Famous Lazy People

Famous Lazy People

Hey guys, so throughout my life I’ve been called
a lot of different things. You are amazing. You’re like the coolest dude I know. Man, you’re the greatest friend
anyone could ever ask for. Both of you. Aww man, you’re great. Hey, what are you guys talking about? F–k off loser! Hey man, you’re really great. Naw, not me, you’re… But the one thing I can’t stand is
when people call me lazy. I am not lazy. If anything I’m the opposite of that.
I’m not lazy. I’m un… dis-lazy… Ah I’ll figure it out another time. Yeah, ok sure, it’s 6 p.m. and
I still have my pajamas on, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a hard worker. Oh hey bro, you think
you could do the dishes? Umm, yeah, I would, but
I just, uh, I don’t want to, so… Hey, you think you could
give me a hand with this? Naw… I don’t think so… Hey bro, you wanna go out tonight?
We’re going clubbing. Sorry bro, I would but, umm,
my dog just, uhh, turned into a lamp. Wow. If you didn’t want to go
you could’ve just said so, jerk. Well, looks like it’s just you and me buddy. Ok so maybe I can be a little lazy sometimes. But I don’t really think that
being lazy is a bad thing. Yeah, so maybe I didn’t learn that much
in high school because I was too lazy to study, and I cheated to get good grades. But at least I wasn’t too lazy to cheat, right? And I know most parents and teachers
that see this will be like, “If you’re cheating, you’re just cheating yourself.
You won’t learn anything being lazy.” That’s not true at all! If you’re cheating, you’re learning
how to problem solve. For example, if the problem is that you have to pass a test to get a good grade, sure, you could spend hours and hours studying and actually learning things, or you could be lazy and find a faster and more efficient way to pass the problem. And I’m not trying to encourage you to cheat on a test, I’m just saying if you’re able to cheat and get away with it and get a good grade then you kind of deserve an A because you outsmarted the teacher. But it also goes the other way as well. If a teacher does catch you cheating on a test, you deserve an F. You deserve an F because you’re not smart enough. Not smart enough to cheat the right way. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: I believe that lazy people are the smartest people. Lazy people are the reason why we get to live life so much more comfortably today. I mean, I’m sure back in the day people called the guy who invented the dishwasher lazy as well. Wow, you’re so lazy that you can’t even
wash your own dishes. Or what about the guy who invented the washing machine? Wow, you’re so lazy you can’t even
wash your own clothes. Or what about the guy who came up with
the idea of the car wash? Wow, you’re so lazy that you can’t even wash your own… wait, what is that? It’s a car. I got tired of walking so I invented the car. Those are all people that found a lazier way of completing a simple task. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think
they’re absolutely brilliant. So for all of you lazy people that are tired of being belittled and criticized for your brilliance, I’m standing up for all of you. Sitting down. Sta… Standing’s tiring, you know? So the next time somebody calls you lazy, whether it’s your friends, your teacher, your mom, you dad, don’t get mad, don’t get sad. Be glad, be proud. Say it out loud
from the brightest cloud, and even you, one day… That’s… that’s all I got. I didn’t feel
like writing anything else. Just watch the video. Too lazy to light a simple candle, he found a way around it. They were too lazy to drive, so they came up with a new way to get places faster. Cut from his high school basketball team, he locked himself in his room and cried, because he was too lazy to go back to playing basketball. His girlfriend broke up with him, but instead of chasing after her, he stayed in his dorm and created something that would make her come back to him. He was studying to become a doctor, but didn’t finish, and yet still became one of the most successful doctors of all time. When their movie series were coming to an end, instead of not being lazy and starting a new series, they split their last movie into two parts, and made way more money that way. They didn’t know how to end their movie, so they let you do it for them. He wanted to make sure that Thomas Edison was the one who invented the light bulb and not Benjamin Franklin because he was too lazy to pay attention in history class. If you’ve never been lazy and done things
the easier way, you’re probably not that smart.

72 thoughts on “Famous Lazy People

  1. U know I'm actually lazy
    When my brother calls me "lazy bum"
    Or something like that I forgot XD I don't even get angry i just say "EEEEEHHHHH" like a cow accept not as long as a cow

  2. โ€œI choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.โ€ Bill gates

  3. we had drinking water in a bottle that would be right between my couch and roommate's couch and the bottle would usually had no lid so to avoid the exertion when one want to drink water…usually when the bottle would fall for unknown reason we two would look at each other without moving a budge from our couches and when enough water would spill that no more would come out of bottle one of us used to look at wet carpet and say '' IT WILL EVENTUALLY DRY''…..i am telling u!! we were at a different level than whatever was said in this video

  4. Im good at math because im lazy
    In math you understand 1 concept and can do 100 problems. In history, to do 100 problems you have to learn 100 things

  5. Dude, at the end of this video I got an ad that literally started with the words "we've gotten lazy"

    What are the chances

  6. Cheating – Finding a brilliant alternative view, or path, of solving problems or challenges

    Don't show this comment to my parents or teacher, they do not understand my brilliance

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