EGO Full movie | INDIAN MOVIES WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | Bala Saravana, Anaawara Kumar, Vel

EGO Full movie | INDIAN MOVIES WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES | Bala Saravana, Anaawara Kumar, Vel

our story is starting
from pollachi district she may not
look like a heroin but she is our
movie’s heroin her name is
Angelina Julie if I say like that
are you going to trust me? her name is
gomathi but… you might have not seen a hero heroin
meeting like this in any movie do you know where our hero
and heroin met first? if I say,the
suspense will go off so you
itself watch he is our hero
Eashwar he is hidden under the seat because
he has not bought the ticket other than this,he
has no bad intentions hey,i can’t
see anything dude hey,just now I said
proud about you hey I don’t know the story
man,i said that only for that only our
audience also waiting come lets go
inside the shop hey.. I am coming there
don’t talk unnecessarily please come with
the money brother how much time I should say
the money is ready with me please don’t
torture me tell him to talk to the baby
talk to my baby baby,
talk to your uncle tell him
to come fast tell him to bring the money
cry well and ask him is he insisting you to cry?
if I come there I will kick him brother,i have no
one other than you please
come brother okay cut the phone call
I am coming hey what happened?
my sister dude she is torturing me
to bring the money if she wants money
she is contacting me she don’t need me hey dude she has only us,
then to whom she will ask the money is ready right
then why are you tensed now we are going there
and giving money to her we must celebrate
what say? hmm brother
search well they will be hiding in
the bathroom hey
where is he looking? dude hey..
hey buddy hey, here
look man come down
what are you doing there? don’t get caught;
come fast where is he?
brother we should not leave
them easily brother I will surely break
that fatty’s mouth hey,why are
they following us hey,we planned together
and robbed the money we took the entire money so
they will follow us for sure hey lets
get down and run hey if we run,they
will catch us what to
do now? dude,they are idiots
they won’t check down and all they will be hiding under the seats
check down well search
hey,they came near that lean guy
is coming forward hey have to escape
so do something man bus and all has hole
but train has no holes they came man
hey be quite hey came closer dude I think we will
get caught.have to escape from him do something buddy
why are you torturing me stop blabbering let them
get caught crap what happened
you said you have a problem in our home,they
arranged marriage for me what are you saying
you didn’t say that you love kishore I don’t know
how to say I am really
scared so, I wrote a letter
and came away hey are you going to run away?
hey shh… no
I am going to meet kishore I am going to give this ring and ask him to
come to my home and talk about our wedding is this ring which is presented
by raman to seetha(god) if he give this,do you think your
family will agree for your marriage hmm
this is my mother’s ring my father like this
ring very much if kishore take
this to my home my father will definitely
agree for our marriage hi I am prakash
please help me man please help me man
please help me please sir please
hey get lost tell that sister to help me
hey go man,get lost I will kill you; go man
sir please first go and wash your face
will my father accept him? am I doing right?
why are you worrying Sir please help me sir
hey I gave money right then why are you asking again?
madam,if you give is it enough I want to collect money
who are lying down down? good morning ma’am
we are coming from IBC bank a personal loan has been
allotted for your mobile number we are here to talk
about this to you ma’am are you free
shall we talk ? hello…if you want
loan say yes or no other than that why are you
shouting like a non-sense indecent girls.
dude come lets see some other skirt sir sir
I want loan don’t even have an
address but you are asking loan everything is because of you
wait I will kill you what happened?
they are hiding under our seat simply we are hiding down
yes,we are hiding down what
nothing happened? hey,only robbers will
hide and steal in train I doubt you both
even you look like a robber are you calling us robbers
hey we are not robbers
which robber will agree that he robbed is anything lost?
check your bag hey
what happened the ring is missing
search well,you kept here only if I got to know before
I would have robbed it I searched well
the ring is missing I already told you
that they are robbers check them well
now the ring will be shifted to some one call the police what dear
nothing happened? who is he? hey both of your hands and
legs are good only right go to work and
earn like me is sir working
as bank manager? you are begging in railway
station and advising us to work I will kill you
hey hat fellow we did not search the ring
tell them to search well I searched well,my ring is not in bag
here girls,move aside hey I told there is no ring you search well dude
they will create drama first finish my business
and do your work kill you mmm here sorry everyone look
properly,the ring is here if a girl call for a help
everyone will gather up get lost everyone go and
do your work boss you go
work and earn because of you I lost my business
first you bath then talk about business everything is OK what you both were
doing under seat that..we were searching
for the ticket nothing else happened?
you bald head what you want..
hello hello talk decently descent?
yes hey because of you guys ,shakila’s (B-grade
actress) call sheet is busy till today go and watch shakila movie on CD
long back I changed to namita(actress) I am sorry hey what is this?
stopping at every station I am very busy you know..that’s why
I already told lets go by flight in flight?
yeah I am sorry suddenly you came from seat
at the same time I lost my ring I am confused so I assumed as thief very sorry this ring is very
important in my life my mother’s as I missed it,so I
don’t know what to do that is why I blamed
you as thief alas okay how many times
you repeat the same she left us! we can blame a thief but we cannot call an
innocent as thief they feel
very bad that too we feel very bad
we are from royal family yeah yeah
oh my god I lost my money I worked hard and earned
that money I lost it oh my god I lost my money;i worked
hard and earned that money I lost it someone stole my money
his family will not be happy he will not live long.
robbing from a beggar’s plate what an
INDIA you did not even
leave a beggar you ask sorry
hey if how many
times I ask sorry I don’t know how
to ask sorry killing me if you want ask
about me in my town my place is
Anaimalai my family is biggest
family in my town my name is gomathi my
father rathinavelu he is a big man in my village
I born from such a family but I named you as thief
oh god hey you know about me right? did I hurt anyone so far?
tell them say it to them where they where is the bag?
it is here hey I said to keep this bag in your hand
you kept there hey,i kept it in
front of our eyes it has money,don’t be mad
keep in hand 1 minute hey girl what you doing? my bag is there take care
OK OK okay
okay dude its okay for her they accept your sorry.
