Granblue Fantasy EMP Guide Part 2 All Characters

Granblue Fantasy EMP Guide Part 2 All Characters

Hi ladies and gentlemen, this is Koon Welcome back to the Part 2 of Koon’s Granblue
Fantasy Guide for Extended Mastery Point (EMP) I am going to share some general concepts
of EMP for all the characters in GBF today If you have missed part 1 of this video, feel
free to go back and look for it under my channel’s video list This video is going to be lengthy, so I’ve prepared
a few time stamps under the video description Please use them to skip and to save your time First of all, just like our main character,
your SSR characters and SR characters can get 1 EMP per 36,000 EXP gained, once they
reach level 80 and level 70 respectively Although it is really obvious, but I believe
there are a lot of players have no idea that our characters’ EMP bonuses are decided based
on three factors- Their TYPE, their RACE and their CHARACTERISTIC If you look at any character’s EMPs, you’ll
notice three rolls of EMP bonuses there The first roll of EMPs is decided by the TYPE
or STYLE of that character Whether he or she is a balance character,
an attacker, or a supporter etc The second roll is decided by their race Each race has a set of specific bonuses And the last roll of EMP is always unique,
and decided based on their own characteristic Character EMPs are very different from our
main character In order for you to gain a better understanding
about these perks, I have put them into 3 groups just like what I have done in the
previous video Those in Group 1 are the highly recommended,
those in Group 2 are important but optional, while EMP bonuses in Group 3 are generally
less important Again, I would like to highlight, there is
no hard and fast rules about EMP You and I, we’re probably using different
weapon grids or fighting style, so please don’t follow blindly What I can do for you here, is to give you
the general ideas You still have to try them out by yourself, to put these theories and information into practical usage Without further ado, let’s look at the first
EMP bonus- Critical Hit Our characters’ Critical Hit bonus is very
similar to how a primal grid works A three-star Critical Hit bonus gives you
25% chance to land a critical hit, which deals 25% extra damage Two Critical Hit bonuses give you 44% chance
to land a critical hit, and so on However, the most interesting thing is- these
bonuses are able to proc together which means you can deal more than 25% extra damage Among all the characters, Albert is the best
example, because he has 4 critical hit bonuses If all these bonuses proc together, he is
able to deal 100% extra damage, but the chance of course, is very low, just 0.4% All of us love extra damage, so 25% chance
for 25% extra sweetness this is certainly the best buy Japanese player Hibiota actually did some
research and calculations on this EMP bonus if you are interested, you can look for the
links to his blog in my video description I’m sure you can learn a lot from this guy Next, we have Elemental attack Apparently, 10% extra elemental attack is
pretty good, you know you want to invest in this especially for advance players So please get it! Double Attack and Triple Attack, they are
just so important It’s up to you whether you want to invest
2 stars or 3 stars in these bonuses because some players feel that there is no need to
go further for that 1% increment, but I always get Triple Attack Bonus to 3 stars If I don’t have enough points for double attack,
I usually keep it at 2 stars A lot of players thought that they need 3
stars to see the effect of this perk In fact, the difference between 1 star to
3 stars is very small, even when you strike a double or triple attack Hm… If you are not very particular about that
1% to 2% bonus, you only need to invest 1 star Alright, now let’s move to Group 2 Everything in this group is optional I’ll run through all of them very quickly Healing is optional Sometimes when you are using Enmity grid,
but pairing with dark, fire or wind healers you know you are going to go through some
dilemma between damage and the ability to survive Nonetheless, it is still a good choice when
you are joining high level raids Some bosses in the game have higher resistance,
so if a certain debuff from a specific character is very important, and you can’t afford to
miss it, you better get this one I personally think that core characters like
Altair and Jeanne should have this bonus unlocked This bonus is a lot weaker compared with our
main character If you have extra points, you can always invest
one star to boost your damage by a little Defend bonus is not necessary, but always
a good addition when you have extra points to spare for characters which are fragile And it’s pretty useful when you want certain
character to hold the aggro This bonus increases your character’s based
HP, so it is also affected by weapon skills like Majesty and Aegis I don’t think it is very important, but you
can always throw some points here if you have something to spare These two bonuses are highly optional Some players insist that they are good for
HL raids and solo However, to me, they are simply useless in
public raids, where everything comes and goes really quickly This bonus is not going to help much if your
character already hits the damage cap 1 star is probably enough for most characters Damage cap bonus is always good for those
who are already at their top form However, if your character still hasn’t hit
the damage cap, there is no point getting it because it’s not going to increase your
damage This bonus is good only if you already have
a very solid weapon grid, or when you’re already hitting the damage cap, because your weapon
strength can compensate the penalty of this bonus You can also invest some points in Attack
Up bonus to mitigate the penalty Also, the higher its level, the lower its
penalty, so always go for 3 stars if you want to play with it Dodge is pretty optional under most circumstances However, for characters like Monica, this
bonus is very important, because every time when she dodges, she will activate her skill
and strike her enemies, which is a very promising way to increase your damage Well, regarding Hostility, the chance of getting
hit is basically 25% for each character if you are using four characters for the fight In order for you to understand, I have calculated
and listed out the changes you get to enjoy based on the formula of Hostility I personally think that these bonuses are
both very useful Unlike the curve in enmity weapon grid we
usually see the damage offered by this bonus is linear Basically, you need 3 stars to see its effect,
and it is really good for character like Scathacha or those who are attuned to Enmity grid The bonus damage given by this perk is also linear similar to the Enmity bonus we mentioned just now Same here, you need 3 stars to see its true
potential You can’t see the icon of reflect when you
are fighting, and it’s pretty random Some characters, like Narmaya (Narumeya),
works very well with this bonus You can reflect 99% damage when it activates,
so it works like a 99% cut for that character Again, it is random, if you don’t want to
play with possibility, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to pick up this perk Support skill bonus will give you a passive
skill This is highly optional, but some very outstanding
passives, like Dorathy and Amira’s charge bar boost Seruel’s ATK up and Sturm’s Hotheaded,
are all very good choices to invest your EMP Ok, finally Group 3 Most bonuses here are not really useful Skill Damage bonus is one of the worst, because
it’s additive, it doesn’t multiple your damage directly by percentage For example, if your skill can deal 500% water
damage, it only increases it to 520% water damage instead of giving you an extra 100%
damage bonus So… never touch this one This one is also bad, too much investment
for too little return According to Japanese Wiki, at 3 stars, you
would probably only get 60k increase in your skill’s damage These are all rubbish Overdrive, you zerg; Mode Bar, you zerg; Debuff
resistance, you have shield of immunity and cure Elemental resistance only lowers elemental
damage, and it does not cut other damage The attack value of this bonus is not high,
and it’s a bit too risky to take up However, if you are a risk taker, and you
have other character(s) to hold the aggro maybe you can try to play around with it Alright, Fuuu…phew… finally, that’s all
for now I hope you find this video informative and
don’t forget to share it with your friends If you like my videos, please remember to
subscribe to my channel If you haven’t clicked on the bell icon under
this video, please do it now, so that you could get notified when I upload a new video Know yourself, know your game and play like
a pro This is Koon I will see you again Bye!

