How to Choose a Guarding |protecting Rottweiler Puppy  | Temperament Test

How to Choose a Guarding |protecting Rottweiler Puppy | Temperament Test

This is Dr.R.KISHORE KUMAR MVSC., From Tamilnadu, In this video I am going to explain about temperament test for selection of Rottweiler puppy with potential guarding and protection skill In general most of the dog breeds has got 2 types , one is working line or working type and another one is show type or working type Working type dogs, selectively breed for particular task and duties, most of the time working line of dog breeds doesn’t look like show line dog breeds… but working line dog breeds will have great desire for for working or for completing particular task Simply working line, love and like to do or complete some duties (personal protection, guarding, rescue, police and military dogs ) Working line dogs will be developed by selective breeding, ( selection based on working nature, prey drive, stable and calm mind, fearlessness ,energy level and confidence) But show line dogs, mostly will be selected for their physical appearance rather than working skills Simply show line dogs will have majestic and pleasing appearance when compare with working line of same breed, and show line dogs are submissive, easy to handle, show less aggression towards other dogs As per Rottweiler concern the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub ADRK- german rottweiler club has high level selection in Rottweiler breeding approval programme , … ADRK Strictly conducting temperament test for selecting a Rottweiler for breeding and its called as breeding approval test or Zuchttauglichkeitsprufung (Ztp) ZTP test evaluates the dog’s conformation and character to determine if the dog is a suitable candidate in a breeding program in both type and temperament. In Germany, a litter may not be registered unless both the dam and the sire have passed the Ztp But most of EUROPE, Asiatic countries ( india etc ) Countries doesn’t have set or apply test like ztp , simply they use to give championship titles based appearance, and physical characters like color of eye, scissor bite, gait or movement in ring , head appearance ,ear and tail settings and they don’t evaluate or don’t conduct temperament test like Germany based ADRK. Obliviously Rottweiler line from Germany has more guarding, protecting skills , working tendency when compare with show line of Rottweiler’s I have conducted two temperament test for this 38 days old Rottweiler puppy , for testing his prey drive ( chasing the moving objects like moving cloths, ball, etc ) and fearlessness attitude and character for sound ,thunder, crackers other noises , toy gun shot fire This puppy got great prey drive, high confidence level, never show nor exhibit fear for .. toy gun shoot, water bottle heavy sound, and he has got great level energy , love to work at this age Same time This Rottweiler puppy has great affection towards me and didn’t show any unwanted aggression towards me But best and suitable age for temperament test is 7th week of their ( puppies ) age In future , this puppy will grown up as affectionate, loyal and protecting Rottweiler
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