Does Michael Scott Have Borderline Personality Disorder? (The Office US)

Does Michael Scott Have Borderline Personality Disorder? (The Office US)

so my beautiful girlfriend Tristan and I
were recently watching an episode of the office where it was brought to Michael
Scott’s attention that he remained Assizes relationships a little bit too
much and this got me thinking does Michael Scott have borderline
personality disorder everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we
talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new to my channel
there’s a few things that I love doing I love to talk about movies TV shows and
see what lessons we can learn from them but I’m also very passionate about
mental health so if any of that kind of stuff makes you subscribe and bring that
notification about so to get this thing started for I don’t know full disclosure
I don’t think that Michael Scott has borderline personality disorder but I do
think some of the symptoms that he has people who might be watching this if you
struggle with borderline personality disorder you might be able to relate or
if you know somebody who struggles with borderline personality disorder another
disclaimer I’m a licensed therapist or psychologist or anything like that I
just like to have some fun learning about mental health
watching TV characters and trying to analyze them and see what I can learn
from them or if I can relate to them in any ways now there is a video I have
planned in the future because my girlfriend found this like really
in-depth article that kind of argued that Michael Scott is a narcissist I was
like a really in-depth thing so I want to do a video on that and like kind of
break it down but I don’t even know if he’s if he’s a narcissist but there are
some things that I do want to talk about in that realm just Michael Scott’s like
need for attention but anyways let’s talk about his relationships because one
of the one of the symptoms one of the common symptoms of borderline
personality disorder but you don’t even need BPD to have this symptom a lot of
people do where it’s like this intense this intense feeling of like love and
attraction so in the episode that I’m referring to I think it was from season
eight maybe season seven where I think it was Pam who brought it to Michael
Scott’s attention that he like falls deep in love very very quickly and they
try to like go through the gambit of all the women he’s
throughout the seasons and his intense emotions that he felt for them so first
you know he had a thing you know kind of for Jan but then he started dating his
real-estate agent and he ended up like proposing to her on the third or fourth
date so for any of you hold on cats are doing stuff why not now
not don’t smell my finger yeah sorry about that
anyways like I just talked about this in the video I did about Pete Davidson and
just understanding what BPD is like I’ve only deep in in love and really you know
having like a fear of abandonment and sometimes like there’s quick engagements
and things like that maybe it was then the next relationship you got in was
with his superior Jan right so he ended up dating Jan and really falling for her
and like there was this like kind of back-and-forth tug-of-war because he
really wanted the relationship even though Jan did it and it’s because he
felt such intense feelings for her all right then going on like there were
some others you know in between like he ended up dating Pam’s mom for a little
while but then he he fell for the woman who worked at Mike the Dave & Buster’s
like knockoff and then he realized that he was the other man and everything but
he really fell for her heart too but I think you know one of the biggest
examples is Holly by the way don’t spoil it for me I’m still in the middle of
season eight and I think they just kissed again for the first time anyways
I think that one’s a little bit a little bit different of a scenario like he did
fall for Holly very quickly but here’s the thing so here’s somebody who
struggles with this like I used to way back in the day like I would feel very
intensely for like uh you know women I would just start dating and just meeting
like like oh my god someone showed me attention someone’s attracted to me oh
my god right but anyways when he first met Holly and he started developing
feelings for her like he had to sit down with Jim and like I think this is a
great tip for anybody who can relate to this like Jim was like constantly there
it’s like an accountability partner saying like yo Michael take it slow take
it slow like you dive into things right way too quickly with women take it slow
and I think that’s good too I think any of us who struggle with our
mental health and intense emotions we should have people around us where we
can bounce things off of we let them know exactly how we’re feeling we let
them know how we’re thinking right and then we say do you think this is a good
idea right like this is something that I just think everybody should do like
everybody should do this like whether it’s with a support group whether it’s
with your therapist whether it’s with like a sponsor or a mentor or whoever it
is maybe it’s like one of your parents or an older sibling or just somebody
like bounce ideas off of like like for anybody out there who’s like me who
struggles with mental health issues and the way that your brain kind of
processes things like there’s no better way to to overcome some of the mistakes
that we make then to bounce those off other people you know what I mean
because sometimes sometimes this thing is our own worst enemy but anyways yeah
like I wanted to make this this video because like a lot of us can relate to
this like borderline personality disorder or not like a lot of us we
don’t just like feel things like we feel things and the difference with people
who don’t have what they call equanimity is like when when let’s say you got on
the first date right like most people when they go out on the first date
they’re like oh yeah you know I think they tell their friends like oh yeah I
like them I might go on a second day with them kind of feel things out see
where things go but it went well right but other people who feel very intensely
like a Michael Scott or maybe you if you’re watching this maybe somebody you
know like they they don’t react in that same way during that first date thoughts
are running through their head like oh my god I wonder what it would be like to
marry this person what kind of house will we get well I wouldn’t be like what
if their pencil like me who do they have a good family like that’s a family gonna
like me I wonder how many kids they want how many kids are we gonna have what
should we name our kids where should we move what if I get a job over here when
they move with me oh you know what I wonder if they like to travel we just
saw you know what I mean like we create this whole narrative like unlike the
first date and we obsess about and this story that we create in our own
mind can intensify those emotions even more and why is this an issue why is
this an issue it’s an issue for a few reasons
okay one of them is is that a sets us up for failure right like feeling that
intensely about somebody like you know on the on the first date or very early
on you can set us up for failure because most people have these more balanced
emotions where they do kind of take things slow and everything like that
unless you just happen to run into somebody who has similar issues as Hugh
and good luck you’re both extremely in love the reason why that comes to mind
is working in the drug and alcohol treatment center I was working out like
I saw this vlog I saw this a lot because one of the reasons this happens with
drug addicts and alcoholics so often is you take away drugs and alcohol right
drugs and alcohol or something that give you massive burst of dopamine you take
that away the mind is now craving dopamine and another way of getting
dopamine is love attention affection complements you see what I mean sex is
one of them as well so it’s very common for addicts and alcoholics and very
early recovery to have these intense emotions for somebody else because their
brain is trying to to get that dopamine fixed that they’re no longer getting
from drugs and alcohol now the other reason that this is an issue in having
such intense emotions and this is something that people were borderline
personality disorder struggle with is is that intense fear of abandonment which
then turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy let me explain what I what I
mean by that so for example Michael Scott going back to when he proposed to
his girlfriend like on the fourth date or whatever so his intense emotions
possibly a fear of abandonment trying to lock her down in a relationship like
that fear of abandonment makes you do something so extreme that it actually
makes the person distance them to self from you so I’ve seen this happen a lot
of times how I even did it back in my younger days where you feel such intense
emotions towards the other person that you’re texting them all day every day
you’re calling them all day every day you want
to spend so much time with them because your brain is just obsessed with that
person and you can’t stop thinking about them so you’re constantly in their face
and here’s the issue and why that leads to a problem is because that can freak
other people out you see what I mean like I didn’t realize it like because I
feel and again I’m not a licensed therapist or psychologist I’ve worked
with people with borderline personality disorder and other versions of mental
illness at the treatment center I was at but in my opinion like a lot of people
who are son with this like they they can’t control it but they also have this
justification in their brain of like well if I’m that attracted to somebody
if I feel that strongly about somebody if I want the person that much if I feel
like I love them now you know on the first second be like it is romantic to
let them know it is romantic to do this like another great great character that
I’m thinking about making a video on leave it down in the comments below
is Kelly okay Kelly is a very interesting character because all the
things that I’m kind of talking about with Michael Scott Kelly does this as
well like her obsession with Ryan and then her relationship with Ryan
then her revenge on Ryan when she was dating Darryl Kelly exhibits a lot of of
the same traits right and and so many things like that fear of abandonment and
like telling Ryan that she was pregnant at one point and all sorts of stuff but
anyways let me know down in the comments below if you can relate to what I’m
talking about with these intense emotions solving for people to quickly
do you have an intense fear of abandonment do you become overbearing
because of your fear of abandonment you keep trying to do something or things
for the other person to try to lock them down and keep them there is this
becoming an issue in your life by the way if it is get therapy
talk to your doctor see if they can recommend a therapist talk to your
insurance company see if they can recommend a therapist I personally use
better health online therapy I have an affiliate link down below with better
health as well if you would like to give them a try but there is hope for this I
taking me a long time to begin managing my emotions as well alright but anyways
that’s all I got for this video I hope you liked it if you liked it please give
it a thumbs up if you do make sure you subscribe and ring that notification
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click attack right there alright thank you so so much for watching I’ll see you
next time

