Hey guys! Welcome to another episode of Ross Draws. Sorry, we missed you guys so much. I recently returned from a trip to Japan. It was absolutely amazing! And I asked on my Patreon What video would you like me to film in Japan? Should I paint my original character, Nima, with deers, with spirits, or with owls? And the winner is…Deers! Yeah, so we’re gonna paint Nima with deers, maybe like a Miyazaki style. Super vibrant. Deer’s were super cute. At times, a little too aggressive. But, this is what happened. Hey guys, we’re in Nara today with all these deers. We have Chris behind the camera. And we’re going to try to get a reference photo for our painting. And I brought these crackers for us to do it. And look at this deer. This deer is trying to get some crackers. You ready? You ready to bow? One, two three. Yeah! Okay, we’re gonna try to get three, all right? One more. One more. Oh! Are you the lucky deer? Are you the lucky deer? Ok. We’ll get our squad and then we’re gonna take our reference photo. You ready? Over here. Deer, I have food. [Laughter] Ow! Why are you horning my butt? Ok. We got two deers. Alright bow, one, two, three. You guys didn’t really bow. Oh! There you go, okay. Oh! Oh my god! What if we stole her deer? She has so many deer. Can you guys sit? Can you guys sit? Sit. [Laughter] Sit. [Laughter] You guys didn’t do anything. Well, I’ll try to make a painting from what we have to work with. Which is not a lot but, I will see you guys soon. I told you the deers were really cute, but they’re a little feisty. Also, I learned how to say “Crackers, please” in Japanese, which is senbei kudasai. We snapped some ref photos and here they are. I really didn’t know what to do, so I was just posing with the deer. This deer’s like, what the heck? Here’s me giving out some crackers. [Laughter] Ooo! Cracker throwing stars! Oh this one’s trying to grab it out of my hand and I’m like no, no, these are my crackers! I really like this one. I think this has a lot of potential and we’re gonna use this as our reference image. Let’s just paint the background a little bit. Yea, Nima. Let’s draw a kimono on me. Make my pants white too. And let’s change my skin tone real quick. And Nima’s hair is white, so we are gonna change this to white hair. Oh my god. This is before. A simple, nice image of me feeding the deer. And then, after. I’m just gonna keep working on it and I’ll check back soon. This is what we had. Very chill image. And this is where we’re going. Someone told me that deers is not a word. Like, Nima with the deers. It’s just deer, without the S. I want to get to the bottom of this! Is deers a word? Deer is the preferred plural form of deer. So! It’s- Oh! Oh ladies. Okay, sorry, I’m.. PG 13. Oh my gosh, she’s everywhere. Okay, just try not to look at her. I’m gonna zoom in. No not that. Zoom in here. [Laughter] Cancel that. Sorry kids. Deers is an accepted word and we can use it But it’s rarely used and people prefer deer. Sometimes, we break the rules, and we’re gonna call these deers. We learned something about grammar today, so I’m just gonna keep working on this. I’ll check back soon Yeah, it’s looking pretty good. You know, vibrant, very different from where we started. I want to teach you guys something about painting. But before we do, I think this piece calls for a bunny. Yay our bunny! Awesome. Yeah, so when you’re painting, everything matters. The color, the composition, to even the brushstrokes. Think of your brushstrokes as a character. What does this character embody? The character of this grass right here, has a motion, it has a direction. So all your brushstrokes are on a slope. Contrasted this field with a really strong straight tree. Cutting it at an angle. So we have the character of our field and the character of our tree. The next time you’re painting, think about how your brushstrokes embody a character and play against one another. It’s almost done, so I’m gonna wrap it up and check back soon. Yo deers! It’s color dodge time! Aw man, here we go, here we go! Ooo! Milo! A Porygon! Porygon, attack! Agh! A kimono! Agh! Oh! Another kimono! Hey guys, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the video. I’m so glad to be back home making videos with you guys. Milo sure misses you. I’m sure you guys know that I’ve been working on my book Nima, which comes out next year. That’s the main reason why I was in Japan! Trying to grab inspiration from the aesthetic and the culture. Also, big shout out to Ladowska. Who gave me this, in Japan Ooo! Isn’t that so pretty. Oh, wow! Thank you so much everybody who tried to meet up I tried to do a Japan Meetup, but it’s kind of hard because I don’t know where anything is. So I was like, uhh where do I go? If you’re interested in learning more with bonus content and video demos, this month, I’m gonna have Japanese inspired pieces. If you’re interested, come check out my Patreon. And the print winner is… Don Suarez! Yes, congratulations. If you want a chance to win a print, this video’s question is… Where in this world do you want to visit? It can be anywhere! Maybe it’s the deep volcanic craters of hell Where do you want to visit? The toilet! No, I’m kidding. But let me know where you guys want to visit and I’ll choose a lucky subscriber. Also, I’m about to do a giveaway on my Instagram. Make sure you’re following and stay tuned. It’s so nice to be back. I’ve seriously missed you all. I miss making art. I miss making videos. And I’m so happy that you guys are here with me. Let’s do it. 2018. Go Milo. Don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day? Arigato gozaimasu.

100 thoughts on “DRAWING MY CHARACTER IN JAPAN! (with Deers!)

  1. I'd like to visit Japan too! ^^ Im working on a Genroku series and everything that I see while looking references its so awesome!

  2. I want to visit China and see how the clothes are and the design are and probably use some of the idea to do want you do because I love to draw

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  6. Visit indonesia sometimes ross!!it's great here.And oh i just sub to you a week ago and i love your style of drawing.I'm turning 16 and i wish my drawing can be as good as yours or maybe better 😁😁😁😁😊😊😊

    Greetings from indonesia by the way🙌🙌🙌

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    I've been really wanting to visit Switzerland and also Poland, the 19th century architecture is so charming

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  19. Sevgili Ross ve Milo,
    Ara sıra anasayfama tesadüfen düşen çizim videoları veya bazı takip ettiğim çizim kanalları uzun ve sıkıcı içerikleri oluyordu. Senin kanalının içeriği hem sıkmıyor hem de çok eğlenceli ayrıca çizim tarzını cidden çok beğeniyorum ve çizim tarzına da bayılıyorum.
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