ENFP Superpowers – Two Strengths You Never Knew You Had

ENFP Superpowers – Two Strengths You Never Knew You Had

hey Dan here and in this video you’re
gonna learn two superpowers that you have as an ENFP but you might not have
even realized either you have or that they are superpowers but let me tell you
right now these two things can have a huge impact on the lives of others and
for most people are considered extremely valuable but you might be taking them
for granted because you’ve always had these so if you’re not a regular view on
the channel you may not know but I am an ENFP as well and I work with a lot of
enfps as a coach for both personal life and business life and one thing that I
hear a lot is about being a jack-of-all-trades about the negative
side to not being able to maybe focus on one thing or just do the same thing over
and over and in our world today there’s a lot of talk about mastery becoming
really really good at one thing and yes there is a lot of benefit to focusing in
and getting really good at one thing but what the ENFP
often does very well is learn a lot of things and learn things very quickly we
tend to be people who can learn very fast we pick things up you drop us in a
disaster zone we will figure out the problems and we will make things happen
literally I knew an ENFP and this was their job they work for a big
non-government organization and they were flown into disaster zones to make
stuff happen and figure out what’s going on and set everything up and all that so
we are very good at getting their bearings quickly learning things quickly
figuring out what needs to be done and yes being a jack or Jill of all trades
right where we know bits and pieces of everything sure sometimes this isn’t a
good thing where we don’t have the same ability necessarily to focus and become
exceptionally good at one thing but on the other hand it gives us the ability
to be really flexible I know for myself when it comes to hiring people someone
who is quick at picking things up who can learn quickly who I don’t have to
explain things in every little bit of detail is really really valuable and so
as an ENFP you have this ability to handle lots of different projects that
makes you really valuable in things like event management or entrepreneurship
whether you yourself are starting a business or you’re working close with an
entrepreneur and in tons of other fields that ability to do lots of things and
basically have a goal and learn or know the little pieces along the way to get
to that goal is extremely valuable and the second superpower it’s an ability to
essentially read a room as an ENFP you might not realize you do this but when
you go into a room you get a sense of the energy you’re the first person yes
the first person this is our true superpower who senses a shift in mood
who can tell when someone’s a bit off or that person’s offended or this person is
uncomfortable and to us it seems totally natural we think that’s just how
everyone is it’s not this is why you get those conversations maybe you’ve had
these where you’re talking to someone and they’re talking and they’re standing
too close to you and they’re telling you some boring story and it’s so obvious –
you’re awkward you’re like standing this way and trying to get away from them and
they don’t get it right that is a lot of people they don’t have that same level
of intuition and so what that means is a superpower is a couple things for
anything like facilitating coaching teaching of course it’s a natural where
you’re gonna be able to use that power and get really good results but beyond
that just in general being able to work with people communicate with people well
be liked by people is a superpower and so you might find yourself working for
or partnering with or hiring someone who’s more like a TJ type and they’re
very good at being structured they’re very good at making things happen and
having like everything organized well but they don’t they often don’t get
along with people too well or they they find they have staffing problems because
they’re a little too assertive and they’re a little too maybe
aggressive or direct and you’d be able to come in as an ENFP
and soften things up a little bit be able to see both sides of a conversation
perhaps you’ve had this experience as well I know I have way too many times
where you’re sitting out for dinner or maybe just at a cafe with a couple of
friends and they’re having a conversation where they’re having two
different conversations person a and person B do not understand each other
and because of that they’re they’re running into disagreements they’re
arguing they just can’t get their points across and you’re sitting there’s an
ENFP seen both sides of it okay wait hold up guys
here’s what you’re trying to say here’s what you’re trying to say here’s like
the translations and go and then you can put them together and get them on the
same page so that ability to understand people whether it’s emotionally or
whether it is in terms of actually their message is a really powerful skill and
it’s something that you should not underestimate the value of as an ENFP
the key is of course with both these superpowers is finding the best ways to
put these into use in your life is finding the best ways to use these
rather than just trying to do the same job as someone else trying to throw
yourself into a position that isn’t right for you and then hoping you can
somehow apply these or make it work so if you are a regular subscriber you
already know that is part of what I try to help you do here is help you figure
out what you do best what your superpowers are and then how you can
build a life around them if you’re not a regular subscriber now is the time to
join me you’ll find lots more content of course on enfps on how you can be your
best self and also how you can actually apply those strengths of yours into what
I call the life design approach you’re designing your life around your
strengths so that you can have the best life you possibly can thanks for
watching catch you in the next one you

100 thoughts on “ENFP Superpowers – Two Strengths You Never Knew You Had

  1. Ha HA, I must be ENFP, got bored of Dan's video after one minute, then started scrolling through comments to find myself confused at the end without knowing what was it all about and what my goal was to watch it in the first place.

