Graham: Impeachment is invalid until we know whistleblower’s identity

100 thoughts on “Graham: Impeachment is invalid until we know whistleblower’s identity

  1. Wow Graham comes out of hiding to make another false promise to the American people. What will you promise everyone this time and don't forget to put on that angry face. After all the academy awards will probably nominate you and Schiff winners for sure.

  2. THe Whistle blower should be Looking over his shoulder night and day ,because he is now much more useful to the deep state if he can permanently NOT testify via a mysterious accident or being Suicided by his fellow DEEP STATE COUP Traitors in various 3 letter agencies and in Congress. Quite Ironic that the fellows he supported may now be plotting his demise. These people are Evil plain and simple. They did it to Seth Rich. And Got away with it Why not again with much bigger stakes in the balance.

  3. Lindsey graham should worry more about south carolina having the largest nuclear waste problem in the US than kissing Trump's rump. How much tritium is in your coffee?

  4. Charges against the kingpin that runs the meth house down the street are invalid until we find out who it was that called the Crimestoppers hotline.

  5. Brennan, Whistleblower, and Schiff…Bidens….all corrupt..impeachment hoax is already dead on arrival. Someone needs to stop the out of control Dems from wasting American taxpayer's money…and time with soap opera type dramas. Mueller went on forever..stop this hoax now. We all knew Mueller and collusion was a nothing burger..just like this bs.

  6. I dont doubt that Char mel lie a has links to young boys on Epstein Island, … so he knows he has to go dow. fighting for Kissinger,..
    (Hilarious Clingon's " Friend & MENTOR"), probably

  7. It's a publicity stunt! The demonrats have nothing and are playing the public. If the news media isn't talking the identity then it's a farce. Why? Because the media and liberal left are in bed together

  8. We want the truth no fake news trump mess up what the constitution say? These guys don't believe in the constitution? I don't believe so

  9. That excuses is so pathetic. Other witnesses already verified and confirmed of Tramp's wrong doing so there is no need besides WB's cover need to be maintained for the future. Lindsey GET Out or Resign. You sold your integrity, you have no meaning, your words are hollow, empty, no value.

  10. The sad part is that Trump has to take time out of doing great things for the USA so he can speak to the fake news and to get people to NOT listen to the crazies.

  11. Lindsay Blah,Blah Blah. Lets you guys get together and defend our President instead of just giving lip service. STOP THE HARASSMENT OF OUR PRESIDENTIAL CHOICES!!!

  12. Adam schiff has disgraced our country & our costitution,he needs to be drug out & hung for his treason,him & nancy both need this done for what they have done to this nation.

  13. The identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant.  He only told the investigators where to look, and the investigators found a president that is corrupt as they come.

  14. YOU are wasting my tax dollars!!!!! Do any of you work? You are fraud legislators who should give back all of our tax money. You should be shut down for good. What have you done for the past three years besides give the world a soap opera to watch. You are all disgusting and a joke. Shut down the House-arrest them all. I am sick of this it is not a government. I WILL vote for Trump now & then hopefully Trump Jr. Congress is a joke. I would like accounts of every red cent each of you have spent, every detail of your life, your tax returns, what you have accomplished for we the people. You work for us not the other way around. We need a reset.

  15. Sad what's been done to this GREAT NATION AND THE PEOPLE OF THE United States is all about the destruction and abuse constitution!

  16. People I want to hear from are Joe Biden, the spy who wrote the Russia dossier, Adem Schiff, and all the transcripts of President Obama talking to foreign leaders.

  17. Stop saying read the transcript. You genious we can’t read the transdick. Transdick transdick transdick . Your being acused of extortion not a transdick .

  18. But Obama this , HILLARY that, Democrats then, and Hunter Biden now….this administration has made the USA the laughingstock of the world. All those people are not the sit in POTUS.

  19. Get your hide end in gear Graham! Start subpoenas on everyone involved. You the man with the power to do it. I suppose you're afraid of getting suicided?

