ESTP and INFJ Personality Types in the Workplace

ESTP and INFJ Personality Types in the Workplace

Hi, I’m Myers Briggs, your host for the Office
Olympics, where we team up random personality types in your office and have them perform
simple, yet somehow complicated tasks. Our first pair is The Energetic Doer (ESTP) and
The Harmony Seeking Idealist (INFJ). They’re going to have to replace a water jug at the
water cooler. I’m just here to have a good time! I want to make the most of this moment
and really enjoy myself out there. The key here is teamwork. If we stick together we
can accomplish anything. I believe in us, I believe in this team! The Energetic Doer
is getting lots of water jugs ready. He’s a having a great time out there and really
working up a sweat. And there’s the Harmony Seeking Idealist chasing after the Energetic
Doer trying to dab the sweat off his forehead. What a caring guy. The Energetic Doer doesn’t
seem too happy that his partner is losing focus. He’s dropping some really harsh words
on him out there. The Harmony Seeking Idealist looks hurt by his words but as expected the
Energetic Doer doesn’t seem to care one bit, Now what is the Harmony Seeking Idealist doing?
He’s filling up cups of water. What is he thinking? He doesn’t want to change the water
jug until it’s completely empty. What a perfectionist. That’s very noble of him but it looks like
the Energetic Doer is getting kind of bored just waiting. Oh no, he looks like he’s had
enough. The Energetic Doer just walked off. All the Harmony Seeking Idealist has to do
is put the new water jug on the cooler and they’ll complete the challenge. But… but..
oh no. It looks like he’s gone off to join his partner. Harmony-seeking idealists live
in a world of action while the Energetic Doer prefers things orderly and systematic. What
makes their team so incompatible is that the Energetic Doer tends to criticize using insensitive
language, while the Harmony Seeking Idealist reacts badly to criticism and, instead of
completing the job at hand, will spend time mending the relationship. If these two plan
on working together, they’re going to have to find common ground across different working
styles, be respectful of one another and lastly recognize that they have a shared goal in

27 thoughts on “ESTP and INFJ Personality Types in the Workplace

  1. LOL this describes my personality and my boss hahahha, so funny.  Luckily, we have an understanding so it doesn't get to the point that I'm cursed at.

  2. haha, the INFJ portrayed in this video actually resembles so much whenever I have to work on group assignments and tasks with others.

  3. Oh, my gosh, mopping off his forehead.  I would so do that… and then I would cry when he screamed at me.  lol!  This is so good.

  4. Each one of these (purported pairs of ESTP/INFJ, ISTP/INFP, and ISTJ/ENFP) has the same theme: An ST is paired with an NF on a task in which N and F are completely irrelevant. So the NF just gets in the way. It makes the NF look bad, because the tasks are so ST-weighted. In each example, the NFs must recognize that the game is being played on ST's turf, so the NFs should just basically try to stay out of the way, while either complimenting the ST or subduing their NF-ness to help out, while still letting the ST take the lead. It might be more interesting though to have a complex task involving sales, personnel issues, vision, etc., in which maybe the NF's approach might have a chance of being relevant.

  5. infj here, i maybe like that guy in my HS years (plus i wasn't really a healthy infj back then) but now i work as a nurse's assistant soooo i've practiced my last skill very much (which is Se) which is totally okay haha and gave me more confidence
    i'm gonna be working hard as the estp here but probably not as fast as him xD but still okay

  6. I think you're confusing something there. ESTPs don't ignore criticism; they're actually pretty good at finding quick solutions and stay calm when under pressure. Not to be confused with ignoring the crisis, like ESFPs do.

    Nonetheless, you get my like for the hilarious comedy.

  7. This is so wrong. Like really really wrong. INFJ's and ESTP's have a dual relationship. Who ever made this video does not know what they are talking about at all. INFJ's and ESTP's are most compatible for working together. They have the same functions in the opposite order. This would never happen…

  8. Good way to stereotype. I had to laugh at INFJ changing water jugs. I'm INFJ and I used to do it in a simple way, no fuss with the paper cups or complicated approach at all.

  9. Wrong. It is misunderstood about those personality perceptions:
    1) ESTPs DON'T expect any certain outcomes (at 0:26). They do have goals but  are open for things happening around towards their goals. 
    2) INFJs DON'T think about TEAMWORK. No way. INFJs care about their team member's feelings. Believe-in-Us is not a mindset of an introvert, actually.

    So many inaccurate things in this video.

  10. Personality types here are spot on but I’m an INFJ and my favorite two people at work are ESTPs, one of which is my boss. Whereas others find his insensitivity too much to handle, I as an INFJ can empathize and look beyond it.

  11. Estp being selfish and infj just dont know how they act at the time cus intuitive lmao. But probably if estp are openminded its actually working

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