Golden Balls – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 8 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

Golden Balls – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 8 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

Sunday though. Nobody should be working here. (Welonz chuckles) You didn’t notice me last time?
Come on, I was here already (Welonz chuckles) The way she speaks is very… like a high schooler, even worse than Iris (Welonz chuckles) Uh, well, judging by her reaction, guessing
nobody knows about Renju just yet (Welonz laughs) (Welonz laughs and sighs) Oh, my God… Your dad? Sorry. Maybe it’s his type (Welonz chuckles) Again?! Oh, my lord And now, she’s made it clear that
she’s into me too, so that’s– a big problem, we gotta get outta here, quickly (Welonz chuckles) How long is this gonna go on for? Uhh– On a Sunday? (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my gosh, listening to her talk is so exhausting, she’s talking like a young teenager would on
Twitter or Tumblr, that kinda feeling? In Japanese, “I got it!” or “I understand” would be “ryōkai!” but what she did was, she abbreviated it so much that you can only hear the first sound, “ri!” So like, instead of saying “Got it”, I say “Guh–” And that’s apparently how Japanese teenagers
speak, except this lady here looks to be about 30 at least But I’m guessing you don’t know What? Uhh S–Excuse me? Completely disregarding that the victim’s daughter
is right here, wow. Worse than me. (Welonz chuckles) No, I’m okay with it being abused, it’s fine. (Welonz chuckles) While we’re on an investigation, too. Wouldn’t some of the company go
to Mizuki? Although she’s super young right now. Not getting any information here today, either. Uh, do we wanna go underground to check out Iris? You and your insect obsession Last time she came outta here Hmph. That a music video? Yeah, there’s not much going on What? (Welonz chuckles) Wow, that was a stretch A low table in front of the sofa, and uh (Welonz chuckles) She made the exact same joke as
him the first time around Oh, dear (Welonz chuckles) Well, that’s pretty much it. Hey, uh, call me
later, alright? I’ll definitely pick up Wait, I don’t even have a phone. I don’t have a
cell phone, what number did you even give her? There’s only one place. Golden Yokocho. Entertainment district It says “Marble” on the shop Oh, what was that? Is Mizuki even allowed to be in here? A menu with writing on the back
that we’re not gonna look at Especially not during the day time,
with a kid that we’re taking care of. It randomly just dawned upon me, but Mizuki moved in with me 4 years ago,
which means I was 26 and she was…8 That’s crazy! I basically took care of her, I was–I mean, I was basically her father, then. My God. What? Okay. (Welonz chuckles) Huh. There’s someone moaning on the radio Heh. “Slippers in tomato soup”? Look, do you hear that? Someone
was moaning on the radio. How this is appropriate for daytime radio? Especially with a kid next to me (Welonz chuckles) Creepy TV shows with girls running
around. Sounds like Date’s kinda thing. That’s not true Who’s the one that doesn’t wanna do that,
though; is it her or is it me? Maybe it’s becauseIi’m busy with work? Oh, he cooks. Oh, my God, he cooks; that’s basically hot single father material right there Pfft Ah…. She’s a complicated kid, and I’m not
equipped to be a proper father Too easy? It’s also because Iris and Ota are
immature for their age (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) She’s…a bit different
from the average kid. Oh thanks, but no thanks. (Welonz scoffs) But how is that allowed? ‘Cause her
parents were still alive, her mother Yeah, honestly, the way that she is right now might be partially because I don’t treat her well enough Maybe I neglected her Okay. Uhm– Oh. Hmph Oh, Mizuki only knows that there’s a gang
but she doesn’t know the name I had a reaction just now; that
might be something from my past BL? Mm, a character like Mama is a really
common stereotype in Japanese media I’m pretty sure that their name is not “Mama”, it’s just that the person hosts this kinda snack bar place is always called a Mama and… I dunno, it’s not the best stereotype out there But hey, I wonder if we can bring Pewter over here They might have a good talk over BL stuff (Welonz chuckles) You’re a little young Mm… I forget, she’s literally an elementary
schooler. Not even a middle schooler A watch? Mom? Not Shoko Are you…It’s a lot to process Are you alright? (Welonz chuckles) That watch sounded pretty suspicious,
we should look more into it Do we know who his girlfriend is?
Maybe it’s somebody I’ve met before Oh… You’re gonna leave her here She’s gonna hate you. That’s true We had a reaction to this name earlier Gansters. Oh, my God, they already look the part (Welonz snickers) Whoa! The animation was kinda crummy (Welonz chuckles) Are you two–oh, okay. (Welonz chuckles)
I was gonna ask if they were okay Alright, what about this guy? Alright, then I’ll just talk to the boss. Holy– Tch. Hm. Permits? Oh, this is probably a reference to–there’s a famous Japanese beatboxer YouTuber, called Hikakin This music is so…Yakuza. “Cho-chin kowai”? Oh, I think that’s a dick joke (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my God, why are you like this, Date? Do you ever think about anything else? ‘Cause a golden ball in Japanese is testicles. Khh. More dirty jokes everywhere Or maybe everybody is kinda like this
inside their own head (Welonz chuckles) My eye Oh. Well, that basically implies that I know about this, because my memory from over
6 years ago has been seeping through 6 years ago, I had a run in with this gang already No, I’m pretty sure they’re all
that similar (Welonz chuckles) Really. Was she involved with a different gang, then? Wow, we can even do thermal scanning? Does nobody else here smoke? Okay, so one of them is hot One of them is hot, the other isn’t. What!? What?! Really? I guess I’ll trust you on that one (Welonz chuckles) A knife on the floor. Well, we didn’t really get any
information from this guy, then Oh, the sofa? The warm sofa Just means somebody was sitting here before It’s a butt mark What does that mean? Well, we can’t look at it anymore How does that prove anything? Not smoking and sitting on the chair. Oh? Just X-ray it We don’t even have to open it. Yeah. Whoa… They look like they’re wearing special clothes You don’t gotta kill him (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my God, whenever that medication
thing comes up, I don’t think it’s a joke, It sounds like I’m actually on some
kinda medication, but Aiba’s not telling me about it You gonna stop me? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa They wanna stop me that badly? Ooh. Do I have some kinda premonition or–? What? (Welonz laughs) No way (Welonz laughs) So Aiba knew about it But not me Ha! Oh, my God!1 What the hell? Oh, that was brilliant So Aiba knows these things, but she has
to tell me; I don’t know it intrinsically That’s what it seems like ‘Cause I didn’t just duck automatically,
I had to wait til Aiba warned me about it Which one? (Welonz chuckles) See, Date thought that Aiba was talking
about testicles just now (Welonz chuckles) Whoa, we’re finally getting to use our cool gun Uh, yeah? You want me to just stay on here? Even the bullet is kinda special Wow (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz laughs) Ah, Aiba’s simulation (Welonz chuckles) But now I’m disappointed Aiba, you
gotta take care of me emotionally, too That looks like his dad They look the same Somebody I remember? What?! Congressman? No wonder he didn’t wanna be seen at the Yakuza office Hm, maybe if we do learn more about
this, we’ll uncover more of our past Looks more like a smirk It would be too easy if the local
Yakuza did it, that’s too easy He was lying So they were affiliated with the same gang A guy who works in the entertainment business, The kinda guy that would normally have
ties with the Yakuza, not that surprising Just like you! Now we’ve been keeping the congressman here waiting They were willing to kill to keep me
from finding out that he was here Then why did you hide, if you’ve done nothing wrong? But this is probably the kinda guy who can get me fired, ’cause I’m technically a government worker, too Don’t wanna mess with him too much Hmm… Oh, my God I hope Iris wasn’t one of the girls
asked to go to those parties Yes. Yes, but I also don’t feel like a
congressman killed Renju and Shoko Iris? Ota? Hi. Not bad, though, Date holding his own against the
Yakuza and a congressman, that’s… Normally, this is completely beyond my paycheck But I’m holding my own okay Shelves The dragon testicles got broken, but this one’s okay Enough (Welonz chuckles) Yeah, alright Back to Lemniscate

