How Marvel Characters Should Really Look

How Marvel Characters Should Really Look

In the course of adapting their comic book
properties to film and TV, Marvel has made some pretty big changes to their classic characters. While some changes have been for the best,
others have risked losing the magic that made those characters great in the first place. Crack open a longbox and take a look at how
these Marvel characters should really look. Daredevil Netflix’s Daredevil series keeps to gritty,
street-level heroics instead of the usual globe-trotting Avengers fare, so naturally,
producers were nervous about undermining this realistic approach with simple red spandex. Daredevil spent most of the first season fighting
crime in cargo pants and a black handkerchief mask, all without his famous double Ds. When he finally donned a superheroic costume,
the comics’ vivid red color scheme skewed more maroon, and most notably, the traditional
skintight costume was ditched in favor of reinforced leather, accented in black. It’s more armored than what we’ve seen in
the comic pages, probably because getting hit by nunchucks and swords really hurts. And by the end of the first season, Daredevil
finally gets the bright idea to wear a horned helmet instead of, well, nothing. Let’s not even touch this guy’s ridiculous
first comic appearance…which pretty much proved he was totally blind. Elektra The biggest problem with comic book Elektra
is that no self-respecting female warrior would be caught dead fighting in a skintight
swimsuit in the real world. And Elektra, for some reason, is usually drawn
covered in so many wafting scarves that she looks like Steven Tyler’s microphone stand. She’s the very definition of an impractically
dressed assassin. She never even has a place to put her sais. Give the poor woman a holster or something,
at least. Jeans, a sleeveless shirt, and a mask to hide
her identity? That’s far more in line with practical assassin
gear, and live-action Elektra wears it well, opting for the same real-world practicality
as Matt Murdock. Though we’ll see how crazy things can get
if Elektra somehow returns for season three. Luke Cage He may have never adopted the skintight getup
popular with other superheroes, but Luke Cage’s original outfit was still pretty goofy, featuring
a silver headband and a yellow blouse open to the waist. While that look undoubtedly killed at Studio
54, it didn’t outlast the ’70s. By 1992, it was considered so cringeworthy
that Luke was shown tearing it to pieces on the cover of his own comic. However, it does get a fun shout-out in the
TV series, which sees Luke grab a yellow shirt to wear while still sporting the metallic
headpiece and cuffs from the experiment that gave him superpowers. Live-action Luke Cage prefers darker clothes
and hoodies, which wasn’t simply an aesthetic choice. Star Mike Colter told MTV News that the dark
hoodie was… “…symbolic because of Trayvon Martin. We talked about that specifically, what that
would mean to people and the feelings it would evoke in viewers. […] What this show says politically resonates
profoundly.” Kilgrave The nemesis of Jessica Jones, the Purple Man
is arguably one of Marvel’s most terrifying villains. Originally a spy named Zebediah Killgrave,
a chemical accident turned his skin purple and gave him the ability to command complete
obedience. In Jessica Jones, Kilgrave keeps his mind
control powers and the suit, but loses the comic book backstory and purple skin. His “Purple Man” nickname is never mentioned,
and even “Killgrave” turns out to be an alias used to hide his sinister true identity: Kevin
Thompson. Without purple skin, Kevin looks like everyone
else, hiding his nightmarish powers in plain sight, which is arguably much more terrifying. Plus, it’s easier just to make him look like
a perfectly unremarkable evil British guy, who kind of looks like he’s a candidate for
being the next Doctor Who. The Punisher It’s kind of hard to mess up the Punisher
