Discovering Buddha Nature

Discovering Buddha Nature

Our buddha nature is like a diamond, but right now
this diamond is obscured. What we call “obscurations”
are like mud. This is why
we do not see our innate qualities, our true qualities,
the enlightened qualities. When a diamond is obscured by mud, it is almost the same as mud. You cannot see the good qualities. If you eliminate the mud, then you see that it is precious,
clean, and transparent. You can see all these qualities. We cannot see them right now
because of the obscurations. When we have
eliminated the obscurations, we can see our true nature, which is buddha nature. Then we become buddha. When we become buddha, our true nature
is not getting better. It is already good
from beginningless time until now. Now, how do you recognize
your own diamond? How do you recognize
your buddha nature? Through awareness. With meditative awareness,
it is a little bit recognized. Then with pure awareness,
it is fully recognized. The main function
of the practice of pure awareness is to recognize
your buddha nature directly.

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  1. What happens to someone after they die if they had a horrible life and had bad things happen to them?

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