41 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy EMP Guide Part 2 All Characters

  1. Rank 171 player here with like 2 years of casual play and Im still watching your guides, haha
    anyway great work explaining the EMPs , I find the character sets far more of personal preference and honestly anything u pick is a bonus , even if it isn't 100% optimal, since i'm sure everyone runs different grids and teams and those can determine what you get, same for the rng rings.

  2. RN im on the stage where people call me HL player, but im still learning the game with koon videos, i feel dumb and smart at the same time tbh

  3. I laugh so hard when that sticker "I give up" appear at the end of the video. That's nice!!

    That said. When I finished watching this video I'm go back to see my characters EMPs to prepare for the incoming GW now. Thanks for this tips and your hard work Koon.

  4. i think the skill dmg cap up is at least mid tier.
    sure, the increase might only be 50k-80k for each nuke done by that char, but in longer raids those 50k~ builds up quite a bit. especially for characters that has dmg bonus on ougi, multiple nukes, double nukes skills, or just have nukes on really low cooldown. especially for seruel, aletheia, monika, and other big nukers.

  5. Hey Koon, is there a way to get 300 or more Cerulien Sparks fast?
    I know this question is unrelated to the topic of this video but still I was wondering if it's possible. I've missed out on so many characters I'd like to have and they reset too quickly.

  6. I have a question about some characters with high CA output like SSR Robomi, her CA usually around 3m with just a buff, I took 3* for all her CA damage and CA dam cap emp. IS it bad that I do that? should I reduce it to one each others? And also about Lucio, he has that skilll that could 2 m damage when his special buff activated, I used all the emp to his skill damage cap and skill damage emp… should I also reduce it to 0? or no? 🙁

  7. Koon Can you do video about HP and Damage Reduction please I can solo many raid. but Somehow I think my HP is too low to play in long raid like Hl,Odin, etc. I want to know the way to improved my HP of my team.

  8. Ahoi there – first and foremost thank you for all your helpful videos. I freakin love this game but I still don't get many aspects of it even after playing for a while now. I already tried to ask some question on reddit and another major GBF community but it seems that those aren't very "new player" friendly. There was no help not a single answer in both of them. I hope you can help me or someone else here:

    1. I saved up 3000 crystals and it took me some time to do so. And then I spend them on a 10-part draw and I was very disappointed because I only got one SR char. Is it even a good idea spending crystals on 10 part draws? Should I save them for something else?

    2. How do I get SSR characters? What is a good way to get them?

    3. Is it a good idea to master each and every class or just some of them? And what should I take care of in this case?

    4. I can't get enough Cerulean Sparks – it is so hard to get them. Sometimes I think I will never get enough to buy a SSR character with it 🙁 – Then sometimes the game asks me to transform them into stones after doing so the sparks are gone. What do I need the stones for and is there a way to change them back?

    5. Is it normal that leveling up takes that long. I mean the Rank stuff. I am playing like forever and I am still at rank 38. It takes like forever to get just one rank higher.

    6. I guess that's the case but is it illegal to buy characters / accounts online? I strangely found many boards where they sell whole accounts with a ton of SSR charas and stuff. I was shocked how many are out there and how much they sometimes want for those accounts. Aren't those buyers getting banned? Are many doing this?

    7. What I don't understand is why those collected cerulean sparks are automatically traded into cerulean stones after a certain time. Is there a way to stop this? Because if this is happening all the time there is no way to ever save up 300 sparks for a SSR character which sucks!

    I really love this game but the most important question is how do you get SSR Charas. I see so many players with so many SSR characters and I ask myself "How is that even possible?"


  9. Is there a cap on EMP? Like you can only slot X amount of stars or could you theoretically play so much the characters can fill all the EMP?

  10. Hi Mr. Koon, I am about 7 months in granblue fantasy. I have an enquiry to ask, do the main character emp share among all the classes? Example, if I invest in attack in a class, do I get it in another class? Or is it individual? Thanks

  11. I've been upgrading my characters over and over again and even using EXP books but the EMP for the characters don't increase, for example my Lady Grey…The next level for Extended Mastery of Lady Grey will be on 3 EMP, i should receive EMP every 30k+ EXP right? So why am i not receiving?

  12. I'm still new and i want to ask how can i increase my max emp stars? My characters can only go to 4 emp stars max even in full uncap and max level while everyone else's seems to be able to get to 28

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