Elementalist & Weaver Guide | PvE – PvP – WvW | Guild Wars 2 – 2020

Elementalist & Weaver Guide | PvE – PvP – WvW | Guild Wars 2 – 2020

Welcome to my Sword Weaver Guide, for WvW,
PvP and PvE. This guide is for both beginners and more
experienced players, and it will include build, gear, skill review, rotation, combo, tips,
how to fight versus each class, how to play in PvP, and how to set keybindings and settings.
you can find the table of contents with all timers in description.
Subtitles are available in multiples languages, feel free to activate them on the YouTube
Settings. Let’s start with the build. This build can
be used in all game modes and is extremely powerful, you have insane sustain, healing,
mobility, boon uptime, and good damage. In Water I take 1 3 1. I go for Soothing Ice,
when you get are critically hit, you will gain a frost aura, that reduces incoming damage
by 10%, and it also chills foes that hit you. In addition you gain a free random regeneration,
which will also cure one condition. Aquamancer’s Training is the best choice with
Sword because it lowers the cool down on Water #2 which is by far your best skill.
On top of that, it increases of 10% your DPS when you’re at max HP.
Finally, I take Cleansing Water. It’s your most important trait, it’s mandatory and
it’s the only way you have to cure conditions. Basically, each time you gain regeneration,
you cure a condition. Here are all the skill that give you regeneration
and cure a Condition : Detonate your frost aura Water 3 – Switching in water attunement
– Soothing Ice Water Trait – Water 2 – This mean that all these skills in the water attunement
will cure condition. Thanks to water trait you can deal easily with condition damage.
— Minor Traits in Water will provides you insane heal, and scales very good with healing
power. Soothing Mist heals for 200 EACH SECOND, but
you also heal your team with Healing Ripple, which will heal both you and your team for
2000 each time you attune to water. As an elementalist, leaving an attunement leaves
a Cooldown on it for about 8 seconds. As a weaver, it’s only 4 seconds. This means
that you can use this trait to heal each 4s. That’s massive healing. The Water specialization
is mandatory to heal and to cure conditions. Now we take the Arcane specialization, which
will provide you insane boons and even more healing. First, I’m taking Arcane 3 2 1. With Arcane
Abatement, you get 400 heal each time you swap attunements. It’s a cool free heal.
You also cast a spell when taking getting fall damage, which can be useful in WvW, as
you can get free fire field or air field to combo with.
Elemental Contingency is a Must-have. Because it’s the only way to get Retaliation and
Fury boon, two VERY powerful offensive boons. It’s also free Vigor and free protection.
A great trait, so always take it. Evasive Arcane is a must-have with this build. You
cast a specific skill when you dodge based on your current attunement
The 2 best skills are in water and earth. You gain a free heal while dodging in water,
it also cures 2 conditions. And in earth you gain a Blast, to use into your fire field
or water field. You also can notice that the skills created
by the dodging will proc your healing Signet, as it counts as a skill, so it’s an extra
300 free heal. —the Arcane specialization is the best way to gain insane boons.
The Arcane Prowess minor trait gives you might stacks each time to switch attunements. Elemental
contingency gives you boons each time you get hit, Elemental Attunement is your best
minor trait, with which you gain a specific boons each time you change attunements: might,
regeneration, swiftness and protection. You also share these boons with your team. Finally, on weaver I take 3 3 3 or 3 3 2.
Master’s Fortitude is a must-have if you are wielding a sword. Because it’s a free 200
vitality, which means 2 THOUSAND FREE MAX HP. It’s great. Here is my HP without the
trait, and here it is with the trait. I take Bolstered Elements, which gives you
a free stability each time you use a stance skill, so you are nearly permanently under
Stability. In addition, you gain Lesser Stone resonance when struck below 50% HP, which
will provide you insane an amount of barrier. Here are al the skills that provide stability
thanks to this trait: Primordial Stance, which you can use twice; Twist of fate, which you
can use twice; your elite skill, and Lesser Stone resonance (which you also gain thanks
to this trait) also gives you stability when you are hit under 50% HP.
Invigorating strikes: gain vigor when using a dual attack, and gain a Barrier each time
you dodge. I use this trait in WVW and PvE because the sustain is insane; look, you gain
nearly 2000 barrier each time you dodge. Thanks to the vigor boon, you are able to dodge more
often. and thanks to Superior Sigil of Energy, you regain half of your endurance when you
swap weapons. You cannot swap weapon as elementals, but here is the trick: switching attunements
counts as a weapon swap, so this sigil work perfectly on Elementalists; you will have
more dodges, and more barrier thanks to this trait.
Woven Stride is a must-have in PvP, because there are a lot of condition builds to deal
with. Thanks to this trait, Each time you gain swiftness, you gain regeneration. And
remember, with water trait, each time you get regeneration, you cleanse a condition.
This means that these skills : – Switch air, Air 1, Air 2, Air Dagger 5, and twist of fate
also cure one condition. This in insane. That’s all for the trait, now let’s have a look
the at the gear. This is the optimal build.I am using Marshal
stats: Power, Healing Power, precision, condition damage. My build benefits a lot from healing
power because there are so many ways to heal. You will reach 1k healing power, which allow
you to sustain a lot, and support your team. The other stats, power, condition damage,
and precision, are very offensive, allowing to have a good DPS. In addition, I am using
celestial stats on the backpack and on 2 armor pieces; this will add all stats, including
vitality and toughness, which you cannot find on marshal Stats. Finally, I use a crusader
amulet, to add even more toughness. Thanks to this optimal build, you will have
very balanced stats, both offensive and defensive.But this gear is not easy to earn, so you can
also use my budget build, which is easier to get: full celestial. You will have a bit
less damage, but you will be tankier. In WvW, I use the Superior Rune of Leadership. This
rune will offer you bonus to all stats, but also lots of boon duration increase, which
synergizes with Arcane specialization boons.In addition, when you use your Elite skill, you
will convert conditions into boons. This rune is the best choice for Weaver, in all game
modes. If you want a more defensive alternative, you can use rune of Durability.
On the sword main hand, I’m using the Superior Sigil of Energy. With it, you regain half
of your endurance when you swap weapons. You cannot swap weapon as elementalist, but remember,
the trick is to switch attunements, which counts as a weapon swap, so this sigil work
perfectly with Elementalists: 50% of your endurance is one extra dodge, each 9s. One more dodge means one more skill thanks
to Evasive Arcana, the Arcane Specialization trait. One more dodge also means more barrier,
remember, you gain barrier each time you dodge, thanks to weaver trait. This sigil is mandatory
for weaver On the offhand, I am using a sigil of concentration
to increase even more my boon duration. Thanks to this sigil, and thanks to the Leadership
Runes, you will have 55% boon duration, which strongly synergizes with this build’s boon
output. You also can use Sigil of hydromancy as budget low cost alternative.
