How I Broke the Game: Making a Super Sim in The Sims 4

How I Broke the Game: Making a Super Sim in The Sims 4

I’ve recently explored the idea of Super Sims
in my Let’s Play series where I’ve been making making one. I decided I’d turn all that experience and
info into one big guide that lists out all the traits and rewards you want in order to
make a Super Sim in The Sims 4. Later in the video we’ll show how absurdly
powerful a Super Sim becomes so stick around for that. The process of making a Super Sim can begin
before your Sim’s even born. There are a few traits of interest here. We’ll start with the one people are most likely
to want when making a powerful Sim – Magical Bloodline from Realm of Magic. Sims who are descendants of Casters receive
one of the three ranks of Magical Bloodline, which grows stronger each generation. So starting with third-generation Sims you
get Ancient Bloodline, which gives 30% more spellcasting XP, 1 extra talent point on rank
up and makes the caster 50% less likely to overload so you can use magic to your heart’s
content. Another thing is Sulani Mana, which will let
your Sim’s kid summon meteors. You get this by bumpin uglies with one of
the Elemental ghosts on Sulani. No, you can’t target the meteorites to destroy
some townie you hate, but you can get some rare metals from the resulting rock. Well, once it cools. Or you could possibly cause Sims dumb enough
to touch it to have a life-threatening encounter with fire. Sulani Mana is good for collecting metals
and crystals, but they get one additional power – they can bless a plant once every
18 hours with the Gift of Sulani ability. It will bump it up one quality level. It’s not bad, it’s just not knock my socks
off. Father Winter’s baby is mentioned last here. It’s only something you should care about
if you actually have Whims enabled, and I’d say you also need to enjoy chasing whims. This is because the reward strangely only
boosts the satisfaction gains of whims – a feature that is disabled by default, which
says a lot. And yeah, I’m sad to say that. Very big missed opportunity for a cool reward
that would’ve got Father Winter a lot of tail. No one is more disappointed than him. I didn’t take any of these on my own Super
Sim because none of them inspired me to care enough. Moving along. If you want a carefree experience, realize
you’re in control of aging and long lifespan gives way, way more time than you need. Doing this on normal lifespan does take a
bit of your attention even if it’s not hard. During early childhood, use the Child’s Play
lot trait to help your kid learn faster. Good schools will increase the rate your Sim’s
kid gets higher grades in school. Study Spot is the single most powerful at
25% and I confirmed it does help toddlers. Lot traits will get another mention later. The first chance to get some nice boosts happens
once a Sim is in the Toddler phase. It turns out learning to talk well and only
pee in appropriate places is something that will keep you out of trouble. If you manage to max out all the skills you
can get the Top Notch Toddler reward trait, which boosts lifetime skill and career gains
by 25%, a really powerful reward compared to most. There’s also a happy toddler trait, in case
you don’t manage to max them all before the Sim ages up. You get this for having them all up to at
least level 3 but it’s only a 10% boost. It’s still more super than father winter’s
baby. At Childhood, you’ll get to pick the first
of three traits. Two of my favorites, Dance Machine and Foodie,
are both still off limits at that point. Loves the Outdoors is a trait with minimal
downsides, as is creative. In general I’d stay away from purely emotional
boosts and consider things that’ll help your Sim be more effective. There is a childhood Aspiration for each of
the childhood skills – mental, motor, creative and social. Each aspiration rewards a trait that corresponds
with one of the four categories of adult skill. You’ll boost either mental, creative, social
or physical skills by 20% for each one you knock out. You’ll also set your Sim up with about 4,000
satisfaction points that will help a lot in the teen years. I’m mentioning this one early in the childhood
phase, because it’s something you need to be at least a little aware of from childhood
up through teen. Your Sim can get up to five traits from getting
each of the associated Parenthood Character values up to 90% green. Even combined, these aren’t as powerful as
Top Notch Toddler because they’re mostly tied to AI or else useful only in certain situations. But, worth considering if you want your Sim
to have access to every boost. You should wrap this up as a teen, but certain
values such as are easier to do as a child. Definitely have your kid’s parent teach to
say sorry and please and thank you. This will give them a head start on conflict
resolution and manners. Kids can get easy empathy playing with the
doctor play set. You get a Bonus Trait when you first pick
your Sim’s adult aspiration in the teen stage. While not many bonus traits are amazing, the
quick learner one for picking a knowledge aspiration gives a boost to learning all skills. In addition to this one, you should also consider
Muser which gives your Sim a higher effective level in creative skills when they’re inspired. While this is a huge help, it’s not much use
once you’re past level 7 or 8 in those skills so I consider quick learner to be the more
powerful of the two. I don’t consider it that great, but I feel