I feel good oh! I am speaking
with an average girl hat dude?
are you tensed she is blabbering
like a mental she is
irritating me how could she call
me a thief? from our childhood this
jib is providing food if we insult it
how this world will respect us get lost..don’t touch me
hey dude leave it sorry dude
okay I will meet kishore and call you
you stay in home till that look that red hat
who is in trousers he blamed us thief look
now what he is doing it is her ring
let it go she already said that we are thief
if she gives police complaint that is all even we have
money in our hand you are right dude you take care of bag,i will take it
come fast hey dude
can’t you recognize me give a hug
I don’t know you I did not expect your visit
who are you man hey leave me
you have changed a lot dude how are you dude who are you
sorry boss by mistake do you have
sense you fool your back view resembles
my friend sorry boss keep this in her bag go dude our habit is only
taking from others no habit to give others
hey keep it there they should be here
dude,beware they will see us hey run run,they
will recognize us what are they doing here
no idea they didn’t leave
this place yet? if I find him
I’ll will make them suffer they can’t
escape from us hey these guys are not leaving
train is moving let us go fast and get the train
if we go now they will catch us hey run
run fast go go go and climb you climb if you can it is
moving very fast how can I? what to do now you talked like clever its because of you I told you
to keep bag in your hand what do we
answer for sister hey give the ring dude is this ring
worht 10 lakhs? not worth even 10 paise
don’t dream for 10 lakhs dude owner of this ring said her
details name, place everything yes
will go and get our money super idea dude,lets go
okay come dude shall we call this aunty along with us
look her smile you write
letter and come? definitely they
might read it your family will
know our love matter problem solved
yes go to my father and talk
everything will be okay your home? that too
your dad I am allergic to
these families my father asked me to do business and
questioning me like why are you going to US even I can’t
answer his question how could I talk with your dad
say if you talk with my family they
will accept for our marriage look gomathi I am
in love with you we both like each other why should I talk
with your family no chance I can’t you should have told this earlier.
what are you doing? you want me but not my family
you selfish idiot rascal I would have not loved you
hey hey gomathi what happened? please for me you talk
with my family okay
I will talk only for you will you go
for sure? don’t worry..i will
definitely go for you okay
I’ve an urgent meeting let me finish
it and go okay I am leaving
wait give this ring to my dad
he will say yes to our marriage ring?? I kept it here what happen? lost my ring I don’t know how I missed it I kept here but…
okay no problem go to your
friends house let me finish meeting and go to your family
and talk. after that I will call you bye
okay bye I kept
it here how I
missed it abi again I missed the ring
hey search well it was
in bag you met kishore?
what he said? he said that he will go
one minute hello
yes my brother is calling me
continuously from my home let me switch
off my mobile I don’t have guts
to answer them okay I am in home
come fast okay I’ll come okay where shall we find her here
not even a young girl in this place everyone is old lady
does everyone run from this village hey ask somebody look their
young girls sitting ask them
granny where is gomathy’s house? which gomathi?
our gomathi hey granny
you know her fair girl studying college in city right
yes that girl our elder’s daughter your grand daughter’s
friend right yes so what? that girl studied well and went to college
but your grand daughter is sitting in home is your grandson
a good guy? he gave love letter to that girl
and got nicely from her brother granny not that
hey does she has such rude brothers leave her.she has good brothers
they love their sister very much a girl child after long
time in their home so only at that time
her mother died that’s when
her next child birth at the time that old lady become mental
if she id mental,them who are you if you say anything about me
not that I mean okay leave,her father expected
a boy child but it was a girl does he like boy child very much
yes till now he is talking his
future son-in-law as son after her mom’s death
I.. her aunt is taking
care of this children very good family,every one
is living as joint family what is this dude
you put atom bomb on their mouth here after they will not shut their
look how they are bursting they were eagerly waiting
to talk about someone family today these people damaged
that girl’s family I think they started
while this tree was planted still talking come lets go
hey boy you just asked name
do you know where’s her house you said everything
not that go straight you will see a
big house that’s her home hey old lady,you took
lot time to say this why like this?
for what you’re going there? he is going to
marry his daughter don’t lie
this guy?? hey old lady,likewise go to
each place and play ludo look each one
mouth is tared(teasing) hey dude give the ring and come soon
hey this house is
like swamy mutt it seems may old actress
is in this home dude nice house yeah you are an Australian tourist
enjoying this house and place give the ring and
get the bag who do
you want? gomathi?? gomathi?
yes granny you are too late she died before 2 years no today I saw her
on train granny granny? granny died before 4 years right no..
dude wait don’t panic hey you
old lady hey
wait misfortune? she
dies 3 years back look, she is
sarcastic! do you know who is she?
one of the mental old lady it seems she did not
went for the meeting no use of talking with her
let us leave dude!all the mental old ladies
is targeting us..come let us go whom do you want?
gomathi you???
this ring.. brother brother they
came with the ring OH GOD
MENTAL brother they came
sir he came with the ring buddy it is
a mental home everybody is
mental here come let us go they will bite us
hey we need the money come
hey what hey they are coming
with the weapons who are they
buddy come let us run hey pandi stop it dude,a guy came
to save us take them in
and kill them or else people
will know about it what he is calling us in
for a cup of coffee now you escaped if you come in I will kill you buddy what
did he dropped any coin hey don’t panic it seems he is thinking deeply
to talk some punch dialogues after that he will take the weapon
you don’t get hurt from him this sandhanampandi won’t drop
the weapon without tasting blood take them in he would have cut your neck
hey it is very old
punch dialogue why are they trying to kill us
boss, not us its you brother,it seems you are all
well educated bank officers you will definitely
understand me he just asked me address
so I brought him here I don’t have relation with him
it is your personal problem,carry on I will leave
take care of this brother hey I
said get in it is all because of you
hey ask what is the problem brother 1 minute there is a reason you are taking
him with you, as he has the ring but why are you taking me in? so you will not say I will ask to
this children I am scared of your face hey baby,what is going here gomathi sister wrote
letter and went off she wrote on the letter that her
lover will come with the ring for what dude she ran away from the house
and you’re caught for it your death
is confirmed uncle
what dear after you get in my house my
father is going to kill you I am jolly
I will kill you why are you so happy
about our death so that we will
get school holiday what’s this?they are telling
it like Diwali holidays because of teacher’s
torture on school these children are ready
to kill us and take leave okay why that
dog is happy after this uncle’s death my
parents will cook fish and meat this puppy will get all the bones
so it is happy now dude they
are killer family they even changed
the dog terror no idea how they
going to treat us where I kept
I can’t find it hey move useless get up get up I say sitting like buffalo
get up lift your leg alas! you broken my snack
you bloody hell I will not give to anyone,only I eat
oh god,mental dude
what everyone starring at each other face
I remember the panchayat scene from films someone has
to start talking watch now what does it mean?if everyone
starring at each other face come to a decision beat him and ask where is the girl
hey what to talk
with them? cut off his head so that she
will return automatically what? he is announcing
like cake cutting ceremony ask him to cut his hair first hey it is our
daughter’s issue talk softly sir you are mistaken us
what are you talking with this guys beat him out he will
answer automatically stop talking they want to
say something let us listen
to them buddy I think he
is gentleman impress him you mistaken us, actually this ring..
