Guess That Celebrity From Their Old MySpace Photos

Guess That Celebrity From Their Old MySpace Photos

– ♪ Hello ♪
(both laugh) – Was she a scene kid? – Oh my God!
– Oh, I knew it! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) How much do you remember
about Myspace? – I wasn’t even really around.
– I really don’t remember that at all. – Were you even born
when Myspace was doing it? – I was born for Myspace!
– She was not, no dude. – I’m out of the loop here,
I didn’t even think I knew what Myspace was. – Really, ’cause I was like
barely on the cusp. – (FBE) Well, celebrities also had
profiles on Myspace, some of which they’re probably hoping
never see the light of day. – But thank goodness for us!
– Yep. – (FBE) From 2005 to 2008,
Myspace was the largest online social network in the world. We’ve gone through a ton
of celebrity profiles from this time to bring you some truly
throwback photos, and you’ll have to guess
who each one is. – (both) Oh!
– That’s interesting. – Is it a competition,
are we having fun with it? – (FBE) Oh no, it’s a competition. – Oh, okay, we’ll be fine.
– Oh, great. I loved you until now.
– Beat your ‘in ass! (both laugh) – (FBE) And since your quotes
were almost as important as your photo on Myspace,
we’ll end the game with a lightning round
of celebrity quotes. – Ooh.
– Celebrity quotes? (laughs) I can’t even get their face! – She’s shocked
by the lightning round. – Yeah.
– The internet back then was nothing like it is now, so…
– Totally different from today’s. – I’m pretty curious to see
what people uploaded. – (FBE) Okay, here is the first one. – Oh, that’s easy.
– Now that’s mad easy. – Was she a scene kid? – Everyone was a scene kid
at one point. – That’s true. (laughs) – She goes to Hot Topic a lot.
– (laughs) A lot. – A lot! (laughs)
– A lot, and hides the receipt
from her mom. – Eric, I can’t see your board!
– Don’t look! – He’s literally like…
– I’m trying to help her! – No! (laughs) It screams nah, I’m crying,
on the cold hard ground. – I’m crying on my guitar.
– Oh! – There are teardrops everywhere.
– Oh! Trouble, trouble, trouble. – (FBE) Okay, let’s see those guesses. – Taylor Swift. – (both) Taylor Swift.
– (FBE) Yes! (bell rings)
– Did you put Roar? (laughs) – She looks Rawr XD.
– That’s Katy Perry. – Ah, she’s both. (bell rings)
– Yeah. – Did you know she’s as old as Adele? – Whoa, look at the difference!
– Yeah. – I think that might be
my downfall in this game is that I’m kinda bad with names.
– God, she, glow up. I’m surprised she doesn’t have
a lip ring, or is it snakebites or something like that?
– Because she was four! – Teen!
– Yeah, that’s it, though. I’m saying, she was too young
to have that. – (FBE) Who do you think this is? – Who the [bleep] is this guy? – Who is this? – I’m trying to like shave their head,
and then shave their face and see who it is.
– Much bigger now. Like physically, physicality-wise.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – If it’s the person I’m thinking of, that’s who I think it is.
– I have no clue who it is. – This is a musician for sure.
Not an actor. – I hope it’s Jeffree Star.
– Oh my God. (laughs) – I think I know who this is. – I don’t know
if I can write anything. – But I don’t know his name. – I’m gonna with Tom,
’cause I saw you write Tom. – Oh there you go,
okay, you’re close. – Tom, I’m gonna, here we go.
– Frickin’ cheater! – (FBE) Okay, who do you
think this is? – Question Mark.
– I wrote Prince William. – I wrote the guy from Venom.
I think his first name’s Tom. – Tom Hardy.
– Tom Sawyer! (both laugh) – (FBE) It was Tom Hardy.
– Yes! – I don’t remember who Tom Hardy is.
– (FBE) He’s this guy. – Oh, that guy!
– He’s Bane. – Oh my God!
– Oh, I knew it! – Tom Hardy? – He had the hair
that I expected Taylor Swift to have. (Jair laughs) – I know Tom Hardy’s lips. You know, like just the… – I know, that, huh, pause time out.
