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Oh welcome I’m ukgamer808 and today
we’re looking at fs19 new mods for farming simulator 19 now this came out
these came out in an update on Friday today’s Saturday so I was a bit late and
fell asleep last night I don’t even work just flaked right out late so let’s get into it
today what is going on in the mod hub that’s going on a look so first mod is
the lizard 520 T now this was the SMS I think it was called and this was in mods
in testing for a long long time and we have configurations as roller are so as
a roller with a fertilizer and cultivator we dare weeding we do it with
sewing machine sewing machine with fertilizer so loads going on with that
alright we’ll go into that one and then we have a snowman and that’s bite artsy
double-oh-seven and yeah Andrew quit there’s no man and forgot to say that
was boy DD model passion then we have a bucket with by Danny OH mods the bucket
is a universe tool for transfer and mainly materials okay fair enough
it’s a pasty 200 litres then we also have the Sapphire mas 400 which is a
solid spreader by Lucas we got a couple similar Twitter at the moment but four
meters wide that one configuration with all week without grid okay oh I see the
top bit there and then we have the Gilbert 1800 Pro by melodia 98 and our
30,000 litre capacity about 120 grand and then we have the shooter maker
sai hua 240 hook lifts so ditch container by the Dutch Dutch modding Inc
the shooter Magus over 240 soda can is suitable for the IT run apart
priced at just 26,000 550 euros with a capacity of 43,000
meters cool and then we also have no this is a
cool bit the lizard c30 are to be by AF modern now this was in mods intestine
quite a few months back and came out for PC and I didn’t think we were going to
get this for console but here it is today so that be interested in bit of
kit there’s quite a few things going on with it low center of gravity I noticed
on that as well machine can travel on slopes of 30
degrees so that the only downside of that is I think the speed of it is 8.2
kilometers which is only going to be a few mile an hour and so you ain’t gonna
drive that very far but we’ll have a look at that that’s pretty cool like
that and then we have the lizard tempest adapter and modern testing again it was
like what the hell is the tempest adapter and it’s adapter offers much
more flexibility in terms of implements and a good bit of kit really because it
from telescopic loader to wheel loader so you can use we all older on telly had
and that basically was quite good by Rick libel TWD modding and then there
was an update for Jermaine Reed and there just a few bug issues and whatever
you for that nothing yeah it was just a few bad bug
issues sorted out for it and then also one for the modular map and the
equipment for the new farms adapted to the size of the plots modification of
the starting point and minor updates and that’s a lot for this week’s FS 19 mods right then let’s get into this
FS 19 mod review so first off we look at the tempest adapter and there it is
it’s cost 340 pounds to buy and will cost you 17 pounds for your initial
leasing costs all those people oh it will let us pick it up I didn’t realize
you could pick it up that makes a big difference so
stuff you cannot pick up but you can that awesome now you can’t have
different color options on it as it’s about 37 different color options and
they’re 200 pounds extra for it so this it says is a telehandler two wheel
loader is what it says in the modern I was like cool that’s a always good
because a lot of times you do want to tell you handler to we all over so let’s
get it hooked up and then over here we have the wheel
loader bucket no straightaway I was like well these points here are gonna line up
with these points on here and when I was looking for this it took me this is what
annoys me about similar stuff is it took me probably about 15 minutes going
through and I was like well where the hell is this and then it’s I’m just went
into lizard scrolled through all the lizard stuff and there it was and it’s
not a telehandler so we all know that it’s a telehandler
to a front loader which is a totally different thing altogether so and the
worst thing is it’s like the front loaders they don’t have the bigger
buckets anyway so a lot of time or you didn’t want them to convert to any
handler to front loader but that’s just me is it just me or dinner anyway so it
will attach to a front loader not a we all loadout and if you want to find it in the menu
it is in the front loader category so there it is the tempest tempest adapter right and next mod will have a look at
is the lizard c30 r2b now this came a modern testing quite a couple of months
ago and then was released for PC and that’s why in the mod hub online it
doesn’t show up that it’s there because it was released a while back so it just
show up as an update for some strange reason even if you go into the console
then it doesn’t show it it shows it in on your console game but on the console
mod hub it on ps4 for exports it doesn’t show over there which is a bit weird but