What about PvP?I also use Rune of Leadership, the best rune for Weaver. I use Mender’s
Amulet, which offers insane Healing Power, good vitality, and good offensive stats. You
cannot use the Marshal Amulet because it would lack of vitality in pvp. I use the Sigil of
courage, which is the best way to gain might boon and DPS, and of course, the Sigil of
Energy to gain more dodges. For PvE Open world, you can use the Rune of
the pack, a very offensive rune. You also can use the Sigil of Energy, and the Hydromancy
sigil, an offensive melee sigil that damages the enemy when you switch attunements
Finally, what about the food? The best food you can use is Red Lentil and flatbread Feast.
It will reduce incoming condition duration and buff all your stats. You can buy it on
the Trading Post.Sadly, this is extremely expensive, about 3 gold So you can buy the
budget version, the Dragon Star cake I use Potions of Karka Toughness to buff my
toughness and be more tanky. You can get it from a merchant in a specific map: Southsun
Cove. But you can use the offensive alternative, buyable on trading post : Tin of Fruitcake
Now you know everything about the build and gear, here is the very quick reminder of how
weaver works. Weavers can be attuned to two elements at
once. When attuning to a new element, the current main-hand attunement switches to the
off hand, while the new attunement is placed on the main hand. You can attune to the same
element twice in a row, resulting in a typical single-attunement skill bar. The first thing to note is this bar below
your attunement. The first half of the bar show your primary
attunement, & the second half your secondary attunement
The first 3 skills are based on your main hand weapon and primary attunement, while
your 4 & 5 skill are based on your offhand & secondary attunement.
Your 3 skill is based on your main hand weapon, but BOTH attunements. So if you’re on water fire or fire water,
your 3rd skill will be always Dual Attack Let’s make a Skill review together of Sword
Dagger Weaver. Sword Fire 1
Sword Autoattacks are average at best, only use them while waiting on other cooldowns
All Sword Autoattacks are 3 skill long chains. Using another skill will reset the chain. Skill one and two take 0.5s, skill three takes
0.75s. Skill two and three hit harder so you should
try always use at least the first two. You can swap attunements while channeling
the skill to save time. Sword Fire 2
High damage on a low CD, with Burn on impact. You jump to and then deal damage to an enemy,
if they stay targetted you’ll land on them even if they move. The start of the jump is a Leap Combo : cast
it in a Fire Field (Dagger Fire #4 ) for Fire Aura or in a Water Field (Sword Water #2 ) for
Heal. The landing drops a Fire Field for 2s. Combo
it with a Leap (Sword Air #2 ) for Fire Aura or Blast it (Sword Earth #2 Dagger #4 #5 ) for
Area Might Sword Fire 3
As a Weaver you only have access to this skill if you double attune to Fire.
However you should avoid double attuning as it wastes time being stuck with the same element.
Fire #3 is a great DPS skill, dealing more damage to targets with Burn
You can engage while double attuned for access to this skill, then start your normal attunement
rotation. Sword Water 1 This is the worst autoattack chain as it has
low DPS and very minor healing. Only use it if you are stuck in Water waiting
for CDs and you need some heal. Unfortunately the heal only procs if you hit a target. Sword Water 2
Best Weaver skill ever. Provides a 2s evade (Invulnerable), heals and places a Water Field
for your Leaps/Blasts. Also Provides Regeneration Boon, which clean
one condition. The Water Field lasts for 4s. There is a skill
in every other attunement you can combo with it for Heal. Fire #2 Air #2 Earth #2 #4 #5 You can also dodge, while attuned to Earth,
inside the Field for a Blast/Heal! Sword Water 3
This skill is useless; minor healing, low DPS and the heal only procs if you hit an
enemy. Never Double Attune to Water, this skill isn’t
worth it. Sword Air 1
2nd Hit will apply Speed Boon , which will cure 1 condition thanks to Weaver Trait
Air is the best Autoattack : Biggest DPS + Speed Boon to cure condition.You can swap
attunements while channeling the skill to save time. Sword Air 2
An Excellent Skill : 600 range Teleport to a target. It’s also a Leap Combo so you can
use it inside a Fire Field (Sword Fire #2 , Dagger Fire #4 ) for Fire Aura or inside
a Water Field (Sword Water #2 ) for Heal. You can target creatures and walls in WvW
with it for mobility. You can use it to teleport through walls. Sword Air 3
As a Weaver you only have access to this skill if you double attune to Air.
However you should avoid double attuning as it wastes time being stuck with the same element.
This is the best double attune skill & the only one worth using
If you’re chasing an enemy while attuned to Air/Something Else, you can double attune
to Air/Air and use Dagger #4 or Sword #2 to catch up, & then Sword #3 to kill You can engage while double attuned for access
to this skill, then start your normal attunement rotation. Sword Earth 1
This autoattack has low DPS and applies a stack of Bleed. The last hit slows the enemy
with Cripple. You can swap attunements while channeling
the skill to save time. Sword Earth 2
Excellent Skill. Good DPS and applies Bleed and Cripple It’s also a Blast Finisher so
you can combo it with a Fire Field (Sword Fire #2 , Dagger Fire #4 ) for Might or with
a Water Field (Sword Water #2 ) for Heal. It’s also an evade so you can use it to dodge/avoid
burst damage You can use it to proc a Spellbreaker’s Full
Counter without taking any damage due to the evade. Sword Earth 3
As a Weaver you only have access to this skill if you double attune to Earth.
However you should avoid double attuning as it wastes time being stuck with the same element
This is a high DPS skill that also applies lots of Bleed
Unfortunately you are rooted while channeling and the hitbox is small so it works best if
you CC the enemy beforehand. You can engage while double attuned for access
to this skill, then start your normal attunement rotation. Sword Fire Earth #3
Dual Skills are way more available than Core #3 skills, they also apply Barrier due to
one of your Traits. This is a great skill, both defensively and
offensively : It provides a massive amount of Barrier while outputting DPS/Burn each
second at a very close range. You can start a fight in Fire/Earth and activate
it as you engage. It mitigates enemy damage due to Barrier while continually Burning them. Sword Fire Water #3
A good DPS Skill, applies both Burn and Chill . It hits twice with the second hit dealing
more damage. Like most Sword Skills it has a very short
range (130) so you have to stick to the enemy. Sword Fire Air #3
An extremely high DPS skill that is very hard to pull off correctly. When you hit an enemy
it creates a field underneath them that pulses DPS/Burn 8 times in 2.5s.
The Field is extremely small so if the enemy moves you won’t hit them all 8 times. You should use this Skill on enemies that
cannot move, I.E. CC/Immobilized/Rezzing or Downed.
The range is very short so you’ll miss if the enemy is moving or too far away.
If you hit 2 enemies you create 2 fields, these fields can hit both enemies; 16 hits
and 16 Burn stacks! Sword Earth/Air #3
A very powerful skill, DPS plus 5 stacks of both Bleed and Vulnerability and a short CC
(1.25s) This skill is quite hard to connect with as
it only has a short range. Great for CCing enemies who are rezzing or Immobile.
The CC duration is too short to drop your full DPS rotation, however you do have enough
time to cast your Elite.Your Elite is a 2.5s CC that is easy to dodge due to it’s animation,
if you use this skill first it’s a lot easier to connect with your elite for a combined
~4s CC, giving you and your team time to DPS. Sword Earth/Water 3
Another very powerful skill, High DPS with Bleed and Vulnerability
This is one, of your two, 600 range skills that let you DPS from a distance
Be careful, it’s a projectile so it can be reflected.
