Fire Force – The Japanese Ghostbusters. [Review]

Fire Force – The Japanese Ghostbusters. [Review]

[spoilers]If Goku is the Japanese Superman,
and Godzilla the Japanese King Kong. Then Fireforce is the Japanese equivalent to Ghostbusters.
Fight me. Fire Force is great. These kids can throw
around awesome fireballs, and other party tricks like cooling down the thermal expansion
of the universe in order to freeze time, or heat the molecules in their body to allow
them to self vaporise, travel at the speed of light, reconstruct and do a neat spinny
kick [NEAT]. Manipulating space and time in anime is the forbidden jutsu, and these guys
have done it in the first season, what kind of a power curve is that? Annddddd I’ve
just realised what the Adolla link is…[never cross the streams] If you haven’t yet read or watched the anime,
Fire Force, known in Japan as enen shoubutai is a manga featured in Shounen Magazine, consistently
killing it in volume sales, written by Atsushi Ōkubo of Soul Eater fame [lol same character],
recently adapted into tv seasonal anime by David Production and story can be loosely
summarised as… The Japanese regional fire departments are
centralised by the state and intrinsically tied to the church, which may seem odd, but
later makes perfect sense as for the most part aren’t tackling electrical fires, or
house fires from neglected lit cigertte butts that fall from your lips because you’re
blackout drunk from the crippling weight of life, but instead joe average fireman is battling
fug-kinging fire demons. Obviously. Jumping into the review, let’s start off
with the story, notably one of the strongest elements to the show. The narative is fairly
tight with plenty of weight on the overaching mystery of the series who killed Shinras mum
and bruh. Supplmenting that are episodic adventures and miniarcs of self contained stories killing
infernals, allowing for world building and clues for the whodunit main story-beat. I’m digging the lore they’ve built around
the church, humanities evolution and generational differences in pyrokinesis, the ebola burst
and link, the spooky evangelist cult and the varied fire departments and their quirks.
It’s all pretty solid and you can count me in to stay for that thicc plot [plot]. Themes Again, one of the stronger aspects are the
themes running throughout. First and foremost I like how it explores unification of church
and state. With the fireforce tied in so closely with their world’s religious system. In
the UK, despite the queen being head of the churh of england, there is a clear speration
between the church and the goverment. I think theres a similar thing with the US where the
first ammednment states religion can’t influence lawmaking, but then there’s mention of god
in your national anthem so heck if I know. But I think it would be safe to say if fire
demons under the banner of hell started rucking up and burning sweet everything down, we may
rethink our beliefs. Or we buy a gun and a fire extinguisher. Murica’. Themes of corruption within a governed system
are a painful reality across our world and turns out it can be just as interesting when
the corrupt corporation is a bunch of super powered fire fighters. Dare I say it, the
internal investigations and inter-departmental friction is more interesting than the protagonists’
“who killed my mommy” story. My final thought on themes would be appreciating
the take on cultism which was inherent and unavoidable with the baddies in the show being
called “the evangelists”. Most obviously there will be a degree of brainwashing and
ultimately parallels a pyramid scheme with the top evangelist benefitting outright. Evangelists,
Evangelion, Evangelists, Neon Genesis Evangelion, it doesn’t make any fugging sen- Characters. Shinra is a cuck [fight me]. No enviable traits,
and his only unique characteristic is a nervous tic that turns out to be not so unique. His
jetpack feet are cool, but I personally can’t relate to him. Bullet guy sucks [fight me]
and has no personality, redeemed slightly in a brilliant gun fight at the end of the
first season. Arthur sucks[fight me]. Maki is ok but defaulted to as sterotyped lewd
bait. Maki 2 sucks. The boss sucks, but I am a sucker for his voice actor so he gets
a pass. This chick was awesome untill they took away her entire personality and turned
her into a thott. Bad ass anime old man in anime captain burns is awesome, well written
and commands the spotlight with intense stage presence whenever on screen. And I like this
guys character design and edgelord vibes. Sound The OST doesn’t do it for me at all, though
I do like the album artwork with Shinra dressed up in a marching band outfit wich matches
the brass big band first couple of songs, and the album cleverly called enen no ongakutai. The second OP Mayday by Japanese band Coldrain
is pretty incredible. They’re a Japanese band but I believe the frontman is halfu,
so the lyrics are entirely in English. Excluding the singy / chorussy parts, the guitar riffs
and screaming aren’t too far from one of my favorite bands, august burns red. Lastly, the sound design, or more specifically
sound effects were insane, every explosive moment, manipulation of fire, gunshot, or
whatever high octane moment is always coupled with awesome sounds. Visuals The character designs are fairly well thought
out and passable. The background artwork is great but I’m not a fan of the minimalistic
featureless faces. I get it when this is done on background npcs where the detail would
be needless, or if facial features on the subject of a scene are ommited for comedy.
BUT in these scenes it feels like it is done without purpose, and i’m just here thinking,
maybe you guys were just saving precious minutes so you could polish up more of this sakuga
greatness mmmmmmmm. Good stuff. Conclusion.
7/10 Good. solid. and I have reasonable expectations going into the manga. Better than Black Clover.
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  1. Who you gonna' call? Probably a psychiatrist if you're seeing fire demons.

    What did you guys think of Fire Force?

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