Getting Paid to Cuddle with Strangers | Body of Work

Getting Paid to Cuddle with Strangers | Body of Work

-In most jobs, people are
really just using their brains, and in cuddle therapy,
I’m using my body. -Laughing is good. -I know. It is.
Yeah. -This is a service
for human beings. We are using our bodies
to hold other people’s bodies. Good night.
-Good night. -I’m Saskia Larsen, and I’m
a professional cuddler. ♪♪ I prepare my space for each
client so that we have, like,
enough room to cuddle, and then I take a big sheet,
and I cover the entire couch, and that’s it,
and then I hop on. Ta-da!
[ Laughs ] A professional cuddler
is someone who helps people who are touch deprived
by simply holding them, so if I help somebody feel
better and more connected, they might go home to their
family and be more connected. My clients range in age
and backgrounds. I have clients with
a Hasidic background who don’t get much touch
in their community. Unfortunately, most of
my female clients are sexual abuse victims, and I’ve had situations
where touch doesn’t happen at all during a cuddle session. They are just allowed to say
they don’t want touch. Then I have elderly clients
who live alone, maybe don’t have family around that aren’t getting
enough touch. Hey, come on in.
-Hi. How are you? -Good. How are you doing?
Want a hug? -Yeah.
-Okay. -Always.
-Mm. -Thank you.
-All right. -So I’m going to change?
-Yeah, go ahead and change, and I’ll see you in a minute. A few things that I do
to maintain the nonsexual or platonic nature
of the session is I always have
the sessions in my home. I don’t cuddle on a bed. For me, the bed carries
too much sexual energy, so I do cuddle sessions
on my couch. I don’t allow people to cuddle
with me in their street clothes ’cause I just think
that’s gross, and people have to wear
an appropriate cuddle outfit. How’s your day so far? -Oh, it’s really good now
that I’m here. -Yay.
-I really needed to come. -Yeah, good.
-Mm-hmm. -So when I interview
new clients on the phone, I talk to them
about arousal immediately, and that’s just because
sexuality and touch are so tangled,
so I just tell them, you know, if arousal happens for them,
don’t shame themselves. Thank your body for being
healthy, and don’t act on it, and my definition
of acting on it would be doing anything
that increases arousal or even doing anything
that maintains arousal. -Mm.
-I put so many, like, boundaries in there, it’s, like,
a safe place to function within, and at no point
does anybody think that this is going
to become sexual. -Oh.
It already is working. Can we lay down now?
-Sure. Do you want me to put my arm
under your neck? -I like it like this.
-Like that? Okay. Good.
I’m going to put my — We’ll do pretzel legs, okay?
-Mm-hmm. -Yay.
It’s good to see you. -Thank you.
-[ Giggles ] This is fun. Cuddle therapy, to me,
is a dream job. So we go…
This is all the states where we have Cuddlists. When I first found out that
I could do cuddling as a job and make money, I was like,
“Yes! Are you kidding me? $80 an hour to cuddle?” Basically there’s a profile
for each of the cuddlists on, and I think what makes
a good profile is just friendly, neutral
pictures of the cuddlist. For me, it was like walking
into a candy store because I’m just an
extremely affectionate person. -Mm. Thank you.
-You’re welcome. I think the reason that I get
some inner soul satisfaction from doing cuddle therapy is just because
it’s really helping people, and it’s so simple. I kind of wish prostitution
was legal and safe so that it could be more clear
and people looking for that could also not feel shame
and just go and have that, but people who are really
actually looking for platonic, nurturing touch
could find it more easily. -Now we’re gonna eye-gaze
and just look at each other. -This one is my favorite.
-[ Giggles ] -It gives me so much love.
-Yay. -The right eye is the right eye. -So I have two main sources
of income right now. One is massage therapy, and one is cuddle therapy,
and I — It’s about fifty-fifty
at this point. Massage therapy can be
physically exhausting, and I have to limit
the amount I can do. Cuddle therapy,
there’s almost no limit. I can do up to 7 hours a day
and feel fine. Yay. That’s nice. -[ Laughs ] -Ushy gushy.
-Ushy gushy? -I have a boyfriend,
and he’s awesome because he understands
what I do and why I do it so we don’t have to deal
with jealousy. When I’m doing cuddle therapy,
even though it’s — there’s a closeness there
and there’s an intimacy there, and I have love for my clients,
it’s not the same energy at all as me being held
by my boyfriend. When I first became
a cuddle therapist, I was kind of, like, shy
about talking about it, so I would actually
introduce it by saying, “You’re gonna think
this is weird.” Now I don’t do that at all.
Now I just say, “Oh, I — You know,
I’m a cuddle therapist,” and I continue the sentence
by saying, “I provide touch
for touch-deprived people,” and people are like,
“Oh, cool.” It’s amazing, like,
the difference in reaction, how I feel about it
and how people perceive it. There’s a paranoia
about touch in our society, and I think it would
so much better if people could get touch
without necessarily being villainized
for coming on to somebody. I think touch is important
because we’re human beings and it’s in our DNA
to need connection with other human beings, and without connection
to other human beings, we just don’t thrive. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Getting Paid to Cuddle with Strangers | Body of Work