  20. Read witch Transcript the real one hide in the private serva lots lots of Curruption in Washington they talk about draining the Swamp really

  21. Why the GOP didn't investigate Hunter Biden when they as the house since they know that he did something wrong you all full of bs

  22. Please stop talk about special counsel investigation because if there wasn't stone walling an plead the fifth there would be a different out come ok an please change the law that DOJ memo about president can't charge while in office. No one is above the Law plane an Straight

  23. What does it matter who the whistleblower is? The impeachment inquiry is about Trump's actions. Did he pressure the Ukrainians to investigate the Bidens or not? The whistleblower merely alerted people that there was some disturbing stuff about that phone call, i.e., the content of the phone call (possible quid pro quo) and the later suppression of the transcripts of the call by secreting them on a special server. The political bent of the whistleblower doesn't alter the facts. Whether he is a Democrat liberal leftie who hates Trump, or a staunch Republican conservative whose morals were offended by what Trump did on the call, the facts of the call are what's damning, not who brought them to light.

    This is like: "Hey, Jimmy says he saw somebody in the parking lot, breaking into your car!"
    "This 'Jimmy', is he a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan?"
    "Red Sox fan, why?"
    "'Cuz the Red Sox suck, that's why!"
    "What does that have to do with somebody trying to steal your car???"
    "Go Yankees! Wooo!"

  24. Lindsey Graham I do hope you can understand where I’m coming from but you are saying if the whistleblower doesn’t get to be interviewed by the Republican side you would throw the case out that means everything would be dead and the Democrats would win because they have the dirt and the only way reason the whistleblower would be it in harms way to start with it be by them because that whistle blower has all the dirt even right up through shift Nancy Pelosi Hillary Clinton Joe Biden every single one of them he probably wouldn’t but the only way the people can actually hear what all this nonsense is if you take it all the way to the Senate and have all this out not open every single Democrat and if there’s a Republican there even I hope I don’t see it the president we need to know this is tour country apart I’m getting tired of being called a bigot and everything else I want to prove that these people are only out for power that’s it they are lying and cheating to the American people called with the people for a reason and we have forgotten that

  25. Shut up lindsay your opinion is unsolicited and unqualified. Leave it to the constitutional legal experts. This whole impeachment fiasco only serve to consolidate and solidify GOP to be more vile and less rationale in its desperate attempt to defend King Trump.

  26. It'll be great to see the flip of Fox when the truth becomes too much to bear for the public and the Trump enablers. Follow the facts, not the rhetoric.

  27. This is the time that our country needs us to defend it from a group of traitors who want to undermine
    our democracy and values as citizens make worthless our constitution and laws
    that govern us and give value to our country in the world. speak up if you know
    something if you love our country and you know you put your life on risk and us
    must defend it with our lives if necessary

  28. How come the reps are not countering what the witnesses are saying. Instead the reps are targeting the wb. First the “process” then “transparency” now the “wb”. I think the reps should focus on defending the so called president instead of continuing to target the Bidens.

  29. Potus was counting on these demonrats to do this, now he can subpoena anyone he wants, like comey,Paige..Can’t wait to watch this one play out..Grab the 🍿 and enjoy the show.

  30. we could use a sample ltr to send to our congressman requesting who too subpoena before this all goes down. We can place it out there for patriots to use to send to their congressmen.

  31. Why the need for the whistleblower’s identity?! So trump and his administration can continue their shady dealings without being made public?!…shameful and sad!!!

  32. I should be able to hate everyone for how they live their lives but no one should hate me for how I live my own. Unless I say they can. Vote Democrat 🥴

  33. There’s no need to interview or question the whistleblower’s identity…everything he stated was corroborated by the people in the administration who have first hand knowledge…double sad the way the Trump defenders deny it all!!!