Thanks to the range you can proc Full Counter from Spellbreaker while avoiding damage. Sword air/water 3
A good skill, Average DPS with Chill This is your other 600 Range skill that lets
you DPS from a distance Be careful, it’s a projectile so it can be
reflected. It also hits multiple enemies. Thanks to the range you can proc Full Counter
from Spellbreaker while avoiding damage. Dagger Fire #4
An excellent skill, high DPS and 2 stacks of Burn on cast.Crossing the field results
in an additional Burn stack This skill leaves a Fire Field for 5s. Combo
with a Leap (Sword Air #2 Sword Fire #2 ) for Fire Aura or Blast it (Sword Earth #2 Dagger
Earth #4 #5 ) for Might. Dagger Fire 5
Tons of DPS in a cone in front of you. Deals greatly increased damage to foes with
Burn so make sure to burn them first with other skills. Dagger Water 4
Reduce incoming damage by 10% during 4s, with an instant cast.
Chills enemies for 2s each time they hit you (1s ICD)
Can be use defensively or offensively. If activated right after an enemy Heals (Or attunes
Water if you’re fighting an Elementalist) their Heal skill will recharge ~40% slower
due to Chill. When your Frost Aura is active, you can detonate
it, to heal & clean one condition. Use it just before the end of the Aura, to heal yourself,
or your team ! Dagger Water 5
Heal skill that also cleanses 2 conditions! It also effects allies so use it in team fights
if your team needs help. Dagger Air 4
Great skill with great mobility, use it for engaging or disengaging.Be careful though,
you still take damage while using this skill and you won’t move if you’ve been Immobilized.
Engaging : You can use it to catch up with enemies, if you hit your target the CD will
be 15s instead of 30s Disengaging : You can also use it to disengage
if you need to escape or heal. Dagger Air 5
Excellent skill with a long CD ; It’s an instant cast, 2s CC with a 1s Evade!
Use it Offensively for DPS and CC then combo it with Fire #2 to catch them.Or use it Defensively
by CCing enemies before escaping or for dodging attacks.
Remember you can’t dodge when immobilized but you can use Evade skills.
The Evade will be in the opposite direction of the targeted ennemy. You can use it to
escape too ! Dagger Earth 4
Great skill, average DPS and a great CC ; It’s also a Blast Finisher !
Use it Offensively for DPS and CC to set up your other DPS skills.Or use it Defensively
for CCing enemies as you make your escape. It’s a Blast Finisher so use it inside a
Fire Field (Sword Fire #2 , Dagger Fire #4 ) for Might or in a Water Field (Sword Water
#2 ) for Healing. Dagger Earth #5
Your highest DPS skill, also applies lots of Bleed.
It has a long cast time and an obvious animation making it easy to avoid and leaving you vulnerable
while casting.To prevent this use the Teleport combo; Start channeling away from your enemy
then Lightning Flash to them just before the channel finishes.
It’s a Blast Finisher so use it inside a Fire Field (Sword Fire #2 , Dagger Fire #4
) for Might or in a Water Field (Sword Water #2 ) for Healing. HEALING SKILL : SIGNET OF RESTORATION The best heal skill – Scales great with Healing
Power. Passive Effect : Heal for a small amount (~300
with 1000 Healing Power) whenever you : Activate a Skill – Switch Attunement – Dodge (with
Evasive Arcana trait) Active Effect : You should never use the active
effect unless you’re about to die, the Passive is 4x stronger.
You should always spam your autoattack as it heals you thanks to the passive effect,
even if you don’t hit anything, better than just running away and not contributing. UTILITY SKILL : LIGHTNING FLASH A 900 range Teleport
This skill has no activation time and can be cast while channeling a different skill
without interrupting it. This lets you combo it with your high damage skills or CC skills,
to make them undodgeable You can also use it to escape, it will work
when you’re stunned but it won’t break the stun. UTILITY SKILL : PRIMORDIAL STANCE Pulse conditions near you depending on your
attunement. The skill has two charges. Fire=Burn Water=Chill Air=Vulnerability
Earth=Bleed When dual attuned it pulses both conditions;
the best combination is Fire/Air.Burn is the strongest condition and you can reach up to
25 Vulnerability for greatly increased DPS In addition this skill applies Stability thanks
to your Traits Because of its low CD you almost always have Stability. Use it to safely stomp
enemies without being interrupted. UTILITY SKILL : TWIST OF FATE Your life saviour : It’s a stun break with
a 1s Evade and two charges. Don’t waste it ! Use it when you’re CCed and need to
escape. It also applies Superspeed for a short amount
of time and cures a condition thanks to a Trait.
In addition, using this skill provides Stability thanks to another Trait. ELITE SKILL : WEAVE SELF Temporarily reduce the recharge time of your
attunements while gaining bonuses for attuning to new elements. You have 20s to attune to
all 4 elements in order to get the Tailored Victory skill. Allows you to switch attunements more often
(giving you more boons) and gain bonus :Condition Damage, Boon Duration, Superspeed and Toughness.
Due to your Leadership Runes this Elite also converts 2 conditions into boons.
In addition, using this skill provides Stability thanks to Weaver Trait. When should you use your Elite ? As soon as
you find yourself in a difficult fight, most of the boons are defensive !
This is also the perfect Elite for fighting Condition builds.- Casting the Elite converts
2 Conditions into Boons- The Elite decreases Attunement CDs, letting you swap into Water/Air
easier for more Condition cleanse. ELITE SKILL : TAILORED VICTORY
Once you’ve gathered all 4 Attunements you get 10s to use Tailored Victory.It’s a massive
2.5s CC skill with an obvious animation that makes it easy to dodge. Use a different CC skill before your Elite
for ~4s of CC then use that time to DPS. The CC lasts for longer than it takes to channel
Dagger Earth #5 (2.5s CC>2s channel time) so combo them together for a devastating combo.
The CC is unblockable, so you can use it versus Warrior’s Shield #5 or Chronomancer’s
Shield #4 ELITE SKILL : Fiery Greatsword An alternative Elite skill with more DPS and
mobility. You can also use it defensively with Skill
3 (Evade) and Skill 4 (when you’re not targeting anyone, for escape).
Skill #1 is a high DPS Autoattack, usable from any side.
Skill #3 has high DPS and is an Evade. Use it into a wall to get all the DPS ticks or
use it to escape. Skill #4 can be used with a target for lots
of DPS or when you aren’t targeting anyone to escape or move faster.
Skill #5 is a very long AOE (8s) that hits up to 10 people, very useful versus big groups
As soon as available (each 4s) you should switch attunement :# To get Boon thanks to
Arcana Trait# To gain new Skills that are not on Cooldown.#To Combo with these Skills#To
Heal & Clean Condition When you are on a specific attunement, which
attunement should be next & why ?Let’s check this together WHY SHOULD I GO FIRE ?
If you want to DPS Going Fire will also gives you +120 Power
thanks to Weaver Minor Trait and also some Might
If you need a Fire Field You can Blast or Leap inside, to get Might
or Fire Aura If you need a Leap Combo
You can Leap inside a Fire Field to get Fire AuraOr inside a Water Field to Heal WHERE SHOULD I GO AFTER FIRE ?
