Hidden Identity by Premiere Gal – The KineMasters

Hidden Identity by Premiere Gal – The KineMasters

Hey, what’s up you guys? My name is Kelsey and I run a YouTube channel called Premiere Gal. On that channel, I do video editing, photo, and audio tutorials. If you guys are interested in checking it out, you can subscribe in the description box below. So, today, I’m showing you how to hide someone’s identity using the KineMaster app and I’m super excited to be here on the channel. So, this effect — you’ve probably seen it in documentaries or even YouTube videos where someone’s face is blurred and then their voice is changed because you don’t want to hear their identity. So, how do you do this? Using built-in tools in KineMaster’s app, I’m going to show you how you can just do this on your mobile phone. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump on in. Once you’re inside of the KineMaster app, you’re going to tap on the plus button here to create a new project. Now, we need to select the aspect ratio. Because my footage is in a 16:9 landscape format, I’m going to tap on the far left 16:9. Now it’s time to import the media. To do that, you’re going to tap on the Media icon here, inside of this wheel, and then it will open up all of the videos and images available on your camera roll. I’m going to click on All, and then I’m going to tap on the footage I want to add to the Timeline and you can see it automatically is added in our Timeline. Then, tap on the checkmark icon and here we have the clip. Let me just play this back for you. I’m just going to scrub to the beginning and hit play. The first step we’re going to do is change my voice. So, you’re going to tap on the footage, then from the side panel you’re going to scroll down and tap on Voice Changer. In here, you can choose different types of voice changers. I’m going to select Deep. The next step is to hide my face. To do that, we’re going to tap on Layers>Effect. From here, you’re going to see the effects that are available. You can, of course, tap on that store icon to go and get more Premium effects but we’re just going to tap on Basic Effects and then tap on Gaussian Blur. And from here, you can see that the Gaussian Blur was added to the Timeline. We’re going to make sure that the yellow handle bars start from the beginning and the end. You can just drag them, and I’m going to drag the other end to meet the very beginning of the clip. The next step is to adjust the blur strength. From here, we’re going to tap on Settings on the right and then we’re going to increase the blur strength. So now it’s really difficult to see what’s beneath that. Hit the checkmark and then we’re going to tap on the rectangular blur again and from here, we’re going to tap on Shape because we want this to be a circle so it fits nicely around my face. Select it and drag it to change the shape to be more of an oval. Then just tap and you can move it and place it directly over my head, like so. You want it to fully encompass my face so you don’t see it at all. Then, over on the right, you can see that there’s a feather slider. If you drag this to the right, you can see that the edges become more soft. That looks pretty good. We’ll probably need to make this just a little bigger here, like so. And now, hit the checkmark, and let’s scroll back to the beginnning and we have our final effect. Let’s hit play. Thanks so much for having me here. So, I started my YouTube channel in August of 2016 and the first video that I made was how to create a closed caption. Next, let’s export this file by tapping on the export icon in the upper right (left side of the project screen on Android devices). Then you can choose your settings: the resolution and the frame rate, and then hit export. So I hope that you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions about the techniques that I showed you, be sure to leave a comment below and if you guys want more tutorials from me and more videos like this, be sure to give it a thumbs up. If it reaches 5,000 likes then we know for sure you guys want more content like this. Thanks again to KineMaster for having me here. It’s awesome to be a part of this community. Hopefully, I’ll see you guys soon! Bye!

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  1. Can I have a shout out its ok if not :3 btw I think KineMaster VERY VERY useful Best editing app EVER I use it for all my videos

  2. Oh and a really good suggesting is adding a lens flare background section, where for the sun lens flare, you are able to move the plates.

    And please I beg if you guys, add everything that is on android to iOS.

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  4. Hey there KineMasters! Comment below with your favorite KineMaster tool, and let us know any new tools or effects you'd love to see! ⬇️

  5. I Love kinemaster😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 and support mi 😋👍👍👍👍👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  6. hi kinemaster, will there be any possibility of introducing a timeremaping or speed ramping function in the near future? I only use kinemaster and I much liked to have such a function on the kinemaster

  7. Thanks for the tutorial!
    But I have a question uwu
    Q: Why do different people each time show a different tutorial?
    My other Question: Is there like a manager or an owner of KineMaster :O
    (It’s fine if you don’t answer these if it’s to personal <3)

  8. This is very cool! But when I put layer videos it has black striped lines and it gets me triggered a bit and I don’t know how to get rid of it

  9. Kinemaster, I would like to say something I do not know if this is a complaint or not. But when I make a video clip and reverse it, the app says all my video clips are missing and I have to delete them all and re-add them even if it’s not gone. Can you please fix this?


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