Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

Her life looks like one straight out of a fairy tale. Li Ziqi impresses millions with her videos, where she makes seemingly everything from scratch with her own two hands, from dying a dress with fresh grape juice to fashioning traditional lipstick from roses in her garden to foraging on horseback in order to prepare one exquisite meal after another. She has some 50 million fans in China and another 8 million overseas, but she remains a mystery to many of them. In her videos, she doesn’t speak, and she rarely gives interviews. But now, she’s ready to open up to us. To find Li, we had to travel to rural Sichuan Province in southwestern China, where she grew up. Li grew up with her grandparents here. She says she came to live with them after her stepmother mistreated her. But they were poor, so when she turned 14, Li went to work in the city. In 2012, she decided to return to the countryside to take care of her grandmother. Four years later, she started filming her life there. The dishes she prepares range from a single condiment to elaborate multi-course meals. But whatever she makes, she leaves no stone unturned, going as far as raising baby ducklings just to make a sauce out of salted duck eggs. Some joke that she’s brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “from scratch.” Some of her other recipes are wholly original. In one video, she uses magnolia flowers to make pastries and even deep-fries the flowers themselves. Apart from food, she’s also known for her videos demonstrating traditional crafts, like building this bamboo furniture set, which she says was inspired by one of her grandfather’s old benches. Li’s stylized depictions of rural life stand out in China’s ultra competitive field of online videos. The market has become lucrative, estimated to be worth $6.5 billion. Li’s pensive and ethereal take has struck a chord with young people hustling in China’s big cities. But Li is not without controversy. Some viewers have been skeptical of her claim that she started as a one-woman band. Two years ago, Li posted a behind-the-scenes video to refute those claims. Li says she now works with one videographer and one assistant, but she’s still the one calling the shots. We weren’t able to verify these claims because we were not allowed to observe Li filming. But today, three years after she first picked up the camera, Li is one of China’s most successful online video makers.

100 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

  1. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of talking shit, these interviewers are annoying. Also, it is very obvious that these interviews are trying to integrate themselves into Western society by disrespect Chinese culture. And by doing this, these interviewers are not going to get respect from anyone anymore.
    ( No offence to the western world, but I think I have to point this out, sry.)

  2. Who ever this "interviewer" is she's not only RUDE, UGLY TO LOOK UPON, SOUNDS UNEDUCATED AND WITHOUT ANY REAL JOURNALISM SKILLS OR TALENT. This persons channel deserves NO subscribers or even views. Utterly disrespectful to Li. Close this channel and go sell some fruit. Make yourself useful ffs!!

  3. Why the heck is this ugly duck so fuckin rude and disrespectful to Li, nature and countryside living – and still can't believe why this kind of ugly bitch has that kind of higher confidence, she thought she was prettier than Li.

  4. I personally think Li is one of the most impressive women I've ever observed. She's very talented, hard working, very pretty and graceful, and a country girl. Her life is beautiful and rich, not in the sense of how city people think, but the way county people think. But, I can't help but wonder if she has time for romantic love and who is lucky enough to have her heart.
    And, I was watching a video earlier in which she was using a lot of red pepper and I had a strong hunch that she was from Sichuan. It made me smile to know I was right.

  5. It seems strange to read so much negativity coming from supposed Li Ziqi followers. I can't imagine Li having such negative thoughts about the interviewer, and I certainly saw no intended disrespect toward Li. City people and Country people always tease each other, but the ones who take it too seriously are the ones who need to listen more closely to what Li said in the interview and stop spilling your stress onto others. That's ugly!

  6. Knowledge are gain can’t be bought or sold . To be able to cook properly are truly a gift but to video at the same time and concentrate calm safe and sensible is just super fantastic. I think last part should be edited or at least apologies in a away.

  7. Our planet are truly blessed with thus one's love for all of us touches heart's worldwide are elfamilia indeed.
    Happy New Year's With All My Blessings All My Love All My Honor Too All My Family In Great China #GreatChina May And Shall All Your Days Be Blessed With More Life More Abundance And So It Be Love And Life Abound As Its Written.
    Sire Royale Crown King of all Kings Lord of all Lords Shawn Michael Wallin

  8. Whoever this forgettable girl is, she needs to learn to respect people, especially her interview partner, that was rude. Like for Liziqi, dislike for this disrespectful girl, she isn't even pretty!