WATER : AVOID IT (unless you need heal in emergency) If you go air after fire : you gain access
to DPS skills : both power & condition damage.You can cast Fire 2 to create a fire field, then
switch Air & use Air 2 inside, to gain Fire Aura If you go earth after fire : you gain access
to DPS skills : both power & condition damage. You are also more tanky
You can cast Fire 2 to create a fire field, then switch earth & use earth 2 inside, to
gain Might Stack If you go water after fire : you don’t have
any combo available. You have one water field & one fire field
If you want to Heal/Avoid Damage Switching Water will Heal you thanks to Water
Trait. Sword #2 Heals & provides a Water Field If you need to Cure Condition
Switching Water & Sword #2 both provides Regeneration Which cure one Condition thanks to Water Trait
If you need some Range DPS Skills If you are Earth or Air, & Switch Water, Your
#3 Skill will be a range skills. WHERE SHOULD I GO AFTER WATER ?
EARTH TO HEAL / TANK / VERSUS POWER BUILD FIRE TO DPS If you go Air after water : you gain access
to CONDITION CURE/HEAL skills You can cast Water 2 to create a water field,
then switch air & use air 2 inside, to heal If you go Earth after water : you gain access
to DPS/CONDITION CURE/HEAL skills You can cast Water 2 to create a water field,
then switch earth & use earth 2 inside, to heal If you go Fire after water : you gain access
to POWER DPS SKILLS + HEAL skills You can cast Water 2 to create a water field,
then switch Fire & use Fire 2 inside, to heal WHY SHOULD I GO AIR ?
If you want some mobility Switching Air will Provides you Swiftness
– Sword #2 is a 600 Teleport If you need to Cure Condition
Gaining Speed or Superspeed clean condition : Switch Air / Air 1 / Air 2
If you want to DPS Good Autoattack & Core Sword #3 WHERE SHOULD I GO AFTER AIR ?
FIRE TO DPS If you go Water after Air : you gain access
to CONDITION CURE/HEAL skills You have 2 mobiles skills, 2 evades skills,
3 condition Clean, & NO DPS at all. This is very defensive, perfect if you need
to escape, or to heal versus condition build If you go Earth after Air : you gain access
to CC/EVADE/CONDITION skills You have 2 CC skills, 2 evades skills, & Condition
DPS This is both offensive & defensive, perfect
to control or avoid damage If you go Fire after Air : you gain access
to CONDITION / POWER DPS skills You have 1 CC skills, 1 mobile skill, & very
good DPS This is offensive, perfect to engage & attack
If you want to tank/mitigate Damage Switching Earth will Provides you Protection
– Earth Attunement provides + 120 Toughness If you want to DPS/Condition damage
Sword 2 & autoattack offers Bleed & DPS. WHERE SHOULD I GO AFTER EARTH ?
FIRE FOR MAX DPS If you go Water after Earth : you gain access
to HEAL & DPS You can cast Water 2 to create a water field,
then earth 4 & earth 5 to blast inside for heal, & to DPS If you go Air after Earth : you gain access
This is very offensive If you go Fire after Earth : you gain access
to insane DPS You can cast Fire 2 to create a Fire field,
then Earth 4 & Earth 5 to blast inside for might stack, & to DPS. To sum up : You have to switch between Offensive
Rotation & Defensive Rotation You can start a fight with offensive attunement,
like Fire Air or Fire Earth.Then, when you are in trouble, if you are fighting a Condition
Build, you can switch to a defensive attunement, like Water Air, to clean condition, & then
switch to offensive attunement again.If you are fighting a Power build & don’t need
to clean condition, you can heal & tank with Water & Earth attunement, then switch to offensive
attunement again. You can repeat this cycle if needed. Now i am giong to show you 10 different combos
for sword/dagger Weaver. This first combo is an easy offensive combo
to do DPS. First i use Air #4 to engage, then Air #5 to control. Fire #2 to catch up to
the enemy, Fire/Air #3 to DPS. Then i switch to Air and use Air #2 to get a fire aura through
my fire field. Premordial Stance for more burn, Fire #4, Fire #5. This is another combo: Start by casting Fire/Earth
Skill #3 to stack burn and barrier. Primordial Stance, and after Fire #2. Use Earth #4 and Earth #5 INSIDE the fire
field to control DPS and to stack might. After that you can cast Fire #4, its another fire
field. Then switch to Earth and dodge inside the fire field for another blast and use Earth
#2 for again another blast. Look at your stacked Might.16 Might on fire ground control. Look
at the 23 bleed stacks. Okay, another combo, now even more offensive.
You will use a lot of burn stacks here. Ok, so first i cast Fire/Earth Skill #3 to stack
barrier i precast it. Fire #2 to engage, Earth #4 to control and gain Might stacks, Primordial
Stance to burn, switch to Air, Fire/Air Skill #3, then Fire #5. Fire #4 to put down a fire
field, then Air #2 to gain fire aura INSIDE the fire field. Then switch to Earth and dodge
INSIDE the fire field and use Earth #2 to gain 6 Might stacks. Then you can do Skill
#3 to control and finally you can switch to Fire and cast Earth #5 for devastating damage. Another combo for DPS. Ok so first you precast
Fire #2 to engage, its a fire field. Then switch to Air and use Air #2 to gain a fire
aura. Use Primordial Stance and use Fire/Air Skill #3 to burn. Then Fire #5. Fire #4 to
put down a fire field, then switch to Earth, and dodge INSIDE the fire field and use Earth
#2 again for 6 Might stacks. Then you can use Skill #3 to control, Fire #2 to gain another
fire aura since your Skill Fire #4 is still there. And now Earth #4 and Earth #5 inside
your new fire field to gain again Might stacks. Look at all the Might you have. 22 Might stacks. Okay another combo for DPS, but this time
you start on Water/Earth. You cast first your Elite Skill, and your Water/Earth Skill #3
from range. Ok so first cast your Elite Skill. Then use
Skill #3, DPS from range. Switch to Fire and activate your frost aura to mitigate damage.
