Focus On Yourself And Not Others? (One of the Best Speeches Ever) ft. Eternal Explorer

100 thoughts on “Focus On Yourself And Not Others? (One of the Best Speeches Ever) ft. Eternal Explorer

  1. Les brown is utterly amazing and is such a very very intelligent man with a way of speaking that NO other person can say as well as he does❤️ he is hilarious, kind, intelligent and has such a talent and is doing what he truly should be doing in life❤️love him! Thank you les brown for all your help to me and many others when we need a little help back up in life ❤️xxx

  2. I am from pakistan .i have admitted three times in university but they didn't accept me they says that you are not intelligent .and your marks is low.after that seeing that still i hope that inshallah next time ….

  3. You are loved, beautiful, handsome, smart and intelligent❤️You’ll accomplish all of your goals stay focused and don’t give up❤️No one can stop you believe this and feel it❤️

  4. I’m on the last year of an Osteopathic school. My life got shaken. I recently divorced.
    I love helping
    disadvantaged people especially children. I want to redirect their destiny . Save lives from abuse and disease. Educate them, support their growth. My last 6 year I’ve devoted to helping children with disabilities in Tanzania. Built a small school, two wells , supporting with educational materials uniforms and shoes, household items beds ….
    I figured that this is making me the happiest. Giving, knowing that I won’t be re payed same way.
    Because of my school and divorce I am in debt.
    If I am to focus on myself, I could not help the poor children and communities in Tanzania. I am feeling strongly that my place is there . I have an idea but do not have a plan nor money. I’m praying for this to materialize so I can bring change to the world. 🇹🇿❤️🇨🇦🌍
    Please pray with me , for the means to bring people into my life, give me resource, ideas, signs that I can do what my heart and mind desire . I need a sign that I’m meant to help children of Tanzania. Asante Sana!

  5. This link motivates me a lot. Speak a lot like a bullets of truth that I needed most for my self to realize my self value I forgot most of the time. It's not about being selfish but to be MORE OF MYSELF, to priority to take back care of my own peace and self fulfilment so that people will see the courageous example of me as a strong person that will inspire them to become reminded about their own self value that only themself can fill up.

    Gotta be like a kind of person with strong self dignity, self care, self respect, self COURAGE, more FOCUS to my own accomplishment realizing that only true myself can tell and fill my own needs.

    I can do it! I just keep on stepping! I am a better person who can better take care of myself. GOD must be all the center and be glorified still in this life I have. GOD bless everyone! We can do it! 💖😇💯👏

  6. ADVICE FOR YOU! 👇👇👇👇

    • You’re probably stressing out too much!!

    Whatever you are worrying about understand this. It’s not the end of the world. Mistakes are ok to make, learn from them!!

    If it’s not meant to be it won’t work out no matter what you do and don’t do. Don’t try and replace doing something instead of doing nothing. As in the end it can amount to doing nothing.

    If it is. No matter what you do and don’t do it will work out. Don’t worry about the mistakes. Or ruining anything. As long you you BE YOURSELF without trying to correct problems that don’t exist outside of your own head. You shouldn’t worry about what you said or did. Because you were honest and genuine with yourself.

    And if it doesn’t work out when you are that way. It’s not meant to be.

    So don’t stress it brother.

  7. 🤛❤🤜 🥰 choose live in your heart and all things shall come in joyful spirit and ❤. 🤔 clutterpeople 🤔😋❤ negative effects no more holding grudges than to be happy for who you truely ❤ and are. Savage warrior. "Let it go if you find goodnees then go with that goodness and forget the rest. 🥰 takemindbuildonliveandstrength*

  8. I’m 33 and I owned 2 different business in 2 different times of my life and on both of them I fell. The second one I put to much work strength time and sacrifice too many things and i fell. But now I know the reason I fell was because I didn’t sacrifice enough didn’t worked enough. I will try for the third time and this time will be my time.

  9. What bull shit life is all about you dont worrie about other people most are loser they dont have it in them be more than they are .

  10. Today was my mun…I didn't even say a word..but wrote chits….I am feeling miserable….this was the only thing I was confident of….my friends were excellent…I do acknowledge that faults are in me ..but why I am not that good???……they achieve it easily…it's inborn in them…..but why I am useless…….

  11. I really wish I could but I cannot. You see that I know what is coming and how to prevent. One day I shall marvel along humanity like I once did.

  12. I always think of others instead of thinking of my self… I am so tired of it right now…do you think being selfish and give my self a break is being mean?