stop it if you show ring,you think
I will give my sister let that bloody girl come here
keep on shouting I know about her
I taught her discipline this guy he only contaminated
her heart she gave her 5 lakh ring to them
do you think no mistake on her? 5 lakhs? alas! I told you to sell this ring
you did not listen to me unwantedly we are in trouble
with this killer family buddy I catch your
mind voice I am very sorry watch now,what’s
going to happen hey stop everybody is
talking nonsense listen to him first
you… you guys took our girl from here
how dare to shout here we should take them to police station so
that these guys will not turn to our girl I will put all the pending case
on him and I will treat him bad you don’t worry
I am there I will kill you
I’ll kill him who spoiled our family name why are you silent?
kill him it is a mental family they are talking something and
taking their own decision I think they will kill you just go and kill him never mind about prison
just kill him I said what?she is very eager in killing us
also to send her husband to prison I think she might have
illegal connection I have doubt on
this police office he is
looking her dude tell a way
to escape what to do?
do something let me faint hey what happened?
hey sir please save him..madam give some water
hey dude get up,.what happen hey wake up
sir please save my friend doctor check my
friend well my best friend doctor
is he okay now? is he alive
doctor my best friend doctor does he
has breath look his
eyes nothing happened
just a faint what doctor,check well
nothing happened check well
he just fainted what about BP diabetes nothing happened to him
it is okay,if he has diabetes also doctor,how about hole in heart
nothing happened I said cancer,brain cancer,hole in lungs
nothing like that nothing doctor??how about AIDS?
not like that nothing?? at least he should
have AIDS hey hey are you alive
he is alive my friend is alive have you seen?my
friend is alive hey don’t act
what dude? you’re alive you asked
idea to escape so I acted
like fainting why did you said all
the disease names? have you worked in
hospital anytime? no no BP cancer
what’s next?? AIDS for that you inject
me poison and kill me though they were silent,your over action
made them to operate my 2 kidneys why like this? what are you doing now?
where is that mental family they’re here dude
mm mm this is the right time to escape
come if we get caught,
they will kill us will see about the money later
come let’s run yes let’s run run run
run fast do you think they will
escape from our brother her mobile is
switched off t anyhow we going to kill him
why should we admit in hospital hey pandi keep quiet we have no information about
our girl where she gone? if we kill him at this
situation,our girl will suicide hey if we kill them we
can’t find our girl search our girl first
later we kill these dogs hey check what
happened to this guys they round up us
every side where to escape?
hey what to do now?? no idea hey let us mingle
and escape no idea whose
corpse is this? uncle you bought me lollipop
biscuits at my childhood now you left me
and went my uncle who’s
dead? I thought you as my uncle
lie down back take it fast and go uncle where is your lover
he is outside call him
okay I don’t know what will happen
come lets go oh my god
mad family hey hey hey..
hey wait man I will give you back you too get in
come sit down no,its okay
sit down no it is okay
I need to talk with you so sit no..
its okay hey hey
wait man don’t pull let them go
hey wait hey leave me
what are you doing you bald head
are you kissing my lips I will break
your mouth now hello mister
don’t you have sense don’t you know it is wrong
to make your lover pregnant and bringing her for abortion
before the marriage if her family knows
they will feel bad first try to get
married with that girl fine.. congratulations buddy going to become a dad
hey what are you saying I didn’t said anything
look everyone face I can guess by
their angry look they conformed that you have made the girl
pregnant and also helped for abortion he can’t do
anything now hey didn’t do anything
I know that man but they don’t
know that if we say they don’t
even listen to us all the best buddy hey buddy we can be easily escaped because at
first they said you love that girl now they are thinking that you
are the reason for her pregnancy what are you
going to do now don’t worry,it is conformed that
they are going to murder you hey..
this is unnecessary shock uncle
you don’t worry I will kill him
today itself I will find a good groom for gomathi
in our cast and finish her marriage you don’t feel for it
we will take care hey..
take him to the car buddy… I think,they will
definitely kill you today tell me what
is your last wish? I will fulfill it
hey pandi.. after reaching home,kill
him by knowing anyone okay uncle
and.. if our girl calls, don’t say
anything about this to her we can talk everything to
her after she reaches home look,there should be
have any evidence left I don’t understand?
kill his friend also ♪ to repay the hand
that fed you ♪ ♪ you pledged your loyalty
to the vile kauravaa ♪ ♪ And fell in the trap
of great deception ♪ ♪ karna… ♪ ♪ (though)the greatest knave
is the son of vasudeva ♪ ♪ karna..♪ hey take him away
hey get in hey I said to get in
go ♪ the most beautiful amongst souls shall
never fall to the fatal tell of time ♪ ♪ thus,say the greatest
of men,karna ♪ ♪ prepare for the fate
that shall be thine ♪ sir sir..
you are misunderstood me between me and
your sister… you’re alive because you came
here to talk about your marriage oh god I am a thief
I know,you robbed my sister’s heart you spoiled our family’s respect
oh god brother,please tell him
hey shut up sir sir
please understand me brother at least you
understand me. What? why don’t you
all understand me? sir sir..
please understand me oh god
what to do now brother..
I said you to be quite hey..
hey… what what dude
are you trying to explain them hey,once they decided they won’t
listen to there own words but you are trying
to explain them For our uncle, i will
kill them both and go to jail I will sacrifice my
life for our family if I go to jail, will you
take care of my wife and children will you? I am
trusting you hey clearing way for your
wife is not a sacrifice it is called sacrifice
when you do for the nation buddy,they are grown
with bad thoughts hey
what you said? nothing brother,i said that you
will take good care of his wife am I correct?
