How Robert Greene Wrote The Laws of Human Nature (Behind the Scenes)

How Robert Greene Wrote The Laws of Human Nature (Behind the Scenes)

Do you know what the new book is about human nature, right? Yeah, uh your ear bursts in these things. Yeah I mean, I looked at my Amazon I know Excited okay good. Yeah it was Probably the hardest of all of them to write the second one would hardest in the war but yeah took a lot of time It’s a long book is it? Yeah And in your process you you do a lot of reading up front right to me You go through a lot book several more books than usual this time. I did. Yeah It’s hard to tell exactly But I feel like there were more books I think this one would be close to 300 books The thing is I’m reading up until the very end of the process because I always meet a new material I have to even isn’t writing but You know, it’s such a vast subject absolutely and it covers the sciences Liberal arts Endless biography. This just was so vast that I couldn’t and more was that problem to that It was hard to kind of narrow down when I read Yeah I think you come about picking and choosing Well, it’s a long process You know you start off I Try and keep the process open-ended. I don’t like to come to anything with a kind of a Preconception about what I want? Yeah. I want the material and the research obviously I have my preconceptions. I tend to have a relatively dark view of human nature I can’t avoid that, you know, so I have that but I try to not be governed too much vibe So I open up with maybe 50 books that I think are kind of classics on the subject neuroscience to philosophy to archaeology to history and there I kind of just proceeded it’s sort of like What they call that? Goldberg machine, yeah Whenever I find a new reference here in a book in the bibliography oh and it sends me on my goose chase and I go there and that book will send me here and I never Expected it. So that’s usually the most fun part and then You know have 18 chapters and each chapter has like a historical figure that kind of anchors that in his story And I was sort of running out of people because each one had to cover a different idea Yeah, and so I’d be on chapter 40 and like I don’t have anybody that fits chapter 15 And so I have to quickly start reading an 800-page Biography of not Queen Elizabeth or something to fill the gap, you know Find something that fits. Yeah, and and while I’m writing when I Read instead of reading the newspaper. I have to read a biography and fit it in. Mm-hmm, you know and it Was Wow an amazing process? Hey, I think that leads really well into my first question if you’re ready to roll. I’m ready to roll

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  1. Hey everybody, enjoy this inside look at Robert's writing process! Be sure to check out the full interview too –

  2. I wish he is feeling better now ..Knowing about his stroke really broke my heart :(((
    Thank you for the footage.

  3. Preorder up! And you get a bonus chapter and a little extra writing the general public wont be recieving if you preorder

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