  13. Since I started watching this kind of videos, it changed my life I start reading books I start thinking about the aim of my life its make me feel as a complete human being.

  14. From 9:00 min afterwards it really hit me❤❤ Too everyone out there struggling with accepting yourself dont worry I struggle with it too but from today onwards I'm going to try start being happy with who I am. Ik it's going to be tough but I ain't going to give up. So if anyone else out there is feeling the same dont worry we are in this together and we will figure it out and make it there together ❤❤❤

  15. This is Exactly my path and how this video was put together is EXACTLY how I would have done it!! I always wanted to put something like this together, but I am so happy someone did. The people narrating are exactly the people that have inspired me. I thank you for this. Please look for me because this is a pivotal time in my life where I can start to do something to build on my built in gifts. I am preparing myself to position to Inspire life to others using my life to do it. This video epitomizes exactly the message I want to pass on to others. It is my heart. I am working on learning speech and communication so that ai can. better Bridge the communication barriers I see that keep us from connecting effectively. This is Beautiful. Look for me. My name is Candice and IG portfolio and message me if you'd like. I have a capricorn aquarius cusp philosophy I am trying to incorporate in my captions. The reason is, learning about my zodiac (i was a real skeptic) Until it fit me so exact that I could not ignore it. I could not dismiss it. It Helped me finally UNDERSTAND myself and others and it gave me a Bigger picture! It Lifted something off of me that had been on me for Years. I thought, if only I understood this sooner! But now I do and I am excited for the second half of my life now!

  16. AMAZING, I listen to this as I work OT, keeps me pushing and reminds me of what I am and who I must be. I will love myself and manifest my greatness. like les brown said, "take care of yourself, and develop compassion for yourself, you will never be careful, you are not through yet".

  17. Struggling after work right now not to get Cocaine… prolly gonna go in a minute but know right now I do want to do more and not this. In the same circle everyone else is I just have ez access to this and love personal punishment… when and how will I ever learn…prolly end up dead in 2 months at this rate. Ill see how it goes

  18. The problem is i keep thinking for no reason to the point that i waste my day. At night before i go to bed i think what did i did today? Nothing 🙁

  19. That's why I have to laugh when the younger generations want to blame me for all their troubles. I laugh and go on about my business knowing that they are carrying all that hatred around and we just don't care. We are living our own lives.

  20. God is so great! Lay all your pain and sorrow before him. Get down on your knees before men/women in public and pray vigorously. Do not feel self conscious. You will be a child after the fathers own heart.
    God bless you all.
    I pray in Jesus name that if you see or do what I say above,others will see. And when they will see this the Holy Spirit will come to them,taken home to be spread to family/friends and enemies alike. Oh. …Jesus in your most holy name I pray, Amen!

  21. Will Smith succeeded, but his son dresses like a girl. He didn't spend enough time with his son. He was not present as a father, he didn't teach his kids to be more like him.

  22. i don’t like to watch these videos bc i feel like i miss out on the message it’s trying to tell me so i look away as if i’m listening to a podcast or something lmaoo

  23. I'm so proud of myself to say that it's only me and only me alone can change this entire world. If I don't do it, no one else will do it but I. So I start right after writing these words.

  24. I have had people who find me very interesting. I don't know what it's about, I assume it's people relating to a woman I had something to do with probably a long time ago, 15 years. It just makes me assume I just have left a deep enough mark, these people can't even touch it, so they look at me and scrutinize everything. This is like 15 years past. I don't know what it is. They want it, maybe they have it, but at the same time for some reason, they know I am untouchable in certain ways with the object of their affection, so they study the hell out of me wondering "what the fuck?" In reality though, it really is like 1000 things and all of them are genuine. You can say "well, ok 2 can play that game…" And try it out, but it's fake. It's unnatural. You didn't do it because you wanted to, you tried it because you thought it would get you something and it woun't work. It's insincere. It comes down to good taste. I don't even have to try, and I know if I really get her, nobody is ever measuring up. And that's the other thing, maybe they're just having a tough time getting in. Maybe it's impossible, which brings me to, maybe you should just give it up after 15 years? I'm a passionate die hard too, I love hard and it's hard to know when to fold em, but I mean….. I gave up after an 8 year struggle once but I only held on because I was pretty sure it was real.

    You're probably also barking up the wrong tree, In song talk to your woman. We don't talk anymore. I am no competition. I'm long out of that mess, and judging by the resentment and insecurity I sure as tuck wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole now. Yes sir please can I have extra stress and worry? Please? You're such a hassle to know, you have such a retarded group of malicious assholes and cunts in your life, probably more than ever l, of course I want to be part of it! Why not? I haven't been nearly driven into a mental hospital as a basket case in many years, since the last day I ever wrote you an email, I could use some excitement!

