GUTS Character Spotlight – Risa Akabane

GUTS Character Spotlight – Risa Akabane

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50 Shades of Red Konnichiwa, minna-san! Risa is very excited to see you all! This video is a very special one. Risa will reveal something really, really important today. Please, tag along! For this portrait, Risa is using a very special ink: the blood of her cute little friend, Babo-chan! Babo-chan is sick and wants to die! Poor Babo-chan! Please root for Risa while she give him what he wants! The most important part of painting with blood is to have it fresh! Stale blood is very bad for painting. It isn’t cute at all! Risa likes it nice and wet, so she can create beautiful art! Unfortunately, Risa’s friends from the asylum won’t lend their patients to her! And they were so nice to Risa when she was interned there! But things are about to get much, much better now! Because Risa was invited to join this season’s GUTS show! You all know that Risa loves GUTS! Violence is art! And GUTS is violence! There are still laws that prevents Risa from torturing and killing things, but she will change that, in the name of art! Please, root for Risa! She will win GUTS and create beautiful art, full of cuteness, blood, torture and murder! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to Risa’s channel ‘Fifty Shades of Red’ to see more cute content in the future! Sayonara! Risa’s hobbies are painting and killing! Arigato, loser-chan! Risa enjoyed this very much!

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  1. I congratulate you guys for the initiave, the game is very well made, considering the size and renown of the studio, I definitely see a lot of potential in whoever made this. But I guess the best piece of advice I could give you guys, is to put some more aesthetics and fan-service into your games, that's what attracts the masses nowadays.

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