23 thoughts on “Earth – One Amazing Day Trailer (2017) Nature Documentary Movie

  1. Anyone els notice stuff from planet earth 4k dvd i like what i see but hope its mostly different wouldn't wanna pay for half of something i already have…

  2. i used to have discovery and animal channel that would run these amazing animal movies.
    i can watch them for hours. if i see elephants getting hurt i go fcuking mental.

  3. An amazing documentary! It captures unique moments in nature in high quality. Also educational and a beautiful way of filming.

  4. "Every man of discernment, while walking upon the earth, feeleth indeed abashed, inasmuch as he is fully aware that the thing which is the source of his prosperity, his wealth, his might, his exaltation, his advancement and power is, as ordained by God, the very earth which is trodden beneath the feet of all men." ~ Baha'i Faith

  5. Can't watch this garbage. Can't they shut the damn orchestra off for one damn second. Wall to wall music. The sound of nature are more than adequate but no, they have to turn it into a freakin Disney film. Terrible

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