that the Nature Aspirations’ Collector trait is worth mentioning in a super sim context
because it’s rare to get a bonus to the rate you gather rare collectibles and may be more
valuable than Quick Learner if you’re into that. I don’t believe it works for all collections,
however. During the teen years you should really take
another look at Lot Traits, where your options for helping your Super Sim will have expanded. A lot. Study Spot can give a boost to all skills,
though I do not think it helps with child or teen homework. It does increase skill gains across the board. The other boosts are actually stronger than
study spot, and give 50% to a few skills each. But hey, have fun with it. You can switch based on whatever your Sim
is currently doing. It’s a system ripe for the cheesing… For no effort at all. Signing up for Scouts is only a matter of
a few hours in attendance on weekends but can lead to a big reward. Use the scouting board to track the 9 different
badges. Get them all and you’ll unlock the Scouting
Aptitude trait for your Sim. With this, you’ll get a 25% boost to gains
for all skills. While I didn’t do this, I decided I definitely
should’ve signed up for scouts in childhood but not worried too much about the badges. Why? Because there is some overlap in good deeds,
responsibility and other activities between scouts, character values, and childhood aspirations. Teens should focus on wrapping up character
values and scouts, but some of the childhood aspiration work would count toward this if
you wanted to finish faster. Getting an A in high school gives your Sim
a nice boost toward University if you want to go that route. You’ll also start a bit higher up when you
join careers. This along with Top Notch toddler can help
you max a career at least 3 or 4 days faster than usual. Sims with all the traits I just talked about
will have an easier time attending University. They should almost get a free ride based on
the things they’ve already done and require little preparation. Getting a degree gives a big starting boost
to many careers, making you high level from the get go. You will also earn more money and get promotions
and paid time off faster. This is definitely optional, because a Super
Sim hardly needs a career unless you want to go with something with real useful objects
and abilities like Scientist. #Must-Have Rewards for Skills
There are a few rewards that are must-haves and not skill-specific. There are others we’ll look at later but these
are going to give boosts across the board so they are key. Morning Sim and Night owl both give a boost
during a specific part of day, and will make the majority of the day skill gain time. Savant does as much as both of those, but
costs 4,000. It is only 25% so a bit overpriced given the
cost of the two time-specific traits. A bit overpriced, but seals the deal. What’s not overpriced are these other three. Creative Visionary boosts the rate of masterpieces. Marketable attacks the issue head on by just
increasing sale value by anywhere from 10% to triple the normal values, greatly increasing
income. This one should cost more. Entrepreneurial increases promotion speed
for Super Sims that will join a career. Not nearly as important if you have a degree,
because the meter can only move so far each day and you can also work hard. We’ll talk about need related rewards later. I consider it controversial and I’ll explain
why. Something that can be hugely beneficial is
the Tiny Home lot type, particularly the smallest type – the micro home that gives a wealth
of benefits to important categories across the board. Double skill gains, increased relationship
gains, more comfort, half bills, and double positive moodlet durations. I’d call it off the charts, but Clubs holds
the record for that. Yeah.. these.. Clubs. They came and kind of flipped the game’s balance
on their heads. See, Clubs give a bigger boost than everything
I’ve talked about up to now.. combined. That’s right, the 250% skill gain they provide
just for making a club and building up some points is a higher figure than every single
reward I’ve mentioned until now, combined. That this is a trivially easy activity is
something that is kind of insulting to the work you put into everything else here, but
it’s still to be considered if you want to max out a Sim. Clubs are not restricted to just a few boosts. You can get one for every skill and buy another
every few hundred points you make. That clubs also provides +3 happy while in
a gathering, which can be 24/7 if you want, is something else I should definitely bring
up. Clubs are undeniably a powerful feature in
raw boost-age. Let’s now consider the two occult and what
they provide, with the weakest mentioned first. I’m sorry vampire fans, you know I picked
vampire for Koby but.. we’re talking about raw power. The Sims 4’s Vampires are definitely still
in the running for inclusion on a Super Sim. You can pick weaknesses that aren’t necessarily
very bad, and get some massive gains. Vampires are immune to emotional deaths by
nature and get access to a number of super powerful super sim buffs. They can achieve a big 75% skill gain during
the overnight hours with child of the moon. They’ll also also achieve the ability to sleep
less with vampiric slumber. The utility of some skills is there in special
situations, with the ability to influence the emotions of a whole room or hibernate
until you need your vamp to get up. OK so Vamps are cool and I prefer them, but