– But it didn’t look like, stop, stop! – Time out.
– Beautiful lips. – Definitely did not
could guess that at all. – That’s crazy. – (FBE) Next up. – Ooh.
– Oh, uh what the heck is his name? – Easy.
– Shit! – I know this, oh, so cute.
– Who? (laughs) – Oh.
– Come on. – Yeah, I know this.
– You got that. – Clearly with the picture,
this person’s still relatively young. – Right, right, right. – Oh, oh, I know who it is.
– Like once you see it. That’s so funny.
– It hits after a while. – Yeah.
– You can tell, it’s the little smirk.
It’s the same thing, yeah. – Oh. – I’m gonna name the wrong one
in the group. – How do you name the wrong one? He’s the only one
who everyone knows his name! – (FBE) Okay, let’s see those answers. – Mr. Styles.
– Harry Styles? – Harry Styles, yeah.
– Yeah. – Harry Styles.
(bell rings) – Oh, I don’t [bleep] know
Harry Styles. – No? – There’s some people that just don’t,
like their face doesn’t change. – Are there like certain
facial features that you guys are going for?
– The eyes. I feel like it’s the eyes for me.
– Really? – He’s just gotten like,
he’s a man now, you know? – His new album?
Sick. – Yeah, I’m not even kidding. He could walk in and go
“Hi Sharon, I’m Harry.” I’d be like oh, nice to meet you. – (as Harry) Hello Sharon,
my name’s Harry. – I’d be like oh, hi Harry.
Is that your name or description? – (laughs) Not right there. – (FBE) This next one
should be a little easier for you. – Oh that one’s like, yeah. – You know who that is.
– I know who this is. – Yeah, come on. – Do I wanna spell her name wrong?
– Yeah. (both laugh) – That’s like the sickest Myspace
profile photo I’ve seen in a while. – Plot twist, it’s not her! – (FBE) Okay, let’s see those boards. – The whole thing gives it away. – Ready?
– Yeah. – Nicki Minaj!
– Vicky Ninjaj. – (laughs) Mickey Vinaj.
(Eric mumbles) – (FBE) I’m gonna go with the answer
on your board, it is Nicki Minaj.
(bell rings) – Awesome.
– Ah! – She looks exactly the same.
– Yeah, honestly. – There was no difference. – She still has the same sort of swag.
– Oh yeah, 100%. – Back then as to now. – I like how you spelled it actually.
– I did N-I-K-K, it’s N-I-C-K-I. – (FBE) Here is the next celebrity. – I don’t know how to spell his name!
– Come on! – [Bleep]!
– I know a great movie that he… – I know the show that he was in.
– Yeah, exactly. – I don’t know! (laughs)
I don’t know, I genuinely don’t know. – I don’t know his name. – It’s that home turf advantage
right here. – (FBE) Okay, who is the person telling jokes during
the age of flip phones? – Aziz Ansari.
– Nothing. – Question mark? – Funny guy from Parks and Rec.
Treat yo’self! (both laugh) – (FBE) I’ll give you that.
– Treat yo’self! – (FBE) I’ll give you that.
– You will? – Oh, son of a bitch.
– Nice! – You know who that is?
– I’ve seen that before, yeah. – He has a very like,
you know the face, but I don’t know his name. – He look, last photo he looks lost,
still looks lost. Like he’s just like… – Akar, she put Akari?
– Oh! You know what I mean! (laughs) I do not know how
to spell his last name! – Not with a K!
– It was a flip of a coin! Damn it, we gotta break this tie. – (FBE) So this next one,
there are two people in it. Someone is fangirling
over Katy Perry. Can you tell who it is? – Well that’s Katy Perry. – Oh, I know who that is. – Oh, me too,
wouldn’t have guessed that. – No you don’t!
– Wait, am I right? Yeah, I hope so.
– I see, I probably have, my initial thought
is probably what you wrote. – Yeah.