there you go you know I’ve had a politicize rive around and it said it
could go up to 30 degree inclines and it can do a lot more than that and it is
pretty stable as well my only thing I didn’t like about it is the speed
where it says it will do five mile an hour but it doesn’t it does a full mile
an hour and that’s a big difference no if you’re trying to find this what
category would you put this in I would put it under Wow
miscellaneous maybe all then you could say well it’s a it’s a trait you’ve got
a trailer on the back Emily so I don’t know but now it’s under skid steers so a
baffle with me I know they got tracks but there’s nothing else about this is a
skid steer I suppose but I too have anyway there it is doesn’t cost too much
money fifty eight thousand Pines which was like wow okay and 2958 pains on your
initial leasing costs and 26 horsepower and it says 40 mile an hour and it does
to do four mile but when you click in you can see down there at the bottom it
says five mile an hour so and then it’ll only do four mile an hour anyhow and you
can have at all different colours well I’ve got the blue in there you can
change that there was a 38 different colors in there 250 pounds a pot and you
can you know the steering on this it’s pretty cool and it’s stable really
because there’s no speed in it anyway you might enjoy this anywhere you’re not
going to take it very hard it’s got me thinking what you’re gonna use this for
so I wouldn’t and other than and so what we’re gonna use up for let me know in
the comments what you’re gonna use it for visit on the back we cheer out of it get to
the bait wouldn’t be nice to see that on there but nevermind we have got begun
and then worth of Lights you’ve got the front lights and then you spin round to
the back and it’s got that fat work like there and then there is a full beam on
the front you don’t notice it that much but there are this oh yeah I like that
so go in inside and of course visibility all the way around no issues there
nothing in our way however that and the mirror there is a I don’t know what it’s
looking at I can’t see nothing in it below your but inside put it on this
lever I Steve knees up and down you see you’re going a little bit quicker
quicker closer and you see you’ve got the legal action going on there and when
you go and over rougher terrain let’s go outside and see there now it does hold
2,500 meters so I was a little bit but I just couldn’t
it’s like what what getting either for I caught ya alone the share of seats
because I got it full up with seeds every night so let’s just drop the seeds
off there now you have got having solid as well which if you tip that Dame it
doesn’t come out of the back the sights it’ll only come out of the back for
loading pallets and what have you and that was the only way I managed to fill
up this bucket which is the next mod now I’ll tell you what let’s go over it and
show you because it said 30 degrees and I’m estimating with this this will go up
pretty much a lot of stuff and even if they slip it it does sell right itself
or you can do the unfold blow that drop seven day and not allow pick your back
up and walk but it will go up quite a bit of an incline and see it’s not going
to go up here very quick but it said 30-degree slope I think that’s a bit
better than a thirty degree so they’ll crack a model of it but what are you
going to use it for let me know in the comments what there must be something
you’ve popped into anything I’ll use it right there I’m not too sure myself just
from the fact it’s really slow if it did 50 mile an hour but at full mile an hour
is a crazy slow I find out I had when we had the mower the other day and that was
six mile an hour and well you can join him at anywhere wasn’t
great like this has got rivers stare on it as well or you can spin around and
drive it backwards or forwards it’s pretty cool
and this seat this wooden ear over the rough terrain the seat jumps up and down
there pretty much a lot of animation on it it’s pretty cool next mod is the
bucket now I’ve been this is another one what I was messing around with for a
while because I couldn’t get anything it to fill up so I’m to unload it yeah you
dropped it out on the floor but the only way it’s still in there I was like well
what’s going on here it’s a it’s a strange one
as soon as I’ve seen it I thought well how is that gonna work them so that is
definitely coming out of there isn’t it is it empty no yeah it is empty I went I
took it over to this oh let’s get it leveled up but I took it over to the sea
it’s just already filled back up again so and I didn’t even press anything
which is a little bit strange so that’s all all right so that is definitely empty and it fill back up again okay but when
I took it to this silo earlier I couldn’t get it anything in there see it
just keeps filling back up again is really weird so there’s obviously a
problem with that but the main thing I had a problem with was filling up I came
under air earlier and it wouldn’t have it might be just this silo I didn’t take
it at the farm because he’s like for one when you put it down anywhere so let’s
