– Okay Grace, do you think this is it? Is this the right location? – Yeah I think this is it because look at this secret truck stop. Look how many trucks there are. – Okay, let’s keep going then. So Sharers, as you know
we’ve been training to defeat the GameMaster. And today we’re here in
this top secret location, all the way in Atlanta, Georgia, where we’re going to
learn some epic tricks to defeat the GameMaster. These tricks are super top secret, we have a super special coach that’s gonna coach us through all this. Grace, come on, we gotta find out way in. As you know, there are no windows, nothing on this whole building, so we gotta find our way in. And I think this might be the door, we just gotta get the passcode right. Okay, you ready for this? – [Grace] Yeah. (beeping noises) – Okay Sharers, I think
we’re ready to go in. (phone noise) Grace, what’s that noise? – Oh wait, it’s your dragons. They’re saying they miss
you and they’re hungry too. – What? Lemme see that. Oh, that’s right Sharers. Major shout out to Dragon City
for sponsoring this video. It’s a free game available
for iOS and Android, and you can download it
in the app store today. We’ve been playing this
game to help us train to defeat the GameMaster. That’s right, Sharers. Check this game out. In this game, there are floating islands that you can build on and
you can collect hundreds of different dragons. You can breed different
species of dragons too. I mean look how cool this
one is that I created. – [Grace] Whoa, that one’s so cool! – I love this one, yeah. And Sharers, your dragons generate gold which help you buy food and
make your dragons even stronger. And the coolest thing is
you can battle your dragons against your friends in a
bunch of different PvP modes. And Dragon City also has a
super epic auto battle feature, Oh, oh, oh yeah! That’s right, there’s new
levels at each habitat, you can have up to nine
dragons per habitat, and you can grow them
from little tiny babies into super, super, super strong dragons. So, if you wanna check out this game, I just put the link in
the description below, and I just won a battle. Grace, are you ready to go in? – [Grace] Yeah. – Okay. Sharers, welcome to the top
secret training facility. Oh, yeah. Check it out, Sharers. We’re in the top secret location. Wow. I think this is it I mean look, Grace, we got all these games, it’s completely vacant. This place is just for us to train. Look at this, we got a claw machine, we have another claw machine, we even have more games over here. Perfect. I think that this is just what we need. – Oh, Steve, look, there’s snacks! – [Stephen] Oh, snacks! Oh yeah! Sharers, there’s snacks! This is perfect. This is definitely (gasp). ICEE Machine! – Any flavor ICEE. – [Stephen] (gasp) This is epic. And Sharers, I think I hear something. Right in this corner over here. Something’s coming from there. Grace, do you hear that? – Yeah, I do. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s go in. Let’s go. (gasp) Whoa. This place is huge. – This is crazy. – [Stephen] Okay, where did that noise go? Wait, where did that noise go? I still hear it, do you hear it? – Yeah, wait, I think it’s
coming from over there. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s go. Quick. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – I think there’s something
behind that curtain. – [Stephen] Oh wait, I see someone. Hang on. (gasp) Whoa. Grace. Basketball players. – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Check it out. Let’s go. – Who is that? – [Stephen] I don’t know,
let’s go check it out. This place is the place
we’re supposed to be. Sharers, this might be it,
we’re in the right spot. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who are you guys? – What’s up everybody? We are the world famous
Harlem Globetrotters. I’m Zeus. – And I’m Torch. – Now, I heard that
you guys need some help to defeat the GameMaster. So today, we brought you
to our training camp, and we’re gonna take you
through a couple of drills. You ready? – Yeah, this is perfect. We need to learn how to
defeat the GameMaster. You guys, whoa. You’ve got some crazy,
crazy tricks and skills. I think this is just what we need. Yeah, let’s get to work. What’s the first step? – You know what, they’re
not quite ready yet, what do they need? – Whoa, Sharers, yeah, we got new merch. Check this out. Whoa! Check it out. – [Grace] Whoa, check that out. – I’m ready to go. Grace, wait, where’s yours? – Yeah, where is mine? Oh, check this out! Whoa, check this out! I’m all ready to defeat the GameMaster. – [Stephen] Let’s do it. – How do you do that? – [Stephen] Whoa, it’s working. Oh yeah. Whoa, let’s do this, let’s
