Ego or Intuition? How do I know whether it’s my true self talking or my ego talking? – Teal Swan

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  1. This just helped me understand how empaths are born from abuse. Abuse tends to eliminate the ego. It makes the child reach for closeness with its parents at all costs, even if that means becoming absorbed by them and experiencing your own life as if it was theirs, because your survival depends on it. This floods the child with a sense of oneness, regardless of how unhealthy or painful, from the outset. Fascinating the ego is the self-preservation mechanism. What if the only way to preserve yourself is to merge? It creates a different kind of person.

  2. As I could understand from your teaching EGO is like one of those manipulator friends who screams at you, who cries, who plays drama, while the Intuition (or Inner Voice) just make you see things. Am I right?

  3. It was the first time I heard anyone tell just how I myself experience ego vs intuition inside myself. Thank you for the confirmation:)

  4. This one is my favourite of yours so far… but then I've hardly scratched the surface! Thank you so much for gifting out your intuition as guidance – it's everything I neeed right now xo

  5. This is so true I actually this morning realised my suffering of pain is my ego which has been making me suffer inside to the point of depression. Thankyou for explaining this so well this has given me such clarity xx

  6. This is a good explanation of the texture of the human minding process…the ego has a dense rough texture and inspirational ideas have a smooth less dense texture…

  7. anyone who has a problem with you simply isn't listening or is too far in the dark that they can't hear… the frequencies don't match. It makes perfect sense to me now but I also have to admit when I look back there was a time when I was so deep down I wouldn't have understood a thing, simply wasn't capable of it. Hopefully we all will grow eventually but better sooner than later.

  8. Egos are males dominant obsession. Our egos are powerful. No woman can relate to a man and his egos. Men are egotistical by nature. The egos of man is naturally dominant because we are hunters. Our egos know who is alpha and take that out. No matter what women do the alpha male will never have an equal ego. Men have logical minds and their ego is aware of the superior male. Our savage intuition tells us so. Our intuition is the killer instinct for the ego. The insurance instinctively potent intuitive ego is mans god. This is the arena of the predators. Predators will never release that ego. Trying to “ balance “ or change mans intuitive ego for the alpha male will never succeed. Women must accept this predators intuitive ego. When a woman knows men are inherently killers women can make intellectual decisions and conclusions. I meditate to hone my killer. I meditate to develop my killer. I meditate to celebrate and cultivate my ego and intuition and killing instinct. This instinct protects me from my peers. My peers would kill me, don’t you know? I would never balance my ego. I constantly hone my ego and develop my intuition in order to be constantly ready to defend my alpha role. This understanding of ego and intuition is a man theology.

  9. teal please do a video on what meditation exactly is
    thank you for every video you made, i want to express my gratitude and i also want to know more about spirituality thats why i wrote this comment. Also how do you know what you truly feel right now?

  10. thank you very much, that was something i was looking for quiet some time now.
    have a good week? i dont know what exactly you mean with a good week to be honest.

  11. How do people define ego?
    1. is it one's 'survival instinct' ?
    2. is it one's 'identity' ? (And what is identity, a declaration of your membership of a tribe/group)
    3. is ego 'self importantness' ? (so called ego out of control ).

    i think there is a good bit of confusion here. i think it is ambiguous language and ill defined words that are causing it. When we use language (hopefully formal language) to express an idea then that is the proper way of doing things. But when we have language that frames / creates an idea, then that is frivolous and non serious. Yes you might get a lot of traction from like minded people, look erudite and sound articulate, but philosophical contribution would be very little if any.

    Also , the existence of ego is the duality of the universe as we experience it. Me vs not me. Self vs non self.

  12. Awww look at her…so long ago it seems. Besides her way of explaining spiritual content, you can see the maturation and growth over the years

  13. "If it is a desire of yours to meet a soul mate / twin flame, it means you have one
    because you couldn't have that desire if you weren't meant to achieve that desire.
    You couldn't desire to have a soulmate / twin flame unless there was one out there for you.
    So have fun, aligning with yourself and finding approval for yourself to such a degree
    that they come into your experience." -Teal Swan 🙂

  14. As someone who doubts myself a lot it’s hard to distinguish the difference. Thank you this video truly helped me.

  15. At 9.50 did I hear ego kick the bucket?!
    Nice to see videos showing humble beginnings…. Thank You Tiffany for your work to this day…. In Lak'ech

  16. Really ego and intuition are two totally different things ego has nothing of value to say and intuition is the natural flow of knowledge and if you cant discern the difference you have to learn eliminate the self.

  17. Hello teal gorgeous.. your Messages are very powerful and I have learned so much from you. Every time I listen to you is like doing meditation. I wish you in your personal life happiness and health. As always thanks dear.