– But I’m trying to… – I don’t know. – That’s so cute! – That’s, today that’s so cool to see,
because you can like, wow, oh I’m taking a photo
with this person, but in like five years,
it’s like, you guys are equivalent, if not, yeah.
– You guys are sitting at the awards show together. – Let me have all of ’em. – I’m gonna run to the restroom
while he [bleep] decorates. – (laughs) Okay, I’m ready.
(Sharon laughs) – Ready?
– Yeah. – Okay. – Adele.
– Adele. – Adele.
– Adele? – ♪ Hello ♪
(both laugh) – (FBE) You both got it correct!
– Damn it, dude! – She had a big glow up.
– Definitely, yeah. – Yeah.
– She just, yeah. – She look so good now. – Adele strikes me as a person
that was like a giant fangirl of all of the female pop stars,
and then she became one! – I’m surprised. – I think she can appreciate
someone else’s music. – Oh, of course, but I’m surprised, I guess it’s more of like
if she went to a concert of hers when she was younger,
that would have surprised me. – Yeah, eh. – (FBE) Ready for the next one? – Oh, oh, oh oh oh!
Ah goodness, what’s his name? I know who this guy is. Um (squeaks) okay. – Is that DJ Jazzy Jeff
and the Get Fresh Prince? – How did you know? (laughs) – Am I missing something?
– Mikaela man, Mikaela, it’s obviously Will Smith with him,
obviously Will Smith. – Which name do I put?
– The one that he’s known by. – He’s known by both!
– Question mark again? – Question mark! – (FBE) It is Donald Glover.
(bell rings) – Oh!
– (FBE) Childish Gambino. – He’s like obnoxiously talented.
– It’s insane. He’s, all across the board.
– He could do anything. – No, everything.
– Yeah. – Did you put Childish?
– I did, you put Donald Glover! – I know him from Community
more than rapping. – Oh, okay. (bell rings)
– I could tell by the face. – I thought it was him,
but I was sort of like unsure, but then I read
the tracklist on the side, and I saw Bambino,
and I was like oh, it’s gotta be. – Yeah, right there,
he doesn’t have his beard, but his side profile.
– Wow, a beard really makes a man. – (FBE) Here’s the last one
before the lightning round. – Aw.
– Oh, that one, yeah. – I have no clue
who these people are. – That one, I got. – Let me see who it is.
– No! – I won’t write it down,
I won’t write it down! – No! – I know who that is.
– What’s his name, dude? I don’t remember.
– He was my crush when I was little. – Oh yeah.
– Or younger. – I feel like I’ve seen
this picture so many times, as a stan.
– That’s crazy. – Oh [bleep].
If I get this, don’t, I don’t want, hold on, hold on.
He looks exactly the same. – Yep. – He looks like he
blew up from TikTok. – Also yep.
– Yep! (laughs) – Alright, you ready, three, two, one.
– Yeah. – Zayn Malik.
– Zayn. – Zayn! – (FBE) You got it right.
(bell rings) – Yes.
– Yeah! Oh you just put Zayn, that’s fine.
– Oh. – I remember my first concert
was One Direction. – Like One Direction fans,
or like anyone who has like a big stanbase,
your photos are dug up. – He’s a nice looking young fella.
– He’s a good handsome chap. – He’s a good looking young fella.
(both laugh) A strapping young fella. – I’ve seen the picture before.
– The eyelashes. Me, it’s the eyes.
– I mean yeah, the eyes. Yeah, that’s…
– He’s like I’m Zayn. – (FBE) We are now going to
show you quotes from some of the celeb profiles
whose photos you’ve just seen. Write down which celeb
you think said which quote, and at the end,
we’ll have you reveal your answers to see how well you did. – Okay, got it.
– Cool. – “I’ve never been the kind of girl
who needs a boyfriend. I don’t go out looking for guys,
but then again,” – “I don’t write a lot of love songs.” – God, I hope it’s Harry Styles. – I already know who that,
I’m gonna go with this one. – “I can play both electric
and acoustic guitars.” – “But I don’t want to come off
a snob about it.” – Well you came off a snob about it
a little bit. (laughs) – What the fudge? – “It’s Barbie, bitch!”