— just dress an angry guy in a black T-shirt and hand him a gun. Luckily, Jon Bernthal not only looks the part,
but does a spectacular job of portraying a damaged soldier mentally spiraling downward
in the wake of immense tragedy. Anybody in a skull shirt and leather can pass
for a decent Frank Castle, but to be able to make The Punisher believable? That’s much harder to pull off. Bernthal might not always sport the iconic
skull, but even without it, the guy is unmistakeable. “Now I can ask you face to face. Who was there that day? Who killed my family?” The Kingpin Kingpin’s traditional purple pants and white
jacket never made it beyond a quick reference in the first season of Daredevil, probably
because the outfit is completely ridiculous. Comic book Kingpin’s ascot also seems to be
an upper-crust fashion relic that didn’t make it into the new millennium. In its place around Vincent D’Onofrio’s neck
is…nothing. Not even a tie. Instead, Wilson Fisk wears the finest suits. Then again, he could be wearing clown shoes,
boxer shorts, and a tank top, and he would still look like Kingpin. There are few actors on Earth who’d look better
in the role. Netflix and Marvel must thank their lucky
stars everyday for the gift that is D’Onofrio. “And when one comes across someone with such
talent, with such a gift. Well, you don’t let that go to waste.” “No. No, you don’t.” The Owl Leland Owlsley underwent the biggest comics-to-screen
change of any Daredevil character. In terms of personality, both are financiers
of criminal enterprises, but beyond that they differ wildly. Netflix’s Leland is a bespectacled and bow-tied
walking suit. Comic book Leland, or the Owl as he’s better
known, looks so much like Wolverine that it’s not difficult to mistake the two animal-themed
weirdos. Older versions of The Owl look a lot more
whimsical, sporting a green, Sherlock Holmes-like Ulster coat, and occasionally, he wore a big
ridiculous red bowtie around his neck that made his head look like an extravagantly wrapped
Christmas gift. It’s also not clear if Daredevil’s stuffy,
nerdy Owl had hollow bones, deadly talons, or the ability to glide…but we’re guessing
not. Thanos The evil alien overlord Thanos has already
made a big impact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite standing up for only about
30 seconds. His love of sitting is very true to the comics,
where the character’s inventively named “Space Throne” can travel between dimensions. Compared to the comics, Thanos’ costume has
been updated to give him a more armored look, replacing skin-tight space spandex. The blue-and-gold color scheme remains, and
his helmet is now a separate piece instead of being connected to the neck plate. The character’s traditional purple complexion
actually did make an appearance in The Avengers, but was replaced with a milder blue by Guardians
of the Galaxy. Maybe he just needs to work on his space-tan. Loki Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has mostly stuck close
to the source material, although he’s yet to match his comic equivalent’s gleeful mischievousness,
like turning Thor into a frog, for example. His costume remains fairly faithful to the
comics, and even his famous horned helmet makes a few appearances. The main change is the same one most comics
adaptations make: switching Loki’s classic skintight catsuit for something a little less
revealing. The costume has also been toned down a little,
with darker greens and less vivid gold trimmings. That said, Loki is a shapeshifter, spending
notable periods of the comic as a child, a woman, a magical unicorn, and he can even
pop off his own head when he feels like it…so it’s hard to say for sure what the character
should really look like.Thanks a lot for being totally unpredictable, Loki! “No, thank you.” Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know what
you think about the costumes of Marvel’s on-screen heroes…

