How I Understand Extraverted Sensing (Se) As An INFJ (And Its Uses In Daily Life)

hey guys so today instead of focusing on
the letters of MBTI I’m going to be zooming in into the particular function
known as extroverted sensing so for those of you who are not familiar with
psychological functions I would HIGHLY advise you to read up on it because it
is actually a reason why a lot of people are mistyped because they don’t really
look into the functions and they only look at the letters and that can be a
problem since the questions online sometimes are pretty misleading
especially when it comes to you know the judging and perceiving letters and so on
so the best way to make sure you’re not mistyped is to look into the functions
and see whether it applies to you personally. Okay, so to start off
extraverted sensing also known as Se is widely known as the inferior function
you know the weakest function or fourth function of INFJ and the INTJ so for me
it is also one of my weaker functions in the main psychological function stack so
extraverted sensing is typically manifested and the ESTPs and ESFPS where they
are the most obvious but they are definitely not the only types of people
with those functions and for like more you know I guess superficial
understandings of Se, I think a lot of people associate Se with activities
like partying, extreme sports like those that need you know in some kind of risks
maybe even drugs I don’t know some kind of like risks involved and like living in
the moment so those are I guess the typical associations with the
functions but I think in reality Se is just so much more than you know what
appears to be you know it appears to be like this really frivolous like
superficial function and I think a lot of people judge people who use Se
because it seems to be kind of like not very meaningful and so on well I think
that when you look at the function itself and like I guess you can call it
like “life philosophy” behind it it’s actually a really interesting function
to look at so you know when it comes to the idea of living in the moment it’s it
goes beyond you know just extreme sports like you don’t actually need to be
passionate about extreme sports to use se because you know for people with
tertiary Se like ENFJs and ENTJs and for people with inferior Se, it may or may
not be our thing I know some INTJs who are into extreme
sports as well so I guess it can be your thing as well but in my case
like that’s not really my area of interest but I still use the function
and I’m pretty aware right now like I’m all familiar with a function that I was
many years ago so in my understanding of function it is about understanding what
you want out of life so I think there is this like deeper more subconscious you
know idea behind Se and explains why people do the things they do; it’s
because they are aware that we have limited time (in life) you know it is a very heavy topic to talk about but you know religions aside we all have limited time
and as a result you know Se tries to make full use of our time by
experiencing things so this can be you know in physical/sexual aspects where you know some you would see some ESFPs and ESTPs, for example they want to experience like sexual variety they want to like just
experience everybody…I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean 😀 but it can also be in other areas where you know you want to travel you want to
just experience like you want to tick off the whole bucket list and it can be
in the area of music or you know whatever you’re passionate about you
just want to be there you want to experience things like not just being
your room you know you want to actually go out and to explore for yourself and
that’s something that I want to do like you know I in a previous video I talked
about how I want to have a job that allows me to be creative and to like
move around a little bit and to you know not consume my weekends and so on
and I think that’s…deeply rooted in the function Se because it
is about wanting the best out of life like wanting to really be fulfilling you
know one in your life to be fulfilling and not you know being deeply regretful
of not taking chances and things like that and I think another thing about Se is this idea that I kind of connected it with the idea of mindfulness where
you know living in a moment is also a pretty…it seems abstract but it’s really a simple idea that you know you don’t
think about you don’t always situate yourself in the future or in the past
you are actually fully in the moment when you are you know with your friends
or with your family or you know doing something you’re not like your mind it’s
not like constantly elsewhere so I think one problem with me and also I guess
like people with inferior Se, we tend to have like our mind
space floating elsewhere all the time so I can be doing one thing but
thinking of something completely different
and you know it’s like spacing out basically and the problem that and also
the anxiety about our future you know we are constantly trying to you know plan
ahead to project into the future well that can be useful in some instances I
think that you know it’s also very important to balance it out with more se
experiences where we try to you know really do things that can make us forget
about thinking about the future and I think that’s something this idea really
came to me the other day that you know when when I was in like a teenager I was
always thinking about you know what is it like going to be like in college like
I’m looking forward right I’m looking forward to you know going to another
city like going to bigger school like you know meeting different types of
people I don’t want to be stuck in a small place and so on and then when I’m
in college I’m thinking about like you know what kind of jobs would I do what
kind of you know employment possibilities do I have and you know
kind of looking forward to working for a certain type of company and so on and
wow that seems kind of harmless it can also really take away from experience
because you are thinking about you know oh my life is going to be great when
this happens or you know these things are going to be so exciting it seems
positive but it’s really taking away from your life right now because you are
not focusing on you know what you actually have right now and you know
when I think back I realized that you know there are a lot of things that I
enjoyed in the past that I wasn’t like completely aware of and I didn’t fully
you know enjoy like what I had because I was so focused on thinking about the
future and I think that can be a problem it can
also be you know it doesn’t always have to be have to be like you moving forward
like to another school it can also be you know when you don’t when you’re
single and you’re thinking about like you know what what my life would be you
and I have a boyfriend or are you are maybe you’re not currently employed and
you think about oh like my life would be so I don’t know maybe like fulfilling
when I have a job and so on or how it would change
I mean it’s understandable to have this projections but at the same time I think
it really can make us forget that we are actually situated in the present so this
is like a common problem for people with strong Ni and definitely Se is
something worthy to develop if you want to like balance it out for yourself and
I just think that Se is a very… I would say like almost misunderstood
function because people think of Se like taking risks without really
thinking so it’s kind of reckless which is true to a certain degree like that’s
why you know people with strong Se they have to balance it out with their Ni (introverted intuition) which is you know thinking about the consequences so there are certain
things that may not need to happen so you don’t actually have to experience
everything and it is not possible to experience everything because we do have
a limited time so we have to pick and choose sometimes to you know we don’t
want to have too many traumatic experiences that is not good for our
health for example and you know the uh certain things that you know you have to
stop because it’s really impacting you in a negative way especially when it’s
going on for too long so that’s when the ni is useful because it tells you like
you know there are some things that you should not experience
and then intern actually can benefit your life because then you’re more
selective but you’re not closing the doors to all exciting experiences so
that’s my understanding of Essie and how it can you know ideally like you know be
used in as a function I welcome people who use this function either as you know
the dominant function or the creative function or tertiary or inferior
to comment on what your experiences with functions it’s like and
like what you enjoy I guess about having us eat and so on
and maybe some negative experiences too so I look forward to the comments and
remember to like and subscribe I will see you in the next one.

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