I’m going to acknowledge that spellcasters are much more powerful and some of my resentment
toward them is just representative of how I feel about difficulty. They can do more than vampires can alone with
the ability to fill all needs and use 14 other potions, one of which can stave off death. They get to use familiars, providing a boon
against death yet again, and also have spells that can let them clone objects near-effortlessly. They have their own perk tree that can make
them better at all of these things. Why am I not mentioning mermaids? They get a few powers but mermaids just are
not that special. They hardly qualify as a full-blown occult
to me at this point. If you were going to be normal you might enjoy
being a mermaid. They do get the lure ability and some cool
spells like Siren’s Song. I just do not consider them to be in the running
as much as vampire and spellcaster. Your Vampire, Spellcaster or normie but buff
Super Sim can also be a celebrity. This brings about a variety of benefits, though
not as key as some other things I mention here. Being a Celebrity is very much a matter of
taste but you can get access to Celebuserums, which you can use fairly regularly to get
20% gains to all skills, but for a measly 3 hours. With Celebrity you can go extra far in breaking
the game’s Careers system as they can get access to Easy Street, which doubles paychecks
and adds on even more career performance, meaning you’d get over max promotions faster
and twice the raises. Celebrities have no issues getting friends
with the Instant Besties perk. Having a Celebrity under your control allows
you to give your Super Sim a big 50% skill boost for a few hours with the inspirational
speech, but it’s for use on other Sim not yourself as far as I know. Aside from one career I’ve mentioned – scientist
– there is one more that gives a unique ability that is desirable just purely for the spectacle
it creates. Snaggle Fluster comes at level 9 Mixology
Career – and only level – but it gives you this 300% boost to skill gains, that is even
bigger than clubs. It’s annoying as you need to be a specific
level, but it’s interesting to have a skill that can get to over 7x normal skill gain
even for a few hours. Top off your Sim’s bladder, be a vampire,
or have steel bladder to avoid having your Sim pee themselves while using this drink. It drains bladder very heavily. You can boost the gains of mental skills with
the Amygdelight drink just by having a bar, level 1 Mixology and getting focused before
clicking the bar. This isn’t as strong as snaggle but it is
very good for the amount of effort it takes… which is almost none. If your gains are high enough though, I don’t
necessarily think it’s worth the time spent making and drinking this. No kidding. Something I want to bring up now that we’ve
covered a lot of the skill gains is that you might want to consider purchasing some immunities. Cold and heat acclimation exist if you have
Seasons, which will make your Sim be able to tolerate really hot and cold weather. Care free gives your Sim immunity to tension,
which is helpful for being low fun or having used work hard on a long shift at work. It’s one of the better immunities to go after. It can also nullify some of the Celebrity
fame quirks or a vampire weakness like guilty drinker. In order to truly deck out your Sim, you’ll
need to pursue some aspirations and complete them to get an ever-growing list of Reward
Traits. Bestselling Authors can write the book of
life and make another Sim resurrect-able should they become a ghost. It can also be read by the Sim to top off
needs. Completing Big Happy family will give your
Super Sim the Patriarch ability, which combined with high level Parenting will let them give
a skill bonus to nearby Sims, meaning it can help with making a Super Sim’s kids also super. If your Sim’s a vampire, definitely complete
Master Vampire to get A True Master, in order to get expanded energy reserves and more reliable
mind powers. Beloved from Friend of the World will freeze
your Sim’s relationships with others, so they’ll always be friends. We know that friends are important in Sims
4. To be honest, doing this section made me a
little sad. I didn’t realize there are not enough aspiration
rewards that I’d consider powerful or interesting enough to bring up here. And these are our stand-ins for skill challenges. Ugh. To a large extent, a lot of the rewards I’ve
brought up do not impact The Sims 4’s core gameplay loop. It is a fairly weak loop in my eyes, and stripping
it of need management is a bad idea if you plan to play a Sim long term. I regretted taking just needs no one and being
a vampire, because I only really have to care about thirst and energy occasionally. Going so far as to lock energy at full, along
with bladder and hunger stops you caring about having any sort of routine at all. You will never play on speed 3 unless your
Sim’s at work. It’s shattering to the gameplay of Sims 4,
and for that reason I begin to find it incredibly boring. Sims is a need management game at its heart,
while you’re trying to care for the Sim you want to accomplish things. The accomplishing things while caring for
your Sim is important to the gameplay of Sims 4. It will help you finish a Super Sim faster
to take these rewards, and certainly make your Sim better than mine.. but I will be
more likely to have something that resembles fun than you will be. Sims 4 is not strong enough in other areas
to bear it. That’s my opinion, you can have your own and