Cast Fire #2 to engage and DPS, then Fire/Water #3 to DPS. Switch to Earth and use Earth #2
to get Might. Cast Fire/Earth #3 to get burn and barrier. Cast Primordial Stance and Fire
#4 to gain a fire field, then Fire #5 to DPS. Switch to Air and use Air #2 to gain a fire
aura into your fire field. Then Earth #4 to control, Elite Skill to control even more,
and to let you use Earth #5 for a devastating field of damage. Another DPS combo also using your Elite Skill
at the beginning. You can use this versus multiple targets. Ok so first, activate your
Elite Skill, you will gain Stability to engage, and other boons. Cast Fire/Earth #3 and Fire
#2 to engage. Then Earth #2, Primordial Stance. Cast Fire #5 for DPS and Fire #4 to put down
a fire field. Then dodge INSIDE the field to blast and to gain 3 Might stacks. Switch
to Air and use Air #2 to gain a fire aura. Then Earth #4 and Earth #5 to gain 6 Might
stacks, to control and to DPS. You can use your Teleport combo if your target is already
dead to another target. Immediately use Air #5 to control and to burn the enemy, and you
can use Fire #2 to catch up. Then Fire/Air #3 to DPS. Another combo, to heal. Dodge in Water, use
Earth #2, escape. Ok so first i dodge in Water to proc my Weaver Trait and heal. Then I use
Riptide Water #2. I use Earth #2 to blast inside my water field, then i activate my
frost aura to mitigate damage, and i use Water #5 to clean conditions and to clear. Another combo to heal on escape. I dodge in
Water, I Teleport away fast and use Air #4 to disengage. Ok so first switch to Water,
dodge in Water, use Water #2, immediately Teleport away with Lightning Flash, use Air
#4 to go even further. Then switch to Air so you can use Water #4 to mitigate damage
and Water #5 to heal. Another combo, very efficient if you have
to clean conditions. First if you have a lot of conditions, you can activate your Elite
Skill to convert conditions into boons. Then switch to Water to cure a condition dodge
in Water to cure another condition and use Water #2 to clean again another condition.
You can use Air #4 to catch the enemy, Air #5 to control and clean another condition,
switch to Air, Air #2 into the water field, also to cure one condition. You can use the
auutoattack to cure conditions, use Water #4 and Water #5 to again heal and clear condition. Last combo will be to both heal and then DPS.
Okay, so first i cast the Elite Skill to get some boons. I then use Water #2 to dodge and
put down a water field to heal, then i use Earth #4 to control and to heal in my water
field, and immediately Earth #5. I switch to Fire while casting Earth #5 and i activate
my frost aura, then i immediately use Fire #2, then Fire/Water Skill #3, Switch to Air
and use Air #2 into your fire field to get a fire aura, use Fire/Air Skill #3, Fire #5
to DPS, Fire #4 to put down a fire field, you can blast inside, switch to Earth, dodge
and use Earth #2 to gain 6 Might stacks, then Skill #3 to control and you can connect with
your Elite Skill for even more control. And now you can just finish the enemy with a switch
to Fire and just do DPS. First tips, how to stealth. It is not a well
known trick, but elementalists can stealth. How ?
Your underwater weapon is the trident. If you look carefully at your underwater skills,
you will see that Trident Earth skill 5 creates a SMOKE FIELD. If you blast or leap combo
inside your smoke field, you will be in stealth.You can cast this skill underwater, & combo with
it, just like here. Blast, I’m in stealth underwater.
But the trick is that you also can cast this skill on earth, from underwater.
Here, I’m underwater. You have to face the land, and use your Skill. Then you can see
the smoke field here, on earth. You just have to walk to the smoke field, and blast. I’m
invisible. But you have to know a few things. This skill
has a 12 hundred range if you dont target anyone. But if you target someone, the smoke
field will be on him. Also, You may not always see the smoke field
on the ground. But it will be there. Here I want to finish my opponent without
being controlled. I just cast my Trident Skill on my target, then use a leap air 2, I’m
on stealth, I can now finish him. You also can use stealth to attack your enemy
by surprise, like here. I’m using all my blast to get stealth for 10 seconds. I’m
on stealth & I can one shot them. You also can use stealth to escape from enemy,
here I’m chased by 4 men, I just use my skill, blast, I’m invisible.This trick is
only efficient if there is some water near you, so its mostly for WvW. It won’t change
your life, but it’s really fun because your enemy don’t expect you to stealth, so when
you disappear, they look so surprised, wondering what happened, did he teleported to spawn
or whatever, it’s really fun & it may help you on some specific situations.But mostly,
it’s just fun to stealth like a thief. Second Tip, how to teleport combo. Lighting Flash is your teleport skill? It’s
an instant cast skill, this means it will not interrupt your channeling skill. So you
can combine this skill with other in a very specific war : Start casting your skill, & just
before the end of the skill, use your teleport skill.
This works for Dagger Earth #5, Churning Earth, for a devastating one shot combo, like here.It’s
also works with control skills, here i’m using Sword dual skill to control, here I’m
using Dagger 4 Earthquake. You also can use it with meteor shower, start
casting it, then look behind you and teleport back to get safe while casting, because you
are very vulnerable while casting this skill.Finally, you also can use this teleport to finish thief.
I want to stomp him but he teleport, you can follow him with teleport and kill him. Thats
it. Third Trick
You have few skills that do a retreat behind you. You have a trick to go on the opposite
side, if you want to surprise your enemy, or to be faster.
This works with Staff Fire #4. Burning Retreat. The normal skill is like this.
Here is with the trick. How does it work ? First, go on ur settings & check that your
« Use either mous button to change direction » is disabled.
Also check your about face button, I bind it with the letter A to make it easily available.
Then, Hold your left mouse button. You can walk & move the camera.
Press the about face button, & immediately activate your skill.
& thats it. It also works with Sword Water 2 skill. How to use mist form.
You can use it to revive or to finish someone, while being invulnerable.
You just have to start the action, start revive, or start finish, then use your skill. You
will be immune to damage & to control for 3 seconds, & you will continue the action
you started before.It works only for revive and finish. If you start a skill, and use
Mist Form, it will interrupt the skill. How to be invulnerable. You have 3 ways to
avoid damage. The first one is skills that provides you
invulnerability. You have only one as elementals, this is with focus weapon, which provides
you 4s of invulnerability.The second way, is your dodge. You have 2 dodge which provides
you 1s of invulnerability The last way to avoid damage is your Evade
skill. This is very interesting because elementalist and especially weaver are the class with the
most evade skills.Look at the description of the skill, it’s written EVADE. This means
you will avoid ALL incoming damage during this skill, like a dodge. This mean for example
you can use your burning retreat like a dodge. It’s also true for lots of skills, like
sword water 2, sword Earth 2, Dagger air 5, Dagger fire 3, & few others skills. These evade skills are free dodge, keep in
mind this. You have some sigils that activates when you
swap weapon. But elementalist can only hold 1 weapon. The trick is that switching attunement
counts as a weapon swap. Because you can switch attunement nearly evertyme, this means that
these sigils will be very powerful on elementalist.Here are some great sigil, sigil of energy will
provide you an extra dodge each 9s, sigil of concentration will increase your boon duration
A LOT. There is also lots of other sigil that works like this but these ones are among the
best for PvP and WvW. New Tips how to boon stack.
You can stack boon before a fight, in PvP or WvW.Since last update, switching attunement
give you might. & Thanks to this arcana trait, you gain a boon when attuning to an element.So
basically, before a fight, while walking, just constantly swap between 2 attunements.The
best way is between Water & Air.- Switch Water gives you regeneration
Switch Air gives you speed which gives you regeneration thanks to this weaver grand master
trait. So, you can stack Speed, Regeneration & might,
before a fight. Your elite decrease your attunement cooldown
from 4s to 2s. This means that you can get twice more boon.
Starting a fight with permanent speed & regeneration is a very strong advantage. Remember also
that your elite while being in water increase your boon duration, to make it even more efficient. How to fight versus condition. It’s always
difficult to fight against a scourge or a condi Mesmer. How to deal with condition,
as weaver ? You have 3 Trait do deal with condition, and
they synergies very well. First one is Water GrandMaster Trait, you
cure one condition each you gain the regeneration boon.