27 thoughts on “Does Michael Scott Have Borderline Personality Disorder? (The Office US)

  1. If you're struggling with your intense emotions, give online therapy a try:

    (Using this link helps support the channel)

  2. Can you do a video on what actually is going on with Micheal Scott mentally? He's got something going on to be so self centered and have such a skewed and (annoying) video of the world.

  3. Hey, I’m 23 female who has been diagnosed with bpd for over 3 years now. I’m been following u since u did video about shanes conspiracies video. So kinda new here but im so glad that I found your channel, also telling my friend about your channel because it’s really great what u do. And for that I thank u. I never watched the office but this video was very interesting to watch since i do have bpd. So this video really hit home so to speak. The simptoms that u we’re talking are very true. Don’t know if he has bpd but I have to say thanks u for talking and bringing awernes to the bpd!!!
    English is not my first language so i hope i did ok haha. But really good work, awesome channel !!

  4. I love him so much. I don't see him having BPD. I think he just falls hard because that's just him. He always wants attention and needs to be liked. He is one of my favorite characters. He makes me cringe a lot, but he has such a huge heart.
    I love the part when he was talking to Jim about Holly. LMAO

  5. I have bpd, but I'm on the other side of this with an individual in a support group I'm in. I can see how this scares people, with the intense feelings of love. How can i get this dude to understand that no really means no?

  6. I don't mean to knock on you Chris but I didn't hear enough on your reasoning on why you believe that there is a case for BPD.

    I mean, from your examples I can see how some people who attached themselves quickly to others can be unhealthy … Maybe I was getting excited more about a potentially deeper connection to MH in this discussion

    I'll rewatch it again though later on today to get a better idea 🙂

  7. I've always seen it as narcissism, although he did seem to settle down happily at the end. But I was never sure. It's not a completely real person, so I guess I can't take it too seriously. No hate

  8. I had a dr diagnose me as borderline back in 1996. I was rediagnosed in 2019 with complex post traumatic stress disorder (facepalm) thanks mental health over 20 years of meds for something i never had not to mention the stigma

  9. This is the most indelible content you make. Perhaps the kind you are most adept at giving-breakdowns of tv shows/fictional characters. Good luck!

  10. Why are you diagnosing pepole'be it fiction or real life, even though you don't have the calification???
    Like you could spread dangerous information that are wrong???

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