Discover Your Perfume Personality?

Discover Your Perfume Personality?

Would you like to find out your Perfume Personality? If you’re anything like me then you probably
already have several favourite perfumes! It’s fun to experiment and try out different types
of fragrance. However most people find that there is a particular perfume family which
they most identify with, and which really reflects and brings out the best of their
personality. Sometimes this fragrance family surprises them- it’s not always what you would
expect! Unconsciously for various reasons some of
us may keep certain aspects of our personalities under wraps. You may discover you have an
outrageously sensual Oriental Perfume personality just waiting to be unleashed. Or a flamboyant,
disorganised type may secretly relish the subtle complexity and clean lines of a Chypre
type fragrance. This is just a bit of fun really; but the
results may surprise you; as our scent preferences are closely link to our emotions and memory
associations- however deeply submerged these may be.
Are you a Romantic Floral Perfume? An exhilarating Citrus/Marine? A sensual Gourmand?
A refined Chyre? An exotic Oriental? Let’s Find out!
You’re going to be shown 5 sets of images, from which you should choose your favourite
Set, from A, B, C, D, or E. Each set is very different. Think of them as Moodboards, kind
of like the kind a perfume House will create as a starting point for a new fragrance) They
sum of the essence of a perfume in a certain style.
In each set of images you will find a model wearing a white dress, a house interior, a
dessert, and two different landscapes. As you look at the pictures try to engage
your senses in the process as much as you can. YOU are the girl in the white dress,
you are taking a beautiful holiday, YOU are just about to tuck into the scrumptious dessert
room service have delivered to your dream apartment. Which dress would you rather wear?
Where would you rather be? Which room would you rather make yourself at home in? Which
dessert would you rather eat? In other words- which set of images best inspires
your personal perfume brief, And sums up your perfume personality?
…Don’t worry if you have quite made up your mind the first time around! After the 5 sets
of images you will be warned before the results so that you can rewind and replay if you like.
Don’t pause though, as your honest and instinctive response will be most effective! If you really
can’t decide between two sets then that’s no problem at all; jot them both down as you
probably like them both equally. Or you could try jotting down how many images you remember
out of each set and then totting up which set scores the highest. This works because
our memories are based on our emotions- a picture that drew a strong emotional response
from you will stick in your mind; and as all of these pictures are beautiful it is bound
to have been for a positive reason! Are you ready? Let’s go!
SET A A daring and sensual white dress, with lace
layers over white satin to create contrast. A lush and colourful apartment with antique
treasures, sumptuously and intricately decorated in bold upbeat shades.
This dessert is a mystery, it’s a Thai specialty; but there are spices decorating it. Could
this be a clue? A lone tree stands in the desert at Twilight;
the sky is ablaze with royal purple and blue. A temple appears out of the mist on a lake
in a faraway land. SET B
A crisp and classically elegant white dress, in cool Egyptian cotton. Luxurious but understated.
This apartment combines being spacious, minimalist, and modern with a whimsical twist.
This dessert is a work of Art; it promises to be clean, cool, and tangy on the palate.
An intriguing Scottish castle is the only building for miles in the wild bleak wilderness
of the Moors. From the quiet of your apartment the City
is silent; An electric blue and shimmering view.
SET C A sensual and exquisitely comfortable white
dress; layers of the very softest, smoothest, lightest silk.
This apartment is a safe haven, homely and welcoming in soft feminine shades. There are
beautiful drapes over the windows and four poster bed.
This generous portion of gooey chocolate Gateau is decadent, deep, luxurious; and unashamed
of it too! Will you go back in time? Spend a season as
a rich Debutante in Regency Bath? This tropical paradise is a home from home;
across the dazzling waters, the rainforest. SET D
A simple but pretty, white cotton dress; with a dash of fun in the colourful belt. A sporty
dress made for action. This modern apartment is refreshing and functional
but with a quirky charm all of its own. You could really chill out in here.
This Gooseberry Fool is the perfect summer time treat. It’s creamy and sweet and zesty
all at once. A crisp and lonely winter’s day with just
