Did Matt Lauer Have An Affair With An NBC Star?

Did Matt Lauer Have An Affair With An NBC Star?

Another accusation has been leveled against
disgraced NBC anchor Matt Lauer. According to Page Six, Lauer allegedly had
an affair with a, quote, “famed and well-respected broadcaster.” A source told the media outlet they believed
Lauer had the upper-hand in the relationship, explaining, “Matt had influence over everyone’s career
– one word and your career would be sunk. I know there was a clear imbalance of power
in this woman’s relationship with Matt.” A “clear imbalance of power” has seemed to
be a common factor in a good deal of Lauer’s extramarital relationships during his time
at the news network. This report comes about a week after the news
broke that Lauer had been accused of rape by former NBC News colleague, Brooke Nevils. Lauer strongly denied the rape accusation
in an open letter, but, as of Friday, October 18th, has yet to address the alleged affair. The 61-year-old former anchor came into contact
with countless broadcasters during his time at NBC, but the woman, who reportedly signed
a nondisclosure agreement when she left NBC, has yet to be publicly identified. However, Page Six reports that they have agreed
to keep her identify a secret at her request. Additionally, in Ronan Farrow’s new book “Catch
and Kill,” the author claims Matt Lauer openly and repeatedly harassed a former on-air NBC
personality. The woman, also unnamed, told Farrow, “[I] would walk into work with a knot in [my]
stomach [having to face Lauer]. I was like a piece of hanging meat. […] I would come home and cry.” According to Page Six, she was also asked
to sign a nondisclosure agreement when she left the network in 2012. The outlet claims the NDA ensured that the
woman could not speak ill of NBCUniversal or sue the company. On Monday, October 14th, 2019, the President
of NBC News responded to the woman’s allegations in a staff memo that read, in part, “Farrow says this individual received inappropriate
messages from Lauer, and showed them to ‘colleagues,’ not management, made no report, and we’ve
found no record of one. She signed a completely standard separation
agreement, including a routine confidentiality provision that was in her original employment
contract.” Despite the similarities between the descriptions
of the two unidentified women, it’s currently unclear if they are the same person. Matt Lauer’s longtime colleague, Ann Curry,
could give more insight into the seemingly endless series of shady events that led to
the anchor’s firing back in 2017 – but for some reason she’s held back so far. Curry worked alongside Lauer for more than
a decade from 1997 to 2012. A source told US Weekly that she knows more
than she’s letting on, and it’s enough to, quote, “destroy” her former colleague. The source explained, “Ann has maintained a dignified silence, but
a lot of people confided in her years ago and still do to this day. She knows more than most about the man Matt
really is, and when she finally speaks out, it will destroy him.” “I feel outraged. I feel empathy for the victims.” Curry previously revealed that she reported
Lauer for sexual harassment to NBC executives on a colleagues’ behalf in 2012 – something
the execs have since denied, according to The Washington Post. She told The Post that she acted after a female
staffer came to her in tears. Curry explained, “She was afraid of losing her job. […] I believed her. I told management they had a problem and they
needed to keep an eye on him and how he deals with women.” According to Ronan Farrow’s book, that woman
was a former entertainment booker for NBC, who told Curry that Lauer, quote, “propositioned
and exposed himself” to her. Perhaps all these years later, Curry is preparing
to come forward with the rest of what she knows, seeing as she wasn’t afraid to be vocal
about her support for Brooke Nevils. Curry tweeted on Wednesday, October 9th, “Brooke Nevils is a credible young woman of
good character. She came to NBC News an eager and guileless
20-something, brimming with talent. I believe she is telling the truth. And that breaks my heart.” All of this comes almost two years after Lauer’s
shocking firing. Only time will tell what else may unfold – and
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100 thoughts on “Did Matt Lauer Have An Affair With An NBC Star?

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  2. Women in the media prostitute themselves everyday, this was just another day at the office. We heard all the stories about how Harvey Weinstein “attempted” to have sex with these Hollywood “stars” but I never heard any of these woman admitting that had sex with him to get the job but who would keep “attempting” if it never worked?

  3. Why can't ppl/media leave this man alone. Damn this guy was fired and it has screwed up his personal life and family. It's not fair to his family/children. They are blameless in all this.
    If he's so guilty he should face criminal and civil punishment. This is all gossip. This guy isn't here to defend himself.
    No I'm not condoning sexual harassment!! But his career and possibly his family are ruined. It's his family that I feel bad for, not Matt lauer.


  5. I hope Anne Curry will get the courage to tell all she knows about Matt Lauer. Same goes for Katie Couric. That predator Matt Lauer needs to be put away for good.

  6. And still no one actually cares… unless you’re near the water cooler at work and you then have to pretend to care.

  7. I so hope Anne comes forward and tells "Her Story" not what she was allowed to tell.

    She is a class act. Matt Lauer is a bully and a rapist.

  8. Yes, he did. Yes he did. If bill Cosby, r Kelly in jail. Then put him in jail too…. He was accused so that all the evidence there.

  9. He is a slime ball and I always felt creeped out by him …. Anne was a class act as well as Katie and Meredith

  10. Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Charlie Rose,, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer. And the list will continue. People in powerful positions often think they can get away with anything.. Power corrupts.

  11. After Matt humiliated Anne Curry, made her life hell at the network, forcing her to resign…this is beautiful karma paying his bitch ass back. My, how the mighty have fallen….