  25. I am Kathy.I am still really angry with all the wrong assumptions. I am still struggling to get back my identity. BUT I will be more Brave and more Patience to overcome my problems again and again until I can find my way to survive

  26. I know I can do it because all of my kind friends are here , standing by me at this very difficult time. I am not alone. You bright up my life . The real care and love can cure everything. I am the luckiest person in the world because of all of you. Thank you so much, my friends. 🙂

  27. I'm so happy seeing all this lovely ❤️ comments and replies.
    Maybe we can meet someday at somewhere to do great things together 👌
    I'm not lying I'm so happy to see good people like you all…
    Much much love for you all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ You're all amazing 👌❤

  28. For the first time in my life I'm thinking of moving on…i felt that i got something to move .. Thanks to LAC. on 11 oct,at 12:53

  29. 🙏to my uncle Frank my heart is a lot like a fish out of water floppy and in pain tell it know longer with in you. I'll be in a uncle I'll miss you very much mood for a while.. my God take you with all the Angeles that's have been called to the home of jesus. wishing you all the beautiful things that awaits for you. Love you uncle Frank. God took another angel home. 🙏

  30. I'm in a perpetual state of feeling like im lying to myself and everyone else. I feel like i have to be secretive towards my wants and needs to protect the weaker people in my life yet there's no consideration for me. So here i am going talk to an army recruiter in a week to become a combat medic behind the back of my family simply to get away from this town, this state, to better my life in ways I'll never achieve working these dead end jobs. I've always taken care of others yet I've never actually had the courtesy returned. My main enemy has always been my self hatred and inability to see better than misery for myself since that's all i was ever handed but I'm so tired of it. I'm dying to feel pride in myself for something i did MYSELF for MYSELF I don't want help unless absolutely necessary and even then it won't come from anyone surrounding me now.

  31. A ww2 pow was asked if he hated the prison guards ? He said no matter how much he hated him it does nothing to him, so why bother even  thinking about him….. let it go or it will stay with you forever……let it go.

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  33. I just want to say thank you for the last voice, the last speech. I don't know who you are. But you made my day better. I don't think I'm doing good, I don't think I'm a good person. But I know I behave better to others than I do with miself. And I'm not sorry about it. If I could change something it won't be me. I know that. But I hope I could change or help someone. If I could not do it for me I hope someone is going to get something out of it. I know I do not deserve it but I'm aware that others deserve better than me. I'm trying… Pay it forward. No matter what!

  34. What a phenomenald day, all you beautiful amazingly awesome gifted
    n lifted humans.. If you're seeing this msg well your blessed
    and gifted, its on you to get motivated n lifted.. Remember time is the
    most valuable thing make sure you don't let any go to waste, let go of
    the past like a judgement after a closed case…

    Today do me a favor smile at someone that you've never seen before, take time to think
    of others that you feel compassion for. Tell somebody how they
    brighten up your day, let random acts of kindness put your feelings on
    display. Instead of tearing one another down, build someone up… Put
    there insecurities to sleep.. Remind them they're worthy… Tell them
    they are amazing… Be the positive energy this worlds too negative…
    Always radiate positive energy…

    I'm gifted n lifted with a smile for life…. Spreadn smiles n
    motivation everyday I'm still alive…. It's my goal daily n I always
    achieve, it cuz seein is believin, n the feeln is the best gift you'll
    ever receive, it's my high like it's my dope an I'm the fien, it makes
    my body feel like a fire, from the desire I inspire, it's the feeln my
    body will always require, this is a job I'll never retire, spreadn
    motivation n smiles is what I admire, spreadn it like a wildfire, no
    need to ask if you can share, please spread it everywhere..

    Life is too short to hate and discriminate, so let's live it with pride, be
    thankful your alive.. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a
    reason, life is a blessing and a lesson.. Its 1 big experiment, that
    you have to figure out… Stay gifted n lifted.. Positive vibes n big
    smiles will stay with you… Love you all.. #CrazyJ #AlwaysSmile #AchieveGreatness #AlwaysBeBlessed #LiftednGiftedWithCrazyJ 🙌🧠😁✊👀💯

  35. Forgiving others n urself is the best way to start moving on with urself.. Love urself cuz only u knw ur true worth🤗💪

  36. Showing Mark Zuckerberg in a motivational video is amazing to me. I think Facebook has done more to destroy people's motivation than any other medium is human history.

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