You have a second trait, but it will work only if you already have the precious trait
from water. , thanks to the Weaver GrandMaster trait, each time you gain Speed or Superspeed,
You gain the boon regeneration. So you cure a condition thanks to previous water trait.And
in addition, you have a third trait, that also works only if you have the two traits
before. You gain speed for each dual skill #3 you use. You have 6 different dual skill
as a weaver. So to sum up : with these 3 traits, each time you gain regeneration or speed,
you cure a condition. So which skills will cure a condition ? Lets check few of them. Dagger Water 5
Dodge in water Attune to water
Attune to Air Air 1
Air 2 Dagger Air 5
Twist of fate What is the common point of all these skills
? They are all in the Air & Water attunement. So, if you want to cure condition, juste swap
between air & water, & just use your skills. When you have cured your conditions you can
go Fire or Earth to attack. Then if you need to cure condition again, go back Water and
Air. All your condition remove are on air & water, & you dont have condition remove
at all on fire & earth, except the dual skill. Here a very basic trick. Switching attunement
is instant cast, this means it won’t interrupt your skill. So, you can start casting a skill
and then switch attunement, to get ready to cast a specific skill, or also to get some
boon, because you gain boon while swapping attunement.
If I want my churning Earth to hit harder & be more powerful, I start casting it and
then swap to Fire to get some Might. Last tips, a Meteor Shower trick, that every
WvW players should know. Meteor Shower is your most powerful skill
on staff elementals.It has a 1200 range and a long casting time which makes us vulnerable.You
can increase to 2000 range thanks to this tips.
Cast Staff Fire 4 burning retreat, and immediately activate Meteor Shower, While Burning Retreat
starts his animation. Here I’m casting my meteor shower, far away from my location,
so I’m safer. How to fight versus a Scourge
Your Elite is useful here; activate it right after the first burst of Conditions.It will
cleanse 2 Conditions and lower your Attunement CDs, allowing you to attune to Air/Water more
often for Condition cleanse. Don’t stand in their Elite Skill!
Keep the Scourge CCed, their relatively few sources of Stability leave them vulnerable. How to fight versus a Reaper
You should be able to beat Reapers due to their low sustain; just make sure you avoid
his shroud Burst.When they’re in SHROUD they are extremely dangerous.#1 Avoid melee
and dodge or evade their attacks.#2 Prioritize Condition damage, they cannot cleanse while
in Shroud#3 If they don’t have Stability, use your CC to prevent them from bursting
you. How to fight versus a SpellbreakerFighting
a Spellbreaker is very hard for multiple reasons; Hard Burst DPS, High Resistance and Stability
uptime, tons of CC, Boon Strip and good heals. You can’t kill a good Spellbreaker unless
they make a mistake.You can avoid Full Counter with Range or Evade Skills. Use your Elite
when the Spellbreaker is using Shield #5, the CC is unblockable. How to fight versus a THIEF:You shouldn’t
die to a Thief, you have lots of Heals and can avoid their attacks with your Evade Skills.They
are very mobile but so are you, use your Teleport Skills to follow them for DPS if needed. HOW TO FIGHT VERSUS A MESMER
Always focus the real Mesmer, don’t attack clones/illusions.Versus Condition Mesmer:
Same as vs Scourge. Pay attention to Confusion though, you spam lots of buttons as a Weaver
making it deadly. Stop skill spamming and cleanse it!Versus Power Mesmer: Easier than
Condition Mesmer, you just have to avoid their burst as it can one shot you. Get ready with
your Twist of Fate, it’ll stun break and Evade for 1s letting you avoid the Burst/Shatter. HOW TO FIGHT VERSUS RANGER:Always focus the
Ranger not the pet and try to stay in melee range.If they’re using Longbow, they’ll
be vulnerable to Retaliation as their skill 2 hits multiple times. For Retaliation switch
to Fire Attunement. If they’re using Signet of Stone, they’ll be immune to Power DPS
but not to Conditions! Versus Druid Tank: You won’t kill him, He
won’t kill you. That’s all there is to say. HOW TO FIGHT VERSUS REVENANT:Revenants have
high DPS and can One Shot you; but they also have low sustain and are vulnerable to Conditions.
#1 Avoid/Dodge their Sword attacks, especially Sword #3. It has high damage and they’ll
be invulnerable. The animation is obvious.#2 When a Revenant uses their heal skill all
your attacks will heal them. If you see this Buff       stop attacking!
#3 Revenants are very vulnerable AFTER their heal is gone. DPS them and drop Conditions
right after it’s used. They have low Condition Cleanse HOW TO FIGHT VERSUS ELEMENTALIST:If the Elementalist
is playing Zerk Fresh Air / Staff, it’s an easy kill so long as you avoid his burst,
they can One Shot you.The best trick for killing Elementalists with sustain is Chill!Chill
is extremely powerful vs Eles as it lowers the recharge rate of Attunements.Use your
Chill/Frost Aura as soon as your enemy uses Riptide. They will have to wait longer before
they can use their next Water Heal.Versus Sword Weaver Tank: You won’t kill him, He
won’t kill you. That’s all there is to say.HOW TO FIGHT VERSUS HOLOSMITH:You should
win vs a Holosmith due to their low sustain. You just have to avoid their Photon Burst.In
Photon Mode Holosmith’s are extremely powerful, make sure to dodge their attacks.Your priority
is to evade their Elite skill and their Photon #5, Holo Shockwave. HOW TO FIGHT VERSUS GUARDIAN:VS Dragon Hunter/
Core Guardian: You should be able to win but be careful, Guardians can deal Heavy Damage
with skill combos. They’re vulnerable when their Virtues are on CD and when their Elite
(that recharges virtues) is on CD.VS Firebrand Tank: You won’t kill him, he won’t kill
you. That’s all there is to say. How to Weaver in PvP, here are 10 tips for
If you know an enemy is likely to cross you can tank them forever on point. If no enemies
cross you can cap close, then quickly move to decap far with your mobility skills.MID:
As a Weaver you’re good at Dueling, fighting Outnumbered and in Teamfights. Most of your
heals/boons are shared with Allies and you can use your Elite for mass Condition conversion.FAR:
You can quickly cross to prevent the enemy from capping. If it’s a thief there you
can easily kill and cap, afterwards or otherwise you can hold it outnumbered. WHEN SHOULD I 1V1 IN PVP?- If the node is
yours and you have to defend it- If the node is neutral, to prevent them from capping-
If the node is the enemies but you’ll be able to win/decap quickly. (Mainly vs Thief/Mesmer)NEVER
should 2v1 is if you’re attacking an enemy node and you know you can quickly get the
kill.If an ally is defending a node 1v1, unless he needs help to survive, don’t go.DON’T
fighting 1V2 or 2V3 the enemy team will be outnumbered somewhere else letting your team
mop up.The best thing you can do is to tank your own node 1V2; however it’s better to
escape and survive than die on a node.THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS NOT TO DIE, KITE/ESCAPE
IF NEEDED.IN A TEAMFIGHT, HEAL/BUFF YOUR ALLIESMost of your heals are shared with allies. If you
see your Team’s life getting low, switch to or dodge whilst in Water to Heal them.Activating
your Elite will cure your nearby allies’ ConditionsAlso remember that when you switch
attunements, you buff your Team. IN TEAMFIGHTS, USE YOUR CC!You have average
DPS but more importantly, you’re the class with the most access to CC in the game.Use
your Control skills in Teamfights to stop enemies from DPSing or to make them vulnerable
for your team to finish off. You can even CC near downed players to stop anyone from
reviving them!SAVE YOUR MOBILE SKILLS FOR ESCAPINGYou have 3 skills for disengaging,
they’ll save your life in PvP when you need to escape fast.You can use your Air #2 offensively
but you should save your Teleport and Air #4 in case you need them to escape. Don’t
use them for combo DPS unless you’re sure that the fight is won. You can also use your
Evade skills to escape/Avoid damage. MOBILITY SKILLS, ALTERNATIVE USESIf you don’t
need to escape, you can use your mobility skills to move faster.#1 To prevent your nodes
from being decapped.#2 To chase a nearly dead enemy who’s escaping.SWORD AIR #2 TRICK
IN PVPYou can Teleport through walls with Sword Air #2. Use it to take enemies by surprise.You
can use it to bait your enemy so he won’t see you, if you time it at the good moment.NEVER
GIVE UP!Some people afk/ragequit/stop playing when the PvP match is going badly. A match
isn’t won until the 500th point, you can fully wipe the other Team and cap all nodes.On
the other hand, even you’re winning by a lot, the enemy can still come back. Be careful! I’m going to comment some outnumbered World
versus World gameplay on my Sword/Dagger Weaver. I focus the Weaver because he’s zerk staff
so easy to kill. I precast Earth 5 then use teleport on the
Weaver. Then I use Fire 2, he’s already dead.
