Delaware and Rhode Island Compared

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  1. Which is better? Delaware or Rhode Island? Which states should I compare next? Also, don't forget to share this video on Twitter for a chance to win the Oregon Trail game T-shirt. Be sure to @ me so I know you did. @beatmastermatt is my Twitter handle.

  2. I moved to Rhode Island from California and I can say the at people don't pronounce their Rs and they do call Water Fountains, Bubblers.

  3. You forgot to mention Rhode Island’s two biggest exports, college educated children and retirees with money. Also, CNBC ranked us the worst state for business in the country. So we’ve got that going for us.

  4. Nara gant sent or Nara Gan sent either.

    RI bb, it’s beautiful

    Nara is pronounced like bara or cara btw Incase you pronounce it wrong

  5. Not gunna lie one thing missed rhode island has history of underground slave trade a book "something in the attic" is set in providence and is read in all ri schools and big part of education glad we were first to abolish it that's great just pointing out bunch of criminals were illegally doing it it very fucked up

  6. Comparing raw elevation averages is a pretty simplistic evaluation of the geography. No mention of how Rhode Island’s geography was more influenced by glaciation and is therefore rockier and hillier , ergo worse farmland. This difference is also quite visible on their respective coastlines

  7. Funny I grew up in DE and after college moved to RI. I think you accurately represented both states. Only reason to venture to Slower Lower is to go to our great beaches. RI is great because the beaches are closer, Boston is closer, and the weather is better imo. They're both interesting little places, but definitely looking to upgrade to a larger city

  8. Since Rhode Island is so small, there’s a very good chance that I went to high school with some of the Rhode Islanders in this comment section. Hi guys. See you at the 10 year reunion.

  9. Rhode Island sports several sanctuary cities, very high state government corruption, and a growing murder rate along with the need to close several nightclubs do to shootings and stabbing from the local sanctuary city gang thugs………….recently over 100 youths stole jump electric rental bikes on the roadside to go on a rampage and assault campaign and most of these youths were minority's and children of the sanctuary mentality. The Providence school system as well as Central falls reflect huge problems with the minority population here.

    In Rhode, Island, the majority of governments people will demand that Walmart should pay 15 bucks an hour while they pay their minority slaves 6 bucks and hour knowing they can get the rest of their needs met by federal taxes……….

  10. I was born and raised in Rhode Island and I enjoyed your dissertation. You did omit a few facts IE: RI has the 7th highest property taxes in the nation and the countries worst roads and infrastructure as well as political Corruption on an epic scale. The ocean here is gorgeous but you have to pay to play to enjoy it.

  11. rhodeisland once one of the richest states in the country now one of the poorest due to excessive taxes imposed by greedy ignorant and incompetent government driving money makers away.

  12. Wait a minute. In Delaware we get a LOT of Nor'easters. A lot. Yes, we get lucky as hurricanes tend to peter out before the get to us, or they go by and strike farther north. But I feel sorry for Rhode Island if they get hurricanes AND more Nor'easters than us.

  13. Little did i knew that Rhode island is one of the most prosperous states throughout the Northeast. A very well educated state.

  14. oh my, im from rhode island and as any rhode islander would tell you, its nar-ra-gan-sett, not nar-an-gan-sett. he added another e in the middle for no reason.

  15. Other fun facts about Delaware.
    1. Delaware has no sales tax
    2. Delaware is number 8 in the highest ranking broiler chicken producing states. This was all started because of an accident in delivery. In 1923, Cecile Steele of Ocean View ordered 50 chicks for for her egg laying flock but instead she got 500. She decided to raise them and sell them for meat. Then in 1924, she ordered 1000 chicks, and in 1926, she ordered 10,000, starting Delaware’s broiler industry.
    3. In #14 issue of Amazing World of DC Comics (March 1977), Superman’s city Metropolis is stated to be located in Delaware. The 1990 Atlas of the DC Universe also states that Metropolis is in Delaware.
    4. Former Vice President Joe Biden grew up in Delaware (however he was born in Scranton, PA) and attended University of Delaware. He was also a former US Senator representing DE.
    5. In 1923, University of Delaware founded the first study abroad program by a US institution.

  16. You forgot to mention our LSD sticker! It stands for Lower Slower Delaware (some say it's Shore not Slower 🤷‍♀️). You can imagine the looks natives get when tourons see the LSD sticker 😂

  17. Actually Roger Williams landed in Providence, ( an island surrounded by two river's and the Narragansett bay) and named it Providence because he felt that God had provided it for him. He founded the city of Providence first and dug the first well on what is now Roger Williams National Memorial; located on what is now North Main Street. He built his first home in Providence on what is now Benefit St. Which has since been long since demolished. And established the First Baptist Church in America, on what is now the corner of North Main and Thomas streets. Not far from his home and the first well.
    He was granted by the charter that included aquidnic island in 1636, By king Charles II ; and all the Narragansett bay islands east of the Seekonk river.
    Which he is said to either have rowed or sailed a boat to as a condition to claim them under the granted charter. As well as the southwest parts of the state as far as Pawatuck (Conn) which was originally part of RI until the revolution, when Connecticut usurped it, by occupation.
    The original natives were the Womopnoag, an agricultural people who worked the land., The Narragansett were, wandering hunter gathers, part of the Algonquin nations who summered in RI following the migratory game and fish.
    It was they who the white settlers enlisted to drive the Womponoag, out during King Philips( aka Conannicus) war. Which wiped out the Wompenoag, as the dominant native people. As compensation for their assistance in wiping out the Wompenoag, the Narragansett were granted what were their traditional hunting and gathering lands by the settlers. ( at least for a while) Although the Narragansett are now recognized as a nation, they are not sovereign and are subject to all the laws and taxes of RI. While the Wompenoag have been trying to gain recognition as a nation and reclaim their lands for several centuries without any success.

  18. RHODE ISLAND IS THE BEST THE SEAFOOD IS AWESOME btw if u visit hear visit my family's campground Worden pond family campground in South Kingstown!!! Please?

  19. I’m so glad you did an episode on Delaware. I’m a second generation native Delawarean and I’m proud to be from here. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

  20. @ 1:50 I live here and it sucks. Somebody save me pls. Wilmington was literally nicknamed Murdertown USA. I've heard gunshots across the river. Our motto is disgusting too- "it's good to be first." nah it ain't done nothing for us
    Oh holy night this place is awful.

    edit: although we don't have sales tax so huzzah or something idk

  21. I'm from Rhode Island and I've never heard a milkshake been called: a cabinet. Everything else is spot on; except the way, The narrator pronounce Narragansett.

  22. I've been ask by some people what state are you from? I answer Delaware. The reply. What state is that in? True story.

  23. Rhode Island small state high taxs and poor school system lmao but RI every thing you need with out leaving a state and about 45 min. Ride on a good day to beach woods and city and history born and rise we burnt a whole tax ship before boston put tea in there harbor and coffee milk with NY systems weeines

  24. Rhode Islanders also call sub sandwiches "grindas" (because we drop our R's) and plus we are the home of coffee syrup (Autocrat).

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