  2. Iam INFP but even i sense ppl's energy n movements which exhaust me? Is it caused by Ne? Associating everything swiftly? Fast learner – sometimes. Y do i always relate to INFJ/ENFP things as well?

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  4. Thank you for your video. My son is an ENFP. I can totally see him making a video someday with a rubber chicken in the background. In any event, it is reassuring to see there is space for ENTPs in this world.

  5. As a rambunctious ENFP I realized the P is getting in my way of success. So I forced. I mean FORCED myself to develop
    Systems of organization/structure/routine. This means I'm not a perfect "J" but now I test as a J thought I'm a true P. I simply chose to FOCUS on one task at work at my desk until
    That task is done, I chose to use a calendar and only 1, and I have a wake up and bedtime routine. These have helped me be better structured.

  6. As an ENFP, the first super power is so amazing.
    I'm forty yet in the last four years I have been a professional photographer, a published author of books on Astronomy, an entrepreneur, a teacher and a full time dad at home. All that while raising a family and having a supportive wife.

  7. I totally agree with everything. Lol.
    I'm an ENFP as well and I'm lucky enough to know this early on. I actually have a game I call who's into who and I do this usually at large group gatherings. As a psych student I've always known I had an unfair advantage of reading people. And yep the jack of all trades thing. I think it's a good thing. I've had lot's of odd jobs and I'd do good in any of those. Not the world's best but certainly up there.

  8. Were definitely intuitive to other feelings… Damn! He's spot on with everything! Freakishly accurate!

  9. Being an ENFP, and a Gemini, I definitely have that whole 'seeing both sides of the story' thing down pat. Any other Gemini ENFP's feel me? 🙂 😉

  10. the one thing enfps are really good at, i have found, is going out and traveling, driving around, finding an idea and that being the corner stone to their buisness they want to start or they find a passion that drives them, to make social change exc. i've found that if i am passionate about something that drives me and i don't even need food or sleep because i am so passionate it can fuel me for days. driving around and going out into the world is very important for our well being and to get ideas to change the world

  11. we are not unorganized in nature. we are THE organizer. the world is set up intentionally to have problems and so it CAUSE us to be in disaray. because we organize based on intuition, the world however does not, it is organized to control people, have road blocks, cause war, problems and chaos

  12. "Here is what you are trying to say" and "ability to understand people" THIS IS SO TRUE. I'm an ENFP and I'm totally this person!

  13. I could really find myself in the second superpower. Also, I often feel responsible for the mood thats in the area or in the conversation I'm having with someone. Therefore I often have the tendency to change or start certain conversations/subjects when I dont like the vibe. Also when im hanging out with friends im often the one who is in charge of the music haha. Can people relate to this?

  14. As an ENFP I am now a director assistant theatre. Recently I decided that I will be a director, because according to my own sense (and some wierdly accurate self-knowledge systems) that job is really something I would excel at. As an assistant, I was forced to work out systems that can help in organizing and communicating, in which I had a poor routine of. Thanks to that, I am much more organized now in my private life as well, although I leave enough room to mess up, or just being spontaneous. This way it feels like building up a nice road which can take you to your destination, but adventures can happen along the way, too.
    On the other side, I have loads of anxiety around choice. Choosing a proffession. All the world around me, my family, basically everyone tells me to choose because I won’t be able to become financially independent if I won’t achieve mastery in something. It is just hard to find. SO. DAMN. HARD. I have so many interests. So many doubts. All the time. Even after I made the desicion, it is an extra effort for me every day to remind myself: I have to be brave enough to stand by it, even when errors or failures occur.
    And with this, I just literally prooved that I have noone to talk about that underlying fear… Cuz everyone around me at the theatre, they have the simplicity now to make the best out of their chosen path. How can they understand? And is someone out their, who will read this rant…? Who knows. Love, P

  15. so I dont know what I am supposed to do there is like 50 things going on in my head and I FUCKING DONT KNOW PLEASE SEND HELP

  16. As a highly sensitive INTJ, I can feel the emotional energy of the room. My Fi is developed. I see all the nonverbal cues. Most of the time, however, I don't know what action to take to influence the mood (I think Fe would help). If I do know, I usually don't care or I'm shy. 😊

  17. Hello mate, interesting video. Can you please explain to me who is a "TJ" type (if I heard you correctly at 3:58). Many thanks https://youtu.be/cFxqT61_6D8?t=231

  18. ENFP might be more a catalyst for solutions then that they are a solution themselves.

    They are good to start things up, but not that good in mundane elements in organizing. They should motivate others, but avoid feeling or being responsible for jobs that require precision, patience and endurance. But they boost people around them and smooth things up, and to inject new ideas and important elements. They are explorers, not colonists.