  19. I choose love and peace not fear and attachment🙏 I let go of resistance and I'm ready to listen to my intuition

  20. This video explains to me why the "ego" exists on the first place… As I have understood, our inner voice is that of our ego's, intuition manifests through impulses, no thought or inner voice involved…
    But, then… I have sort of heard a subtle, clear voice and I was wondering if, this was channeling or intuition???
    Thank you always❤️🙏🙏🙏

  21. Teal, during my spiritual awakening I was in a place of fear and pressure with my ego taking over. It was hard to tell the difference between the ego, anxiety and intuition. Looking back I had sycronicities that I recognised but I didn’t purely understand the choices I had in connecting to source energy. This is still a lesson I am learning along with grief. Slowly but surely I am learning the difference to expand

  22. Okay, so fear is guided by illusion and love is guided by truth. The secret is to know what love is and what it isn’t.

  23. theyre the same thing, its funny how it lulls you into a sense of security with "intuition" so that you give up your self, and sell your soul, give your crown, to "it", becoming fuel for it to use to spread itself further, like that, virus. Kind of thing. It does use what the lady terms "ego" rather than intuition, to fight or flight, flight ones self back to what the lady thinks is "intuition", where it makes itself appear as the better option. It isn't a matter of one or the other, both have uses. Balance in between or be consumed by either way.

    Oh does the cult want to write a comment to this as well? The consumed dead people who have no soul of their own?

  24. Actually mastering the ability to live "in the moment" is difficult because the core of human behavior is survival. So being caught up with "what might happen" is inevitable.

  25. At 11:27 you can see her energy shift to excitement about what she is about to share. She really loves what she does. It's adorabubble.

  26. You seem a little upset when you were making this video. I want all of you the good and bad. I say someone is upseting you let me at them, I'll splatterize them, lol. No for real that doesn't bode well with this kid. I care for your well being.

  27. First of all, Teal is really a great author, and a dear reference of mine. She is truly a light.
    This comment is a criticism of some of the content of this video, and I ask that readers take what I am saying "with a pinch of salt", and to re-refer to the video to take away all the jewels that it contains.
    I personaly would be super curious to see Teal re-visit this specific topic, with the knowledge of the current wave she´s riding, having come out with spirituality 3.0, etc.
    It´s no secret anymore that society is going through a renaissance (rebirth of culture and thought). Teal is definitely a thought leader is this period of going foreward… Walter Benjamin is maybe one of the best philosophers to have illustrated that moving foreward into the future should never be done by ignoring the past. The present (moving foreward in a linear persepective) cannot be seperated from our past.
    Lately I find myself grapling with some of the content of Teal´s videos, maybe because of this resurgance of Jungian thought, partly sprouted by the popularity of Jordan Peterson (I´m guessing but not sure. But for some reason the ghost of Jung has been highly evoked by many conent creators of today).
    I feel that Jung breaks down the "ego", in a much different way than what the "ego" is broken down in this video. The way I understand Jung´s "ego", is that it is the experience we call "ourself", it is the experience which is us; the thing that sees behind our eyes, feels behind our skin, etc. It is our conscious experience… Teal states this quite accurately when she says it is our seperate self…
    When one has a psychodelic exepereince, for example, and experience the dissolution of all things, its is still the ego going through that expereince (its us going through that experience), thus that we can even build up the memories, etc, of the experience (we can return with the boon from the subconscious in terms of Campbell).
    In my understanding, most of what Teal is talking about in this video, was more accurately named, by Jung, the "Shadow". From his medical perspective, and a perspective which Nitzche also shared, Jung constructed philosophy with the presuposition that human expression (source manifested as human) could manifest itself healthily or pathalogicaly (harmoniously or in dissonance). For exemple, our concerned with survival can manifest in a healthy manner or in a pathalogical manner (an in balance or out of balance root chakra, in hindu terminology). Our ego can have a healthy relationship with source energy and with all that is (the archetype of oness, 'quoted from The Academy of Ideas on Jung') or it can have a pathalogical relationship with source energy (we can for example, emotionaly divorce ourselves from source, 'idea I took from one of Teal Swan's videos', or confuse ourselves to be the Archetype. In the words of Wim Hoff, "You Are Not the Archetype").
    To cut this comment of shortly, what I´m basicaly trying to say is that it is that our concious experience is called ego, and it doesn´t necessatily manifest itself in a negative way, as was explained in this video, in the way I interpreted the video.
    To me Teals work on the shadow, is a must, to better understand this topic. Teal wisely stated in one of her videos to become an expert on her work, as it is extensive, thorough and luminary.
    To anyone who read this comment, I'm guessing maybe 1 person does (lol), I guess my invite is to, as stated above, to value all the new information that is coming through luminaries like Teal, while not losing site of past, and to visit thinkers who have built on these subjects, like Nietzche, Budha, etc. I feel that a current powerful wave in spirituality is to create independant thought and to point people to their own intuition. Going back into the past and educating yourself, in my experience, is essential to become a free thinker, who is able to build your own ideas and opinions.

  28. While some insects rummage through feces to find scarce nutrients, their human counterparts consume biologically inert new age feces of no value whatsoever.

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