Sadly Im unable to stomp because there are way too many people. ——— Now everyone is chasing me so I need to escape.
I use my evade skills, water 2, twist of fate, Dodge, to avoid all attack, then I use Air
4 to disengage far away. They are still chasing me, I use water 2 earth
2 to blast inside my water field I cast Lava Skin to get some barrier, then
I go to the cliff.I fake jumping off the cliff while casting Air 2 with a targeted enemy
behind me. I teleport away & a warrior is falling down ——— They are still numerous so I need to run away.I
use Primordial Stance to get stability so my Earth 5 won’t be interrupted.Then I teleport
to the weaver. He’s very low & he dies quickly thanks to condition. I use Fire 2 Earth 2 To blast inside fire
field The weaver is using mist form so I follow
him to DPS I try to DPS but I get controlled and I am
very low.I got no defensive skill available, so I use dodge two times to avoid attack & gain
some barrier Then I use water 2 and I can go on.
I use Air 2 on enemy to go faster then immediately dodge & Air 4 to go away —— In this fight I am 1 versus 3, a druid, a
holosmith and a thief I use my fire earth skills to DPS, then water
2 & Churning Earth inside. I teleport on the thief. He’s low so I keep DPS him.
He’s down. I use CC to prevent any rez I keep DPS & when he’s dead I now focus
the goldsmith, biggest DPS I use fire 2, bump with Updraft, Air 4 to
come back & Fire Air 3 He’s very low. I use Air 2 to teleport on
him, Fire 2, he’s down, sadly a Mesmer is adding & I’m unable to stomp
I keep DPS the holosmith but I made a mistake & switched target to the bunker Druid.
I realized his heal was too big so I came back to holosmith, he’s quickly down.I immediately
use Earth 4 to control, to prevent druid from rezzing him.
Then I use Fire Air 3 which is extremely powerful versus downed or rezzing people because they
cannot move. They are both dead thanks to burning. —— In this fight I am 1 versus 4. I focus the
spellbreaker because he’s the more aggressive. Most important is to dodge is Dagger attack
& his control skills. But holosmith controlled me with his Elite,
& I’m immobilize, so I cannot dodge & I’m very vulnerable. I use Water 5 to clean condition,
then Dodge & Evade.I teleport away to put some distance with spellbreaker & to regain.
I target the Druid to teleport to him with air 2, then use Water 2 to come back & Air
4 to go away. I just want to gain time so my CoolDown will come back, before attacking
again I use Water 2 then Earth 4 to CC & Earth 5.
I immediately dodge after to Avoid his Full Counter & to go outside of his buble, because
it makes me losing my boon & Weaver need them to survive —— I use Fire 4, then immediately air 2 to gain
a Fire Aura I use Air 4 to join him, he run away so I
Precast fire 2 then teleport to him, immediately Fire Water 3, he’s down.
Sadly I don’t have any Control skill to prevent them to rez and they are too many
for me I go away, then come back with Water 2 Earth
4 Earth 5 Then I use evade to go away, but Holosmith
Elite again Control me. I use water 2 to evade, Elite skill to Control
everyone & to allow me to go away with air 4 I use my range skill Water Air 3 to attack
Spellbreaker behind me & to activate his full counter far from me
Then I come back & attack the ranger who is not tanky at all ——— I use again the Water 2 Earth 4 5 combo
Then I attack again the ranger, he tries to escape so I use Air 2 to followw him, he’s
down I use Air 5 to control & prevent anyone to
rez I keep using my DPS, condition & control skill
on the downed to prevent the reaper from razzing him
I use a last time the Water 2 Earth 4 5 combo, & the reaper is dead too.But my life is low
because there is a bow ranger on the wall attacking me
I just need to heal & DPS the downed, & Its won. —— In this fight I’m versus a scourge.I go
outside his Elite to prevent my boon being corrupted, I cast my own elite to convert
condition into boon thanks to leadership rune, & I use Water 2 Earth 5 combo with teleport Another scourge is coming, I keep focus the
first one. I apply burn then use Firegrab, he’s down. I use my Elite to control the
other scourge so he cannot rez I keep using control skills & DPS to avoid
any rez & kill the downed scourge.he’s dead but 3 others players are coming, I must go
away. —— I use my evade skills but I got controlled
I teleport away to avoid burst, then I target enemy behind me & use Air 2 to teleport behind
& immediately change direction & use Air 4 to disengage
I use water 2 to evade the scourge shade I’m now safe & full health, I can be more
aggressive I use Earth 5 teleport combo on scourge, he’s
really low He tries to escape so I follow him with Air
4 & Control with Air 5 He’s down, I use my control skills to prevent
any rez I’m low so I go away from all these fields,
I heal, activate elite to gain lots of buff, then I attack again. —— Here I use a Burn Burst : I activate both
Primordial Stance to burn but also Fire Aura & Fire/air skill 3, to apply more than 12
stack of burn ticking for 5k damage, thanks to Elite Condition Damage buff. I
Then I heal with Water & use Elite to control, I keep DPS the 2 downed They are dead & the Elementalist is very low
so I use Earth 4 Teleport combo on him to control, he’s down.
Now I focus the deadeye Sadly I missed my heal rotation & died faster
than expected, hopefully the elementals is very low so I DPS him to rally.
