Do You Have THIS Attractive Trait Women Love?

Do You Have THIS Attractive Trait Women Love?

I think it’s time for me to get a haircut. Gonna give my buddy Jason a call. He’s a dating coach for women. We’re in a little mastermind group where we
talk about tips on marketing, YouTube and building the business. Let me give him a call because he needs a
little marketing advice. Hey man, how are you doing? Tell me again, the stats like what happened? I know there’s a clear picture. My diagnosis is that there is way too much
friction in the sales process. It takes so long for them to get to an application. Not only do they have to wait till after the
webinar, they have to opt in, then they got a way to whatever time it is to get to the
VSL. Then they gotta watch the entire VSL just
to get on the free call. Probably there are super high quality people
already on the phone with you, but because you don’t have thousands of people it’s not
going to be sustainable. I just got my haircut, and I think it looks
pretty good. I haven’t gotten a haircut for three months. I needed that. I had to be honest with you, it wasn’t one
of my best experiences. In fact, it’s very frustrating. I’ll tell a little story about what happened. Somewhere around three to five times during
this haircut, I had to keep on checking to see if it was good because every single time
that she would start cutting it, she would be like, how’s it going? Is this good? Is this what you want? I’d have to reach over and grab my glasses
and put it on to see. She did this a bunch of times, and it’s
annoying. I’m not complaining too much and not saying
that it was the worst haircut ever. It turned out fine. It just wasn’t an enjoyable experience. I would have wanted to go in and her to ask,
what kind of haircut you’re looking for? They normally explain a little bit of what
I want, and her to go down and be confident in the whole process of giving me a haircut
and not having to check every five minutes to see if she was doing a good job. I do appreciate the fact that she wants to
please the customer and make sure that she’s on the right track, but the whole time it
made me feel like she wasn’t. Playing at times, she was cutting the hair
and then she’d say, is this okay? I’m like, no, it’s not. I wanted you to do this. By the way, I’m not picky. Anytime I go for a haircut. I only want a short in the sidebar, on the
top and I let them do their work. It was very frustrating that she had to check
every single time and every time I checked I needed to give her feedback. One of the big problems with this, besides
the fact that she wasn’t confident in her ability as we could see, but she wasn’t assertive. This is the trait that every person needs,
specifically guys need this in order to attract women. This is the number one trait. It’s something that I struggled with for a
long time, but you struggle with it too. The art of assertiveness, doing something
and not having to question yourself every single time that you do it. How does this play into attraction? How does this play into actual tangible examples
of you being with girls? The whole process of courting a girl should
be a very smooth, assertive and not question yourself every single time type of process. I want you to be very dominant in all the
actions that you make. Don’t question anything. Can you imagine if you’re texting a girl and
asking her, where do you want to go? Do you want to go there or do you want to
go here? Do you like this? Then all of a sudden you’re in the date, and
you’re like, how is this that I pick? Is this a good place for you? How do you like the food? Is everything going okay? How’s the day going? You keep questioning over and over how things
are going. This is going to be very annoying to her,
and also going to be showing her that you are not a guy who was very decisive and confident
in his actions. Here’s what I want you to do every single
time that you’re out and you’re meeting a girl, I don’t want you to question yourself. I know that might sound tough. You might not be at the point where you feel
that confidence inside of you, but I want you to go about it as if everything is going
okay. We’re going to fake it till you make it here. I want you to go with your decisions and not
question anything that you’re doing, going up to her, talking to her, getting her number,
getting her on a date, picking a place and being able to go for the first move. A woman is looking for a man who is sure of
himself, like I wish I would have gone to the barber shop which she knew exactly what
she was doing. Anytime I want any kind of service or meet
any single person, I want to be surrounded by people who know what they’re doing and
have that no question, confident attitude in their actions.

30 thoughts on “Do You Have THIS Attractive Trait Women Love?

  1. I really love how you take everything that's going on in your life and apply it to relationships and dating

  2. This reminds me of the time my normal barber was closed for some reason and I needed to get a haircut for a meeting I had the next day. I get a haircut every 3 weeks without fail and from the same barber for years and years.

    So, I ran into the only place that was open on a Saturday morning, which was the beauty "SCHOOL", yeah school meaning they're learning to cut hair. I'm not picky about haircuts either, but this one pushed the limit of not being picky.

    I asked if she new how to give a simple military style haircut, and she said yes of course. So I sat down and the FIRST cut was a buzz down to my scalp and right between the running lights all the way across the top of my head and down the back. Well, no sense trying to make an on the spot correction at this point or saying anything at all. I just sat there thinking how the heck am I going to explain this haircut at my meeting, and will the even recognize me. Those who've been to boot camp will know what I'm talking about.

    She finished up, and said how's that? I said PERFECT, and she got her instructor to come over and grade her, and her instructor had a look of horror on her face and asked me is that what you wanted, and sat in that chair looking in the mirror and then at the instructor in the mirror and said with a smile, YES, it is, and she deserves an "A". I lied through my teeth, but at least one of us should get some thing good out of this haircut.

    Then when I went to pay for the haircut, and I politely tipped her $5 and said thank you and have a great day.

    I didn't need a comb for about 4 months. It took me back to boot camp days for sure.

    Everyone was laughing, and I was too. I said it was a classic example of I said one thing and she heard some thing completely different, and it was not her fault, it was mine. I should have taken into account she is learning, and I'm a pro at knowing what I want, so it's up to me to be perfectly clear. I was not about to get mad and upset over hair or the lack of it in this case, and especially when she's just learning how to cut hair.

    I could just imagine the next person coming in after me if I had screamed and yelled and acted like a mad man, she would have been a nervous wreck because I got upset with her, and God only knows what kind of haircut they would have received.

    Now when I want some thing done, I always ask if they understand, and then they say YES I DO, I say okay good, now tell me what YOU HEARD ME SAY, and let's both make sure we're on the same page so we get it right the first time.

    Four months later, I show up at my regular barber and he says well, where the hell have you been the past few months? I said ME?? Where the hell were you on a Saturday morning four months ago? He laughed so hard as did all the regulars who were there, and said this cut is on the house.

    Anyway, keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Tripp. I have a question. There this girl I'm in love with and she is a friend of mine but I know that she is not looking for a relationship. Is there any way to be with her anyway?

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