the hint of a fairytale waiting to be discovered. Clear inviting waters lap up against the white
sands of a tropical paradise. SET E
A softly flowing and deeply romantic white dress; a dress to dream in, a dress to fall
in love in. This gorgeous apartment is the province of
the modern day princess; mixing contemporary styling with unique fairytale touches.
These darling little cupcakes are light and fluffy; almost too pretty to eat.
There are quaint cobbled streets and luxury boutiques to explore in this lamplit town.
You ride your white horse, Celestia, along a mysterious path deep within the forest. Have you chosen your favourite? Now would
be a good time to rewind and replay if you haven’t quite made up your mind. Congratulations you’re a Sensual and deliciously
deifferent Gourmand. Gourmand perfumes are a relatively new concept
in our perfume Zeitgeist. Some perfumes contain gourmand notes of course, such as peach or
lime- however a true gourmand perfume contains predominatly delicious notes, and if there
are flowers, they are barely discernable. If you’re in the Gourmand Appreciation Society
you’re most likely relaxed and unpretensios – with something warm and captivating about
you like a waft of Vanilla or apple pie. Angel by Theirry Mugler is a good example
of a delicious gourmand perfume, containing notes of creme caramel, raspberry macaroons,
candied fruit, and honey. Penhaligons Juniper Sling is a fresh and tongue
tingling rendition of the classic cocktail. Dry Gin, Orange Brandy, Juniper, brown sugar,
black cherries, and angelica combine for a very suave combination. It’s a homage to Jazz
Age London, and is the addictive epitome of playful chilled out ness in gourmand form… Congratulations you’re a Fresh and Free spirited
Marine or Citrus Marine or Citrus perfumes are crisp and refreshing.
They inspired by the crash of waves upon the shore or a fresh cut lime or grapefruit. They
are invigorating, modern, low maintainance but yet alluring in a pure bohemian sort of
way. Extrait of Limes by Penhaligons is one of
my favourite citrus perfumes. As you can imagine, it does what it says on the bottle- it smells
of limes! And what better to smell of on a summers evening as you stroll along the shore
clutching your sandals with your hair long and loose behind you… Marine or Oxonic fragrances are a new and
imaginary concept- after all if we were really going to smell like the sea then it would
probably be quite a salty, seaweedy sort of experience. Somehow though perfumers do manage
to capture the emotion and essence of the sea in their interpretations of marine scents-
they capture the freshness and wild longing very well; particualrly in perfumes such as
Cool Water for women by Davidoff, which is incredibley refreshing, and very different
to the usual floral fayre. Congratulations you’re a Romantic floral. Romantic floral perfumes are, as you would
expect, perfumes that predominantly feature the fragrance of flowers. This is the most
common perfume family, but it is popular for very good reason. Anyone who wishes to capture
the absolute spirit of traditional romance and beauty simply has to turn to a floral
perfume. For the Floral Perfume lover, Nothing else
will do. There is an elegant simplicity in a single flower, and a whole garden of delights
in a whole bouquet- this is not the choice of the femme fatale, but it is certainly the
choice of the assurred heroinne in the romantic novel. Romance by Ralph Lauren is true to it’s name;
offering a fragrance that is both elegant and feminine. Featuring white violet and day
lilies this perfume will make you feel incredible, as if you are floating in your own personal
fairytale. To radiate pure untouchable, put me on a pedestal
and worship me beauty, I can also recommend the gorgeous Frangipani by Jane Ormonde.
I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring your perfume personality! If you were surprised by the
results then it might be interesting for you to experiment with this new perfume family,
as you may find it really suits you and your personality; and you feel very authentic and
positive wearing it. Of course, the best way to know if you like
a perfume is always going to be actually giving it a sniff though! Please do take a look at my site
and have a go at creating a unique fragrance online in the Perfume Studio!

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  2. I knew already that I love gourmand and Oriental perfumes the most. Easy at winter time…but I have to wear something else in the summer time

  3. I liked c ,I couldn’t believe how accurate this personality and taste was it’s so me !unbelievable !

  4. No surprise there – I am a charismatic oriental. I love warm and spicy, gourmand perfumes. Not at all into floral perfumes – but some of them are nice too.

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