I’m having an identity crisis about
the style of my videos. This video now is actually about a trip
I’m taking tomorrow. It’s bedtime now. It’s a travel video that’s a part of an ongoing series of videos I’ve been making with Odigo travel where I’ve going around Japan and showing you places I think good. And I’ll be showing you one of my all time favorite places in Japan, which is a Japan’s deepest lake, Tazawa lake in Akita prefecture. The reason why I’m having an identity crisis is because of the friend who messaged me the other day criticizing the style of my videos. He says… “Your videos aren’t bad, but you should use time lapses and drones. It’ll make your videos better. Use some more upbeat music as well.
You know, like the big YouTubers do.” Alright, well, I am..
I do like time lapses and drones but they’re defenetely been overused these days. I often find travel videos on YouTube
more about style over substance these days. I’ve seen entire travel videos that are just series of people walking around time lapses trying to look cool rather than teaching viewers anything of any conceivable value. Still I’m not better.
I like to open-minded. So the first few minutes of this travel video, I’m gonna try to develop more popular main stream YouTube vlogging style. and see if it works.
Who knows? This can be it.
This can be the day the Abroad in Japan channel changed for the better. What’s up, guys!
It’s your boy, Chris here. And today, we’re going on a road trip to a lake which is like a big paddle that got out of hand. Right now, guys, I’m in Akita city. It’s just got this amazing traditional
Japanese vibe going on. Before we begin the road trip, I really wanna show you Akita city. So let’s explore the city together, guys. Taste spoon! Oh my god, guys!
Monkey basket ball! Look at this monkey! So we just finished exploring Akita. And it was loads of fun.
Hashtag and retweet “loads of fun” And we’re ready to start a road trip. So that was the new style of vlogging. If you think that’s better than the usual one,
do leave a comment below. We may use it, going forward Also recently discovered while filming in the car, that’s stabilized like this. I’m pretty excited. The possibility are now limitless for car videos. On to Tarawa lake. I’m paying for a car pass. How to pay for a car park ticket in Japan. Where’s my ticket?
Shit… This golden statue here is Tatsuko, who’s been a legend around the spots. I was gonna recite the story to you and just talk about it but I’m just gonna read it off my phone coz that’s what YouTubers do anyway, they read it and they pretend like they know, but we just…we don’t..we just read it off the internet Alright: “Long ago, in the village of Tezawa, an extraordinarily beautiful girl by the name of Tatsuko was born. As she grew, her beauty increased and she became worried about how to preserve her good looks. So that they would never fade away For 100 nights she prayed to Kannon,the goddess of mercy, that she would retain her youth. Kannon eventually decided to answer the girls fervent prayers and appeared before her. She told Tatsuko to drink of the waters of the lake, and she would be beautiful forever. After she drank from the water, Tatsuko noticed that she became so thirsty that water no longer quenched her thrist She realized that she was becoming a dragon, and dejectedly sunk into the lake. Kinda where the story ends I suppose the moral of the story is Don’t….. Don’t be beautiful.. And…don’t drink from Tezawa Lake There wasn’t really a point to it was it So I bought some cookies Akita dog cookies And I thought that it’d be quite nice, a nice little treat to enjoy, overlooking the lake And then I realized it’s actually a dog that’s gone to the toilet, the cookies are based around that kind of joke And it’s kinda put me off now It comes with a sticker as well Where is this sticker gonna go?Where am I gonna put this sticker? It is a beautiful lake though so peaceful, so silent There’s a disturbing amount of fish I think they’ve actually seen me and the food, they’re all fighting to try and get up onto the rock where I’m eating the bloody dog cookies This is terrifying I’ve never seen so many fish in all my life Not that great Still I have a thousand fish and a very good view Can’t really complain really, can I? Aaah so peaceful! The lake, so still so calm and I just love the way it’s surrounded by all these mountains There’s quite a lot of swan pedal boats around Although not many people using them I wouldn’t go on by myself, I’m a little bit too old for that now A bit too mature for…a swan pedal boat They do look quite fun actually I haven’t been on a pedal boat… …in about 15 years I don’t know how I know that number but yeah I haven’t been on a pedal boat in a long time I bought this cup of fish food from the Swan Boat salesman For 100 yen He said that if I throw it in the lake many fish will come so I’m gonna hold him true to his word and get rid of the rather unpleasantly smelling fish food There you go! They all just went under the boat Just the worst 100 yen I’ve ever spent Look at them, pedaling so efficiently in their swan boat While I’m not even moving Bastards! Whenever I get in a boat I feel like I wanna be some kind of pirate. I’m gonna sink them. Take them down Although I’m a bit more worried about my boat It’s of questionable buoyancy and there’s a few thousand dollars worth of cameras that I’ve brought on here with me Probably wasn’t a good move It’s quite relaxing though I can’t lie Nah I can lie but I’m just…relaxing The kind of place I need to come to more often, I’m often the sort of person that gets really stressed about small minimal rubbish and things and I need to come to places like Tezawa Lake to just unwind and pedal a swan boat Oh my god this is a lot of effort I really can’t be bothered to pedal this back I might just sit here for a bit It’s beautiful Actually no I’m quite hungry This video marks the end of my travel series with Odigo But there’s a blog post in the description box below talking about my experiences and my time traveling with Odigo throughout Japan, over the last few months And to see more videos from my travel series check out Odigo’s YouTube Channel in the link below Many thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you next time! So we’ve just finished exploring Akita City together guys, it was lots of fun, hashtag ra….oh fuck it