drop that there and we’ll undo that strap it doesn’t strap down and see it
doesn’t recognize that whatsoever so you’ve got to be careful because you’re
gonna lose it so I haven’t taken about some farm and tried any other way but
let’s just move it over here because I couldn’t actually get it to pick up
anything off the blame or anything like that because it said it is something to
move well come on then get out of there all right so let’s tip that yep and
that’s tipped let’s move right over here 970
is it gonna stay up d right it does stay empty nay
so when I take it back so it picks it up as soon as you go near it then that’s
the crack I was messing around with this for ages and it was like well how the
hell that gonna work so basically you don’t need to yeah you touch the ground
and it fills up eases up and then all wall can we tip it out into here we
can’t so it is worth it alright it’s it’s just that whenever you’re near a
pile of anything it’s going to automatically fill itself up for you tip
that back yeah there we go so that is the bucket 50 quid 2 pounds
to lease all right drop that there yeah I’m not worth a treat – one on the slot
came – a lot let’s get on to the next mod right the next ones are the lizard
520 tea pack because it is really a pack and it is like well why are all these
separate mods really where a lot of them are very similar so it was couldn’t we
have just blending them in because it there is seven different models here but
we’ll go through them anyway so did Lizzie we have the lizard 520 roller
which is dining on the field and I was messing around with that where I was
going to take whoa stop camera I was going to go down and take them all down
and test them and it’s like well no I’m not gonna do that because it’s gonna
take ages and they’re all the same so they should if one works they’re all
going to work they’re probably duplicates of themselves anyway so we
have the different ones which the role is down in the field will go down and I
will look at that in a minute and then basically that restores field
this one is a fertilizer and then you’ve got this extra tank on here and this
when you’ve got the whole hoses running on down to it and what have you and then
the next one over is the fertilizer no that’s the cultivator so that one’s the
cultivator let’s get that unfolded and then we can
see exactly what the crack is because this was in mods and testing four months
I’m sure it was getting-up it must have been good six seven weeks seven eight
weeks easily and got lighting on there indicators the work beacon is that nope
and that’s it unfolded and then we just drop it down like that so that one it is
the cultivator so it’s roller what cultivates which you see you’ve got ya
splines down in there i’ll splines whatever you call them I don’t know so
let’s get that one either way and then we’ve got the cultivator and
fertilizer now they’re all minus 24 slots as well this is the thing so you
wouldn’t have all these because it’s just ermine each one is 24 where a lot
of time if it was one mod each one after that will don’t be one or two after one
get down there and the other thing I noticed about it is basically because
you’ve got the roller option if you go and try and fill the fertilizer up all
the seed app then it won’t recognize it from your solo you I got to do it from a
pallet because I’ve got pallet over there I had to do it that way
where every time you went to the the the silo over there it would only recognize
the water I thought you are you do water and
driving and ride back out and do fertilizer and seed but it doesn’t know
yep so that was the cultivator and the you can fertilize at the same
time but is detail on it it’s pretty pretty cool all the hoses and whatever
you done a good job right next on this one is the weeder now they all cost from about 23,000 for
the fertilizers and the Cedars and then well the weed is 14 grand so this rule get rid of any of your
small weeds right next one then we have the wieder and a sewing
machine so you can weed and plant at the same time you can do that anyway if you
cultivate going if you cultivate and use occult use a seed err what’s cultivator
as well do the same job with it okay I can’t remember weeds to be honest I’d
normally turn weeds off all the time so unfold again but it’s the same isn’t it
it’s the same same unfold and you see we’ve got the grass menus come up there and then the last one I think this was
the first lawyer and sewing machine yep the sewing machine and fertilizer it’s a
bit slow up me on unfolding now you can have extra this one is the 300 the PS
300 and that one is the PS 500 which is just that little bit bigger and the
sewing machine is the more expensive one where it is there is gone is the twenty
four thousand two hundred pounds so there they are that’s them alright let’s
go on down and look at the next selection of mots so next mod we have is
the Gilbert 1800 pro trailer now this is quite cheap 20 grand to buy and initial
leasing costs are 1020 prangs holds 30,000 litres holds pretty much most of
the commodities I think it wasn’t pretty much for all of them but only minus one