you’re aware so make your own choices. A Super Sim should not live in squalor. Their fridge should keep things fresh, butts
should be clean and showers fast. Everything around the home should be upgraded
over time. They should have access to powerful things
like the Celestial Crystal Crown, or the Cloning Machine from scientist if they aren’t a spellcaster. They might also want the ray gun scientists
get, which can be upgraded to do different things. You should probably at some point seek out
the artifacts from Jungle Adventure. I think this varies depending what packs you
have installed, because none of these are worth buying a pack for unless you want other
stuff from that particular expansion or game pack, whatever. Like, Robotics is a good example. It is a convenience and helpful to have access
to some robots, but they’re hardly necessary. You could just as well use sprinklers from
seasons to water your garden or get free services for a gardener or buy a patchy! That said, Gardening is a base game skill
every Super Sim should have access to. Why? For access to quality produce for managing
hunger any time. Magnificent fruits and veggies give Sims a
big +3 happy moodlet and fill hunger up a tad. Fruits and veggies can also be used in the
Level 7+ Gourmet Cooking recipes I highly recommend you take advantage of for slowing
hunger decay and making Sims happy for several hours. I think that a Super Sim should have fitness
for winning fights and Charisma for winning lovers, but that’s purely opinion. High gardening and gourmet cooking, handiness
for upgrades, wellness for its meditation and teleportation, research and debate for
bossing Sims around – these are all much less likely to be considered controversial than
the others. Before we get to the results of putting this
all together and some good comparisons, I wanna say something about this whole idea. In a way this guide so far has been an exposition
of the best boosts and most rewarding activities in the game. While I do have some complaints, I highly
recommend you guys try this at least once. I had a lot of fun building up a Sim with
all the best traits and rewards. The results are insane, as you’ll see momentarily. It is fun to break the game for once and push
it as hard as I can, but it is also by nature that Sims 4 is not able to stand up to the
bonuses it gives you. Not while still resembling a game. It gets extremely broken and as I mentioned
with the needs rewards section, it really fails under pressure. The gameplay loop gradually vaporizes and
leaves you with a very bare bones experience. This doesn’t happen until far in, but some
of these things like clubs and tiny living bonuses break the game. The good thing is, you can choose not to have
those boosts active at all times unless you feel like it. Like at least with Clubs, I can stop the gathering. With Tiny Living you’d want to add on to your
lot. So let’s see a side by side comparison of
a normal Sim, a Sim with clubs and tiny living boosts, and my Super Sim with every boost
mentioned in this guide – even an active snaggle fluster drink! I realized right away that we have to stay
on speed one, because it’s too fast for anything higher. Yes, we are gaining levels in a handful of
minutes on speed one. So as stated, the Super Sim gets 300% from
snaggle fluster, 250% from clubs, 100% from tiny home, 100% from vampire, and about 8
other bonuses. So while under the effects of snaggle fluster
a Sim can get very near to 10x the usual skill gains. With a few more things I have failed to think
of , maybe some boosts that are for specific skills or with mentoring a Sim can get well
over 10x faster skill gains. The near 7x normal speed a Sim gets without
Snaggle Fluster is really wild and impressive. While I was originally not very impressed
with the drink just looking at math, it looks like something here is stacking multiplicatively
because it definitely would appear we’re moving far more than 10x faster and the Sim in the
middle has clubs and tiny living boosts, so she’s no slouch! That’s 350% right there! Now, I will say that knowing the math plays
out this way… it did make me stop caring about emotion as much, unless I wanted to
show off, because you can go so fast that it may be detrimental to spend more time getting
a Sim ready for skilling. Making a Super Sim is a lot of fun because
you have many goals to check off. I’d recommend everyone do it at least once
and in order to help with that, I’m making a text version of this guide with a checklist
for you. I’ll pin a comment and make a community post
and guide announcement when it’s done, so check the site in the next day or two if you’re
interested. You need knowledge from all over the game
so it is pretty entertaining. I think you could even speedrun this and compete
in a challenge based on a checklist, but it’d weigh heavily in favor of people with certain
packs. So kind of difficult. Should be fun anyway. Just gotta keep track of how long it took
to get it all. I am not kidding when I say that this video
took a whole work week to edit, and giving me a like does encourage me to try to put
that much into videos when I can. Sharing it on other sites like reddit and
facebook helps a lot too. I really learned a lot from the process of
making this and feel I’m gradually improving. Let me know what you think. I need to find out if it’s worth it to put
much more time into these and this is a test in more ways than one. Thank you all for watching and have a great

