How Cyclops Became The Most Hated Marvel Character

How Cyclops Became The Most Hated Marvel Character

As one of the original Uncanny X-Men back
in 1963, Cyclops had a ton of potential. He’s always been a key member of the mutant
squad, and his eyes can basically punch things, so you’d think that would warrant a little
more respect around the Marvel Universe. But comic book writers have done a pretty
great job of making Scott Summers Marvel’s most hated hero. Let’s take a look at the many ways this mutant
leader went from being kind of cool to kind of a creep. A lousy lover Cyclops has a pretty awful history when it
comes to how he treats women, whether it’s his girlfriend, cloned wife, or just some
random swamp floozy he’s trying to move on with. When he believes his longtime girlfriend,
Jean Grey, is dead from a volcanic explosion in Uncanny X-Men #113, what does Scott do? He gets over his grief pretty quick and starts
dating Marvel mainstay Colleen Wing. Then, Cyclops straight-up dumps Wing once
he finds out that Jean is still alive, and proposes in Uncanny X-Men #136… but Jean
dies again as the Dark Phoenix an issue later. By issue #144, he’s back at it with some lady
in Florida named Lee Forrester. We’ll chalk all that up to bad dating habits…but
it gets worse. Cyclops marries his dead fiancee’s clone,
Madelyne Pryor, in Uncanny X-Men #175. And then he doesn’t even treat his clone-wife
well. It’s eventually revealed that Pryor was a
tool in Mister Sinister’s nefarious plans, but well before that revelation, Cyclops had
already started hanging out with Jean Grey, back from the dead for the hundredth time
after hatching from a weird ocean cocoon, leaving his wife at home with a young Cable
in some cyborg Huggies. Madelyne does get her sort-of revenge, hooking
up with Cyclops’ brothers, becoming the Goblin Queen, and raising some hell. But when Madelyn dies later, Jean Grey actually
mourns harder than Scott does for his own former wife and baby-mamma. And we can’t even get into which of these
Jean Greys were actually Jean Grey… and which were actually the Phoenix in Jean Grey
form. It gets complicated. Anyway, even after ditching his family for
a back-from-the-dead-for-real Jean Grey, he decides his new relationship is getting a
little tired. Since, like, constant death and resurrection
isn’t spicy enough. Ever the loyal lover, Scott tries to liven
things up with some telepathic “therapy” from Emma Frost… who’s dressed up as Phoenix. Since he’s married to another immensely powerful
psychic, Jean quickly discovers his telepathic tryst. So what does Cyclops do? He tries to weasel his way out of it, claiming
their liaisons didn’t count because they weren’t physical. And did we mention this? Somehow he also found time to hook up with
Storm. And who the heck is this?! Maybe his eyes aren’t the only part of his
body that he can’t control. Maybe he should invest in some ruby quartz
underwear. And that is why you fail as husband material,
Mr. Summers. Work over family Being the unpaid leader of Charles Xavier’s
mutant squad is not an easy job, especially when humans mostly just hate you constantly. Sometimes, an X-Man just wants to get married,
settle down, and spawn an omega-level mutant or two. Not Scott Summers, though. Despite getting married to the aforementioned
Madelyne Pryor, Cyclops never left his super-villain battling life behind, continually putting
the needs of the team before the needs of his growing family. If Cyclops was the sole mutant out there capable
of paying it forward, that’d be one thing. But the X-Men and the Xavier Institute are
both overflowing with butt-kicking mutants. Like Dummy. And Beak. And… Glob Herman? Anyway, even Storm confronted Scott at one
point over his dereliction of family duties. His response? Well, he challenged her to a duel, of course…
and he lost, even though Storm didn’t use her powers. He built a murder squad The mutant team known as X-Force was always
a bit rough around the edges, and often found themselves at odds with both the X-Men and
the government, as well as the anti-mutant groups they battled. None of these problems were helped by Cyclops
being an extremely divisive leader. In Uncanny X-Men #493, Scott Summers shows
some early signs of being a total fascist by reorganizing the team to kill his own son,
Cable. As if tracking and murdering your own kid
wasn’t bad enough, he took the traumatized teenage killing machine, X-23, on board. He encouraged her murdery tendencies rather
than helping her reform, which went against Wolverine’s wishes. And that, of course, earned him a good ol’
Logan punch to the face. “Prove it.” “You’re a d—.” And naturally, Cyclops disavows any knowledge
of X-Force’s actions — until he’s caught red-handed by the rest of the X-Men. And it’s far from the last time Cyclops would
be a dangerous extremist. He brought Phoenix back Over the years, the X-Men have dealt with
more than their fair share of ridiculously powerful beings. But few of their foes matched the devastating
Phoenix Force. Cyclops didn’t just deal with this cosmic
firestorm on numerous occasions…he basically married the woman who was possessed by it. But despite enjoying far too much face time
with a creature that once destroyed an entire populated world out of spite, Scott Summers
decided to welcome it back to Earth during the Avengers vs. X-Men event. The Phoenix Force breaks apart and chooses
to join with him and four fellow mutants. But it turns out that just one part of the
Phoenix Force isn’t enough, so he steals some from his on-again, off-again girlfriend Emma
Frost, making himself nearly omnipotent. Insane with power, Cyclops goes full-Dark
Phoenix and tries to kill pretty much everyone. In the penultimate issue, the altruistic Professor
X tried to help Cyclops escape his cosmic power trip. But Scott declined, forcing Xavier to lay
the psychic smack-down on him. Unfortunately, even an omega-level mutant
like Professor X is no match for the intergalactic might of the Phoenix, and he’s absolutely,
totally murdered by Cyclops. All of this even before he’s taken over by
the Phoenix Force, so he can’t even really blame the alien entity for being a jerkbag. In the end, he’s stripped of his powers, and
Scott winds up in prison, moaning about his public image. Because it’s all about him, right? From hero to radical Merging himself with the corrupting Phoenix
Force, and having it literally punched out of him, would probably be enough to make most
superheroes go cold turkey for a while. But Cyclops never seems to learn his lesson. Many readers agree that the downward spiral
began with 2000’s X-Men #97, when he merged with Apocalypse, but things only got worse
after the Phoenix thing. In Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences, Magneto
and his crew bust Cyclops out of super jail. The X-Man then goes on to declare a mutant
revolution, threatening anyone and everyone with the wrong end of an optic blast. In the months following his “death” in Death
of X, Summers even inspires a crew of brutal mutant thugs to carry on his genocidal uprising,
a not-so-merry band that calls themselves “The Ghosts of Cyclops.” You guys, Cyclops isn’t just a jerk. He’s kind of a full-fledged war criminal. And that includes an earlier incident from
Secret Invasion, where he intentionally infects an invading force of Skrulls with the Legacy
virus, which is incredibly bad news, and had the potential to spread just about everywhere,
very quickly. Aren’t there, like, laws about this kind of
thing? He incited war from beyond the grave When Cyclops discovers that a weird fog has
killed the mutants on Muir island during the Death of X storyline, including Multiple Man
Jamie Madrox, fingers are immediately pointed at The Inhumans, and their transformative
“Terrigen mists.” In an effort to destroy the mutant-blighting
mists, Cyclops recruits a small army, including a chemical whiz kid named Alchemy who pretty
much wants nothing to do with a mutant war, and ends up getting killed while neutralizing
just one of a few of the toxic fart clouds. At the end of the battle, Cyclops is killed
by Black Bolt’s ridiculous singing voice, becoming a martyr for everything wrong with
the pro-mutant cause. Except Cyclops wasn’t even alive at the time. He was killed by the mutant plague before
the first issue even ended, and from then on, he was only a deranged psychic projection
created by Emma Frost. Sadly, dead men have no PR departments, so
it’s easy to understand why so many people ended up hating Cyclops. But his worst crime of all? He’s named Cyclops…. And he has two eyes. What a freakin’ liar. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “How Cyclops Became The Most Hated Marvel Character