  9. First 30seconds, you now truly know the woman's agenda, something that every single second of video on her channel honors and share. Thank you miss, I feel restored and hopeful again.

  10. i usually don't even bother to comment on videos, but god, what the interviewer said was so rude, i mean isn't it their job to do research and dig deeper on what she has to say, WORST INTERVIEW EVER LOL shame on you seriously

  11. Did you guys like walk up to her and start the interviews by saying something like. “ we here think you are a total fake! Prove us wrong.” And in the end you make a statement hey I think she has a pool of knowledge? And her talking about bamboo a lot felt really annoying!
    You guys were rude and prejudicial towards her. That’s not how you do an interview.

  12. Venus Wu, you overstepped your boundaries as an interviewer. We don’t care about your opinion and certainly don’t care about whoever that random man at the end was. This was hardly an interview as there wasn’t really anything new presented about her that we couldn’t already summarize from watching her. Most of the time it was you telling us who Li Ziqi is, when the vast majority of us are here because we know who she is.
    Who are you?
    Someone who doesn’t know what the difference between biographical hit piece and interview- that’s who you are.

  13. The interviewer looked so impressed and innocent while interviewing, and yet she completely spoiled the show with her disrespectful BAMBOO comment at the end. All the appreciation and respect for Li Ziqi. I hope this idiot interviewer lady learns a lesson.

  14. No I’m not going to subscribe to this channel. And that’s because of your disrespectful BAMBOO comment at the end. You should be ashamed of your conduct.

  15. I’m disliking this. What a disgrace with such disrespectful interviewers. Li Zi Qi is such a hardworking person and doesn’t deserve your nonsense. I wish you the best, Li Zi Qi.

  16. The end of the video Is why chinese people have bad reputation ,low manners and disrespectful interviewers already reported ths channel👎🏼

  17. asian boss would do better about their interviewer. hiroko from asian boss would never do this to the person she interview.

  18. I can’t believe I clicked on this video. 😒 The way she said “she went on and on about bamboos for 10mins” is very freakin’ disrespectful. You’ve used her to get some content for your channel, and that’s how you react after the interview?! What kind of people are you

  19. The interviewer in the end made me so mad, so unprofessional and disrespectful. Does not deserve to do any more videos if she does not fix her disgusting attitude.

  20. I saw this interviewer sipping the tea and looking down to her book while liziqi was talking, how rude was that?

  21. You gotta applaud the CCP, they found the perfect match between naive nature hipster lifestyle vlogging and chinese propaganda, idealising chinese rural farm life (which any sane person should know is not like this) and making money off of gullible people with YT ads and their professionally designed store, no wonder the state media push her so much, they even said themselves that this is more effective than hundreds of confucius institutes… And with the hype come the social communist warriors attacking words of doubt and realism…

  22. this channel is bound to fail. such awful attitude , the interviewer is trying too hard to bring spotlights to themselves and failed miserably. one word of advise, go and learn proper manner and be graceful, the whiny pampered edgy tumblr city girl is not so well accepted anymore.

  23. You guys didn’t deserve her time and we could care less about your channel. You guys only care to fish in the views and get her followers , nice try

  24. This interviewer seems dumb that she missed the point of interviewing LiziQi. I'd rather see Liziqi talk about bamboo for hours than watching your videos, Goldthread.

  25. Already there is Vietnamese copying Liziqi way of making video of rural countryside girl lifestyle. Watch this.


  26. 海外华人恨中党丑女主持人想秀优越感结果踢到铁板,惨遭全世界七迷践踏。哈哈哈哈,该。自作孽不可活。

  27. 丑女主持人以为自己是个逃到自由世界天堂的成功白领高端人士,对中国女农民抱有鼻孔看人的优越感,没想到啊没想到,在互联网时代,在李子柒面前,这个丑女主持人连屌毛都不算。

  28. Goldthread is such a disgrace. You guys make use of LIZIQI self, hardworking no nonsense attitude of country life for your own 6 minutes of fame. Instead in every liziqi video you guys post, more than 3/4 in the comments section of your video, you can see commenters dislike goldthread because of your attitude. I would like to remind you because of her, your channel videos broke the 500k views mark, and all the video that broke the 500k video marks are the content about her. How can you keep using her fame to propel your own channel into popularity, arent you ashamed? Or you pretend not even after you read all the comments here. So thick face.