(chorus)yes, he will take good care we reached home
I will kill you now you re a great man, how
can you do like this? is your rightness and justice is
only for the city.not for you? this much happened but
you said nothing to us what are you saying
I don’t understand what you did is
not good sir why can’t you say that you
have found a groom for gomathi hey
nothing like that who said
like this don’t assume by yourself
and say something there is nothing
like you say the groom asked your
residence address with me I have said
him the way gomathi’s marriage is like
our daughter’s marriage why you have not informed us?
nothing like that if anything was there we
will surely inform you all we won’t do anything
without you people,okay? hey,what are you doing there
why can’t you explain to them sir,i have already explained them
but they are still standing here brother
tell them uh?
tell them brother nothing like that
everyone move from here look here, if anything happens
like that we will inform you we will definitely inform you all
so,go now go that’s what uncle said right
everyone move from here look here, if anything happens
like that we will inform you all we will invite you all
now go why are you talking like this
hey everyone go this woman says something
but you people say something I don’t know what to be trusted
everyone leave the place everyone
look here the groom is seated inside
move man come out son-in-law
don’t be shy come the groom is inside the
car but sir said no he is playing with us
yes your right he is the one
the groom for our gomathi groom looks very handsome
hey.. what are
you saying we don’t even knew him but
you call him as son-in-law if the groom comes
we will inform you all they only asked your address
what if they ask address? then why you
brought them in car god,he is not the groom
hey go away everyone leave the place
go.. can’t you listen to us
leave the place he is not the groom
leave hey buddy
do something we have in a big problem
give an idea to escape I have a great idea
tell me but it will create a
very big problem to you tell me man
already I have troubled you so much okay for you?
yes then okay
hey… hey what
don’t talk anything you insulted a great man in front
of all the village people you loved his daughter
and made her pregnant and now you insulted him
and his family to the core is gomathi
pregnant? oh my god they have arranged the wedding secretly
only because gomathi is pregnant that is why they didn’t
informed to anyone don’t talk
you fraud am I right old lady
he is a very good groom he is trying to escape
take him inside and tie him the subscriber cannot be
reached at the moment please try
again later hey
what happens kishore’s phone is not reachable you don’t get proper
signal in your village? no,first of all I don’t know
that he went to my home are not next time we should go
to a less crowed theater hey are you asking why
don’t be over smart you don’t know
why we go there hey my friend came
I will talk to you later,bye hie buddy
hi dude I will call
you later you said me to come but
your number is switched off I tried so many time yes buddy
I can’t bare my girl friend’s torture that is why I switched
off my mobile if I on it… she will torture me to visit
her village to meet her father okay,what are you going
to do now? she wrote a letter
and ran away already everyone might be
knowing the matter it will be normal within two days
lets see hello.. our great man’s daughter is
pregnant and she ran away we are here only
you too come fast you keep on adding the problem
I don’t know what is going to happen they are just gazing each others
face for past 30 minutes either they should
beat you or kill you this panchayat won’t get over today
look there the greet is seated like naan
kadavul(movie)aarya(hero) I think this was
his first panchayat look at him
hara hara hara mahadev oh my god
kanchana(devil) do you
want some? I think this old lady is
acting like a mad for eating do you want?
is she a real mental or is she
teasing everyone? he need the
entire thing what I said you to kill but you all
talking about the marriage uncle,all the villagers
knew the matter buddy at first they said
that you love her after that they said
you made her pregnant they are increasing
your crime rate encounter is
confirmed for you are you trying to push me
into trouble which you made greetings sir hey,try your sister’s
phone number she will inform you what
was happening there what
I am talking secretly okay hey
where are you because of you,there is a
very big problem in our home in home… what they decided? I don’t know
father and brother are so angry with you I don’t know what is
going to happen here everyone is talking about you
hey dad
who’s on line? it is… sister dad.. hey.. where are you?
in Madurai dad you made a very big mistake and
insulted everyone very badly forgive me father
I made a mistake but we both love
each other truly I would have said if mother was alive
I don’t know how to say to you hey
he is here come here okay dad what the old
man doing will he say
any judgment I think he will reject
you from this village hey,we don’t belongs
to this village they are already mad persons
they will do anything what is the
use of talking now lets finish the marriage
with her loved one you are correct we can’t say anything
don’t know what decision took by her father there is no other option
he have to angry for this marriage everyone please
be quite I have decided to give
my daughter to this boy wedding is
at next week brother
wait lets think and decide
our daughter won’t do such things lets conform
with her just now I spoke with her
what happened what
you spoke with her what she said she agreed
her mistakes padhma,ask them to
come for dinner okay
for whom no uncle,i said her to call
both of them for dinner he don’t need to come down.if
wanted go and give food he is my daughter’s groom
not not for me okay uncle
aunty take care okay okay,suddenly you said
tomorrow is the engagement we should know that who all are
coming from groom’s family what ever the problem is, he
is our daughter’s groom now we have to
respect him thank god we escaped
escaped? brother,they will kill us tomorrow
what? if the girl comes tomorrow and
says that she don’t know us not only the family,the
entire village will kill us are you telling that you escaped
yes dude busy,
money is not so important our life is so important,come lets go
good decision come I have brought
the dinner here eat here itself then… please don’t
mistake me our family is not like
other families a bit different family I know that already
a very big mad family everyone here are mental
now came to certify about them they might have
poisoned the food what you said?
I was talking about your family proudly proudly okay eat well
okay if you have any rat poison
give him hey
can’t you be quite you be quite
such a mad family go and
talk to him you go
no no you go go man
how can I ask him you have to ask
dude.. just now we sent
two mental away now again one more came
but this is a big mad this person
will beat us I am laughing unnecessary for them
finally I will also become a mad son, we gave you
little trouble little trouble?
they would have murdered us you ask
no you ask to them please don’t
mistake us from the morning,you
will be very tensed eat well and
take rest tomorrow morning we have
arranged for your engagement is anyone coming
from your family if you want our family to come,then cycle
robber and chain robber should come hey be quite he is telling
something I don’t have
anyone dad okay,take rest I will
meet you tomorrow okay sir okay you come hey,why are you calling you
father-in-law as father even that person is
expressing his emotions they are a mad family
hey shut up you worried that you
don’t have a son right? now your son-in-law
came like your son while talking to you, he called your dad
have you noticed we should celebrate our daughter’s
wedding in a grand manner no need,lets finish
it personally lets finish this marriage very
personally with only our family that will be better my daughter did the mistake
so what can we do okay
your wish its all because of you
how can we escape now even in midnight they
are not sleeping I don’t know
how to escape how to escape
from them? buddy.. is it good after brushing our teeth
or before brushing our teeth? hey.. no man,we didn’t bring our brush
so lets eat our food without brushing hey
shut up get lost
why is he getting angry? I said him to brush his teeth
so that he is getting angry hey,tell me an idea
to escape from here the main gate is open only
run away are you
kidding me tell me a good idea
I have an idea but you are
not fit for that dude tell me
dude better,you marry this girl
hey… hey,she is educated
and rich too try to get married and settle in life
hey search some other for it I can’t marry
this mad girl brother,he said he
won’t marry our sister brother,come and ask them
hey hey… why are you shouting
they don’t stop for your call they will surely
gather the panchayat no one can
stop them come,lets plan for
escaping from here hey dude the is the one who is
supporting us from the beginning if we talk to they,we have a
chance to escape from here now watch me,
how I talk to him hey,why are you starting the problem again
hey trust me sir…
my god… what sir oh I look like
a beggar I want to tell
a truth to you look at this
face sir behind this innocent face there
is a sad story hidden sir this is what
happened sir you have to save
us from them no one
should talk mangatha…
oh god he is very angry don’t know what happened
bring it fast you said something right
tell me now ♪ in thenpandi
district ♪ ♪ in the chariot
running road ♪ ♪ you came like a deer
who beat you ♪ ♪ who beat you
who beat you ♪ ♪ who beat you
who beat you ♪ you are leaving without saying anything
hey… buddy don’t talk they will kill you hey
what happened hey
are you mad hey tell me
after that laugh hey oh god
have you lost your mind hey..