  12. I would really hate to ask ,but I'm sure his wife would most likely know who & how many time's he has cheated on her . Names. Dates. Regular or Celebrity. What a pushover. Such a shame to be a public figure and destroy your family instead of getting a divorce in the first place. Sexual Allegations. Extramarital Affairs. Cheating. Lying. Getting ppl fired. And yet ,ya smile with no worries or consequences.

  13. If you have factual information on Matt Lauer, it’s time for you to come forward. He should and will be held fully accountable for his disgusting actions. Women deserve to work in their respective professions, free of harassment. I am a male in a professional workplace and I highly value the contributions women have to the corporate environment. My female coworkers are creative, brilliant, and simply amazing. They are my peers, not an object of sexual harassment.

  14. He’s but all these women were willing participants. Consensual. He pissed then off because didn’t want a relationship with any of them. And they retaliated. He made his own bed.

  15. Thing here is Ann Curry probably isn't the only one to have dirt on Lauer. I'd imagine Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira do, as well as possibly Megyn Kelly. Curry and Kelly are probably under NDA (or non-disclosure agreement), and most likely can't discuss what they really know, without the fear of legal ramifications. Couric could possibly have a NDA as well.
    Vieira is still employed by NBC, and probably can't speak, without the fear of losing her job. Whether NBC were to fire her or Vieira opt not to renew her employment contract, she'd probably be required to sign a NDA, and adhere to a NC (or non-compete) clause.
    Kelly has been open about NBC management refusing to have an independent outside firm to investigate, especially if NBC wants to prove they have nothing to hide. Even though I may not be a huge fan of hers, she's speaking a fact.

  16. I like Ann Curry. When she was at the desk she was good. When she co-anchored she was not good. I don't think Lauer had to get her fired. She was awful and ratings were bad. Not saying he's not a tool.

  17. This vile scumbag is as bad as the scum we have in the White House Donald Trump. Like the Republicans, NBC continues to cover for him. Disgusting!

  18. Deborah Norville lost her job because of Matt Lauer. Thats all I'm going to say. Their ratings sunk after Jane Pauley left. She was her replacement but Matt doesnt like her or maybe he forced on her. So she had her fired. Then Katie Couric took her place.

  19. That tension was apparent between Ann & Matt. I don't get how you make so much money reporting news. It's ridiculous his behavior and his ego to match it. Anyone can talk about things going on in the world! Pick more humbling characters to be anchors.

  20. I don't know why anyone waste time talking about this guy he is a sex addict who thought he never going to be catch

  21. He thought that he was so good that no one would believe those women i never like hem gor same reason and is long before i hear what he was doing to all this woman he is a sick BUSTER

  22. Matt Lauer should be put in a prison cell with no white people and the 904 train should run up his ass repeatedly and Daly until he can't take it anymore then 50 more times for good measure.

  23. Ok clearly he was a hoe and all the women he was with were not victims ok they are grown ass woman that knew what they were doing there just ashamed everyone knows they had affairs or just got caught please I can’t call them ladies lol bitches own up you guys wanted a good ass time too 😂

  24. If you refused not to be touched by this predator then no incidents will occur. Wonder why there’s multiple sexual encounter after the incident. Something fishy is going on🙄

  25. I recall the rose garden interview Lauer had with obama. The sneering and utter disdain they had towards then candidate Trump galvanized me to support Trump, and I am beyond glad I did. Now this buzzard head is being exposed for the pervert I sensed he is

  26. Laurer. You PERVERT! You are a DISGRACE as well as DISGUSTING. LADIES: please be careful of this sick mental person. He's a SICK- O

  27. Matt…. Matt is unfortunately cut from the same cloth that a lot of high salaried men are. WTF happens when the number of zeros on a paycheck increases? Do they feel they have ultimate power to abuse people? We’ve all learned it’s all illusion by now. At least, I would hope. Whatever….. it’s a vicious nasty world we’re living in now and the only protection is NOISE!!! Solidarity and NOISE‼️‼️ These characters have got to be called out EVERY DAMN TIME and the Powers that be need to stop protecting this abominable behavior.

  28. Corrupt top management at fake news NBC covered for Matt Lauer for years. Liberal biased fake news like NBC/MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS are full of democrat liars that hate President Trump. So the best way to hurt all of them is stop watching their Fake News programming and don’t buy any of the products that sponsor their Fake News nonsense and lies. A Win win for the truth.

  29. At 1:32 Lauer is sitting down with that idiot medium. The medium claims he speaks to the dead but I guess he couldn’t see that Lauer’s career was about to die.

  30. I believe he was a Elitist and in his own mind deserved all that came with it. But he was Metoo’d for asking Hillary about her emails. She was heard telling brass to fire him.

  31. This kind of explains why Ann Curry was so emotional when she was dissmissed from the show, Matt Lauer is hopefully paying for all the pain he caused over his years!!

  32. I'm really sick of guys being blessed with wealth & power, and they abuse it.I have nothing but disdain for him.

  33. Voor julle aantygings maak doen jou huiswerk. Skade vergoeding kan jou groot verlies laat ly. Dink voor jy praat, maak seker dis die waarheid en nie hoor sê nie. Sterkte.

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  35. I wonder if Tamarah Hall left because of him. Was he gone before her? I liked Ann Curry and Katie Couric. Also Natalie Morales. Could pass on Savannah, Jenna Bush, and Megan Kelly. Kathie Lee was annoying. Hoda is ok.

  36. He’s no journalist, he’s a news reader. He is also a piece of shit. I feel sorry for his family, how embarrassing for them.

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