Debby Ryan Wants to Win This So. Bad. | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

Debby Ryan Wants to Win This So. Bad. | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

– I’m very competitive, I just
need to trust my instincts. (spraying hairspray) (bright upbeat music) What’s up, I’m Debby Ryan, I am gonna do the expensive taste test. They’re gonna show me two
items that are the same thing of different values and I have to guess which one I think is more expensive. I’m intimidated, I don’t
think I’m gonna do this right. (upbeat jazz music) Okay we have tiaras. This one is big, it has a lot of crystals, a couple dark ones as
well but mostly clear. And the settings look a little bit loose, ’cause some of these look
look like they have come out. This has these little circles, which, now that I’ve been
on a show about pageants, I know is like for pins and for sewing kind of into the hair. Mm. This has different types of
crystals as well as beads. This one feels nice. Wow, this one’s heavier
and definitely more sturdy. This one feels like the ones
that we use on the show. And I think that the ones
that we’ve used on the show are actually ones from pageants, but I don’t know, I don’t
think it’s like the ones that the queens walk around
in their crown box with. I’ve definitely peered inside
a few peoples tiara boxes. But I’m gonna guess that
this one is more expensive. (buzzer sounds) No? It’s funny because I looked at the beads and I was like maybe those are very nice and expensive crystals. (upbeat jazz music) I’m very competitive. All right. All man made materials. Made in China. This is like a rubber heel,
this is not like a wooden heel, and this looks like it’s
painted to look like wood. This has some studs, we
have a solid heel here. It looks like real leather. These are more expensive. (dings) Yeah. Listen, I lived in Texas, I
can recognize a cowboy boot. (upbeat jazz music) Feathers kind of make me uncomfortable. Okay. Oof. I feel like this is gonna get
in my hair and never come out. This is really soft and I
feel like these could be real. They have little pricklies
but maybe they’re plastic. It’s hard to tell. And then this feather boa. Wow, actually– One of these is like wound
around kind of like rope, and one of these is– Okay if I had to guess I would say this one was more expensive. (dings) Is it? (buzzer sounds) (swooshes) (dings) Going to have feathers on me forever. (upbeat jazz music) Wait wait wait, this is acoustic electric. Ah (bleep) they both are. This one looks like a specific type. Let’s do this one, this
one’s more expensive. (dings) Is it? Yay! (upbeat jazz music) Okay, corsets. So this has like a really
great hook and eye. It looks like the hook and
eyes that Theyskens use. It’s 90% polyester and 10% spandex, and it’s made in China. It looks kind of costumey. And this is– This does not feel like polyester. Dyed in France. Simone Perele. So I would say
this one is more expensive. (dings) Yes. (upbeat jazz music) New York tap water. The tap water in New York is
as good as any bottled water. So this one’s gonna be
tricky, I can say that now. This one I can tell is more expensive because it’s sharper, like
crisper, I don’t know. And this had a bit more kind of texture and like roundness to it. Notes of pipes. This one’s more expensive. (dings) I can do it with water. (upbeat jazz music) These are face masks. Oh wow, a really, really
fine pigment of gold shimmer, which is nice. Little bit of sticky. Okay this one’s more gel. The shimmer is a little bit bigger, so actually it looks more goldy. This smells like glue. Oh, this smells nice. This smells like a creamsicle. But my question is do
they put the scent in to cover the fact that
it’s not as expensive, or does some of the money go into making sure the scent is good? I think I’m gonna say
this one’s more expensive. (buzzer sounds) No it’s this one? Really? Wow. I like imagine that this would leave a very shiny residue on your skin. (upbeat jazz music) Tricky thing about
lashes is that sometimes the ones that are synthetic are actually more expensive because they’re like silk. Man, I’m so bad at lashes. I don’t like doing it unless I have to, like in scenes about a pageant.
This feels like nylony. This has a much thicker strip to it. Yeah I mean these are
so fluffy and fluttery, these look like friggin’ heiress lashes. Gonna do one of each, then you can see which
one you like better. I mean, like what would I
actually spend the money on? This one. I’m gonna say these
ones are more expensive. No?
(buzzer sounds) Dang it, I’ve been second guessing myself. This is the more expensive
one, believe it or not. (upbeat jazz music) I just need to trust my instincts. Trust my instincts. All right, hairspray. Hairspray? (sprays) We have a strong trajectory. Powerful aerosol. Good stream. Oh. (sprays) She’s softer. I’m gonna smell it. Oh wow, this smells so nice. I think it’s this one’s more expensive. (dings) This is what happens when we
trust our instincts, people. Did I get half right? Wow, I got just more than half right. Wow. 63% ladies and gentlemen. That is a failing score, in school. If I trusted my gut I
would have killed it. All right well that was wild and I definitely learned
to trust my instincts. Check out season two of
Insatiable on Netflix, you can’t miss it, it’s a ride. Thank you so much Cosmo for having me. If you guys enjoyed this video please subscribe and comment
below and all of that, and I will see you on Netflix.

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