  1. Cyclop downhill began since coming of xmen movie making comic make wolverine shine and wolverine fan writer make cyclop bad.

  2. He’s hated most of all because he’s always screaming for Jean like some kind of idiot he’s annoying

  3. I like Scott's character. He's not perfect, he's got a lot of emotional issues especially with his parents death, thinking his brother was dead for years. Having to walk around with his eyes closed fearing he'd wipe everything out. It was luck that Xavier found him and they figured out his power negate. Then Jean, losing her, and getting her back over and over. Losing people, being betrayed by Warren, the never ending battles. Not every character can the straight and narrow type and it takes tolls on Scott. The newer comics.. That's just writers rewriting.

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  8. Cyclops is the best character in the whole Marvel Universe, he has the most complicated background, and the only one who has ever made wolverine crap his pants by the power of his optic blast!

  9. I still like characters like Scott, Reed Richards and Hank Pym. Probably cuz there's character in marvel who have done far worse and yet never get blamed.

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  15. yes he is a bad partner but the fact that the love of his live keep dying and returning did not help him with the normal relationship. LOOK at avx through his perspective not only was hope the first mutant born since m day, but at the time he thought she was his daughter. jean gray kills a planet full of people no one bats an eye. Scott kills one and goes to jail and is considered a villain? professor x was not even the man he had been calming to be. you forget to bring up that medusa admits that the mist is an attack on mutants in issue one. so the inhuman are trying to commit genocide and cyclops is compared to hitter for stopping them. great writing there right.

  16. Mate most of this happened where there were less than 200 mutants on earth, and they'd of gone extinct if not for leadership a dozen times over. And phoenix was clearly still fucking with his head even if it wasn't directly controlling him. Something as big as that isn't going to immediately go away after it's gone for a second

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