Hero – A Very Silly Character

Hero – A Very Silly Character

I really like Hero. Like, genuinely! I really, really like Hero. But – I’d like to explain why I made this video first ♩ jingle ♩ Sorry Sorry There’s – There’s too many notes… for the word. Right, carry on. I didn’t really know anything about “Joker” when he released. I thought he was a cool addition and just moved on But along side Joker – (disappointed groan) On the contrary it seems like we knew everything about hero before he was even revealed and to a degree that kind of ruined a lot of excitement when he had appeared at E3 Like we all saw it coming and it’s a shame that excitement was ruined. I mean, to be fair: I think a lot of people were worried he’d play like Robin or really just any other sword fighter in the game But despite this (and all the data mining) by the end of it we got You know how since Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U these games were meant to reduce randomness ok… Hero is generally really fun to play and while he has a couple of basic traits in common with other fighters, A lot of the small details make these unique enough to not feel redundant. That and a complete original moveset makes him just really fun to play! Also he attacks with his shield, not even R.O.B can do that. His three main specials all feel strangely unique too His standard special has satisfying momentum. He falls while charging his recovery which is oddly fun. I like it. Of course one large use of his MPs is down special where to go I love how absurd some of these smells are like you can turn metal to be completely invincible With denny has another spell to counter these things, but they him it’s so stupid I also Really like snooze are just find it funny how it can hit an opponent while they’re midair and while I haven’t got it to happen In an actual match, I’d love to see disabled someone on stage I’ve used to whom a lot not really for its intended use just to mess with people when they get me and me But also can we just point out this hitbox? It’s hit what should not work magic burst is pretty wacky as well I are known as items in this clip, but it was just really funny to pull off. I’m so sorry turret I don’t really have much to say on the other spells. They’re just not silly enough to stand out to me Okay, but that was pretty funny on a serious note. No guys There seems to be quite a love to Bay on if hero is okay or not. I think he’s fine I have trust in the dev team to release him like this. I’m sure we’ll be able to adapt to him fighting in time It’s just new and we all need to learn first also Keep in mind to use a spell we have to stop in the middle of combat Read a menu make a choice and maybe even reset to get what you want And then you have to rely on the other player being in a certain position for it to work anyway To close off. All I have to say is that a character is really fun. Generally. I think the spell gimmick works Well, and I honestly like the chaos it leads to in battles I genuinely didn’t expect to like this character Remotely as much as I did and I just wanted to talk about him from a place of passion Gifts of genuine thoughts on the character rather than just st. He’s broken for the sake of revenue and That’s all I really have to say. I Hope you enjoyed

11 thoughts on “Hero – A Very Silly Character

  1. I wanna say I'm still upset about that Magic Blast match, but not really.
    This video makes up for it, tho. Fantastic work as always! :]

  2. I'm glad to hear some positivity around the hero. I personally love him but in serious play he can be a bit grating.

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