buddy if you get married also
they will kill you if not also
they will kill you but it is conforn=med that
they are going to murder you hey… come… hey..
come here stand back
now give your hand come ♪ I got trapped in
your family ♪ ♪ my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ ♪ I got trapped in
your family ♪ ♪ my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ hey get down
hey dude,the mad old lady is standing she is telling
story to a rope hey buddy,the rope is getting
cut because of that old lady hold me run away
hey run shall I tell you a story?
please don’t say anything once upon a time… oh my god you loved his daughter and
made her pregnant now ♪ now you insulted
his entire family ♪ ♪ with a small lie which you
said,i am suffering badly now ♪ ♪ in between a killer family
I got stuck and blinking ♪ ♪ you pushed me into a pit and
laughing by clapping your hands ♪ ♪ I got trapped in
your family ♪ ♪ my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ ♪ I got trapped in
your family ♪ ♪ my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ ♪ he want
she left me alone ♪ hey he is an unemployed
so he is dreaming why are you come into his dream
get lost are you a great man
I am asking you,are you a great man a small boy is dreaming but you came
with your entire family.get lost man hey
why are you keeping hand on that lady ♪ like a bat,my life
is upside down ♪ ♪she trapped me
she won’t live happily ♪ ♪ because of you
I was desolated ♪ ♪ with one word..
I became like a thread ♪ ♪ this moment,i am roaming
like an angry person ♪ ♪ the bad time which got me for 7
years;when will it leave me and go? ♪ ♪ I got trapped in
your family ♪ ♪ my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ ♪I got trapped in
your family ♪ ♪ my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ ♪my heart is filled
with confusion ♪ ♪ greetings uncle
you confused me badly ♪ hey stop the car..stop
stop it hey heyy
get lost you trouser look at his car color
like a mortuary van hey buddy,another car coming
stop that stop it,stop it
get lost your car met with an accident
stop this car at least wait man
we can stop it man wait hey why are you pushing me
hey wait man car is coming hey… buddy dear.. you saved me with your life
you are great buddy give me your hand
hey… what happened you both traveled
with me in train what are you doing here?
all because of your useless ring there is no time to talk with
you,give my bag I have to leave my ring.. that ring is lost
already in train so you have
took it right? my intuition was
right on that day you are a thief
hey don’t talk unnecessarily please give my bag
I will leave where is my ring
you fat thief talking too much.your ring is
with your father.go and get it ring is with my father?
you mean.. yes,i thought of giving your ring
to your father and get my bag back they thought that I am your
lover and they tried to kill me I really struggled hard
to escape from them idiotic killer family if you talk bad about my family?
what will you do? you are a mental,your father is a
mental even your brothers are mental yes buddy,her entire
family is a mental family that mental are planning
your marriage with this mental mental
hey I can’t marry this mental hey say dude
tell loudly that she should hear clearly hey even though I die
I will not marry her tell louder,this village should hear
even though I die I will not marry her tell more louder
even though I die I will not marry her dude,tell louder that her entire
mad family should hear it tell her..
I will not marry her…. come buddy,we will escape now
hey.. come buddy,we will escape now
hey… after cheating my sister,do you think
you can escape from this village if we cut his legs
he can’t run if you go without marrying her
we will kill you you made my daughter pregnant
now you are trying to escape everyone
stop it I swear I don’t
know who he is I swear I don’t know
who he is you took care of
me these years dad even you don’t
trust me? not like that dear
we trust you but why you have to write a
letter and leave our home why this boy should bring the ring to us?
correct he has stolen
my ring if he is a burglar,he would
have ran away..why should he bring back the ring
which is worth 5 lacks.. oh god,even
I don’t know that hey,tell the truth
gomathi,why are you so irrespective he don’t deserve
any respect oh god,no one
is trusting me uncle,you are a great
police officer even you don’t understand
that there is something wrong I know well that there
is something went wrong but I don’t know
what it was no one will trust me? if you don’t trust me
who else will do with whom I will go and say this dude… if they trusted
what she says… we are dead
they will kill us please manage something
please what she says
is the truth everyone forgive me don’t ask her
anything I have done
the mistake have you heard that dad
the truth which we both know I should not have
said to you all I made a
big mistake her anger
has a reason dad in this situation every
girl will get angry she is angry because I informed
you all that he is pregnant no dad he is lying
hey… why are
you lying? she is the one who loved
me,but she hate me now I won’t be a burden
to you all anymore I leave now dad buddy lets go
I am leaving dad wait son son my daughter says she
don’t even know you but.. you say that she is angry
because you revealed the secret to us that
you are pregnant… I am confused okay,if you really
love my daughter definitely she would have said
about me and my family to you what you know
about my family tell me
ask him dad he will get
caught now he is an ambani family
to know about them(mocking) tell them anything,they will trust you
idiotic family on that day we talked
only for 10 minutes.i am sure he don’t know
anything about our family now he will get caught
tell us the truth by saying this,do you want me
to prove our love gomathi? hey what do you
know about me he is always like this sir
she is so stubborn if I ask anything she will say that she
is the dearest girl for her family.. because,she is the first daughter who born
after so many years for you and your wife she that,you all are
very affectionate with her he said,you like boy
child very much but,you have
again a girl baby she said,at that time,
gomathi’s mother passed away is she is dead? she said,by hearing the shock
news,granny became like this are you grown without your mother
I asked aunty only took care
of me like my mother,she said when I followed and loved her
she said no,i have two brothers
they are very angry people if they caught you,they will kill you
she said sir when she is at her 12th standard
when a boy gave her a love letter.. her brothers tied that boy in tree
and beat him badly,she said sir that boy’s name is..