  1. There is NOTHING in this life that would make me want to cuddle with a stranger. You could not pay me enough. That is so f'n gross. OMFG are you serious??!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. I live about 15 minutes drive from the best brothel (Aventurière) and massage parlor (Gentlemen Paradise) in Québec city, the girls working there are experts in the art of cuddling. 😉

  3. I could use a cuddle or long hug. Its been a couple years now since I've had one. Ive been lonely i guess and not in that way. Cuddle therapy seems like a good idea. Society changed so much.

  4. I think before the #MeToo lynch mob I would probably think this is an amazing thing to have but it scares the living day lights especially seeing many innocent people being falsely accused.

  5. I've honestly always wanted to do this. Everyone deserves compassion and touch is something a lot of people either don't get, or take for granted when they do.

  6. This is real work cause she's doi g what she wants to be . All these other jobs in life are unorthodox to the human life and why we are truly here most live in a confined box worki g for others success she's working for her own

  7. I wonder if she lets clients come over with a fat blunt and some Xanax and if we can put some porn on the tv and do the “ pretzel “

  8. Most will never understand, Only because we live in highly sexual active society but this woman is saving lives.

  9. I’m almost sixty and don’t even like looking at myself in the mirror let alone touching myself ain’t NO WAY IN HELL ANYBODY IS TOUCHING ME. BAH FUCKIN HUMBUG 🤨

  10. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing? Lol. I don’t want strangers that close to me. Most people gross me out 😂

  11. I've been thinking about becoming a Cuddlist for a while now, but I always worry about safety. I think I'll check the guideline of how the company functions within Canadian Laws.

  12. This wouldn’t really be my thing with a stranger, but considering all the fucked up, horrible things happening in the world at any given moment, this rates pretty low. I mean, maybe there’s something to it. I generally think, straight up cuddling with strangers aside, most people walking around angry, frustrated, exhausted, etc. could use a friendly voice asking them if they’re ok, and then just listen.

  13. Once on a packed city bus the driver slammed on the breaks and a little old lady lurched forward and crashed into me, I automatically opened my arms to envelop her because I am a nanny and used to kids crashing into me…. After the bus became steady I released the old lady making sure she was also steady… we both apologized (how 🇨🇦) then a moment later she said I needn’t apologize in fact that was the most touch she’d experienced in years and years. Suffice to say I was gutted and it took everything I had to not cry.

    I said that is down right shame, almost criminal in my opinion and asked if I could give her a proper hug – She said yes she would like that and so I did give her a nice big hug and then it was my stop and when I was getting off the bus some people clapped for me which made me feel weird.

    I still think about that lady and I hope that she got more touch after that one random encounter with me .

  14. Before anyone else comments saying that Phillip solo or whatever his name is already done this, don't waste your time because it's already been wrote down below about 50 times! I think they finally Know now!

  15. I dislike the commoditisation of literally cuddling/hugging someone, however i absolutely support having a service that provides that. In fact i believe that this sort of thing should be included as an option in regular healthcare, especially for the elderly. Its kinda hard to cuddle with people if all of your family is either dead or away somewhere far away and far too busy.

  16. I think this is wonderful, a lot of older people are forgotten by family or are to busy, This is awesome science says Hugs heal this i feel is definitely true. =D

  17. Look at this shit! professional Cuddler haha wtf? Lol! Some people are sick in the brain ffs they just need a bullet in Tha brain

  18. Getting paid to contract some disease more like it. I don't think people know how little it takes yo get sick when your close to strangers all the time.

  19. "for me, the bed carries too much sexual energy, so I do cuddle sessions on my couch"
    but in most of the porn castings, there's always enough energy around the couch… :+)

  20. Hey, to each their own. I'm not a cuddling person but I understand that there are a lot of people in the world starved for human touch and connections. If this helps a lonely person feel better and improves their life without harming anyone else, who am I to judge?

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