric, who was essentially a Aztec warrior of a turtle god that had been banished until he was strong enough to power to wipe out an ancient hydra and the Yu anti (snake people) that plagued his Island.

  6. One of the player in the Christmas is a shadow monk/war tank wizard lizardfolk based off a bearded dragon, so he has a natural hate for Dragonborn.

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