on the slot gain which is all nice and no options
we’ve got Mitchell ins on here which fair sized tires anyway no color options
anything else that’s yellow so let’s hook this up so this type of trailer is ideal for
your smaller farm or you’ve got restricted access all right let’s try
and I probably should have come in the other way but we give it a go no it’s
not the other ones a restricted access sorry this one was a tip of what I’ve
bloody yell at my animate the sidewalk is so good lighting on there as well
indicators reverse and got quite a pile of there hopefully we’re not going to
get stuck oh there it is nice trailer the 1800 pro Gilbert cool that’s where there’s not many of them
you can disconnect they’ll all say no you need to wait at for it to be enough
folded right we’ve got the roller over here which is the other first one of the
lizard 520 and this is just your to restore back to fields restore original
ground state basically which is putting grass stain isn’t it really it restores
it back to grass and let’s turn those indicators it off drops it down and away
we go it has got the two point on there as
well so you can get quite good turning radius on it just like that right next FS 19 new mod where is it
the shooter maker sai hua 240 oh let’s get around in the Sun and obviously a
hook lifts a toucher now this is one was pretty cool because basically we’ve got
a walking floor in there so no tipping is just gonna throw it all straight at
the back now this will cost you twenty six thousand five hundred and fifty
pounds to buy and initial leasing costs at one thousand three hundred and fifty
four pounds minus seven on the slot paint and you do need a hot leave to use
it now you don’t want to be using the the new hook lid for the six five six
one because it’s probably twice as long you think is like this one we like the
extra tires on the back so it’ll end here see laughs all that overhang there I put a little bit of this a grass in
these silo and didn’t have any issues with it
and it does pick up well not pick up it does a hold pretty much everything see
we’ve got all the main commodities they’re all there
I didn’t think anything was there like let me take ground such deal with it
know it well there’s a grass just like that right we’ll have a little bit of
that and we go and put that in that bunker and then we’ve got the new
sapphire leveler and going if I go 43,000 litre capacity and yet forgot about the extra weight
there is a little bit of weight hanging on the back there it might be better
loading this boy at the front I don’t if that does make a huge difference or not
not right let’s get this unloaded get it now a little bit whoo
you see it’s got the winters there what spin round and then the walking floor
just froze it all right no he doesn’t yep just like our
but quite cheap for a hook with kraler and 45,000 litre capacity cannot
complain about like any it does the job like one of the other things I’ve just
noticed for this one and you can see the overhang on there I thought was a bit of
a line but you’re going to struggle with traders you’re gonna have to put
something in between either muscles little flatbed or something or something
like that because when you hook up you can see it will recognize it just
but yeah you ain’t doing much with that are you right next one is the Sapphire
now we’ve got this currently in game but now we’ve got a gray one maybe to have
colors i camera dad I don’t think I did no it didn’t have color combinations for
it and this is minus six on the slot cane so this is the smaller one where it
is the four meter option for it and you can’t have it on a three pointer
or you can have it on your wheel loader will cost you six thousand eight hundred
pounds to buy the same as the other one in game and 346 pounds on your initial
leasing cost the optional upgrade is this extra great on the top of it is it
was great they call it with grid that’s no extra money for that either and you
see that’s hooked up for a wheel loader so I have a wheel loader just here and lift it up a little bit did he
unfold then they fold right up and then into the bunker I probably even better with a bigger
load already well that seems to be working new issues soon flatten that out jobs a good un like that is in the leveller category
which it should be the most of the stuff is in the white category system stuff is
ridiculous right next model so here it is a next mod is the snowman so if you
want a snowman we have one in game in the decoration category and I didn’t
surprise a big it was it’s quite quite tall hundred quid so not too much money
and is minus one on the slot count cool I’d call his that character knows top
hat and everything what more do you want classic right oh well that’s it for new
mods for today that’s our first look fs19 mod review and end of the week now
a bit disappointed we couldn’t get to do mods in testing last couple of days
where I’ve done an update so I’ve seen different update engine some allow for
either next time I will so if you’ve enjoyed this episode don’t forget to
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