Then I use all my evade to give my time to heal
After this I can DPS the deadeye. He’s very low so I fully attune to Air,
because Full air is the best to purchase someone who is escaping. I use Air 4 Air 3, he’s
dead Now, I’m going to comment a Full PvP Game
from Ranked League, as S/D Weaver.As you can see before start & while moving, I’m swapping
between Water & Air Attunement, to buff my team & to stack Speed & regeneration. boonI’m
going close because I know that enemy are going to cross to me, but I also could have
gone Far to contest it, or mid to help, heal & buff my Team. I thought there was only a Mesmer, but in
fact they are 3. I use Stunbreak then Water 2 Earth 2 to evade, then I disengage because
they are too many for me. Thief is following me, I use Earth 4 to Control then Fire/Air
skill 3 to stack Burn on him. I go away then use Air 2 to teleport , then I’m using Fire
5, he’s dead. Now I’ve just to DPS the downed & I teleport
to close to recap it. It’s now a 2V2, the scourge is really low
so I Should focus him but I put the wrong target & instead attack the spellbreaker.
Scourge is nearly dead but sadly my mesmer is leaving so I’m now 1V2.
I cannot easily DPS scourge because of pressure so I just try to survive
Tanking a 1v2 is a good deal because this mean that the enemy team is outnumbered somewhere
else. The scourge is leaving, there is no interest
at all to stay duel on a node that is not mine & that is not even neutral, if I am not
able to win. And I cannot kill this good spellbreaker. So I should leave to help my team somewhere
else. But a teammate thief is coming to me, so we
should be able to kill the spell breaker. I’m using control skills to my thief should
be able to DPS him in the meantime. Sadly 2 more people are coming, a thief & a
mesmer. We are now 2v3 The spellbreaker activated Elite & is now
in rampage. I’m very low so I need to dodge, heal & kite. I hide behind the pillar & use
air 2 to come back on node to put pressure I’m using Air 5 to Bump, then Fire 2 & 3
to DPS, & Earth 2 to blast inside my fire field.
I am linked to the SPellbreaker so I must follow him or I’ll be pulled to him.
When the link is over, I come back to node We are now 2V1, I use Earth 4 to control,
my mesmer DPS, & spell breaker is dead Chronomancer is coming but is unable to tank
outnumbered. I use Fire 2 to DPS. He’s quickly dead.
Right after he used his skill 2 downstate to stealth & move, I use Air 5 to Bump him
outside of the node, so I’m able to cap point & to time kill him, so he will respawn
later. We have to be very careful with time kill.
Don’t do it if an enemy is coming, because he might Rez him, then you would be 1v2 & it
would be a disaster. Also dont time kill a ranger because his pet can Rez him very fast. Now I got close, what should I do : Our team
just won Mid & Far, we are going to got the tricap.
I just killed the mesmer so I expect him to respawn & to come to me because his close
is lost. So I stay near my node to check. He’s coming, & I saw me, so he’s leaving
to mid.When you know someone is coming you also can hide, so the enemy will come to node
& then discover its not free & he’s unable to decap so he will loose time. Anyway, mesmer is coming mid, so I follow
him to help my team & to prevent my mesmer at mid to be outnumbered because he’s already
fighting a Necromancer. I use my teleport to come faster at mid, then
I use my elite to convert my condition, & my teammate condition into boon.
I use water 2 to evade & put a water field, then earth 2 to blast & CC, fire 2, to leap
& DPS I focus the necromancer who is the lower
I use my elite to control, & I keep DPS the necromancer.He’s finally Dead, & the other
mesmer is leaving. My teammate is going far, so I have to cap
the node. Look carefully at the map. You can see that
the enemy thief is leaving far, he will probably come mid from behind.
And he is, but he did not even tried to kill me & left to go close
They are now 3 at our close, and our mesmer is dying close, it would be useless to come
close, I should defend mid because we already got far, we got 2 cap so its ok. Here you can see that a lonely necromancer
is coming, you can ALWAYS duel someone on a node if its yours, to defend it, because
you are still gaining point.But here the mesmer is already decapping me, so I use teleport
to contest it. In addition a war is coming, I’m now 1V3
& I cannot defend this so better leave, I use Air 4 to disengage
They are chasing me, so I use my evade skills to avoid their attack. Speallbreaker is still at close, I use Air
2 to avoid his Greatsword attack from range , I use Water 2 to evade his Dagger attack We are now 1 versus 2. The other warrior seems
weaker so I focus him I need to kite & it’s a very messy fight. I dont have the node but they are 2 warrior,
so if I’m able to tank I should stay, so my team will be 4v3 & should win.
I focus the weaver warrior A mistake that a lot of people do, myself
included : if you dont have the node you dont need to stand on it. You just have to stay
near so threaten enough the enemy so he feels he has to stay.But the second warrior is low
so I keep DPS him (7:13). Im using Water 2 then Earth 2 to heal,
then I use my range skill while going away to kite, then I comeback… I use Fire 2 & Fire/Water 3 to DPS the warrior,
he’s down. Sadly the spellbreaker did a great job & controlled me to prevent me to
stomp. So he’s able to Rez him I’m using Elite & Earth 5 combo
The warrior is leaving, so I’m now dwelling the spell breaker on his own node.I should
have left here, because I’m using my time, I won’t decap it.
The spell breaker is on rampage, & in addition a thief is adding, I’m now 1v2 & I’m dead. I respawn, the spell breaker is still here
so I cannot go close Nearly all my team is already at mid & winning
it so there is no need to come there. I’m going far
The thief follows me but there is no problem because I’m able to win & to decap versus
a thief I’m using control skill, my thief is also
adding, & the enemy warrior too. The enemy thief is down.I can decap the node
& at the same time I precast Earth 5. When the node is decap, I teleport to enemy to
DPS them. Thief is dead I’m now versus the war. My thief left but
my mesmer is coming so we are 1 versus 2 & it’s a fast easy kill
He is outside of the node so I dont need to kill him fast. My team is doing the Beast. I stay on the
node, because we only need one point to win. Here my keybindings for Weaver, the most important
thing to note is that I’m using a MMO mouse, I’m using my thumb of my right hand to use
weapon skills, & my thumbs of my left hand, to use utility skills on my keyboard.
I use 1 2 3 4 with my left hand to switch attunement. Here are my settings, the most important things
are to disable camera shake & camera teleportation Always show skill recharge & show target health.
Always disable Use either mouse button to change direction, this will allow you to make
a trick I explain in the Tips for elementalist part About graphic settings, just 2 tips :
First in WvW, put the character model limit & quality on Medium or your FPS will drop
when there are huge Zergs fightings. In addition, if you have problem with low
FPS, you can disable post processing, antialiasing & shadows, since they are very greedy. Finally, always play with in game effect sound.
Listen carefully.Did you hear ? It’s the sound of a Mesmer skill. Thanks to this sound
I know there is a Mesmer coming to recap.It can really help you

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    💎Attunement Rotations – 28:03
    💎Combos – 34:10
    💎10 Tips for Elementalist – 45:31
    💎Matchup (How to fight versus each class) – 56:10
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    💎PvP Commented Gameplay – 1:14:47
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    💎Credits & Thanks – 1:25:34

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