Groups are Individuals Too!

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  1. Can't exactly like a 1-person echochamber where you just make up a future where all your political ideas magically work and everyone agreed to them.

    Why? Because you could easily make video like this with theorical comunism and be just as valid.

    And it IS an utopia, the moment you ruled out both powerfull entities (goverment/1%) not trying to decide people's lives AND somehow everybody agree on a baseline of core values while also preaching everybody just followa their own insterests in a positive way almost exclusively, the whole thing became pure utopia.

  2. That's the literal definition of collectivism.

    Collectivism is a value that is characterized by emphasis on cohesiveness among individuals and prioritization of the group over the self. Individuals or groups that subscribe to a collectivist worldview tend to find common values and goals as particularly salient.

    The individual still has their own goals they work together with the group to put conditions in place that meet the prerequisite of those goals.

    Also the economic ideas in here is often found third position politics

  3. We know how economics work. Get better pay if you work well, get better things if you can pay for it. That's why the USSR failed. There is a Russian saying "they pretend to pay us, we pretend to work"

  4. The scarcity argument do not apply to healthcare. People don't avoid emergency care because it is expensive, they get the care and put into debt because of it.

  5. Stupid! Utterly STUPID! A "group" is a number of people coming together in one place(for or more people) while an individual is just ONE person on his/her own.

  6. "Arbitrary number like GDP" Andrew yang said that. We need to focus on promoting individuals and their values, take a look at Yang's humanity first campaign. Pretty shwifty.

  7. Have you guys forgotten to properly tag the video or is YouTube malfunctioning and recommending a bunch o kids animations as if related to this?

  8. They zapped him with that thing without informed consent. So I guess they don’t actually have good morals. We’re even supposed to have that now.

  9. 4:13
    If it wouldn't have been a cartoon, Bob would now be in debt and would from now on be in debt. If he had known that bevorhand he wouldn't even have gone to treat his medical condition and just continued living with his injuries without treatment – what an advanced society

  10. NPC – White men bad peeps of colour and women good I am an individual I think for myself
    me – sure you are an individual but one that acts like a sheep. good luck with that
    NPC – White men bad peeps of colour and women good I am an individual I think for myself

    me – yeah you said that already

  11. Eve Trevor-Bennet concludes the cultural marxist eaching together argument in own one of 1993 book, assuming by Derrida this individuals aren't have a this (fas) and no this (ne fas) in once to making industrial producing and labour conhabitated out of patent remarkation, and isolationist third-person invention who he calls "subhuman".

    What this is made a Lvivian school of logics really gummed?

  12. “YOU took action in order to change conditions YOU weren’t happy with and hopefully replace them with a situation YOU wanted more.” Isn’t that selfish? That sounds like self-interest. Why would that NOT be selfish?

  13. this sounds SUSPICIOUSLY LIKE Randian Laze Faire Capitalism. So there's this video game series that explores why that ideology is stagnant horseshit- It's called BIOSHOCK. Should give it a play; highly recommend it.

  14. Let’s be honest, we are never gonna get healthcare cost down to where you pay for a strangers treatment out of your pocket.
    Sorry, the US is the biggest examples of this. US citizen go up to Canada in literal caravans for cheep meds.

  15. "Sheamus has a statue cause he made educational cartoon videos". Is she aware she's a cartoon character and that the whole world is a cartoon ruled by a single creator? Can I ship these 2?

  16. This is just blatantly false, have you read Grapes of Wrath? Part of the introductory section talks about the Dust Bowl. Families were unable to pay back their loans to the bank. Nobody in the bank wanted the families to go bankrupt. Nobody wanted to impound their property. If it were up to the individuals working at the bank, they probably would give extensions if the loan was personal. The bank has its own interests and actions beyond the actions of the people who make up the bank. The bank seized their property, not the individuals at the bank.

    A similar thing happens with executions. An executioner can find some peace knowing that it’s not he who executes criminals, it’s the state. He just flips the switch.

    When the Catholic Church bars someone from taking communion, was that the local bishop who acted? Could he just let the behavior slide? Maybe he could if he acted as an individual, but doing so would remove himself from the collective; in other words, he is going against the Church, which has its own interests.

    “Agency” means the power to choose. It’s a form of “agent”, and is used in the possessive, as in “exercise your agency” or “You have your own agency”. In a collective, you act as an “agent” of the collective, meaning it’s hard to lay guilt at your feet is you’re acting on behalf of the collective. If you work for a home security system, and you don’t set up everything properly, and the house gets broken into, the customer isn’t mad at you, they’re mad at the company for failing to employ a competent worker.

    It’s really shocking to me that so blatant a falsehood could be so blithely thrown out there.