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    Can you get all of the pre-birth traits on one sim? If so can someone point me toward a guide?

  34. Thank you for the great video, it is apreciated. Going to subscribe cause of this😊 and can not wait to try the challenge

  35. Hey carl, I really like the mod idea where the sims don't do animations while eating…but it doesn't work in my game and I'm not sure why. Can you update it?

  36. Have to agree. The perks that nullify needs negate the gameplay of Sims 4. The only use I see for them is to make a true robot

  37. Thank you for your series of super sim making and the synopsis in this last video. I also appreciate you captioning this as I am deaf. Looking forward to your checklist. You mentioned game breaking, when you have too many traits like all the beginning aspiration traits? Yes ageed especially when you use clubs gatherings example my game gets very laggy when I have a full fledge club meeting and a festival like going on at the same time with lots of traits too. Oh one more thing on being a llamacorn scout work aspiration in your teens. When you become a young adult and you go to the university, you can apply and get a scouting scholarship.

  38. Hey Carl.
    I have a problem, with my Sims4 game that I hope you can shed some clarity on, or maybe someone in your YouTube community can.
    My problem is that my sim can't get married to his engaged partner anymore.
    When I click on my partner, the option to marry her now still shows but it's greyed out, and a little text will show saying that it is too inappropriate for my sim character to marry an employee of his.
    But she has never been an employee of his.
    He used to be able to marry her, but after I completed his aspiration(Serial Romantic) and I choose to continue with the Soulmate aspiration, I haven't been able to marry her since, and he literally needs to be married to continue with his soulmate aspiration.
    Hope you or someone in your community can help me out.


  39. You asked if "it" was worth "it".

    Some Simmers are all about skill boosts and want to aquire skills as quickly and plentifully as possible.

    I'm sure this information is quite valuable to them.

    They would love to blaze through 16 levels of skills.

  40. Personaly, I'm only interested in skills as they pertain to unlocking specialty purchasing ability.

    You like tiny homes for their ease of access and think of the boosts that the pack gives as a good bonus.

    I like to look at my huge mansion and see my professional kitchen next to my writer's den next to the science lab next to that living room with all the tech guru stuff, like the big TV.

  41. I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into your videos. I'm in the process of creating a sims challenge and I'm taking all these notes and making spreadsheets and all that. I'm trying to delve into all the packs to make sure I account for things that might make the challenge less challenging. It is exhausting and I keep stopping. LOL Again, Kudos to you for all of your time and efforts.

  42. Dude, do you work for Sims because you seem to know EVERYTHING. I have your cheat codes printed out, laminated, and taped over my pc – and then your videos are absolutely endless tricks and cheats. It's awesome.

  43. I love these types of videos ! There so helpful and fun. I personally think that they're well worth your time and efforts to create them. They help me have a more fun game! Thanks !

  44. Amazing video Carl!! Just wanted to mention how good Storm Chaser trait is for living in Sulani. It's practically a requirement for your sim to not be tense all the time. Waterproof is super helpful too for tropical dwellers. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this!

  45. I tried doing my own supper sim play through while watching your series but I definitely kept forgetting things. My sim had twins as well so I am raising 2 super Sims at once. I have only just started child phase so hopefully I can get better managing whims. So far, 2 top notch toddlers!

  46. In my opinion they should make it where we can have 2 occults in one, such as spellcaster and vampire, spellcaster siren, or siren vampire.

  47. I made 2 half-aliens sims that became mermaid and spellcaster, breed them "On A Dark Ley Line", so i got bloodsucking-spellcasting-alien-mermaid The only downside – i can't change his alien, mermaid and vampire forms without a cheats, and also need to cheat for disabling both spellcaster and mermaid occult traits to upgrade his vampire powers, and then turn them back on. But considering that game allowed me to get all of 4 i don't think i'm breaking the law of game with those. Also, he died fighting with mother plant, so yeah, it;s better to drink Potion of Prompt Resurrection than not.

  48. The best way to deal with the aging process is to put it on long or on disabled, and then put it on short once you're ready to transition. Or just go the route of the birthday cake, which I believe automatically ages any sim that blows out the candles.

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