100 thoughts on “HAVING AN IDENTITY CRISIS at Japan’s Deepest Lake

  1. The main reason i watch you, because you do something different from the other (mainstream/boring) vloggers. You represent value and information in your videos with a good amount of humor and the most important that you show us who you are without trying to be someone else. This is rare nowadays in both the real and online world. It was fun to see how mainstream just fails. 😀

  2. I like actually all of your videos, regardless of the style. Best is when you have fun, it shines through 🙂
    Best work so far – at least in my opinion – the Journey through Japan, I am actually watching still those videos, again and again, while I am on the stationary bike at the gym 😀 Don't laugh… too hard 😀

  3. Loved the "new style" you included in this video. The Starbucks bit was hilarious. At the same time, it's also great to see that you did eventually heed your friend's advice. You've really taken your videos up a notch with the new Journey Across Japan series, some gorgeous tracking shots in there.

  4. This video is/was pure gold! Lol. Even though some of the blogging fads have calmed down, i still laugh at your satirical montage at the beginning. "Traditional akita… Pans to starbucks… That concludes our tour of traditional Akita." Brilliant. Thanks for the laughs Chris. Hope you are well.

  5. Lol that was hilarious! BTW I don’t know why but you’re extra attractive when you drive 😆 More please 🚗

    ps: “It’s your boy” 🤣🤣🤣 I DIED

  6. That video reminds me of the Trap Rappers lol
    Every good rapper is able to copy a Trap Rapper, but non of the Trap Rappers is able to copy a good rapper.
    Chris is able to copy those fake upbeat vlog styles, but no one of those fake upbeat vloggers would be able to get to Chris's quality level.

  7. The intro nearly consists of you traveling up an escalator and down a escalator…so much substance lmao!!!

  8. your sarcasm is much more wellocmed by me than modern vlog style (it’s ok sometimes also but in log term can be boring and overused)

  9. #fuckit – now that's what i call trendy!
    Good thing you stayed true to your way of making videos.
    Watching all these beautiful lakes and seashores i can'T help but wonder how the different countries handle the fishing: Do you need a license over there?

  10. You are at your best when you are sarcastic and showing up the trendy youtubers and overly critical friends whom have no idea how to make quality content.

  11. Even with all of your efforts, this video is still better than the ones that "Where's Poppie" does. Though you did get the style of it lol

  12. two of the reasons I like his videos it's because he DOESN'T use those upbeat annoying songs like other youtubers, and ALSO he doesn't speak like if the audience were 9 year old kids with mental illness

  13. Then came the time lapses, drones and upbeat music on the cycle trip. It was a perfect series! Loved those videos. If only yourself in this video could see you now.

  14. 英語はね。クリスやポール・マッカートニーのような格好いい白人が話しているから、日本では許容される。もし白人が英語を話さず黒人やアジア系しか話さなかったら、おそらく日本で英語を勉強する人はほとんどいないだろうね。

  15. That was fucking stupid and funny ohhhhh God.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️ Mate keep it original like you been doing . Awesome stuff.😶

  16. If the rest of your videos were like the " mainstream YouTubers" part I'd never watch em. I like the normal person perspective.

  17. This is fracking hillarious… These vlogs you parodied are the worst cancer of the contemporary internet. You know the harald baldr dude? He takes minimalism to the next lvl by doing some 30 min vlogs in one shot.

  18. Seeing you try to smile during that intro was hellish. I’ll never get rid of the image of your rictus grin . Please only use your natural scowl from now on.

  19. Video idea typical American in knife fight vs. Yakuza Enforcer you could make this happen you will make this happen I will make you make this happen this is already happened everything is happening… Help im bleeding out

  20. Watching this over morning coffee.
    “It’s ya boi-“
    Beautiful, cinematic spit take, coffee flying a good three meters.

  21. I’ve been watching your current vids about a year, and this older vid came up.

    OMG, so glad you never changed your style! Keep doing what you do, and how you do it, Chris!

  22. We are a family from US I'm form El Salvador, my wife is from USA and I will tell you that your videos get to our hearts because are down to real life and also normal. is like books or tablets, so we prefer books for our three kids because help their abilities with thinking and help their imagination because this world is loosing the human part that you include in your videos. I'm dreaming to move to Japan one day so your work is very important to me. Thank you my friend

  23. So this video is crazy old, but if you happen to see this comment, how did you get the camera to not shake while in the car? Or if anyone else knows? Using a tripod on the seat makes for a very shakey video…

  24. May your friend never be critical again. You really stuck it to him that was so funny. I was watching it in tv and just had to go find the video on my computer so I could give you an “ayyyyyye”

    Ps. We got back from japan about a day ago…… feeling depressed. But we love your videos and there’s for damn sure a lot of content on your videos we can plan for next time. Japan’s the best place on earth.

  25. "Whenever i'm in a boat, i feel like i'm going to be a pirate"

    His british pirate genes are beginning to activate

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