I feel like I know that one. (laughs) – I can almost guarantee
I know who that one is. – (laughs) I can guarantee
who that is too. – That one cracks me up. – I spelled that wrong,
but that’s okay. – I’m gonna get all of these wrong. – I’m trying to remember
the celebs we went through. – I’m like I don’t need
to confide in you. – Hold on.
– I’m holding. (Krischelle laughs) – Oh, let’s go with this. – (FBE) Okay, you got your answers?
Let’s see. – Okay. – (FBE) So the first one,
“I’ve never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend,
I don’t go out looking for guys, but then again I don’t write
a lot of love songs,” is Taylor Swift.
– I knew it. – Okay, I was between
Adele and Taylor Swift. – Nah, do you know why?
– I went with Adele first. – ‘Cause Taylor Swift always
talks about how she doesn’t write about love songs,
but all of her songs are about guys she dated. – Really?
– That’s all she writes, bro. – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh. (bell rings)
– Every single time I try and not dislike
Taylor Swift, I see a [bleep] quote like this
or something that she said. – She gets right back in! (laughs)
– She punched me right back in there. – (FBE) The person who said
“I can play both electric and acoustic guitars, but I don’t
wanna come off a snob about it,” was actually Katy Perry.
(buzzer rings) – Wow. – Katy Perry wasn’t even
one of the guesses! – Yes she, oh wait.
– She was in the picture with Adele. – Wait, that’s why I didn’t say her.
Damn it. – That’s clever.
– That was very clever. – Oh, they tricked us.
– Oh, you tricky tricky. – That sneaky.
– Bull [bleep]. – Nope.
– Bull [bleep]. – Okay.
– Would you have guessed Katy Perry anyway? (laughs)
– No, I wouldn’t have actually. – Alright this last one,
if we don’t get this right. – Don’t get this one,
I’m gonna be mad, ’cause like…
– Please don’t be Tom Hardy, come on. – Oh gosh. – (FBE) And the last one,
“it’s Barbie, bitch!” was Nicki Minaj.
(bell rings) – And now I wish it would’ve been
like Harry Styles. – On “it’s Barbie bitch!”? (laughs)
– Yeah, it might have been. (bell rings)
– Yes! – Alright, we got that one. – We tied.
– Boom. – Oh, okay. – So we both got
the last one right on this one. – Exactly.
– Cool cool. – (laughs) I wrote Tom Hardy.
– Did, oh. (laughs) – (FBE) So with a final score
of 9-7, Troy, you’ve won this one. (bell rings)
– (laughs) Not surprised. – We almost got like
all of them right. All of them. – I thought it was gonna be
a goose egg to be honest with you. – Honestly, I thought
you were gonna get one. – Did you?
– Yeah. – By just falling into it. – Taylor Swift, I was like
she’s got Taylor Swift. – Yeah, ugh. – I think it just came down
to like knowing two random people, I’d say, basically. – That photo of Tom Hardy though,
with his phone and his hair and mustache,
is so funny. – That’s kinda like the cool thing
about the internet is you can imprint memories forever. So we can just go back and be like
that was a really dumb hairstyle. – Thanks to everyone,
and especially the SuperFam for watching us Try To Guess
Celebrity Myspace Photos. – Subscribe for new shows
every week! – Wanna see more celebrity content?
Let us know down in the comments. – Bye guys! – Hi guys,
React Producer Lindsey here. Thanks so much for watching us
Guess That Celebrity Myspace Photo. If you wanna see more content
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  2. Jair literally saying Panic! at the Disco for Tom Hardy?? I mean which ex member of panic ever looked like that cause it for sure wasn't Brendon😳

  3. It depends what era of Taylor your taking about. Most or at least a lot of her songs are break up songs, and I don’t think there are as many love songs in her earlier albums although not 100% I mostly listen to Speak Now onwards. Maybe some people consider love songs and break up songs the same 🤷🏼‍♂️

    React to Miss Americana

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