something nice name sir.. buddy,ganesh
yes.. yes Ganesh
dude,even I said you right even I said to him sir
Ganesh but,by look my brothers
are very angry persons but they are very affectionate with me
she said that too sir I have seen that affection
now only sir finally she
say a word sir.. you are not son-in-law of this house
you are son of this house may be because of that as I saw you
I called you as dad fraud
dad when did I say
this to you? how do you
know this? he is a fraud
don’t trust him how could we accept him as fraud anymore
you duplicate police,keep quite what are you lying
as per your wish leave him I said
why are you doing like this? will you lie to me,tell me
hey leave him brother you said you will come yesterday
but why did you not come any problem for money
hey not like that
I am stuck with a work don’t worry I will come with the money
brother only 5
days left I told everyone you will
come with the money if you not come,i don’t
know what will happen? brother,you will
come right? I did not listen to
his word and talked but I am asking please come for sure
okay hey what? sister if I did not come with
money,she will be in trouble what to do now? hey dude definitely bag
is with her let her give the bag and
will move from here you come with me the subscriber cannot
be reached at the moment ask her buddy hey what do
you want now?? why are you unwantedly
creating issue in my life hey you are creating problem in my life
not me you are creating problem
no you are creating problem you are creating
problem for me okay we both are alone now so what you want?
bag what?
hey ask only what you want
I mean my bag he meant his bag
bag?? oh my god
you itself talk with her hey try to understand
I am in big problem please give my bag
let me leave unnecessarily am stuck
here like a mental your bag..
with me?? I know my bag
is with you please give it to me I will leave this place
without creating any issue what do I know
about your bag? did you hand
over t to me? hey I brought back
your mother’s ring you’re
thankless please give my bag my sister life
is in that bag who cares about
your sister’s life? hey
don’t create problem in my life so you don’t know
about my bag you don’t know about
money in that And you don’t care about
my sister’s life too okay unless you give my bag back
I will not leave this place moreover I don’t
have place to stay hey dude ,no one will take care of
us better than these fools right? yeah until you give
my bag back I will not leave this place
what can you do?? how dare you?
you are threatening me what can you do,scoundrel
nice slap talking too much dude,this mental saw us
it will shout and gather everyone hey why did you beat uncle? ask her well,she beat him while talking
don’t you have sense?? they are lying,don’t trust
wait now..father…. what happen?
why are you shouting sister beat her fiance.ask her why
no father,i did not I don’t know anything
sister slapped him on his face alas father she is lying
no dad,sister is lying with you I did not hit him
father I know she slapped him dude they may find us dude,you don’t worry a voice will
arise like father then see what is
going to happen? mmm call him don’t know she is lying
father she is beating
me father son dad
why are you like this I did not,he only beat me
how dare you to hit a boy is this happening
in our family? shame to say you
as my daughter father why you
called again? again he will
come and feel do as per my order like-minded king of the skies you have the character
like the dew drops listen me brother brother sister-in-law uncle no one is listening
to me move dude father I did not beat him
he only beat me(mocking) father sister-in-law brother devil
ghost pig what?
look here we will not leave this place
without taking the bag come dude
go no idea what to
do for money sir we have received tax
collection 4 billion this year and bill collection
2 billion rupees and finally 4 billion of
donation collection totally we collected
10 billion rupees it is the collection
for this year this year temple occasion
should be held by you everybody is agree for this??
yes sir on behalf of villagers,i asked
to held this festival good ike every year we will
conduct this occasion grand everyone is happy
yes sir dude
yes we have butter in out hand
why should we search for ghee will rob that money at night,and give it
to our sister..and let us also settle am I right ?
yes dude lets leave let us check
everybody is slept how?
watch now confirm everybody slept
now let us go dude you are a genius no no no
let us go and rob the money come come no one trusts me
hey one minute where these
frauds are going?? dude some weird animal
is following us I think it will
have a sharp teeth all the animal slept
come hey wait
what?? dude bureau is in this room,it seems gently open the door okay hey what are you doing here to see you
I will kill you what brother on the day we searched you all over the
railway station to give your money you were not there
what can we do? hey don’t
talk too much I know you both very well,shut up
hey keep quite super brother,you rob the
money as per our plan only you can do this
but one thing these people are very
worst in this house if they find us definitely
we will be killed so will split this
money and leave what we planned? I should kill you guys
while you robbed my money you are asking this money too
get lost my sister’s family problem,no need
much just give 3 lakhs brother enough please brother can’t you hear me people will wake up,leave
this place or else no need 3 lakhs give me
2 lakhs enough for me brother don’t create problem,
leave I say brother please just give some
hey beat him, hey
dad,… come let us run
hey you are bleeding it is okay we need money
run it is okay run run
brother come here,thief thief hey
leave me you are like skeleton
how dare you why did you break it
brother hey who is that?
father… thief..
hey catch him.. come on catch him
don’t leave him catch them
go fast we are again
trapped now hereafter
we can’t escape buddy where are they?
hey escaped uncle hey,go to son-in-law
and inform about this how dare they enter our
place and try to rob go fast and bring him
okay uncle brother,he..
he is the thief he is the theif
brother thief thanks for saving the temple’s
money from the thieves son-in-law oh my god
blood look father he is bleeding
no brother,he is the thief let the bugler go,look
he is bleeding no he is the thief
bring some bandage to first aid him gomathi,what are you looking at?
go get something no aunty he is a thief
hey… everyone is telling to bring the bandage
but you are talking.go bring it dad
go dear you go and keep the bag safely
okay uncle give
give it to me thank god our son-in-law
saved the money if our money was theft it is okay
but it is our temple’s money if it is robbed,then our
families respect have been lost we are lucky to have
such a son-in-law oh my god,this guy started
to show off his emotions by using this situation,we have
to get some money from him sir
tell me he struggled so hard
to save this money do something
for us daughter-in-law
yes uncle give two extra
idly for him okay uncle
are you happy? we saved 10 lakhs,for us only two idlys?