defeat the GameMaster. – Let’s get ’em. Here we go. (upbeat music continues) – [Zeus] Nice! – Whoa, yeah, that was awesome! Woo! – You’re next, GameMaster. Now you’re gonna learn trick shots from the trick shot champions. – Trick shot time. – [Both] Oh yeah. – Here we go. – Sharers, this is gonna be
a Spinning Win trick shot. Can I do it? Smash the like button for good luck. Okay. Got my finger ready. Let’s do this. And go! Whoa! Slam dunk, that was awesome. So the next trick shot that we’re gonna do is called the behind the back trick shot, Zeus, let’s see how it’s done. Oh, alright. Who’s gonna try that one? – [Zeus] I think Grace should try it. – Uh oh, Sharers, I don’t
know if I can do this. – [Stephen] You got it Grace. Come on, Sharers, smash
the like button for Grace. You got this. – Okay, Sharers, here we go! – Oh what! Good job! Nice! No. (fail buzzer sound) – Okay, Sharers, here I go! (cheers) – [Stephen] You did it, Grace! Sharers, smash that like button for Grace. That was awesome! Okay so Torch is going to
do a 30 foot trick shot. 4 points This is worth 4 points, Sharers. Will you be able to do this? – Of course I’ll be able to. – That’s the question, Sharers. Let’s find out. Okay, you ready for this? – I was born ready. – [Stephen] Here we go. 3-2-1. Oh, whoa! Okay, Sharers, Torch just
did a 4 point trick shot. It’s my turn. Let’s see if I can do it. Here we go. 3-2-1, go. (cheers) There we go. Okay, Sharers, now it’s time
for the half court granny shot. Can Grace and I do this? There’s only one way to find out. Grace, hit me. Here we go. Granny hit in 3-2-1, go. Come on, come on. (cheers) I hope you smash that
like button, oh yeah. Okay, that was awesome. Now, what’s the next step? – Snacks! – [All] Snacks? – No, Zeus! (smack sound) Listen, you guys did
awesome at basic training. But in order to defeat the GameMaster, we gotta kick it up a notch. – Kick it up a notch? How do we defeat the GameMaster? What’s the next step? – The Flying Globies. – The Flying Globies? – The Flying Globies! Watch this. – What’s the Flying Globies? Whoa, check it out. Whoa, whoa, whoa! – [Zeus] Whoa, baby! – Okay, Sharers, these are
the next top secret tricks that we’re gonna do to
defeat the GameMaster. You ready, Grace? – I think we gotta learn some tricks. – Let’s learn ’em. – So up first, we got Kelly. This is the East Bay dunk. Check it out. – [Stephen] Oh! Oh yeah, sweet! What’s next? – Up next, is O. He’s gonna show you a front flip dunk. (cheers) – [Stephen] Whoa! – This is Justin, and this is
called the side flip leg dunk. Watch this. – [Stephen] Oh my God. – So that was the Flying Globies. But now, it’s you guys’ turn. If you guys wanna face the GameMaster, you gotta face your fears. Okay? – Okay. So what I need you guys to do, is to get behind the trampoline. – Behind the trampoline? What? – Behind the trampoline. – How’s that gonna work? – You’ll see. – Oh, Sharers, oh no. – Okay. – Okay, behind the trampoline. Smash the like button, Grace,
we need good luck for this. – Yeah, we wanna face the GameMaster so Steve let’s try this. – Oh, it looks like the Flying
Globies are ready to come. – Come on, come on! (suspense music) – 3-2-1. Here they go, here they go. Here we go, Grace. Whoa. (cheers) That was epic! – All right, now that
you faced your fears, you gotta learn how to
fly like the Globies. – [Both] Fly like the Globies? – Yeah! You gotta fly like the Globies. – Okay, Sharers, before I can slam dunk it with a basketball, I gotta try
and test out this trampoline. It’s like some special trampoline, it’s got extra spring power
so let’s give it a go. Here we go. 3-2-1, go, go, go. (spring noise) That was awesome. – Okay, Sharers, here I go! I can’t wait to fly, here I go! (spring noise) Whoa, was that high? (cricket noise) – Uh, no. – Well, Sharers, if I
wanna defeat the GameMaster I have to go all out, here I go. Okay, let’s do it. Okay, Sharers, this is called
the epic air trick shot. Here we go. Oh yeah! – Okay, Sharers, we got this. This is called the epic
air slam dunk, here we go. 3-2-1, go. (suspense music) Oh yeah, that is how slam dunk is done. Wow, the Harlem Globetrotters
trained me really well, I feel like I’m ready to
go defeat the GameMaster, and also yeah, major
shout out to Dragon City for sponsoring this video. Sharers, remember it is a
free game you can download in the app store for iOS and Android, I put the link in the description below, – [Grace] Hey, Steve, come over here! – What, Grace? Oh, hang on, gotta switch back
into my uniform real quick. And until next time, you know what to do. Stay awesome, and share
the love, peace, woo!


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