100 thoughts on “How Marvel Characters Should Really Look

  1. "How Marvel TELEVISION Characters Should Really Look". I don't watch these drama packed shows because they insult the comics I loved as a child with their lack of sci-fi action. I thought it was Marvel movie characters and how they should look.

    Thumbs down.

  2. So. . . . .Thanos just chills out in FULL armor, as seen in GotG, but is gonna be whippin a$$ in jeans and a sleeveless shirt in Infinity War???
    Also. . .why the change from his high tech throne, in Avengers 1, to those goofy. . .jet rocks also seen in GotG???

  3. Of course Killgrave looks like doctor who, he was played by David Tenant. Also the Netflix Punisher suit looked a little cheap to me, series was good though.

  4. I like the alterations their alteration. It makes the characters more down to Earth and more respectable. Especially female suits. And the style was in many points the tribute to the fashion of the time period of the comics creation, so it's good, that they move forward.

  5. Can I point out that since the MCEU (including TV shows) Earth-199999 is a separate universe to Earth-616 (the comic universe), so therefore their looks is exactly what they should look like!

  6. Differencd visually between marvel and dc: when marvel makes a change, it’s to evoke an emotion or to ground the movies more effectively. Iron man looks accurate cause there was no need to make a change. When dc makes a change to costume, they do it to be edgy, and don’t care if it flat out disrespects the point of the character as a whole

  7. Seriously Looper? This is why I'm not subscribed. All of these are really close the comic counterpart… You should have mentioned Dormammu, The Ancient One, Hank Pym, Starlord, Hawk Eye, Wanda Maximoff, Iron Fist, Nick Fury, Apocolypse, Rogue, Gambit, and Juggernaut.

  8. Daredevil Season 1&2? Greatest thing that has happen. Jessica Jones? meh, alright. Luke Cage? First half good, other half is bleak. Iron Fist? NOPE…Punisher? Second best to daredevil

  9. Wouldn't it be better if he turned purple when it was time to fight. And the white skin was just a form he could have for a limited time

  10. Loki can shape shift why didn't he do that in the movies that would have been cool at least Starlord got to turn into Pac man

  11. I'd say you should do the same thing for the DCEU, but the only characters that look slightly stupid is The joker and Cyborg

  12. I think netflix did a great job with Dare Devil. I believe his costume is a combination of leather and carbon fiber mesh with some kind of elastic holding it all together…. at least that was my impression. I love what they did with "Power Man", but Iron Fist was a little on the whiney side. Elektra was great, Fisk was great, Punish was IMO spot on,the owl was lame, "Defenders" was excellent. Jessica Jones is dark, which is a nice accent to this DD-verse. It would be nice if it was tied in the the MCU, somehow, like they plan on Spiderman being mostly the friendly neighborhood Spidey.

  13. There’s a nod to Killgrave being the Purple Man in one of the final episodes of Jessica Jones where his powers cause the veins in his face to momentarily bulge out, turning his face purple for a brief moment.

  14. You shouldve left out characters that wear tights in the comics and wear armor in the live action ones. You have to stupid af to not understand why.

  15. I went to Smithsonian to see Christopher Reeves Superman costume when I was younger. When you see various super-suits on television or in movies, you just accept them as part of everything else without much consideration. When I saw that suit on the dressing dummy, my first thought was "you'd have to be bulletproof to wear this thing. You'd get assaulted five minutes after walking in public dressed like that."

    It's amazing how flaboyant that outfit is, but we just accept it because – you know – it's Superman. It was really an eye-opener for me.

  16. the punisher and king pin!! OMG!. they really look like i would imagine them if they were real after reading comics. i had this situation when i saw Doctor Strange too.That actor nails it in terms of how he looks . Some actors look like they are born for those roles:).

  17. Okay. That’s your opinion. They already made millions of what they already made so guess what. There’s nothing you can do but say “oh this is what they should really look like” major part of the world already loves what mcu has made already

  18. Should of just named this top 10 Netflix marvel charecter changes instead of what u went with. Would of been more accurate

  19. I don't know what it is with marvel they have the most compelling story behind they're super heros but the way on how they got there abilities is so cliche and always the same thing and it's kinda annoying

  20. Looper should understand that this is real life not comics

    NB:These are two different universes(comics and movies)

  21. Not a fan of traditional comic looks, eh, Looper? Well the jokes on you with Kingpin; he's getting the classic white jacket after all in Daredevil season 3, and it looks awesome! 😉

  22. Oh come on!!! No mention of Thors helmet never making an appearance in the movies! Need to keep it short to get the hits?!

  23. Why do we want them to look like the comics? It’s hard to relate well to a costumed weirdo wearing what is essentially body paint. The Marvel movies/series really did a fantastic job of keeping what is iconic about the characters, while actually giving them clothing.

  24. Let's be honest, Hollywood totally ruined the marvel universe with their version on how the superheroes should look.

  25. Why do so many comic book superheros wear spandex?? Like…it's totally not practical for any kind of combat, it doesn't make sense why an evil universe overlord or a descendent of a frost giant living among gods of Asgard would wear spandex? I didn't realize just how lazy comic book suit designs were…

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