How This Celebrity Trainer Helped The Cast Of ‘Riverdale’ Get Ripped | Movies Insider

100 thoughts on “How This Celebrity Trainer Helped The Cast Of ‘Riverdale’ Get Ripped | Movies Insider

  1. Greats body's and it's great to know there workouts but I wanna know more specific of the workouts and diets. Also I wanna know how you can applied this to your self or a real world job.

  2. skinny kids with abs is like a fat chick with big tits, wait or a fat dude with tits or chick with a dick omg whats happening TRANSFORMERS

  3. That scene where Archie starts to beat up all those geared up correctional officers really did it for me. That's when the show got too ridiculous and I knew I had to stop watching.

  4. Acting is a commitment like any other job. Kj shows a leader personality to help improve the other stars to become better. I for one who’s been lifting weights since 14 am astonished by how hard these guys work and am very expired

  5. Took me 10 years ( started when I was 13) to even look as big as I do now at 170lbs 5’8 . My wrists are also 4.8 inches which sucks

  6. How the heck can you focus on what he's saying when he's holding that CUTE puppy 😍😍😍😍😍

  7. i don’t want to be « ripped » but i want to lost weight, i just don’t know how. i try to go at the gym but yeah..

  8. It would be really rare to see a male reporter do an investigation about nutrition and weight training for a teen boy show I've never even heard about but this woman does.

  9. dam Archie be hot asf i always have had a crush on him since day 1 hes my husband but jugg is my baby ♡

  10. First time hearing Alex Fine talk. All I hear about him these days is how he got hitched to Cassie. I love that he’s an animal lover and that ge gets down with celebs pretty well like they were normal people. It’s his job to be healthy and keep his healthy but I could tell he connects with them well. No wonder cassie 😍🤩 I can’t wait to see their baby.

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