17 thoughts on “Four Individuals Wanted In Armed Robbery Spree In Brooklyn

  1. Dumb ass niggaz, they definitely don't need to be out here. Hurry up and find them. Give all 4 of them 15 years and better while you're at it. 😒

  2. They don't want to work. They want to be filthy criminals. They need to get lengthy prison sentences for these armed robberies.

  3. They’ve got nothing to contribute to society but maybe become pothole filler.
    That’s about it. There’s a new one being born or on the way everyday.

  4. And people wonder why the Arab and Asian store owners follow them around the stores and call the police on them. They are known to rob and steal.

  5. Dumb ass boys leaving finger prints all over the place and showing there face. Don't ask why later when the judge throws the book at u

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