    P/s: I will post this in every of your video

  29. Why was the snarky comments at the end necessary? I don't think they were really interested in her life philosophy. They just wanted an excuse to put her content on their site. It's a shame that she has to deal with such negative people when she is doing something so good. Who cares if it's just her or she has help filming. The quality of her videos are really good to the point that others have copied her style. The interviewer should have kept that ending to themselves. Very poor taste.

  30. Why did they even interview her? This rank amateur shit is precisely why Li probably stays away from vultures trying to cash in on her hard work and success

  31. Honestly who cares if she was filming her videos alone at the beginning or not?? Why is that such a big deal and/or scandal? It's still her skills we're viewing

  32. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7824541/amp/China-rewrite-Bible-Quran-reflect-socialist-values.html

  33. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-religious-ethnic-minorities-uighur-muslim-harvest-organs-un-human-rights-a9117911.html%3famp

  34. They must've cut something out. Everyone's talking about the interviewer being disrespectful and talking to someone else, making jokes? I don't see that in the video at all (at least, not anymore…) Can someone tell me what happened? What did I miss?

  35. Am I missing something? The amount of criticism that the interviewer is getting seems disproportionate to what she said in the video.

  36. it don't matter what other people claims. Somethings cannot be faked. I'm a builder ive seen her hands and the way she moves. that is someone who is very well trained with her hands. Why she need to lie about the filming when she is filming herself and her skills that cannot be faked anyways. You are not fit to be in journalism if you can't even get over your own emotions of envy.

    The one thing that journalist can never say but we people who does hard yards can.
    Action speaks louder than words. LiZiqi 8million…. 1 million increased from 2 weeks ago. Gold thread 100k subscribers… Enough said.

  37. How was the interviewer being rude? I thought the vid was great. I love watching Li's video s also bc they are so relaxing.

  38. Can anyone please enlighten me which part of the video did the interviewers were disrespectful to li ziqi? 🙁

  39. The interviewer just wants to promote her channel like LiZiQi's lifestyle.She is so arrogant and unprofessional.

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  41. When Ziqi said the video she made before were all by herself, how come u couldn't believe her. There's really no necessary to say "can't verify"

  42. both girl have beauty but lizigi have own level lot lot beauty than all others. i need this girl my bedroom forewer, and maybe sometime kitchen too. but this girl place have bedroom and service men.

  43. Did they trim this video? I've been reading through the comments looking for moments of disrespect that have clearly angered many viewers, but I don't see which parts of the video they're talking about? Is it possible that this channel removed the clip that made people angry?

  44. If you're going to trim out parts of your videos that you're embarrassed of (and should be, how disrespectful to Li Ziqi), make sure you trim all versions of the video. Your Facebook video still needs some work. Li Ziqi deserves far better than an interviewer who blatantly mocks her interviewees. Shame on you.

  45. Goldthread edit this video & cut out where the guy part. Wow such a jealousy ugly interviewer you are. Dislike. Done.

  46. Oh I love how they went back and removed the bit at the end where they were being disrespectful and rude!! Was it all of the comments or did they finally realize how terrible it was? 🙃

  47. These comments are ridiculous. Im an outsider, so this squabbling sound as silly as reading Palestine Vs Israel shit posting whenever a blogger brings up something innocuous as food tasting from Israel. Calling the interviewer fat and ugly is doing you no favors, and has nothing to do with anything in this run of the mill interview. Seriously, Im just here to learn a bit about a Youtuber I like, and that's the only thing I see.

  48. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ ? 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  49. I'm surprise Li Ziqi's viewers commenting below are behaving in such a cultish manner and soooooo salty. There are zero insults in this video and they are behaving as if someone just tried shoving bamboo up their ar$e. The racism and prejudice in the comments are just disgusting

  50. As of right now, I believe the video has been re-uploaded or changed because I can't find anything about disrespectful interviewers or another interviewer.

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