what happened? give him two more idlys okay
okay uncle you can eat how much
ever you want okay you proved that you are a mad
person in this midnight also take your children
and go to bed come.. they are giving two extra idlys
idiots hey,why are you standing simply
son-in-law is bleeding first aid him
fast keep medicine and
tie it fast I said that your
family is a mad family do you
understand now don’t think you
have escaped now today my family have
thought you as a good man but I know
that you are a bugler I will prove this to my home and
I will send you out of my house hey,
you sound so funny don’t say any punch dialogs with
your coconut scratching teeth go and watch cartoon channel
hey come what is this
this our coconuts bill oh okay
show me the diesel amount bill this is it
greetings sir what the entire villagers are came here?
sir,for out temple’s function.. have to pay the advance
money for everything all the details are
written in this paper if you check once
we can pay it sir this year we have to celebrate our
temple’s function with a grand success okay sir
we will do it pandi..
sir both the brothers
went to our garden son..
come here me father?
yes you,come come
tell me dad bring 2 lakhs money
from the locker no father
it is… son,hold this,go and bring it
why are you thinking everyone is waiting go bring it
come fast please go look, the only family who gave key
to a bugler is your family mad family sister one second
what,go away hey wait stop stop..
what granny eat this
oh please,i don’t want eat this hey
give me the key I will not
give hey said to give you
I won’t I can’t give key to a thief
hey give it look,everyone is waiting
so give it I won’t give
hey give it now I won’t give you
hey give the key what you both doing?
aunty.. keep your things later
everyone is waiting outside for so long first give the money
son-in-law.. what ever you want to
give,give it secretly(mocking) hey will you give the key or not?
what will you do now? hey everyone is
waiting there I won’t give,if you can take by yourself
hey hey… hey
what are you talking with this girl buddy,she hid the
key inside her top hey girl,is that
a key holder give if we will hang it back
after we take the money give it
hey get lost buddy,talk everything
and come fast I will be waiting outside
keep some distance,i am leaving hey will you give the key or not?
no I won’t, what will you do now? you I don’t need a key
to open the locker close it and
come fast where are the boys?
I don’t know sir hey, did you
take the money he is opening the lock
is he still opening it? it is a new lock right thats why.
new lock?hey, it is a old lock man
no it is a new lock,you don’t know he came,ask him
is it a new or a old lock hey
be quite dad,money?
give it son no dad,you give
no you itself give son get this
okay sir sir
tell me give the temple’s profit
and loss account to him okay sir
no dad… if you need more money
ask to him and get it okay sir no dad
hereafter,he is everything to this house okay you may leave
okay bye sir dad,key
give it dear dad,keep this with you
give it to him dear son,
get it dude,why they
brought us here who knows,they will do something like a mad
your right what brother,you look very
smart after shaving your beard I sacrificed my hair for
my sisterson-in-law really very big
sacrifice brother okay,where is your wife?
she went to her mother’s home mother’s home right?
take care brother don’t sacrifice your wife also
greetings he is always making
fun of every one what buddy,i am talking
so badly about his wife but he said it as a
comedy and went off first,we have to
move from this place have to rob the balance money and
have to escape from here tonight but,i don’t understand
why they brought us here why are you standing out
get in dad,whose house is this?
our house only son our traditional house
okay.. whatever the tradition
is,we will celebrate here even your marriage will
be held here. What? till that day,we are
going to stay here only come everyone is waiting inside
what is this dude we planned to rob and run
but they will lock us here it seems if we stop the marriage they will go back
to tht hous,then only we can rob the money but how?
I will do that,you come hey tell me first
how you are going to stop it come inside
and see everyone do the work fast
dad… dad..
what son shall we postponed the marriage?
hey what are you saying? every work is done
we are prepare for the marriage why are you saying like this
what happened suddenly everything is done
now why you said like this he will
explain it sir tell us what is the reason
he will explain it dad what to say? you said you will stop it
hey everyone is waiting,so say what happened
he knows everything dad hey tell them
hey say man tell him
sir… please don’t remove your
specks and show your emotions wait I will say
hey elders are asking so say fast hey say,man
hey tell them tell us
wait man he is asking right
so say fast we four of us
we don’t know any fear in department,they
called us young trees we where the
young touchable hey tell them,sir tell him to say
stop sir I will tell the truth
I will say it please move and stand
if I say by walk it looks good we 4 friends
we two are here buddy we don’t have any
place to live even we have
no family this world will
call us orphans if we have no family
they call us orphans only is it? okay you continue the story
you can’t right?then shut up our two friends only
saved our life… by growing goats,cows
even they did pick-pocket they sold tickets illegally,sold
drugs and also begged this two friends
provided food for us because of us,they are
not yet married also sir how can we get married by
leaving those friends sir tell me sir
tell me son..
sir…, it will be perfect if you remove
your specs and show your emotions remove it now slowly show your emotions
perfect sir,atleast you have
this much relatives but we have no one
just two friends tell me,how will I marry without them
tell me? hey,invite your friends too?
it is… we can but..
invite them okay I will invite
you idiot sir said to invite them,so call them
no sir we don’t know where are they with
which countries board meeting it is not so easy sir
if you trouble me again I will kill you how can I get married without my friends
say.. tell me dad
tell me son
tell me I want to say something
but.. I don’t know
what to say brother even son-in-law
is correct tell to him first
hey.. he is correct
so think well and take a good decision in this generation,they are
avoiding there own relatives but you are fighting for your friends
and you all are very close I feel very proud
of you both okay
as you wish… we will keep our marriage after they come
dad… son said to postponed the marriage
we can do as he said brother..
as you said… I have brought 200 sovereigns
jewellery from the bank locker hey,in that house
just 8 lakhs but this is 40 lakhs
if we rob this,we can get settled but I don’t know
how to tackle them they will trust if we say 30 stories also
wait I will take care sir
one minute what?