  34. Yeah, read the transcript… a 30 minute call that can be read slowly in 10 minutes with its ellipses… indicating missing info

  35. 3 whistleblowers are being interviewed, possible ties to deep state but to date very difficult ti identify the Faction:

    Eric Ciaramella
    Frank Fbiramella
    Ned Nsaramella

    If you can identify the faction please contact Joe at 30330

  36. Does no one realize that revealing a whistleblower is illegal right, don’t get mad that they exposed him it’s the truth it happened.

  37. whistleblower is irrelevant, so far all testimonies have said the same thing guilty. yall need to stop watching fox they are literally brainwashing you

  38. SCHIFFLER'S LIST: just when you thought the dems couldn't stoop any lower. PATHETIC PELOSI and the radical dems changed the law so a whistleblower can go on hearsay to trap the President. LOL you would think that this was the really bad thing they did, BUT NOOO. PATHETIC PELOSI gave schiff stain full authority on who the Republicans can have as witnesses and he can stop them from questioning anyone he sees has a threat to blowing open the coup they have going to take down Trump for the 10th time now…STOP THESE CRIMINALS THAT CALL THEMSELVES THE DEMOCRAT PARTY BEFORE THEY SUCH ED IN START ING ANOTHER CIVIL WAR.

  39. Graham knows this is baloney. So He can go make his own investigations. Oh it has already been done. And they found nothing. So these are nothing more than conspiracy theories. It is a favorite tactic of Trump and GOP. It’s not about bias it is about facts. The facts have proven that the allegations are true. Since Trump has threatened the Whistleblower. To protect his life and that of his family he must be protected. Even the people who have testified have been receiving threats. Trump also did what he did in Ukraine for Russia. It seriously threatened the safety of Ukraine. Oh well it is now policy to abandon allies. Outside council should have come through Barr but since Barr was bought by Barr it Congress had to.

  40. Republicans will lose big time if they continue to protect swine…they need to proceed so they can install a Republican candidate that can win…

  41. I bet Grahmbo wont raise his right hand and say we need the whistleblower. Illegal. Please please please dont scare future whistleblowers or the swamp will never be drained.

  42. Pelosi and Schiff work for the globalist elite and that is why California is being destroyed, they do nothing but raise taxes, burn peoples homes and want to change Cali to a point that the Rothchild group is happy with along with the un that wants to take your guns and freedoms, they want to rule over all nations, when will people wake up? omg! Both Schiff and Pelosi should be in jail for life!

  43. ast Comment, "WE HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE RIGHT NOW" if so and you believe it so strongly to be so THEN GO STRAIGHT TO VOTE for Impeachment …. you have already destroyed "JUSTICE" and 'POSTERITY' in the opening paragraph of the Constitution …. you give a d_mn about FUTURE GENERATIONS; in that you did not debate any issue of RULES, PROCEDURES, nor INQUIRY in a BIPARTISAN matter; FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY …. YOU AND ONLY YOU …THE DEMOCRATS…DIVIDED THE COUNTRY …. AND IS SELF EVIDENT in your DISREGARD of COMMON PRECEDENT you FORCED a VOTE RESULTING IN EXTREME PARTISANSHIP … even though 2 Democrats JOINED the REPUBLICANS in the NAY …. the AMERICAN PEOPLE threw off the chains of ONE TYRANT, only to HAVE it REPLACED by the tyranny of the HOUSE DEMOCRATS … This is why our MOST BLESSED DOCUMENT is the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, the Constitution is that document which established the rules, and blessed rights of the Republic…..Well done Democrats … and all because you hate a non politician outsider whom you hate, again well done

  44. What Linsey Graham is saying is meant to distract. 1) There's a law to protect whistleblowers. However, in order to protect Trump, Republicans are saying it's okay to violate that law. 2) Why is the whistleblower being used as an excuse not to proceed? It has already been established that he only HEARD what he reported. Those who were in on the call and directly involved have already testified that what he heard was true. They're due to testify, publicly, this week. 3) It seems the Republicans' only defense (or strategy) is to make it all about the whistleblower. Poor strategy. At this point, the whistleblower is practically irrelevant and it's not going to stop Americans from hearing what actually occurred. THEN they can make up their own minds.

