FORTNITE – Visit 5 different E.G.O. Outposts LOCATIONS – Challenge Guide – FORTNITE CHAPTER 2

yeah hey what is up guys welcome back to
the channel and welcome back to fortnight in this video we’re gonna be
going through one of the challenge from the lowdown missions and fortnight
season 1 chapter 2 and the challenge is gonna be Visit different e.g.o outposts
the ego outposts are pretty spread out across the map and in this video I’m
gonna be showcasing all the locations it’ be based to do this in multiple
matches before starting the video, please do me a favor use my credit card extreme
which is X-TREME in the fortnite items shop that would be really
really appreciated so without any further ado let’s get started ego
staging post this is over Easter frenzy farm and
would likely to be a place where things are getting put together or read it up
for some kind of a mission there is some satellite dishes and a lot of packaging
in the Lobo lever let’s move on to the next one which is going to be ego bear
eggs you’ll find ego breaks just not of lazy leg like over the lazy leg this is
gonna be the exact location just go ahead and reset that now let’s move on to the next one which
is going to be ego comm tower or ego communication tower this can be found at
the southern part of the island and up in the mountains this is gonna be the exact location
go ahead visit that and let’s move on to the next one the next one is going to be
ego hangar the hangar can be found on the far west side of the map and the
south of Hawley hedges hangars are generally for aircrafts and this is the
location and this is exactly where the ego hangar is located go ahead and visit
that and let’s move on to the last one which is ego science station the ego
science station is on the west coast of the map and pretty close to Pleasant
Park and this is exactly where you’re gonna find this one go ahead and was it
that your challenge is done if this video helped you out you can subscribe
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fortnight see you guys in the next one with a new
challenge guide by what we’re about to blow down the falls we need to change
look at the waterwheel Licata evilest all the innocence lost we
needed a new beginning man a vision is off we need to raise wage war

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