  19. My daughter the ENFP. I like to learn to help her and understand her. I am an INFJ. She helps me also. People think she is not smart, but she is really smart in different ways. We are also alike in some ways.

  20. Oh shit, you were right, I thought everyone could read a room. Just the other day I walked into my dad's house and FELT the awkward uncomfortable atmosphere.

  21. I used to think I was an ISTJ/ESTJ (because I was trained to be such as a lawyer and accountant, hence can act structured but that is not the best me) until I realized recently that I am actually an ENFP. I am 40 and I've switched careers and employers several times, hoping to find the right fit. My learning curve is indeed quite steep and can multi-task well so I tend to get hired and promoted quickly. I also have a penchant for learning and multiple interests, which is perhaps why I have more than one specialization as a lawyer. Yet I get bored with routine mindless work (hence the perceived job hopping). I am also quite likable, empathic, sensitive and can see both perspectives to an issue. Because of these traits, I am more of a legal advisor than a litigator. Also, as a leader, my style is more democratic, consultative and assertive rather than aggressive, domineering and authoritative.

  22. Seriously, I know I'm an ENFP and I'm aware of all these qualities, but what I can't understand is that others don't have them, I just cannot imagine how!

  23. Totally agree with the fact we can sense a shift in the mood as around us. When it happen's, my heart drops a bit, and it's like an internal alarm; reminding me to shift the way I am acting with those people.

    Edit: ALSO the part where we see both sides of a conversation! I couldn't tell you how many times I've diffused my parents or friends arguments after pointing out both of their sides that they haven't understood, and pointing out/softening it so they can see the other perspective. I love this video because I thought these things were normal, but I feel really special because of these powers! 🙂

  24. I am horrible at asking for help!! Anyone else? Just me? I usually feel like I'm supposed to know everything! Definitely not a superpower, but wondering, does this happen to anyone else? I figure things out quickly, so I feel bad asking questions

  25. Hi I'm an enfp architecture student.
    As you'd imagine I've had issues with procrastination and sticking to goals….. So archi-school's been a day to day torture especially with changing schools and restarting again.

    Despite all that, I still find myself waking up the next day and keep going…. Why?

    Thank god for deadlines, or I would've flunked nth times over 🙃

  26. I just found out I'm an ENFP after thinking I was an ISFP for a long time but it never sat right with me. Took the test recently and got put in ENFP. It was kinda crazy how much it resonated with me. I just kept saying yes yes yes to this video! 😂 thanks for the upload!

  27. Does ENFP tend to do everything even it is out of their career lane just for the sake of self-actualization? It’s depressing sometimes, cause i always be in the line between i have to do everything and it’s out of line you’re just waste your time. Anybody relate?

  28. If you are hearing the video while scrolling down to read the comments section then congratulations YOU ARE A TRUE ENFP

  29. The translation part is true…that’s me playing part in most meeting…to get people focused on the common issue and understanding. Power to ENFP!

  30. Hi @dreamsaroundtheworld. I was just wondering that what you'd described in your second point sounds suspiciously close to being Fe. Have you also considered your type as possibly being ENFJ?

  31. My ability to read a room, a person’s motives or a potentially dangerous situation unfolding has created a lot of frustration and anger for me in my life. For one, a lot of my family members and friends have often accused me of being paranoid or actually misreading people or “rooms.” For most of my life, I was in disbelief that they couldn’t see or sense what I did. Often it would lead to anger.
    I’ve learned to not be as vocal about it, especially when it’s just a hunch, and I’m usually open to the possibility I’m wrong. But I will always try my best to lead my wife and kids out the nearest exit or down the safer path. I’ll deal with the accusations of paranoia later, when we are safe and sound. Sometimes I’d really like to just come out and say it, “Sorry to be so blunt but that dude wants to #@&% your wife or he already is.”

    I can also usually tell who’s hurting within seconds or maybe even at first glance. I feel their pain and instantly want to share, listen or encourage. I’ve learned to do exactly that in a natural way that’s not intrusive. I have a lot of acquaintances but very few close friends. That part sucks but I do enjoy walking into the places I frequent and having so many people say, “Hi Derrick!.” My wife jokes it’s like Norm walking into Cheers. In reality my motive is to brighten up my day and theirs simultaneously. Let’s share a little bit of life’s struggles, followed by hope and optimism, followed by some laughing about all of it and ourselves too. Together we will see the glass is always half full.
    And yes, definitely a jack of any trade that I feel is worth my time or brain power. I’ve excelled at many hobbies and I get engulfed in exciting and difficult challenges. Tell me something can’t be done when I know it really can be and I am likely to forget what I was about to do and immediately start researching, brainstorming and learning about yet another new thing.

