Designing My Own Character – Character Design – The Making of the Flat World

Hey everybody I think I’m actually going to do this. Make my own animated series next year. 2020. It doesn’t matter how this all started. Why it all started. More I think about it, more I want to try this. I’m going to make my own animated series from scratch. I’m aiming for PG or PG 13 for this one. There are lots of unknowns. I have to make all of the digitalpuppets, draw all of backgrounds and edit, record, produce everything myself. It’s a daunting task. A project like this takes at least a dozen people. I still don’t know if I can do it. I still don’t know what’s really going to happen in 2020. So everything is still up in the air. It’s just so scary in so many ways. This could turn into one of those fancy new year’s resolution that never happens. I stopped making new year’s resolution for sometime now. This is not really a new year’s resolution, But I’ve never made such a big goal recently. Especially at the end the year. So one of those first things I need to do is develop my characters. I need to draw them, rig them and animatethem. Originally, I was going to make my characters looking simple. It’s easier to move around characters that do not have a thousand different moving parts. But after browsing around, characters that are aimed at kids tend to look cute, smaller, simpler, have big eyes and short statures. The one aimed for older audience tend to have more details, leaner, taller statures and not as cute. There are some exceptions, of course. So I decided to go with more detailed, taller and leaner looking characters. For most software, it seems like there are two main methods One way is to draw the different moving parts separately and then put them together using bones. So draw the head separately. Draw the arms and legs all separately and then attach them together using software. Another method is the old fashion way. Draw individual frames. The second method seems like a lot of work, so I decided to try the first method and draw my characters with different sub parts, which I can cut out later. Eventually I decided to move over the vectors. At first, I was thinking when am I going to finish making all these digital puppets, draw all of the backgrounds and actually have enough time to produce the actual stories. And then I decided I’m going to make videos on how I progress toward that goal. It’s going to months to draw everything. Videos of my journey of producing and learning everything might be interesting to some people. This is not a tutorial video. I don’t know enough to teach anyone how to do any of this stuff. I’m figuring this out as I go. But maybe that journey in itself might be more interesting than what actually gets produced at the end. This will never look professional. It’s going to look like a work produced by an amateur. By a hobbyist. Which is what I am. I’m just scared that I put in like hundreds of hours to make these videos and it’s going to look like I only put in a few hours. Which was one of the main reasons why I tried to avoid this genre. It’s just a lot of work. Unless you tried to nimate something yourself, you know even the simplestanimation takes like many hours to put together. And the end result is like a 30 second video. It’s sometimes just so heartbreaking. So at this point, I sketched my character, then I painted her, but it still didn’t look very clean, so I’m redoing everything in vectors. Vectors are infinitely scalable and resizable. And honestly none of these three versions look like the way I imagined her to be. She doesn’t look like what I had in mind. Like, I don’t know what’s wrong with her. And I also realized, there are just too many layers here. Like even just the head, there are the back hair, front hair, the face, the shadows, eye brows, the eye lashes, multiple layers to her eyes. Her mouth. Am I going to get my character to move her mouth? And at this point, I’m realizing this is getting way too complicated. And she doesn’t look sophisticated enough. She looks too geometric. Even if I somehow manage to string together her limbs parts by parts, she’s never going to look natural. I’m going to need like side profiles too. She’s either going to have to go looking way way simpler or I think I need to draw every frame more or less individually. I still haven’t decided on my styles yet. I just know this doesn’t feel right. I’m going to need another plan. Just even getting her eyes to flicker will be a daunting task with this many layers. So I think in the next video, I might want to try another method. See which one is better. I’ll have to try making a few different versions of my character too. Something a little more manageable. But I don’t want them to look too geometric. I do want this work to have a little more styles. So while I know there are some premade characters that I can buy, I don’t want to use them. My work will look like just about every other work out there made with those software. I laid out the three versions side by side for comparison. I think I like the painted look. The vector one looks too geometric. But maybe vector might be easier to work with. You know the one on the right without any outline kind looks creepy. It definitely has a creepy painted style. That could work. Give it sort of creepy painted style feeling. Well, what do you think? Thanks for watching.

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