Famous women who were addicted to sex (nymphomaniac)

Compulsive sex addiction is classified as
a disease. It seems somewhat like a joke, but it has
psychological causes and consequences that radically alter the personality and life of
those who are most affected by the high level of stress and anxiety it produces. Following is a group of famous women who caused
furor in admirers, but also lived with tremendous sex addiction. Here they are: Joan Crawford
She was an icon in the 20’s for her works in film. Moreover, her private life was always prone
to have people talking about it. She had four husbands, who mentioned in several
interviews that she was so insaciable a woman, she was always being busted with lovers. On one occasion, her then husband found her
naked with 3 men. Alma Mahler Werfler
Born in Vienna, home of the famous painter Emil Jakob Schindler. At the age of 23, she married a famous classical
music composer called Gustav Mahler. She was a music lover as much as she loved
sex. Her lovers were innumerable, among whom there
were architects, painters, doctors and many colleagues of her husband. Isadora Duncan
By the early nineteen hundreds, she was a famous dancer. She was known as a revolutionary and the first
woman to reveal her bisexuality at that time, which added to her already known addiction
to sex. Along with this, she also had drug and alcohol
problems. Mata Hari
By profession, she was an erotic dancer. Her work led her to have hundreds of lovers
almost at the same time. She lived most of her life in Paris and at
some point also started working with espionage in World War I. She was discovered as a spy and her end was
execution. Virginia Oldoini
She was the wife of Count Francisco de Castiglione, so she was part of the Italian royalty and,
from her marriage, her sexual appetite grew to the point that she would maintain sexual
relations with servants and guards of her castle. Everything became known when she died of old
age and her diary was found, revealing thousands of amorous adventures that she had kept hidden. Lola Montes
Her birth name was Maria Gilbert. She grew up in an artistic world, so at the
tender age of 15 she was already a recognized dancer. At 16, she ran away with her mother’s husband;
later, when she turned 20, she began a life of debauchery reflected in her shows, all
of which ending in a room with several fans of her, having wild sex. Pauline Bonaparte
Sister of the renowned general Napoleon Bonaparte. By the end of her puberty, Paulina started
developing a voracious sexual appetite. Her brother often had to control her, especially
since she liked to mess with guys much older than her and, preferably, members of the government.

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