  45. Sorry Lindsey but just because you are saying this nonsense on Fox and people are inclined to believe anything, doesn't make it true…
    LOADS of people have been arrested, tried and convicted on the basis on anonymous phone calls to the police.
    It happens all the time. (You could google Crime Stoppers… that might help you understand…)
    Someone reports a crime, the Police investigate and if they find a crime was committed they investigate further. If they find sufficient evidence they charge, and if the evidence stands up in court the criminal is convicted.
    No criminal defence in history has won on the basis of "We need to know the name of the person who reported the crime or this investigation is invalid."
    Cases are won on the balance of evidence. NOT on knowing the name of the person who first alerted the police to criminal behaviour.
    Lindsey should stick to letting Trump win at golf to keep on his good side, this just makes him look desperate.

  46. So if anonymous tipped the police of a bank robbery and the robbers confessed of the robbery in addition of bank workers giving accounts of the robbery as witnesses, Miss Lindsey seems to suggest that the police should let go of the robbers until they identify the anonymous informant! Miss Lindsey Graham seems to be smarter than all Americans! Pathetic fellow!

  47. Hmm Bidens sons Boss house raided in February? Double hmmm …. Biden entered race as 20th candidate on 25 April 2019 hmmm …. Yo all you Colombo's out there >>>> What came first the CORRUPTION RAID(FEB) or Biden's entry into the race 25 April 2019 >>>Oh I see Biden was THINKING about entering the race before the raid …. that's right says CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc

  48. How is it ok for Biden to threaten US aid to Ukraine to stop " corruption " but President Trump can't when we know there was actual corruption and billions of tax payer money that disappeared in Ukraine.

  49. Fox News , seriously ? You cut this clip off after Maria's question to Senator Graham "Are you going to call witnesses?"

    Are you deciding for the audience what is acceptable to be viewed? ?

    This blatant exclusion is as atypical of CNN & etc propaganda.

  50. Fox News , seriously ? You cut this clip off after Maria's question to Senator Graham "Are you going to call witnesses?"

    Are you deciding for the audience what is acceptable to be viewed? ?

    This blatant exclusion is as atypical of CNN & etc propaganda.

  51. Lindsey Graham can more and more be perceived as John McCain's Smiley Burnette. Having been deprived of his Gene Autry, Lindsey has obviously signed on as Donald Trump's faithful comic foil.

  52. GOP can't seem to follow the rules that THEY themselves devised, lmfao hahahahahaha They are all going to have to step down, for taking foreign campaign funds

  53. The phony "whistleblower" is "Charlie". That's how people should refer to him — just as the two FBI lovers did in their covert text messages.
    For real insight, look at the case of Republican Andrew Johnson. Lincoln's VP was impeached only because he pursued Lincoln's generous policies toward the South, which the Radical Republican Congress did not feel were harsh enough. Conviction failed by only a single vote in the Senate, and the lone Senator who cast it had to go against his own Republican Party.

  54. demo rats are using the same tactics that communists use to deny due process to a Citizen of the United States of America. Why anyone would vote for these people is beyond comprehension.

  55. why did they interview a twat that isnt reading the testimony from people that were on the call. All the graham points have already been debunked conspiracy theories. Graham wants the whistle blower who is protected for obvious reasons. The whistleblower will come into harm for himself and his family. Why is the whistleblower protected by law. connect the dots. read the testimony .

  56. i read the testimony and there is equal time in the questioning by the gop. Why is BS allowed on a NEWS channel. unfair process?? Graham is a worm.

  57. I heard someone say something and I'm not going to tell you who. I can't prove anything and I've made up stories before but you better change the country because I'm telling you to! And if you don't just believe me and do what I say I will get all my people to revolt!

  58. Way to go Graham. You've signed and sealed your chapter in history. A weak watery-eyed politician who tossed away honor and ethics to be a collared Trump gimp for the most damaging administration in our history.

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