  17. This is exactly how I envision the future. Childless women with multicolored hair lecturing someone about how evil the government is. I'm just waiting until she starts talking about how much she's a "foodie." After all, we are just units of consumption, just individuals. No need for families, alcohol, dildos and SSRIs are a suitable replacements for families.

  18. Where is Shamus, What have you done with him. You will not fool us with thees witty videos with excellent points!

  19. the main problem with healthcare in USA is that most of the cost are just administrative and doctors spend a lot of their valuable time just filing in paperwork for insurance companies

  20. Soylent Green is PAPEEEERRRR!!! Bwaaaa hahaaahahahaaahahahaaaa!! Oh that killed me! I can’t breathe!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  21. Sure but what about people who clame to help others but they doing it for themselfs as intnye attack tyere own group for there own needs
    Like when a feminist calls a woman "not a feminist" cause they love some straight white male

  22. unfortunately it is not possible to create a society that is better for everyone. quite literally, if we progress things in a way that makes it so that the greatest number of people are living the lives that they deserve and have the right to live, then there are going to be atleast a few people that do not get to live a life in as good a state that they have now.

    the question is whether or not that is something we should care about, and both sides have completely fair and logical points.

  23. I dunno, my mind finds this somewhat agreeable but another part of me doesn't trust women with unnaturally dyed hair.

    Not much of a fan of libertarianism though; it feels so farfetched to place so much faith in people to follow even the most simple of rules. I don't think people can be trusted to let others be without trying to exude a form of influence over others and there is always someone out there who'll be "receptive", given mankind is inherently a social creature.

    I'm just a fan of a solid Republic with checks and balances (despite current events).

  24. I want an actually analysis of their voices to know for sure that Seamus has a lower pitched voice than here.
    I don't think he does.

  25. Foundation for Economic Education: Groups are Individuals Too!

    The Far Left and the Chinese Communist Party: We strongly disagree.

  26. Is a colony of ants a single ant? No. A colony of ants is composed of individual ants, but the colony is not itself an individual ant. The collective has properties that the individual does not, even though it is composed of such individuals. The individual has properties the collective does not, even though the collective is composed of similar and like individuals.

    We are literally a collection of living cells working in concert to form an organism. Do you move around like a blood cell? Do you function exactly like a nerve cell? No. Yet we are composed of these things. The whole, being composed of individual pieces is not itself an individual piece. Though living cells composed us, does an individual skin cell have a favorite movie? Does an individual retinal epithelial cell have an economic or political philosophy? No. Being connected to the whole doesn’t make a piece of the whole the same as the whole.

    The saying, “The whole being greater than the sum of its parts,” comes to mind.

    The same principle applies to groups and organizations of people. Groups are composed of people, but they are not individual people themselves. Groups are and should be categorized in a whole other classification because they are something more than just an individual. A super organism analog, of you will.

    The best example of this I can think of in fiction is the Machine God from the Onyx Publishing pen and paper RPGs “Chronicles of Darkness” and “Demon: the Descent”. The Machine God is not a human like god or person entity like people are normally able to comprehend; in these games you will never come face to face with “The Machine God” per se. The Machine God is the collective of every piece of infrastructure it has around the world (and in pocket dimensions), every angel/algorithm that does its bidding, and every human performing functions in its occult matrixes.

    Businesses, organized religions, governments, and other such entities are very much like the Machine God.

  27. but groups statistics exists, that's a fact. By focusing on the individual you lose sight of the group. Even if it is a "bunch of individual" the larger that group is the more he acts along groups statisics and sociological phenomenon. What you don't understand is that "make sure people don't steal or hurt each other" is a form of intervention, wich prove there are cases where said intervention is necessary.

  28. Wait.. aren't government made up of individuals too… so what happens when individuals have conflicting views? And if a democracy make rules, isn't that just the majority of the people in that democracy taking actions their own interests? I see a circular argument for government happening here.

  29. 3:15 made me realize this is Chicago economics, not Austrian. Still awesome, don't get me wrong, but could be even better!

  30. I think we should consider what the left thinks a group is. They think of a group as a bunch of people who collaborate. We think the key word is cooperate. The difference is that cooperators exchange while having different goals whereas collaborators exchange while having the same goals. The right sees a group as people bound by the same culture hence the same goals and for them also, collaboration is key.
    Why that's important is that for us, -those who like exchange without the constraint of having the same goals- Adam Smith's invisible hand allows a society to exchange between people with diverse skills and interests. If society is viewed as interaction between same thinking people, the "invisible hand" metaphor is merely quaint. Not only is creativity limited, exchange can be organized by authorities directing most economic activity which limits creativity even more. Alas, any ideas different than that of the authorities must be suppressed with force. Whereas, when exchange is instead seen as "cooperation" (action between people who do not have to be of the same mind) for each and every exchange the only rule is both want it to happen. In which case force is not necessary and can even be forbidden.

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