How to be Approachable socially? – Personality Development Video to communicate effectively

Hi my name is Niharika and thank you for clicking
on this video. Today we are gonna learn some ways that would help you to look approachable,
because it is important to look approachable in order to talk effectively and this would
help you to interact with people in much better way. Well, at times these social events or
these business events can be really a drag. Have you found yourself ever sitting in a
corner and just wondering that, Oh my god. All people are mingling with each other and
you are alone sitting in the corner and wondering, Why people are not coming up to you and talking
to you? Well, I’m sure there are certain wrong signals that you are giving, so today we will
share some tips that would help you to look approachable. The first trick to look approachable is to
smile and talk to people. Well, a warm smile or a very inviting smile would definitely
help anyone to ease, so it is important for you, if you catch someone’s eye give a very
nice warm smile. Of course don’t over do it. But a simple smile or a simple hello would
definitely help. But if you just stare or glare at a person or you know try to show
that you are busy with your phone or you just start reading a newspaper that would really
not help, because people would interpret that you are full of yourself or you are a completely
anti social. So a simple hello or a inviting warm smile would help you to look approachable. Second trick for you to look more approachable
is networking. Well, definitely networking helps because you start getting recognized
once you start going to social events or business events on regular basis. What you can do is
you can establish your connections by meeting new people and asking for their Facebook Id’s
or their Email addresses or even exchange their phone numbers, so this would help you
to stay connected or another thing that you can do is ask you friends to introduce you
to them or to the new friends. This way you will bring up a new social circle and that
would help you to interact with people in a more confident manner. The third key to look approachable is, Dress
the part. Well, It is important for you to dress appropriately, because if you are dressed
well and you are looking good, you also look confident and this would definitely make people
to come and approach you, so it is important for you to have an appropriate attire. If
you are going for a formal meeting or for a formal event make sure your’e formally dressed
and of course, if you are going for a party make sure your’e dressed well. Also another
thing is to be well groomed. Make sure your grooming should be on daily basis. You should
have your nails manicured, your hair should be perfect and this would make you look good
and confident. The forth trick to look more approachable
is to improve yourself. Now what does that mean? Well, to improve yourself means you
need to expand your horizon. Now how would you do that? Well, what you can do is you
can take up yoga or you can join a gym or you can join some different classes like you
can maybe join some art class or some something, where you can learn something new and you
can end up meeting so many people, who belong to different sections of the society. So this
would help you to start interacting with people and you would be more confident because you
would get back in your shape too. The fifth one is, To execute confidence. Now
what here I mean is that you need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that you
are confident and of course, self worth that would definitely attract people to come and
talk to you to approach you. Stay positive and stay humble. You need not portray over
confidence, because that would be one negative aspect. Make sure you do not show your nervousness.
Stop touching your face while talking to someone or playing around with your hair or if someone
is trying to eye catch you stop fiddling around with your phone. These are the signs that
you are not interested. So make sure that you show your confidence and you believe in
yourself and this would definitely attract people towards you. This brings me to the end of this lesson.
Hope these tips are helpful to you and you would come out as a more confident and approachable
person. You can also subscribe to our channel so that
you are updated with all the videos. Till then you take care and I’ll see you soon in the next lesson. Thank you.

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