I want to say one more thing sir… our friends suffering… is not much big as
you have faced sir hey,what
sufferings I faced how can you forget your
insults so easily sir your daughter ran away from home
she is pregnant even this old lady
scolded you badly the entire village
insulted you badly but you agreed my friend
as you son-in-law in front of your good heart,we don’t think
our friends sacrifice is important he is ready
for the marriage you start your work sir
how can we start without your friends? what friends? I will call them now hey,just now you said you
don’t know where are they I said at that time
now they will come,wait hello
dude where are you are you doing ice factory
project in Antarctica is the project completed?
hey.. within three days our eshwar’s marriage
come fast shall I fix the day
will you come hmm
come fast sir,they will come
you do all your arrangements will they come surely?
yes sir,you go I said already
go now we can conduct the
marriage as we decide keep the jewels
in locker you just said to Rob the jewels
why this marriage drama now? hey there is 3 days for marriage but will
rob the jewels within 2 days and run off hey
father why should we keep the jewels here
why what happened? what’re you saying?
keep it in bank from bank..
thieves are here look our groom is here
no thief will come here so they will manage it
father what dad
hey go dear
do your work hello tell me
he is torturing me everybody is
trusting him no idea what
to do now you meet kishore and say everything
and bring here soon I will tell him everything
and I will bring him there you prove
him as thief send him out
of your home okay??
mm mm okay groom’s friend came back
from Antarctica ice factory sir come fast groom’s
friends came hey who came here?
no idea hey yesterday only
you created drama no idea who came here hi we are coming from
Antarctica ice factory hi dude,you felt bad that you
will not get married without us now we came here
we will stay here untill your marriage sir you felt bad that you don’t have son
but now you got a son be happy aunty how are you
hey hey hey aunty don’t feel you grown up your gomathi
like your daughter because of that affection he did it
don’t mistake him hi brother after chinnathambi movie only you both brother have
affection with sister your famous spread all
over the Antarctica I have seen you
both somewhere you can see us everywhere
we are all over world famous hey chiya Miya ,we read a latest
article on Antarctica times show that news
to this baby the Antarctica times?? brother you took our family
fame to the Antarctica I am glad to have you
as my son-in-law how do they know about this
they’re talking about this in vellore jail how does our matter reach
till vellore prison from Antarctica ice factory
grooms friends are here I updated in Facebook
you just give me a like hey old lady at the age of death you are
updating status in Facebook wait I’ll see you
go man I’ve 1000 people to
give like for my status hey not only this house,we know
even about 200 sovereign jewels let us see who is going
to rob the jewels first buy a good perfume and spray
in your mouth,can’t bear your smell hey take groom’s
friend into our house come in come in
hey you’re taking everyone inside boss to whom we have to
transfer this 500 crore immediately transfer it
to south Africa party okay boss 500 crore
oh god can’t buy buy 50 paise cigarette
but talking abut 500 crore hey he is believing us,why
don’t he believe them yes he believed ,so make them
to sit in middle of the house son
your friend talking foreign
business worth million so far I did not
asked you anything what are
you doing? uh..i am that is..
building factories yes
sir is the planner for that yes yes hey,house
locked for 3 days no one is here
if you come we can rob it is it?? okay
what they both are doing sir will draw
plan and give for that these guys will do
field work for that okay
what are you doing? hey give him some water whatever problem comes
while building this factory he is the one who going
to suffer for that is it? escape hey wait wait
hey wait yes sir whatever problem comes I
am the one who will suffer eat eat
enough sir,shut up and eat sir one more guy came
here as gomathy’s lover how many more will
come to this house this mustache guy will take
everyone to sit middle of the house hey my lover came,now
you are going to suffer no one is listening you,everyone is
trusting are blabbing lover to make
them believe in front of everyone go and hug him
they may believe you am I right?
thanks kishore… I love you… hey what’s this?
dude this girls even takes
time to put coffee but they are very
fast in hugging look her,how tightly
she hugged him look him..his daughter
is hugging some one else look him,he is seeing it old man. are you
enjoying the movie gomathi… that’s good at least believe me now this is the guy I am in love with
I don’t know him father she is lying she loves me
he is lying no no
you’re saying that you are in love with him but he says that
he loves you we should
believe whom? can’t understand anything we want the truth now
hey stop it okay fine if really my daughter is in love with
you atleast tell any one thing
about my family and me what you know about my family
tell me tell them kishore father,this is aunty
and your brothers yes he is big brother
and small brother big brother wife is small brother
did he asked about this tell about their family
hey leave that
you are right sir our family
has a history tell about it father she is teaching him
hey why are you saying brother,you love
my daughter right you tell me
why are you asking with her you tell me,what you
know about my family dude
good time he did not see that
mental old ladies group my groom’s friend in Antarctica know
about my family,but you don’t know you love my sister right,tell
anything about my family if you love our gomathi,she might tell
many thing about me..tell me at least one hey tell us something..why are
you quiet? tell me something everyone is asking you
tell something tell us
if he loves her,he might say it you love her right,then
tell us about our family hey tell us I say
okay I will say I know about your family history,i’ll say
okay say then it is an mental family
heyyyy… he found the history
why you speaking my dad with no respect then what?they are
asking mental questions even you said that you love me
but they don’t believe you I told you many things
about my family don’t you remember
anything is this a family
to remember history! I can’t it is a mental family..mad
mother,mad father, mad brothers entire family is mental how to built ice
factory in Antarctica it is a mental family
they will not trust you I loved a mental
yes I am mad I did not love you,get
out of this house you are a mad
and this family is mental I am escaped you don’t say,i
will go out hey buddy I did not
love him dad at least you
believe me now I am her
lover dad dude,sir will
trust you am I right?
I know it before yeah then what
he trust you then what,let us finish the marriage
hey all mentals in
this mental family believes that eshwar and
gomathi going to get married they are very happy
look that old man’s mouth at least a guy love my face at last he left me alone
our gomathi is feeling bad for that since we entered
this house we can’t even steal anything,as
this eshwar guy felt bad for that both of them sit
aside and felt bad then they both
sat and felt bad together no idea what
they did together suddenly they both
loved each other after they become
lovers, they can’t be quite in the name of love,he
took that girl alone and booked a room what they did in room?
hello hello they booked room to discuss
about their marriage he lied to them as
he loves that girl at last he got married and now
he is in first night room be careful as soon as
you entered in I will manage
dude don’t you need my help now
hey okay
go and come with victory son
yes dad before you enter into
first night room come once to my room
sir.. come for a while come
hey this is new dude go your father-in-law is calling
hey come with me for this you need my companion?
hey this is different from that,come hey you’re taking me to that old man room
hey come dude yes dad
son this is our
clan’s chain you have to wear this sir
what? he got power after
wearing this chain can hes go to the first
night room wearing this? then how can
he give birth? like how
we gave birth dude your first night wait wait
he poured the milk hey wait,i came know that much urge? what dude??
first night?? brother I poured the milk
hey dude even you cannot do your
first night in this family look, her brother
hey it is your sister’s
first night you’re standing with
this much big weapon look your colleagues if you want sit on a chair
and watch this first night go I say
go don’t stare go go
brother hold on and leave go I say
hey hey it is my first night okay dude,finish it
and come to the spot shall I leave sister who is there?lock this
room for four days ♪I am stuck
in your family ♪ ♪ my heart is
full of confusion ♪ ♪ I am stuck
in your family ♪ ♪my heart is
full of confusion♪

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