  32. I can confirm the picking things up quick thing with a story.
    I was once hired to be a cashier at a retail store during the holiday rush.
    I was supposed to get on the job training, but my trainer left after me only watching her ring up 4 people. She didn't turn off her light, she didn't say when she would be back, and the line was only getting longer, so I jumped in and just started ringing people up the way I had seen her do it.

    She came back 20 minutes later, startled to see me working the machines by myself and said, "Oh, okay. I guess training is over."

    After a week of being there, they moved me to my own register and I didn't even realize it was the customer service counter until a customer came through and said, "they said I had to come to customer service to do returns."
    I looked up, and sure enough, there's a sign I never noticed that says "customer service".
    I just thought all the registers did returns and stuff. Nope, just mine.

  33. Just discovered I’m an EFNP. What are y’all career’s?
    I’m having a almost 40 panic attack and still haven’t found my purpose.. anyone else suffering from this?

  34. Damn! Just as I thought I was going to need an atrocity to occur to bring the magneto out of me, I discover my super power is knowing when people feel awkward. 🙁

  35. Hello, I'm an ENFP with a little problem: because I have some level of autism, I think my second superpower doesn't work so well.

    I mean, while I can see both sides of a discussion and grab what's happening, I have a bad time trying to guess people emotions. I only detect something is wrong, but I don't know what or why, unless they say it to me directly. It's worse when people say indirects to me, because I just don't grab them, I take every word literally. The same goes with sarcasm, jokes or double-meanings, or at least when they are too subtle.

    It has really become a problem with a very dear friend to me: she thinks I won't understand her ever because I'm no intuitive, or because I rationalize everything in order to understand it (she is an INFJ who doesn't reaaaally like to be direct, and that is actually a problem, because I live in a country where being direct is not viewed so possitively, but I need people to be direct with me in order to make things better).

    How can I develop more this second superpower? Before I saw this video I didn't thought I have intuition (even though I did the test and I got ENFP as a result), but reflecting on it, I realized I actually have it, it's just that I don't know how it works.

    Excuse me any mistake in spelling or grammar, English is not my native language. Thanks for the replying if it come. And great video, sir, really.

  36. Not gonna lie I genuinely thought reading a room was something people did casually. Like I didn’t know people struggled with that.
    Also as an ENFP I always saw that I could bring out peoples energy and excitement.

  37. Do you all ever have someone ask a question, and you find like 12 different ways that question can be taken and then not know how to respond?

  38. I want to ask u onething. Yes ENFPs pick things fastly but they also have very good memory!! How? Si is in the bottom for u right? I have Si in third and i don't remember as much as u do getting stuck in different Ne worlds of explorations and difficult to remember that particular one as i have so much in my mind. – INFP

  39. I kid you not I noticed very young that people are comfortable disclosing things with me, even if I'm not someone they know very well. It's the reason why I'm in school going for social work, this is very accurate of me as a whole.

  40. Gosh when he exemplified the "reading the room" situation I felt it I'm my soul. Sometimes I get so angry that no one can get how off I'm acting when I'm sad or worried. For a long while it only made me feel worse cuz I thought no one cared or were paying attention. At least now I realized that it's actually hard for many people to read me and only my closest friends (aka protection squad) can actually get my cues.

  41. i'm an infj and i'm big fan of this personnality type … i hope will someday would have friendship or relationship of this kind

  42. i wish my 20 yr old self knew these things. i tooke the M.B test for a bartender position – who knew?!
    also , OMG i have been in all those situations and adding to that i have had situations where im trying so hard to explain an idea or sloution to a problem abd youd think i have three head and speaking a dead language to well frankly anyone else on earth who didnt think like i do which come on you all reside here… anyway thank you for validating that.
    my results btw ENFP_A_T

  43. Hey I did the mbti test a while ago and I thought I was an ENTP for a while. I did the test again tonight and got ENFP. I’m not sure which one I identify with and don’t know which I am

  44. Dan, were you, “dropped by a non-government agency” into this YouTube space to aid the sporadic minds of ENFPs? 🤔😂 If so, you’re doing a great job. Thanks for the videos! 🙏🏻

  45. Is the ability to feel the energy of a room generally an NF trait? Also, what Myers-Briggs personality is most Similar to ENFPs? (Generally speaking)

  46. Can you make a video or recommend someone to help an ENFP build a solid resume? My problem is I struggle to put together a good resume that highlights the best points of my “careers”, lol!

  47. I literally translate what people are saying all the time in conversation sometimes without even realize it. It makes it a whole lot easier for everyone to understand what they are saying

  48. I'm one of those people who really do know about a shit ton of topics, I could talk about jojos bizarre adventure, paleontology, anime, cinema, dad rock, rap, 80's Nigerian disco, sci-fi, game of thrones lore, video games, music producing, video editing, A.I technology etc. For hours. I just like to learn about shit

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