15 thoughts on “Golden Balls – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 8 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

  1. The bottles thing might have been a 999 reference. The way they made it say 9, 3 times in a row, for no reason. Also, the digital root of 18 would then still be 9.

  2. Well that was a bit… surreal! But I guess I sorta expected it from a game like this, haha~ I'm really curious about Date's medicine… what exactly is it? What are they keeping him away from? Because it looked like… murderous intent?

  3. 41:12 this right there 😀
    Date definitely not guardian material, the way he ditched Mizuki was pretty much the worst way to do it.

  4. So, Aiba does passively record everything, as proved by her bringing up old conversations with Renju. Which means that her not immediately countering Tesa's attempt at blackmailing Date was likely a show of her personality and the willingness to make Date feel uncomfortable.

  5. You know…I hate myself for understanding that 'Lantern Joke' almost immediately, even tho' I'm not good with Japanese. I blamed Gintama with their 'D*ck joke' for polluting my mind :'D

  6. I just realized that I started playing this game from one of the craziest routes. This route does a better job of walking you through new characters and mechanics of the game.

  7. Okay so since you've been wonder why Date was allowed to take care of Mizuki, I opened my very own copy of the Japanese Civil Code (don't ask why I have one XD) aaaand what I discovered was… The article 766 of the Japanese Civil Code, if I'm not mistaken, states that "In case of divorce, it's up to the spouses to decide who will take care of a minor, given there is one" (pardon my crappy translation from Japanese). My Japanese law textbook further explains that although you might think it refers to deciding which one of the spouses will take care of the child, the custodian doesn't have to be a parent, or even a family member. The Japanese Civil Code has been changing a lot recently but if you believe my textbook, and I've bought it like a year ago, it's actually possible that Renju and Shoko simply decided to let Date take care of Mizuki (although I might be completely wrong, but if you just look at the Japanese law, it's entirely possible)

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